Tolerance Graphs (Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematics)

Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematics
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With many examples and exercises it is also suitable for use as the text for a graduate course in graph theory. To send content items to your account, please confirm that you agree to abide by our usage policies. If this is the first time you use this feature, you will be asked to authorise Cambridge Core to connect with your account. Find out more about sending content to. To send content items to your Kindle, first ensure no-reply cambridge. Find out more about sending to your Kindle.

Wolfgang Lück: The group cohomology of certain crystallographic groups and applications

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This book has been cited by the following publications. This list is generated based on data provided by CrossRef. The Induced Separation Dimension of a Graph. On the complete width and edge clique cover problems. Journal of Combinatorial Optimization, Vol. A simple proof characterizing interval orders with interval lengths between 1 and k. Geometric representations of graphs are intensively studied for their practical motivation, but also for the wealth of interesting and elegant properties.

And many generally hard optimization problems become tractable when restricted to these classes of graphs. The stress on computational tractability and applications in bioinformatics make research in this area immensely popular.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. "Many first-rate mathematicians have contributed, making the Tolerance Graphs (Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematics) 1st Edition, Kindle Edition. by. Buy Tolerance Graphs (Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematics) on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders.

Graph theorists look for generalizations of classical tractable classes of structures, and for more than 20 years the notion of tolerance graphs has been around. It then proceeds to more advanced results, bringing the reader to the heart of contemporary research. It presents the remarkable isomorphism theorems of Dynkin and Eisenbaum and then shows how they can be applied to obtain new properties of Markov processes by using well-established techniques in Gaussian process theory.

Tolerance Graphs

This original, readable book will appeal to both researchers and advanced graduate students. This book provides an introduction to Riemannian geometry, the geometry of curved spaces, for use in a graduate course. Requiring only an understanding of differentiable manifolds, the author covers the introductory ideas of Riemannian geometry followed by a selection of more specialized topics. Also featured are Notes and Exercises for each chapter, to develop and enrich the reader's appreciation of the subject.

This second edition, first published in , has a clearer treatment of many topics than the first edition, with new proofs of some theorems and a new chapter on the Riemannian geometry of surfaces.

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The main themes here are the effect of the curvature on the usual notions of classical Euclidean geometry, and the new notions and ideas motivated by curvature itself. Completely new themes created by curvature include the classical Rauch comparison theorem and its consequences in geometry and topology, and the interaction of microscopic behavior of the geometry with the macroscopic structure of the space.

Lie algebras have many varied applications, both in mathematics and mathematical physics. This book provides a thorough but relaxed mathematical treatment of the subject, including both the Cartan-Killing-Weyl theory of finite dimensional simple algebras and the more modern theory of Kac-Moody algebras. Proofs are given in detail and the only prerequisite is a sound knowledge of linear algebra. The first half of the book deals with classification of the finite dimensional simple Lie algebras and of their finite dimensional irreducible representations.

The second half introduces the theory of Kac-Moody algebras, concentrating particularly on those of affine type. A brief account of Borcherds algebras is also included. An Appendix gives a summary of the basic properties of each Lie algebra of finite and affine type. The techniques that can be used to solve non-linear problems are far different than those that are used to solve linear problems. Many courses in analysis and applied mathematics attack linear cases simply because they are easier to solve and do not require a large theoretical background in order to approach them.

Professor Schechter's book is devoted to non-linear methods using the least background material possible and the simplest linear techniques. An understanding of the tools for solving non-linear problems is developed whilst demonstrating their application to problems in one dimension and then leading to higher dimensions. The reader is guided using simple exposition and proof, assuming a minimal set of pre-requisites. For completion, a set of appendices covering essential basics in functional analysis and metric spaces is included, making this ideal as an accompanying text on an upper-undergraduate or graduate course, or even for self-study.

Stochastic calculus is the mathematics of systems interacting with random noise. For the first time in a book, Applebaum ties the two subjects together.

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This book provides an introduction to Riemannian geometry, the geometry of curved spaces, for use in a graduate course. Find Rare Books Book Value. Martin Charles Golumbic , Ann N. Try adding this search to your want list. The book can be used as a textbook for a specialized graduate course in combinatorics and graph theory as well as a source of many open research problems gathered in the last section. Lie groupoids form an indispensable tool to study the transverse structure of foliations as well as their noncommutative geometry, while the theory of foliations has immediate applications to the Lie theory of groupoids and their infinitesimal algebroids. Another advantage of the book lies in the decision of the authors to include most of the proofs, thus making the text self-contained as much as possible.

En route, the reader is introduced to important concepts in modern probability theory, such as martingales, semimartingales, Markov and Feller processes, semigroups and generators, and the theory of Dirichlet forms. Kolk Translated by J. Part two of the authors' comprehensive and innovative work on multidimensional real analysis. This book is based on extensive teaching experience at Utrecht University and gives a thorough account of integral analysis in multidimensional Euclidean space. It is an ideal preparation for students who wish to go on to more advanced study. The notation is carefully organized and all proofs are clean, complete and rigorous.

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The authors have taken care to pay proper attention to all aspects of the theory. In many respects this book presents an original treatment of the subject and it contains many results and exercises that cannot be found elsewhere.

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The numerous exercises illustrate a variety of applications in mathematics and physics. This combined with the exhaustive and transparent treatment of subject matter make the book ideal as either the text for a course, a source of problems for a seminar or for self study.

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Part one of the authors' comprehensive and innovative work on multidimensional real analysis. This book is based on extensive teaching experience at Utrecht University and gives a thorough account of differential analysis in multidimensional Euclidean space.

Smith , Alessio Corti https: The most basic algebraic varieties are the projective spaces, and rational varieties are their closest relatives. In many applications where algebraic varieties appear in mathematics and the sciences, we see rational ones emerging as the most interesting examples. The authors have given an elementary treatment of rationality questions using a mix of classical and modern methods.

There are numerous examples and exercises, all of which are accompanied by fully worked out solutions, that will make this book ideal as the basis of a graduate course. It will act as a valuable reference for researchers whilst helping graduate students to reach the point where they can begin to tackle contemporary research problems. Association schemes are of interest to both mathematicians and statisticians and this book was written with both audiences in mind. For statisticians, it shows how to construct designs for experiments in blocks, how to compare such designs, and how to analyse data from them.

The reader is only assumed to know very basic abstract algebra. For pure mathematicians, it tells why association schemes are important and develops the theory to the level of advanced research. This book arose from a course successfully taught by the author and as such the material is thoroughly class-tested. There are a great number of examples and exercises that will increase the book's appeal to both graduate students and their instructors.