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Integrity Factor
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Being impeccable in being truthful and honest. Being excellent and skillful in what you do. Always engaging in "fair exchange" that is honest and open. Delivering the value that you know is the right thing to do, even if it is above what the client might expect. It includes keeping ALL your promises. And if there is something "wrong" not "right" , you fix it as soon as possible to the extent that you've removed ALL harm. This includes keeping the time promise. And it includes making no excuses or coming up with "reasons why not" or any victimhood stories.

See the sidebar articles with more examples.

The Integrity Factor - Independence

Integrity includes "completing" on effectively installing integrity! See the note before those articles. In order to act as a coordinated powerful whole, one needs to learn how all the parts work and how to operate them AND to decide what the intended results are for one's life and what one's values are, including who they want to be.

All those parts when acting consistently with who you are comprise integrity, AND they also are what comprise focused power. Pretending or holding on to the idea that one is, though a grown up, still a child believing unexamined and untrue beliefs is far "out of integrity".

To be in integrity, one must acknowledge and take on the mantle of being a Rational, Nurturing Adult. There is the old saying that you can have either of two things: Success or reasons why not. When we allow little fudges here and there, when we suggest to our children that they shouldn't cheat and we cheat on our income taxes, when we cover up something we have done in order to fool someone , when we "make it ok" to not be in integrity just this one time Note, again, that this is not at all a moral judgment.

It is simply about "what works. When our inner world is that of fear, we have fear dominate. But in a world that is not about moral judgments, nothing else exists but the criterion of "what works and what doesn't work" which is in the world of integrity.

In the fear world, we use excuses, justifications, reasons. In the integrity world, we don't morally pejoratively judge and we don't add a story about something - we just seek out what would work, with no blame, no make wrong, no "bad" label attached to it. If one is "being integrity" as a chosen way of being i.

Interactive movie on scientific integrity

As mentioned elsewhere, one simply asks "what's so? In the other world, one takes shortcuts and has that be because it is "too hard" to put out the effort to go "the long way around. And, believe it or not, it is more efficient and effective to "be in integrity" - i. The most common "shortcut" is to getting short term "relief" from some current uncomfortability, at the expense of the long term. When you grow up from acting in this child way and go for the long term benefits, you will see your life take a giant leap upward. And with those beliefs you actually create your emotional pain - needlessly!

Living in integrity has the highest payoff of all, but to do that one must diminish the imaginary other side of the scale that you think may be greater: We strengthen this side by learning about it, gaining clarity and knowledge and distinctions about integrity. This takes us to Level 1, which is helpful, but limited. Next, we learn even more and try to practice it, so that we know how to apply our knowledge and get better at applying it. This takes us to Level 2. We fully resolve and fully commit, fully acknowledging the value of it and the "why" of it.

This takes us to Level 5 and beyond. Reinforcing it and re-choosing it each day takes us further.

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Integrity Factor is an interactive learning experience about what it means to keep up your integrity as a scientist. It makes the five principles Dutch Code of. About. Integrity Factor is an interactive learning experience about what it means to keep up your integrity as a scientist. It makes the five principles Dutch Code of .

When we take it on as our viewpoint that we own, with no excuses, then we look at the world through that lens and go into being in full power - full power is the ability to produce the controllable results we want in life, asking only "what will work? The power of consciously choosing how you will be and what viewpoint you will look at the world from would best be fully understood. It is discussed in more depth in Being. Consider reading "Winners Never Cheat," by Jon Huntsman, the super-successful billionaire whose aim is to give away his entire fortune to serve others.

This is based on his wisdom and his chosen qualities. A great learning experience that will reinforce the absolute value of integrity - the most valuable character trait of them all! In all cases, our power is best used to go toward something we intend to have, do, or be.

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Kang Lee marked it as to-read Apr 30, It is you creating your own sub game in life. Many people are far out of integrity, but they consider themselves to have integrity. Taking stands, making commitments. Leading from the Second Chair: Integrity is part of:

What pushes us away from something produces no power, wastes time, and does not feel good. In fact, the latter is the source of suffering. Since we, as humans, naturally want to go away from pain, we spend alot of our lives avoiding it - but what we seek relief from is actually not something that is real, but something we made up from the point of view of dependency and some level of powerlessness, as a belief. At this point, many people will protest: One MUST understand the basis for what are false fears that have been kept in place and never fully examined and then decide to replace those false beliefs with beliefs that line up with the real, physical world.

Few fully realize how important this is - and they stop short of it , either because of not realizing the impact or thinking "it is too hard", which is based on another false belief. Spend time on this replacing of false beliefs and the full installation of true beliefs until you feel virtually fearless - don't stop before that! You'll visit each of those areas of this website and not sign off until you've fully replaced those beliefs and all beliefs that support them. There is nothing more productive for your time than doing this. Go to the Beliefs section to start the process.

Yes, you can increase the level of your integrity by using the strengthening side, but I do not believe you will be in your full power and integrity until you've handled the other side. Learn fully what problem solving actually is, as it is a vital skill for creating happiness and effectiveness in life!!!

Go ahead and start with the integrity strengthening side now and work on the other side progressively and expeditiously over time. In defining integrity, we might define what is "not integrity": Anything that diminishes you,.

The Integrity Factor: A Journey in Leadership Formation

Takes away from you, or. Is inconsistent with who you are. All these give away and diminish your power, so they are the opposite of integrity. Within this factor is the choice to be a Rational, Nurturing Adult, applying reason from a high resourcefulness perspective and nurturing oneself, as if you were being the caring parent of a child. You choose to not choose the Child persona. Of course, in order to do this, one needs to identify and possibly even create one's values.

In this arena of integrity, you take stands and don't just go with the drift and you make commitments , which you keep. LifeSpring does a good job on this! If you don't adhere to the "moral standards", you are judged to be immoral. I choose to live in the "what works" world. And, as such, I choose to be ethical, attempting to judge for myself what will create the greatest total good for all concerned.

Or another way of saying it, another "construct": Operating "in ethics" means that. You don't cheat a bit to get a bit more, realizing that cheating does not. You do not play win-lose or lose-win; you play win-win. You speak not hiding who you are nor compromising your values though always working toward a win-win. This is honesty, but it is more about being who you are absolutely, out there in the world. You ask authentically and caringly for what you want and you do no manipulations that do harm or try to create control by harmful means.

Leaders in the field and in philosophy: Reading about this from the leaders in the field is a useful exercise. Please be complete about this, enough to develop " sufficient knowing " to be able to do it virtually without fail. Stephen Covey - Read his key books as the foundation for living an effective life!

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Tony Robbins - Also, watch some of his videos. Jim Rohn - Watch some of his videos. Jack Canfield, in The Success Principles , a book everyone should have, has chapters on. Henry Cloud writes on success in business, but it might as well be about life: Notice the reference to "reality", which would be consistent with the definition of integrity including one staying consistent with the principles of reality.

To be clear, I repeat a section of what is above, but this time use these statements as a testing of your integrity. Check off those you are in compliance with and circle those that need to be corrected in order to be in integrity: Integrity is about always engaging fairly in all "transactions" in honesty and openness. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. A Journey in Leadership Formation 3. Undoubtedly, the Church's greatest single need, in our day and time, apart from spiritual renewal, is spiritually trained and guided leadership.

In this most helpful book, a proven Christian leader, Kevin Mannoia, carefully charts the paths to a healthy and effective ministry. He is an Undoubtedly, the Church's greatest single need, in our day and time, apart from spiritual renewal, is spiritually trained and guided leadership. He is an innovative leader in the Church having served as a church planter, pastor, district superintendent, and denominational bishop.

Nationally and internationally he has shaped the broader Church community as president of the National Association of Evangelicals, professor, dean of theology, and university chaplain. A clear priority on the mission of the Church continues to characterize his leadership and broadening influence. Paperback , pages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Integrity Factor , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Read in ish, great call to walk in a manner worthy of Christ.

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