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myecaicentrarib.ml/at-last-comes-love-huxtable-quintet.php Non-English-speaking bronies, do you like the MLP dub in your native language? AFAIK, despite the fact that MLP is translated to a huge number of languages, most bronies from non-English-speaking countries tend to stick to the 'original' version, the English one, probably watching it with fan-made translations in subtitles. But what do you guys think of your local dub, the one that kids in your country watch? It's just the representation of the 'facehoof' emote. It's unnatural in language and voice acting, it's done in that "for little girls" fashion we all hate in earlier generations of MLP, and the translation itself is slapdash and just plain bad.

And besides - isn't it, you know, obvious from the episode? And in case it is not, then what about just looking it up in the dictionary? Seriously, they did not translate it, and our kids were given something that would sound as clear as ' Medveditsa the Older ' sounds for you as the name of the thing that came to Ponyville in "Boast Busters". The Ukranian one the language I do not speak, but at least somewhat understand is no better. They did not even bother re-singing the songs!

These two are bad - that's what I thought before I learned Spanish and tried to watch the dub in European Spanish. The original cartoon is done in voices which are, you know, kinda normal - why did they have to put these forced high-pitched "it's a stupid cartoon" replacements instead?

Why, oh god, why? Given that, what a relief was the Mexican Spanish version! Okay, it's hit and miss too Fluttershy is a miss , but still way better than the ones from above , and they clearly did not have the original budget so no chorus in Smile Song , but in general - it's great! Most characters, while being different from the original, are got right, and I really like Mexican or, to be more precise, 'generic Latin American' Twilight and Mexican Pinkie.

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And that Applejack talking como un campesino mexicano! Just listen to them all! I like some characters in this dub even more than in the original - Celestia is more mature and mother-like there here at Given that I'm a foreigner without too much experience in the language, it might very well be that they're right and I'm not. So, if you speak some language other than English - how do you like the MLP dub in it? I've found the Canadian dub pretty watchable. Could use more "eh's" and poutine.

Also they decided to censor parts of it for some reason:. This only makes anything the character said sound like it must've been worse, the most jarring example being in "Party of One" when Pinkie Pie holds a party with inanimate objects after believing her friends abandoned her and provides the objects with voices. I've actually seen the "Canadian" version of Party of One and they way it's censored is odd. Inside of bleeping or something similar, it's just removed. Not replaced with anything, just nothing - dead air. So the characters lips are still moving but now there's this gap that makes it really obvious that something is missing.

Apart from the censored bits, what is different from a Canadian dub to the English-speaking original? Mostly people speak in a Canadian accent and canadian words like "eh" and "buddy" are added - American English sounds like a foreign language to us. More references to maple syrup, beavers, hockey and poutine to be culturally sensitive. And we pronounce Z the proper way. The last two Canadians I met had a thick French accent and spoke English not far too much better than I do.

I guess they'd be quite exasperated with that statement of yours! Sounds like you met a couple of Quebecers. That's right, and they were quite straightforward about how quebecian and un-canadian and 'oh these bastards have counterfeited the results of the independence referendum' they were: Huh, I've heard of some people still being sour over the referendum results but I didn't think they actually existed. For those not in the know, Quebec our french-speaking province has had two referendums to secede from the rest of Canada and become a sovereign nation.

The results of the first referendum in were NO with The second referendum in was even closer, with a mere It should also be noted that the largest provincial party for sovereignty, the Parti Quebecois is no longer in power. Speaking of French, there probably is a French version airing in Quebec. I wonder if it's the french dub from France or a Quebec French version - there are some regional differences between the two and most prefer one over the other. There is a Quebec French version and judging by the opening on YouTube There isn't an Icelandic dub.

Then again, even if there was one, it probably wouldn't be good. I've often found myself trying to translate some scenes, and I just can't find a way for the puns to work. I mean, Icelandic dubs usually do a good job of translating puns so that they work But there's just so many horse puns, I don't think they could get them all to work. Also, seeing as how Iceland has a very limited amount of people, and therefor few people to voice act, it would mostly consist of the same people who dub everything else.

And I'd just think it's weird to hear those same voices replacing the voices I already know. Well, this comment got very long, very fast. Wait, having anything translated to Icelandic where everything sounds like Edda What a strange life you guys live. Spanish from actual Spain is completelly unwatchable. Voice actress put absolutelly no effort probably because here MLP is regarded as some random baby series that airs in some non-mainstream channel.

I managed to watch a whole episode in European Spanish, for the sake of aprendizaje. Then I discovered the Mexican version and forgot the European one as a nightmare. The Mexican dub is my favorite language learning tool so far. Lots of useful words about horses, pastries and magic, you know: I have knowledge of every possible horse-body-part.

People often wonder how the hell could I know such things Germany speaking, it's tolerable, but not really good. It sounds to sterile, almost dead. It's just not the real thing. Accents are hard to do. Not every country and every language has more than one 'standard' accent. In Russian, it is possible to give some accent to AJ probably 'from ukrainian countryside' or to Rarity's parents probably 'illiterate moscovite' , but there are no two acceptable 'literate' accents so that you could differentiate Twilight's manner of speech from the one of Rarity.

Yes, everything can be done if you try hard enough for example, you could make Twilight speak in modern Russian, and Rarity use a little outdated one, like if she reads too much Pushkin or Tolstoy , but it would take a lot of effort and creativity. Preschool - 1 Hardcover: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Quantum Physics for Babies Baby University. But Not the Armadillo. Meet the armadillo, a curious creature who follows his nose wherever it goes in this adorable new board book by the author of But Not the Hippopotamus. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review.

Read reviews that mention nursery rhymes spanish rhymes english translations great book english version spanish nursery books in spanish spanish and english love this book children books english adaptations spanish poems traditional spanish children love rhyme books in spanish rhymes and songs rhymes in both english read the spanish english and spanish illustrations.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. I'm Mexican American and speak fluent Spanish and some of these Rhymes didn't make sense to me. A few are traditional ones my mom used to say to me, others are translated from English to Spanish or Spanish to English and they don't seem the same, and don't make sense. One of my kids is in a dual language immersion school for kindergarten. I purchased this book because we have learned parts of several traditional Spanish songs and nursery rhymes and thought this would be a good resource. The artwork is good. However, the English versions really are adaptations that loosely follow the Spanish diction and meaning.

I find this a bit frustrating, especially given that I've heard or read better ones that are more closer to direct translation that at least have the same meaning. This would not be a good resource for someone wanting an English translation. Lastly, some of our favorites aren't even complete.

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They literally have a " This is a must have book! I used to know all these fun rhymes growing up but now, as an adult, I have forgotten most of them. I was SO pleased to find this book so I can pass on the tradition and read them to my 18month old son. And by the way, he loves most of the rhymes already!

Welcome to Reddit,

Every single page has great colorful ilustrations! As they explain in the book, this is in order to preserve the charm of the original rhymes. These are the rhymes you will find in the book: There's was even a song in there that my mom told me about years ago but she couldn't remember past the first verse, I was so excited to have found it and be able to show her the rest.

I plan on raising my son to be bilingual and I've always found it easier to learn through songs so this is perfect. One thing I didn't like is that the English poems just don't translate well, which I know is hard to do but I felt the book would have been better without the translations. It's so hard I've found to have just Spanish children's books without the translations, I just wish there where more options. I love this book. I purchased this for last years trip. The art and illustrations are so sweet and charming. This book is a collection of endearing poetry,valued from one generation to another.

I did not hesitate to choose this again for I am so happy to find this in Spanish on Amazon. One person found this helpful. Oh, I think I'm going to…". I know we can pull this off if we work together! This lifted every pony's spirits and they cheered. Well, every pony but Fluttershy, who uttered a half-hearted, "Yay. She should be happy!

Why isn't she happy? I mean when she does give a smile, it looks forced. I simply cannot understand it! If I received that much attention, I would bask in it! She should do more at the Gala tomorrow night than conduct the bird choir! She should sing a song! This could be her chance!

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Fluttershy was reluctant in the beginning, but then decided it would be something to take her mind off of everything and accepted. Besides, she was much more afraid of her nightmares coming true than performing onstage. The posh ponies were astonished when they entered the castle the next evening. The ballroom was decorated like a six-year-old's birthday party, the table was covered in 'peasant' baked goods, the orchestra was playing the Pony Pokey and Princess Twilight was greeting the guests instead of Celestia. She of course only did this for the first few minutes and then left to mingle.

The scene was also lively due to the presence of the Canterlot orphans. The Canterlot elite were shocked at first, but soon settled into the rusticity of it all. They had to admit, the Gala was a lot more entertaining this year.

Rainbow - Sia (Spanish cover/cover en español)

The Wonderbolts had just entered the ballroom and Rainbow Dash was tackled by the enthusiastic pony. It belonged to Scootaloo, who was racing towards her role model. Rainbow greeted her adopted sister with a hug. Let's have a look at ya.

Wow, you've grown, kid. Scootaloo lifted her skirt to reveal a picture of a red scooter on her flank.

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I finally earned my cutie mark! Apple Bloom wore a glittering red dress and had switched her pink bow with a sparkling green one. Sweetie Belle wore glass slippers to match her blue dress with translucent trimming. Scootaloo's hair was long and wild and her dress had a magnificent blend of orange and purple. She lifted her skirt, making Applejack gawk at her cutie mark.

It was an apple being painted red by a brush.

The Magic Inside | List of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic songs[link]

I was so good at designin' dresses I thought I could use my designin' skills to repaint the clubhouse! When I was done, this thing appeared! Sweetie Belle's cutie mark was a lavender musical note ringing a pink bell. Twilight did not need to ask what her talent was. Then I got my cutie mark! Neither of them noticed the gray stallion listening from afar. His deer antler and goat horn were hidden under his top hat, the only things that would not change, along with his yellow and red eyes.

He smiled to himself at the alicorn's statement. Inspiration for their dresses can be found here: Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons My Little Pony.