God’s Instrument of Deliverance in a Time of Death (Part II, Chapter 5)

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And because Haman's the prime minister, he's in the palace a lot and Mordecai is there at the front gate, and so day after day, Haman sees that there's one guy who doesn't bow down when everyone else does. And so he investigates. And the king signs a law that says on the thirteenth day of the twelfth month all the Jews are to be rounded up and killed. And Haman offers to finance the entire endeavor.

The king signs it into law, and by the way, this is the law of the Medes and the Persians.

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This is an irrevocable law. It cannot be amended. There were not first, second, third, fourth amendments to the laws of the Medes and the Persians. And if I perish, I perish. Remember, he still does not know that she is one of those people whose death warrant he has just signed. What can I do for you? Up to half my kingdom! Tell me, what is it that you want? Would you join me for dinner? Join me for dinner, just you, and bring your prime minister, Haman, along.

Just the three of us. Nevertheless, Haman restrained himself and went home. Go have a gallows built. I mean, make it a huge gallows! Fifty cubits high; seventy-five feet tall. Now, that takes us to chapter 6, "A Cure for Insomnia. Well, in the ancient near east if you were the emperor, the king of the entire empire, you had your own "get you back to sleep" tactics. And for the king, he would call his chamberlain and say, "Get me the book.

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Haman is there to ask for Mordecai to be hung on these gallows which have been constructed all the previous night. Torrey written by Dr. Once again, the apostles were commanded to stop preaching in the name of Jesus. And to gain this knowledge it is also important that you look up all the Scripture texts which are cited and read the suggested reference material. And many who will spend eternity in Hell, apart from the Savior, will have heard the gospel many, many times. The Ultimate Issue of the Universe.

It was the king's book of memorable deeds, the chronicles of heroism; the official royal diary of the king. And they would read to him. And the idea was, they would read these great stories, these wonderful things that happened, these great accomplishments, and eventually, the king's heart would be at ease, he would think, "It feels good to be me," and he'd fall back asleep.

The stories and records were read, but one stood out. The story about this man named Mordecai who discovered a plot, an assassination plot, and he told what he had discovered and the king's life was spared. A guy by the name of Mordecai. What did we do for Mordecai to show our gratitude, to honor him for his loyalty? So he said, "What do we do? What royal official is there that can make a plan, a good plan, no, a great plan to honor this Mordecai? And so he asks a question.

Haman is there to ask for Mordecai to be hung on these gallows which have been constructed all the previous night. And this is where it begins; chapter 6 verse 4. No, no, no, no. Let it be robes that the king himself has worn and the horse that the king has ridden and on whose head a royal crown is set. This is what I want! Do it for me! You do exactly what you said and you do that for Mordecai and hurry, do it now! No street is to be unridden by my horse with Mordecai on it.

Not one detail left out. We learn that by the fact that Mordecai, after he finishes this, drops of the horse and everything and he goes home, his head covered with shame and disgrace, and he gathers his family together and he tells them what happens. And his wife utters these prophetic words in chapter 6 verse What do you want?

Just say the word. For we have been sold, I and my people, to be destroyed, to be killed, and to be annihilated. If we had been sold merely as slaves, men and women, I would have been silent, for our affliction is not to be compared with the loss to the king. Someone is out to get you? Who is he who threatens my queen? And I can just imagine the pause — tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock, as a clock. Did they have clocks? Well, it goes on. In my own house? And then Harbona, one of the eunuchs in attendance of the king, said, "Moreover, by the way, the gallows that Haman has prepared for Mordecai, whose word saved the king, is standing at Haman's house, fifty cubits high.

It was built overnight. Hang that man on the gallows he built for the man who saved my life. After all, his wife is a Jew. He creates a new law that allows the Jews to defend themselves, and even ban together, and go on the offensive against their attackers. And many people of other nationalities became Jews because fear of the Jews had seized them. Because what lessons do we take away from this that will change how you view tomorrow when the alarm clock rings and your feet hit the floor?

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Will change how you view the places that right now are keeping you awake at night? Think about the lessons we learned. The first one is this. I love this verse. I go backward but I do not perceive Him. On the left hand when He is working I do not behold Him. He turns to the right hand but I do not see Him. He must have left the building.

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He must not care. There must be no plan in place. My situation must be too small for the King of the universe who, after all, is paying attention to 7 billion people on the planet. On the left hand when He is working, I do not behold Him. You will be amazed at what I do. God is at work in ways that you and I cannot now imagine. Everything that happens here is happening in the citadel. The scholars debate this. But the preferred ancient Persian method of execution was not that kind of gallows.

But it was impalement on a stake. And they would get a large pole, four inches, six inches in diameter, sharpen it with an ax, and the person who was convicted to death would be impaled on that stick, put in the ground, and held up writhing in unbelievable agony until he died. Now, to build either kind of gallows would be a fifteen, twenty-foot project. But a seventy-five-foot gallows of either kind? What would that take? I came here this past week with my little laser measuring device.

I set it on the floor and I measured from here to the ceiling — a little red dot. I pressed the button, looked at it, and it said, "37 ft. That's exactly one half of seventy-five feet. So take a long look. Floor to ceiling, twice. What would it take to build a gallows? What kind of structure would that take? Don't you know that it wasn't just the king who couldn't sleep? But no one slept! Everybody knew what he was building and for whom it was.

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Instrument of death being constructed. And God is at work, working it out so on a specific night, let's make sure the king can't sleep, so he calls for the book. Being exalted to the Divine nature when raised from the dead, Jesus is now invisible to human eyes, even as the Creator himself. Jesus taught his disciples that the world of mankind would not see him after his death and resurrection. Because human eyes are not able to see the resurrected and exalted Jesus, he is able to return secretly, while the world goes on with its ordinary affairs of life.

The people of the world will never see Jesus in a literal sense. The world of mankind will discern Jesus in much the same manner as Job saw God. After his faith was severely tested by the afflictions which the Lord permitted to come upon him, Job said in prayer: How was it possible for the disciples to see Jesus after he had been raised from the dead?

How and by what means do the true followers of Jesus at this end of the age discern the fact of his return and second presence? What the Bible says concerning anyone of these periods of time may not be true of another; so it is necessary in our study of the Bible to apply its various promises and prophecies to the proper period of time in the Divine plan; otherwise, the Bible will seem to be contradictory. It was toward the close of this world that God instructed Noah to build an ark.

A third world begins when the returned Lord binds Satan and begins his thousand-year reign. Since evil has predominated in the first two worlds, it is obvious that any references in the Bible to the general conditions during these two periods of time would take this into account. Only on special occasions, and for specific purposes, has God intervened in the affairs of mankind during these two worlds to halt wrongdoing. Most of the time it has seemed as though the wicked have flourished.

For the present it appears that evil practices are almost unrestrained. The Apostle John, writing concerning the third world in the Divine plan, said: You have probably heard it said that the Bible is contradictory; but this is not true, as you will realize if you know the answers to these questions. In order to understand the teachings of the Bible, it is essential to know the various time divisions in the plan of God and apply the promises and prophecies of the Bible in their proper time periods.

The first of these ages began with the drying up of the waters of the Flood and continued until the death of Jacob, the grandson of Abraham. During this period God carried forward his plan through individual patriarchs such as Noah, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He made promises to Abraham, which were reiterated to Isaac and inherited as a birthright by Jacob. Beginning with the death of Jacob, God began to deal with his twelve sons as a family, or nation.

This change is suggested by the fact that, while Isaac could bestow his parental blessing upon only one of his sons, Jacob blessed all twelve of his sons, although only Judah received the promise. The Jewish Age was characterized by the fact that it was during this time that God gave the Israelites his Law and sent his prophets to them. This arrangement ended with the first advent of Christ, John the Baptist being the last of the prophets.

The final test upon the nation was the coming of the Messiah, and they failed by rejecting him. Here the Gospel Age began, an age in which God deals with individuals who respond to the Gospel and devote themselves to his service. A few of the Israelites were the first to embrace this opportunity. Following the Gospel Age comes the Millennial Age. This will be the first age in the third world.

It is the age during which all evil will be destroyed, including sickness and death. Through The Christ, Head and body—the faith seed of Abraham—the knowledge of the Lord will be caused to fill the earth as the waters cover the sea. In that righteous kingdom nothing will be permitted to hurt nor destroy. What blessing came to those who accepted Jesus?

The application of the various texts of Scripture to their proper age is most important in the study of the Bible. This day of the Lord, or Jehovah, is also foretold in the Old Testament, where it is symbolically described as one of clouds and darkness, denoting trouble. While it is during the day of the Lord that the selfish governmental institutions of men are destroyed in a time of national and international trouble, the work of abolishing all evil will continue during the ensuing thousand years of the kingdom. The proper answers to the following questions will reveal this.

IN A former study we learned that Jesus was born into the world as a man in order that he might sacrifice his human life for the sins of the people and thus redeem them from death. It was for this purpose that he gave his flesh, his humanity, for the life of the world. However, the Scriptures assure us that, as a result of the redeeming work of Christ, mankind will be restored to life on the earth. In the Old Testament those who have died are likened to prisoners who are held captive.

Their awakening from death is described as a release from their captivity. The Prophet Habakkuk foretold that following the return of the Lord the earth would be filled with a knowledge of the glory of the Lord. What has been the work of the Lord in the earth since the death and resurrection of Jesus? How does Peter describe this future accomplishment? THE kingdom of Christ is a very prominent topic of the Bible. It is sometimes referred to as the kingdom of God, which is appropriate, because it is God who provided for his Son to set up the kingdom in the earth. It is also sometimes referred to as the kingdom of heaven, which emphasizes that this world government of promise is not of human planning and origin but is set up and empowered by the God of heaven.

Some of the promises and prophecies of the Bible pertaining to the kingdom refer to its rulers, while others pertain to its subjects, those who have an opportunity to be blessed through the administration of its righteous laws. Jesus Christ will be the great King, or Ruler, in that kingdom. Associated with Jesus as rulers in his kingdom will be those who, during the Gospel Age, have denied themselves and faithfully taken up their cross to follow him, willingly drinking of his cup of suffering. These are spoken of in the Scriptures as those who suffer and die with Jesus and as being raised from the dead to live and reign with him.

Jesus and his followers will not rule as human kings but as Divine, and they will be invisible to human eyes. Jesus also referred to the ancient worthies and to their place in his kingdom. There will be rulers and subjects in the kingdom of Christ. The principal rulers will be spiritual and invisible to men, but they will have human representatives. Their blessings will consist of all the good things which properly belong to humans who desire to be in harmony with the righteous laws of their Creator.

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Micah "Therefore will he give them up, until the time [that] she which travaileth John "Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life. Verses “Assyrian”: Assyria, God's instrument against Israel ( B.C.), and. 62 items The Cross and the Lord's Coming Again; Chapter 5. 12, Austin-Sparks, T. GOD'S INSTRUMENT OF DELIVERANCE IN A TIME OF DEATH (Part Golden T. Austin-Sparks; Chapter One: The Exaltation of God's Son; Chapter Two.

There are many heretofore unobtainable blessings for which the human race has yearned and struggled. One of these is peace. Throughout the ages there has always been a great deal of uncertainty with many concerning their economic needs. While in America Social Security has eased these tensions to some extent, the problem is far from solved on a global basis. Under the laws of that kingdom, equitable and happy conditions will exist for all.

Another contributing cause of human unhappiness has been the wide conflict of opinion with respect to God and religion. In every age this has led to bitter hatred and persecution. In many countries today efforts are being made to solve this problem, but at best these lead only to surface agreements of unity.

We are also assured that the Lord will turn a pure message of truth to the people, upon the basis of which all will serve him unitedly. All these blessings, wonderful as they are, would be of no permanent value if the people continued to become ill and die; so the Scriptures assure us that the problem of sickness and death will also be solved.

This plague upon the human race will be destroyed. How does the Bible symbolize these blessings?

Quote some of the texts of the Bible on this question. IT IS the will of God that all his intelligent creatures shall enjoy everlasting life. Humans are now dying, not because they were created to die, but because of sin. None will be granted everlasting life until he has proved worthy by obedience to Divine law. Our first parents had the test of obedience placed before them.

This opportunity will be given to the world in general in a future period of time described in the Bible as a day of judgment. With the exception of the generation living at the beginning of this future period of testing, it will be necessary for mankind to be awakened from the sleep of death in order to be enlightened concerning the Divine will for them.

The ancient worthies, who will not come into the future judgment, will be the representatives of the Christ in the work of judging the world. How has this been demonstrated throughout the earth since the days of Eden? What part will the followers of Jesus have in the future work of judgment?

Who will then be the human representatives of Christ and his true church? No one will have eternal life until proved worthy of it. Some have proved worthy in this life, and the remainder will be given a future test. THE Apostle Paul wrote that, unless there is a resurrection of the dead, even Christians perish in death. But all the dead are not to be resurrected at the same time, nor will all be restored to the same plane of life.

In the resurrection some will be given spiritual bodies and some, human bodies. Those who receive a spiritual body in the resurrection will inherit a heavenly home. One of the Divine purposes in exalting the faithful followers of the Master to the spiritual plane of life is that they might reign with Christ in his thousand-year kingdom. It is a way that is not pleasant to the flesh, but the end will be glorious for all those who are faithful—faithful even unto death.

The Bible assures us that the same mighty power which raised Jesus from the dead is employed on behalf of all his faithful followers. This is true during the present time, when they are laying down their lives in sacrifice; and it will also be true, as it was with Jesus, that Divine power will raise them up in the resurrection, high above every other creature in the universe. The plan of God for the faithful followers of the Master is truly wonderful and inspiring. Perhaps you have not realized that the Bible refers to a special resurrection of the true followers of Jesus.

If not, these questions will be of special interest to you. Why would Christians perish in death if there were no resurrection of the dead? Will all who are raised from the dead be given the same kind of bodies? How does the Bible describe the plane of life to which Christians are exalted? THE kingdom of God, or the kingdom of Christ, as discussed in the Bible, consists of both rulers and subjects. The Bible reveals that the chief rulers in the kingdom are Jesus and his church, his faithful footstep followers. These will be on the Divine plane of life, invisible to human eyes. Jesus said to the people of Israel of his day that they would see and sit down with Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and all the prophets.

The shining of both these classes is symbolic of the fact that through the spiritual and earthly phases of the kingdom the knowledge of the Lord will be caused to fill the earth as the waters cover the sea. The faithful servants of God of past ages are to be restored to life on the earth and to be the human executives of a new world government under Christ. The answers to the following questions will reveal this important truth of the Divine plan. Who will be the invisible rulers in the kingdom of God? There will be two parts in the ruling phase of the kingdom of Christ—the spiritual and the earthly.

The earthly rulers will be the ancient worthies, and the spiritual, Jesus and his faithful followers. The general resurrection of the dead is taught in the Old Testament as well as in the New Testament, although the word resurrection does not appear in the Old Testament. The Prophet Jeremiah records a promise by the Lord which assures mothers that children who die will be restored to life. The restoration to life is described as a crossing over the border from the land of death to the land of life. In the Old Testament the restoration of the dead is also likened to an awakening from sleep.

On more than one occasion Jesus referred to those who had died as being asleep. A ruler in Israel besought Jesus to restore his dead daughter to life. When Jesus arrived at the home, he said that the girl was not dead but asleep. This was an illustration of the general resurrection of the dead, when all who sleep in death will be awakened. Jesus also referred to the dead Lazarus as being asleep and told his disciples that he was going to awaken him out of sleep. The only hope of life beyond the grave is based upon the promises of God to restore the dead to life, but do you realize how many promises of the resurrection there really are in the Bible?

What is one of the words used in the Old Testament to describe the resurrection of the dead? Which prophets use this word? Explain the illustration used in Jeremiah pertaining to the living and the dead. In this promise, how is the resurrection described? How did the Lord describe the awakening of the dead to the Prophet Daniel, and what is implied by sleeping in the dust of the earth? This promised resurrection of the dead is the only hope of life beyond the grave.

THE Bible speaks of those who have died as being prisoners of death. The resurrection of the dead is to be brought about through Christ I Cor. This is why they will be rewarded at once with perfection of life, either on the spiritual plane or the earthly plane. But it will be different with those who participate in the general resurrection. These, we believe, will be awakened from death in much the same condition as when they died. But every provision will be made for their enlightenment and help.

No longer will the deceptive influences of Satan, the Devil, be permitted to blind their minds and hearts. These will then enjoy everlasting life in an earth made perfect, a worldwide paradise. Are you assured that there is to be a resurrection of all the dead? To have such a hope makes the burdens of the present life much lighter.

In what ways will the conditions be made favorable for those who are awakened from death in the general resurrection? The awakening of the unjust dead from the sleep of death will not constitute a full raising up to perfection of life. Those who then attain to perfection of human life will need to prove worthy of it. This state of harmony with God is described in the Bible as being in covenant relationship with him. Adam lost his covenant relationship with the Creator when he disobeyed one of the Divine requirements upon which it was based. Those who are in covenant relationship with the Lord are his friends, and they enjoy his favor.

When Adam lost the favor of his Creator he also lost life, for no one can continue living in a state of alienation from God. But God did not hide his face from his human creatures forever, for his love provided redemption through Christ, making possible a return of Divine favor. Alienation from God because of sin, and the consequent evils of sickness and death, are symbolized in the Bible by darkness. God gave the people of Israel an opportunity to recover themselves from adamic condemnation through obedience to his Law.

If they could have kept that Law perfectly, they would have gained the favor of God and life, but they failed. The failure of the Israelites to gain life by keeping the Law of God demonstrated the need of a Redeemer from sin and death, and Jesus was that Redeemer. The church class, the followers of Jesus, are, through faith in his blood, reconciled to God during the Gospel Age.

These become associated with him in the work of reconciliation. When the Law Covenant failed to give life because of the inability of the people to live up perfectly to its requirements, God promised to make a New Covenant with them, and this covenant will be extended to embrace all mankind. It will be through the New Covenant that the world of mankind will be reconciled to God. When the New Covenant will have been fully made with all the people, both the living and those who have been awakened from death, the knowledge of the Lord will fill the earth.

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if all the people loved and served the Creator, the true and living God, and were not plagued by sin and death? The answers to these questions reveal how and when such a condition will become a reality. When will the New Covenant be made, and who will be its Mediator? What will be the ultimate and complete result of the New Covenant, and when will this be fully attained?

Man was created in the Divine image and, while obedient to the Creator, enjoyed his favor and blessing.

Through disobedience he lost Divine favor and was condemned to death. Actually, however, as far as humans are concerned, death is never natural. Man was created to live and not to die.

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Death became a part of human experience because of sin. This provision was Christ and his redeeming blood, which was a satisfaction for adamic sin. However, the opportunity to accept Christ and receive life through him is not limited to the short span of the present dying experience. An opportunity to accept Christ and receive everlasting life will be given to all mankind during the thousand years of the messianic kingdom.