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While not knocking dressing up in women's clothes - it can be quite liberating to do so on a stag night or for a fancy dress party - I have to wonder about his explanation that this is something that English men routinely do. Instead, I think that this is an example of a much more common form of English male behaviour; the inability to break off a relationship. Our year-old son was diagnosed with schizophrenia more than 11 years ago while he was at university.

He has lived at home with us since his diagnosis.


His illness can be controlled with medication, but he often doesn't take his prescribed medicines and events can soon spiral out of control because of his resultant abusive and sometimes violent behaviour. He often doesn't keep appointments with his psychiatrist, either. We are told by the professionals that our son has human rights and that he doesn't have to take his medication if he doesn't want to. He will not cooperate with the mental-health professionals who could help him: As a result, he has little structure to his life and his friends have gradually drifted away, due in no small part to his unpredictable and occasionally aggressive personality.

My husband and I are both in poor health and can only wonder what the future holds for our son. Has anyone been in a similar situation? What support or help is available to us? We want to do the best for our son and we feel at our wits' end. Each week we publish a letter to which readers are invited to respond. Replies should reach us by Wednesday. Readers are also welcome to propose other problems, of around words.

I have been seeing an English guy for six months and the relationship is going well, apart from one thing: Not to mention the fact that he stretches everything. When I challenged him, he said that when people have been seeing each other for a while, they want to become one with the other person and that this manifests itself in wanting to wear each other's clothing. He says it is a cultural thing, something that English men like to do.

I Let My Boyfriend Dress Me For A Week and Here's What Happened

I'm not comfortable with the situation. Is this his way of getting 'closer' to me, or will it lead to problems in the future? I really like this wrap around skirt but I had no idea what to put with it. I must have changed the top about 10 times. To take some attention off what I thought could've been a fashion nightmare, I threw in a large purple hat.

All in all I really like Lareese in this. Coming from a purely vain place? He made me debut them in frigging MARCH after I've hidden them away from society like a mad woman in an attic for months.

Agony Aunts

BUT the clothes, that's what this is about. The boy did good! I love the colours he's gone for and the wrap skirt and blouse combo. There was one minor boob though.


Your boyfriend will especially love your soft hands if you hold hands a lot. If he's your boyfriend, he obviously likes you for who you are right now, so there's no need to make a huge change. Walk in a confident way by keeping your head up. To apply mascara, place the brush below the bottoms of your lashes, and gently move it side to side and up to add volume to your lashes. Then, complete your look with simple makeup to bring out your best features and enhance your natural beauty! Help answer questions Learn more. A boy is snapchatting me a lot and he's cute, does he like me or does he want to be friends?

The button on my blouse has come off so I was hoping that by telling him this news he would do the logical thing and pick something else but no such luck. With no time to sew it on I had to let it all hang out on Regent Street in the light of day. PS the skirt could really do with an iron. Her favourite blue shoes!

Are You Normal?

Throw in some skinny black jeans and you've got the perfect work outfit. It reminds me of Victoria Beckham 's cloud dress. It's not the most flattering silhouette or as Joe described it 'wooooh' with some kind of kinked out hand movement but I kind of like that it's not trying to be sexy. I could ditch the geek chic glasses though.

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I've been through that phase once already and no one needs to see that again. Sadly Jess from New Girl I am not. I really like the LBD I picked out. Maybe it's not totally season appropriate, but with the high heels and dress together, I think she will be feeling pretty confident about herself! He was doing so well up til now so he was due a slip up. Bare slap skin legs, hints of cleavage.

What he wanted was Kimmy K. What he got was high street hooker. The ONLY blessing is that he let me wear a coat.

I tried to convince him that it would be bearable with tights but he said open toe shoes don't go with tights and he would be very right. Had I of had time to fake tan the pins and change into this after work it would have been fine but a 7am commute to central London? You've got to be kidding me. I felt ten types of uncomfortable all day. What have we learned? That even if he doesn't know his LBDs from his cheek-skimming playsuits, he knows his way round my wardrobe better than I thought, outfit number 5 aside.

The guy who lives in sheep skin sling back slippers and holey Jack Wills sweatpants did good.

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