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Stalking the Others
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But he certainly knows how to make up for lost time. The ending of this book is a jaw dropper.

Royce reestablishes himself as one of the hottest vampires in urban fantasy and sets up what promises to be the best book in the series. Jan 01, Blodeuedd Finland rated it really liked it Shelves: I read the last line and went wtf.. I sat up and shook my fist, ok so I did not shake my fist but I stared at bf for a while and trying to comprehend that the book had just ended. Now you all think cliffie, but it was not really a cliffie. All was good, sort of good for now, it was just what was going on and..

I truly want to spill the beans but you have to read for yourself to find out what made me crave book 5 more than chocolate, and I adore chocolate. But that was I read the last line and went wtf.. But that was the last page. Now see, I got sidetracked yet again, I shall not think about the end. So the book starts with a pissed off Shia and who can blame her. Possibly infected with the were virus and having found out that her boyfriend cheated on her. And think I liked him for a while! So the hunt is on and she wants the Sunstrikers to pay.

This is really a different Shia in this book. Sure she was always kick-ass but now she is also angry, and you do not want to see her angry. We meet the white hats again, they are kind of growing on me and we learn, nope, lips sealed again. But we learn something. The vampire that made me like vampires again, because he just oozes sex. Fighting, trouble and one ending that will make you want more. If you want to read this book, I would suggest you avoid caffeine and other stimulants.

Jess Haines

The story is one chocked up on adrenaline and, like some action movie, the action simply does not stop until the very end. And then you drop your jaw, asking WTF? Shiarra is literally drugged by her rage and desire for revenge and every line of the story drips with it.. I wasn't kidding when I wrote the no caffeine rule.

You'll end jittery all the same. The ending, what about the ending. Well, Shiarra, let's h If you want to read this book, I would suggest you avoid caffeine and other stimulants. Well, Shiarra, let's hope there will be no regrets. And, you, guy, well, I call what you've done kind of unethical. She is weak, tired, without any options. Uh, well, so much like you and your kind using this to your advantage I'm somewhat disappointed that no explanation was ever given on the how. Even if a possible hint is given.

Apr 19, Melliane rated it it was amazing. Indeed, the last volume was full of turnarounds of any kinds. It was amazing, we found ourselves buffeted on all sides to finally question everything. But here it is, there are also a lot of consequences, and we can see them now in this novel. Shia only think about one thing in this volume, her revenge against Chaz, and nothing, really nothing, could stop her in her new quest.

Plus, there is always a threat over her head as she still could turn into a werewolf for the next full moon. I really wanted to skip some to be on the BIG day and like that learn the truth. If you had read the book, you would have understood, the wait is terrible! I was mainly curious to know when she would meet with Chaz. Poor Shia, she goes though a lot of things in this book. I was very impatient to assist to the confrontation between her and her ex boyfriend. From the start, we know that it will be epic. But our heroine always has the vampire in her mind, so it allows us to have him all along the story.

But what can we do with such an end? There is only one thing, to wait and throw ourselves on book 5 as soon as possible. We can here understand better his will to kill the Others and to revenge the persons he loved. A mix of love, conspiracies and mysteries. A new amazing book featuring all the characters we love. And I have to say I love the new cover look! I think this makes a good Shiarra! The book pretty much picks up where we left off, which is a bit fuzzy for me since I read it ages ago. Shiarra has been scratched by a Were.

She is likely infected and has a month to find out. Time flies by fast too, as Shiarra is trying to track down Chaz and his pack. She wants retribution for what he did to her, Dillon too. She finds herself teaming up with the White Hats in order to do this. But she has to stay under the radar, the police are looking for her for the murders the Weres caused. She is hellbent on exacting her revenge. It almost makes you wonder if the rage is coming from her near turning. A good portion of the book has Shiarra dodging bullets, trying to find Chaz who is deep in hiding.

Plus she still receives some open hostility from some of the White Hats, mostly from Nikki, while Bo and Jack treat her with respect. Yet, Jack still carries some distrust towards her. Shiarra's emotions definitely seem to go back and forth in this series. First she hates the Others, then she sort of likes them, then she hates them again. Her prejudices are one of her most defining flaws, yet it's what makes her character so interesting, and it gives her room to grow.

She's been through a lot, so you have to give her some leeway in her ways.

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The second half of the book gets very interesting and contains spoilers, so I can't divulge in that area. But let's say when she does find Chaz things go haywire! Royce, sadly wasn't in the picture as much. He popped up once and then he was there for the ending!! A little disappointing, but his second appearance definitely makes up for it.

The belt is another issue, it's sort of scary how much of a character it's becoming. I think Jess has plans for it. We get a little more insight into its mind, although like I said, the belt is scary. We're talking about a spirit possessing a belt that can talk to you when you wear it. The pacing was good, even though there wasn't a whole lot of variety in the action, there was still lots of good action!! Shiarra is determined and no one is going to derail her from her goals. There were a few loose-ends that weren't wrapped up at the end, but that's standard for series.

Just hoping that we get to learn what happened with these characters and such the next time around! There was even a sneak peek at the next book, Forsaken by the Others, but I can no longer allow myself to read these snippets! They are too much of a tease and I can't torture myself by indulging. Stalking the Others, a pretty good title considering that is what she does, was phenomenal! This is definitely a must read! Shiarra, like I said, can be a challenging character, but I find myself totally invested in this series!

Oct 01, Shelley rated it really liked it Shelves: Private Investigator Shiarra Waynest has had it with the Others. Ever since she was dragged into the world of the Others kicking and screaming, her world has turned upside down. Shia is tired of being pushed around and being used against her will by not only Chaz, but Alec as well. As always, Shia has her trusty belt named Isaac around her waist. Shia turns into a monster hunter and a totally different person with the belt on. Alec wants her back, and for her to put her attempts at revenge behind her.

Shia is a totally different person when she has her spirit infested belt on. Haines reveals more about the person behind the belt and what happened to him and why he hates the Others so much. She also acknowledges that the belt is doing something else to Shia beyond enhancing her strength, speed, agility and stamina. Haines does a chapter countdown so readers know exactly how many days are left until Transformation day.

This gives the book another creepy yet interesting twist to the story. If you like hot steamy romance scenes; you are going to love this ending! Jun 01, Jen Davis rated it really liked it. Jess Haines knows how to go for a big ending. Shiarra is out for blood. Chaz and his pack nearly destroyed her in the last book. She is livid over his betrayal and terrified that she may be turning were. So she decides to take matters into her own hands and seek revenge. Unfortunately, the Sunchasers don't make it easy for her. They go into hiding at the same time she know 4. They go into hiding at the same time she knows she is a walking target.

She can't stay home; she won't stay under Royce's thumb, so she goes to find sanctuary and back-up with the White Hats. Just like we got an intimate look at the weres in the last book, here we are getting even deeper with the renegade humans here, especially Jack. But the real meat of the story was inside Shiarra head. One of the things I have consistently liked about these books is Shia's voice. I have always found her easy to relate to; I could always understand her thoughts and motivations.

She really goes off the deep end. I found myself questioning her bloodlust and her need for vengeance which seemed totally out of proportion and, honestly, out of character. I mean, yeah, Chaz is a dick. He deserved to be dumped --humiliated, even-- but does he deserve to die for being a cheater?

It was a tough read at times to see Shiarra fall so far. But Haines has a plan. I won't tell you what it is, but I will say I started to suspect about 40 pages before it was revealed. It was enough to make me feel a little smart, but also a little dumb for not figuring it out sooner. I still hate Chaz. I have mixed feelings there. He is sexy to be sure. And I believe he feels something for Shiarra. But I don't know what.

I don't entirely trust him, and his power over Shiarra makes me nervous. All in all, I'd say the book is a pretty good ride. Kind of a roller coaster. I'm still kind of high on the ending. But I am scared to pick of up the next book. Who is going to betray her next? I don't know if my heart can take it. Huge improvement on the cover! Aug 24, Tynga rated it really liked it. Shia is now facing her worst nightmare after being possibly contaminated by a werewolf. Uniting with the questionable White Hats, she will hunt down Chaz and his pack, looking for revenge.

Before I get on with my review, I just want to disclose that I am a cameo character in this novel, Cindy Bacon, a werewolf. The White Hats are backing her on her quest, but I felt like she was all on her own, with only Isaac her magic belt to keep her company. On the other hand, her loneliness allowed her some growth, which is always appreciated.

The crescendo leading to the end was simply amazing. It was highly dramatic yet hilarious in a way. Jul 13, Marianne rated it really liked it Shelves: Vampires, werewolves and mages have been wreaking havoc in Shiarra Waynest's life recently. Now it's time to return the favor. Meanwhile, the enigmatic vampire Royce wants her back in his clutches, as do two powerful werewolf packs, along with the police.

Shia's recent betrayal by her ex-boyfriend means that she may be on the verge of becoming a rogue werewolf at the next full moon. Instead of going into hiding to lick her wounds, Shiarra decides that if she's going down, she'll take out as many Vampires, werewolves and mages have been wreaking havoc in Shiarra Waynest's life recently. Instead of going into hiding to lick her wounds, Shiarra decides that if she's going down, she'll take out as many of her enemies as she can before she turns furry.

How about fair trial?

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Shiarra instead decides to go on a murder spree without solid evidence, spurred on by a disembodied mage, currently trapped inside a not so peace-loving hunter's belt. Cause that's what every smart girl would do, am I right? I still loathe Chaz's actions, but that's not a reason to act like a psychotic bitch. True, there were extenuating circumstances, but I have a hard time believing Shiarra who's supposedly both smart and resourceful wouldn't pick up on the clues as they presented themselves.

By the time Royce pointed out what was clear to everyone except Shiarra, I was yelling "well hello, Captain Obvious" at the top of my lungs. It makes your protagonist look dumb! All in all, this book was a 3. You may also read my review here: The Sunstrikers must be taken down before the next full moon, and Shiarra Waynest is determined to do just that.

A confrontation with Chaz is inevitable, and it may not be what you think. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. And I have to say that I really like the new cover art. Shiarra's world used to be a lot easier before the Others became a fixture in her life.

Now, the NY PI is on the prowl. She's stalking the Sunstrikers wolf pack, desperately trying to get her hands on her cheating ex, Chaz. Which will also lead her to the asshole who scratched her and might now cause her to turn furry during the next full moon. Alone, without any money, and in need of leads she makes her way towards the White Hats. She hopes these hunters will help in her quest, and by doing this Shia pretty much gets herself deeply involved in every facet of the supernatural world she wishes she'd never become a part of.

And before she knows it, her reality and feelings become warped by it. I loved how the change was so gradual, how I honestly believed Isaac had her best interests in mind but is slowly manipulating her to do as he pleases. It was so unexpected, when the belt actually reveals its power to control her, I was thrown. But everything started making so much more sense! This is another awesome, but brutal installment in this excellent urban fantasy series. I really enjoyed it, and was satisfied with the, uh, climax. Can't wait to see what happens next This is the first book I read on my Kindle Paperwhite.

Oct 25, Stacy rated it really liked it Shelves: Shiarra was not in a happy place for a good portion of the book. She is angry and wants revenge. Surprisingly it comes to light that the belt that has helped Shia out of many dangerous situations ends up being not so good for her or her psyche. Why wasn't it my favorite of the series? Well, there was a lot of lead up for what I was hoping was Chaz's demise only for him to be still alive at the end, It was disappointing.

Just like the previous books in the series there is tons of action and dangerous situations. Shia is constantly on the move. The relationship with her family still isn't fixed and that was a super big sad point for Shia throughout the book. I missed some of my fave characters but the characters that were involved were as always well rounded and full of development.

There is way to much back story and awesomeness to be found in books I love the characters, I love the world, I love the writing and I love the story lines. Jess Haines will continue to be a must buy author for my bookshelf. We also see Royce again and again Shiarra acts with extreme discrimination against him, despite all he has done for her and the fact that she is friendly with far worse people.

Despite that, I still manage to appreciate the ending with Royce, if not as much as I would have like. I will nonetheless continue the series to know the end, hoping that it gets better. Jun 24, TheGeekyBlogger rated it really liked it. I think I may be blushing just a wee little bit! After feeling a bit frustrated last book with the whole "Chaz" situation I was glad to see that our girl Shi was handling it in her own way.

It is hard to review this without giving away the good parts so here is what I will say: This was the best of the 4 books. It had parts that will mak Read for Review! I actually liked getting to know the White Hats more in this book. I didn't really like them in the 2nd book go figure but they were much more likable in this one. I do think there is still a ton of story to tell around them and can't wait to see what the future holds. I do think they are major factor in this series even being human.

What made me go Huh?: Not enough of my "GTFO" group. Sorry I want a spinoff of just them! Then again--extreme situations and all think Speed the movie! Dang it now I have to wait for the next book! I very much enjoyed the first two books in this series, but the third book was a DNF. She ignored several warnings that only resulted in more trouble. She has officially lost her appeal. I found myself liking some parts, but then dozing off in others. I skimmed a lot. I think I will save myself the trouble next time and just end the series here. View all 20 comments.

May 04, D rated it it was amazing. In the final pages of Deceived by the Others , we were left with an angry woman seeking revenge. Readers excited by this prospect will not be disappointed by Stalking the Others. With the help of a magic belt, Shiarra is on the warpath. The British government is tightly constrained. Following experiences in the s. With a few exceptions, the British security forces have followed the rule of law against opponents who do not So while tougher security measures are likely if only as a measure of reassurance, nobody believes they are a solution.

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In the game which follows. Johnson defends well until move 28, when a lapse enables Short to break through, win material and deliver checkmate in swift succession. The Tunes, 1 Pennington St. The Times World Chess Championship was a match full of sensational gripping, even bloodthirsty play of a quality rarely seen before. Credit card holders can order direct on Monday-FYiday 9am-5pm while orders tty post should go to 77ie Times, Raymond Keene Offer. The boric indudes exclusive interviews taken from The TimesTs exclusive access to Kasparov and Short during tiie championship.

Leeds; P Farley Chiswick. London and A Stringfellow. Eric Ashby Hunting foxes, so the hunters say, keeps down numbers. They live in family groups within defined territories. And it is the availability of food in these territories - largely voles, rabbits, rats and carrion - that dictates fox numbers. When food resources are low, fewer vixens have cubs; wheO food is Left in peace, in other words, the fox population is self regulating.

No, fox hunting has little to do with numbers. And in their heart of hearts, even the most avid fox hunters know that the losses they inflict are quickly made up. Fox hunting, in our view, is all about the chasing, terrifying and brutal killing of a living creature. Nikita Smido- vich, team leader, said they found no evidence that Iraq was violating a UN ban an weapons of mass destruction. Under the agreement signed last month, the future status of the city, widely regarded as the thorniest issue on the agenda, will be negotiated within the coming two years.

Despite the name-calling, the smear campaigns and the odd fist fight between young activists, Mr Kollek insis ted that the real challenge faring the city has so far been overlooked. Although Mr Kollek has dismissed the idea as a recipe for yet another war. Yesterday General al- Nahhas was not specific about the European countries bring used as the new bases.

Western diplomats believe Germany might be one of the nations involved. Our responsibility is to protect the environment. Modem paints are high performance materials. In addition, it must also offer protection against stones thrown up by other vehicles. With an increase in demand for cars, aircraft, trains and other forms of transport, there is a greater need for high quality paints which prevent corrosion and enhance appearance.

Bayer now supplies the paint industry with binders which need only a small proportion of solvents, - in some cases none at all. Many surfaces are quite suitable for treatment with modem, environmentally-friendly paints, increasing numbers of which are water-based. P lans have been made for his body to be on public view tomorrow at the Cinetittd studios where he worked for nearly half a century, his relatives said yesterday.

However, they said his coffin would he dosed as a mark of respect The funeral will be on. In California, Sophia Loren said: The world will be much sadder without his fantasy. The death of Fellini is cause for national mourning. With his wide- brimmed hat and scarf, II Mago the Magician was a well-known figure in the streets of Rome. He liked to haunt the quarters of Trastevere and Centocelli by foot or on buses and trams in search of human material for his films.

F ellini 's world was uniquely his own. Fellini never, in some senses, grew up. Adult virtues With a blend of pathos and comedy , the lay , fj grotesque and the erotic , Fellini freed postwar cinema from its straitjacket of prosaic images , Geoff Brown writes of sobriety and restraint passed him by. He carried with him a child's glee for living and vivid memories of his youth, from the Catholic teachings drummed into him at school to the circus and vaudeville ads that passed through his home town of Rimini on the Adriatic coast Fellini began in films under the shade of Italian neo-realism.

When he began directing five years later, he maintained a strong surface reality. When Mastroianni next appeared. With its free-flowing form, cryptic dream imagery and. Fellini himself found it hard to ran himself in after 8b. In the Fellini Satyricon he went on tiie rampage through Petro- nius's writings about ancient Rome. A similar trip followed in through Casanova's autobiography. Amarcord, though, showed his power undimmed. Maroo De Luca, said he was bewildered by the arrest warrant on an alleged bribery charge.

The issuing of the arrest warrant for Signor De Benedetti, The Corriere della Sera called the affair "a clamorous turning point in the Roman enquiry". The warrant is a potential blow to the government of De Benedetti: It is bound to harm Italy's image abroad, already badly damaged by the nearly two-year corruption scandal.

Signor De Benedetti is possibly the best-known figure internationally to be caught up in the scandal. Some managers of the giant Fiat industrial empire are under investigation, as are top directors of the debt-ridden Eemizzi group and leading state managers. Signor De Luca said on Saturday: Vittorio Mde, had not been informed of the decision by Maria Cordova, the assistant procurator, to issue the warrant The report in ah teitorial by Eugenio Scalfari, the editor, could not immediately be confirmed.

He had already admitted that Olivetti paid bribes to win contracts with the postal system, but he alleged that political parties had acted like extortioners, forcing companies to pay up or receive no contracts from the state. In tune with the modest changes expected from the Maastricht treaty. The corridors Of power here will be empty until Wednesday. They promised greater accountability. The design of the European Union reflects a compromise that has been used tty EC governments since the birth of the Community. But any such move is unlikely to find much support for the rest of this decade.

Its institutions, the European Commission, parliament and court form one "pillar" of the Union. Montenegro chafes at the Serbian harness From Eve-Ann Prentice in podgorica THE scent of rebellion is in the air among the brooding mountains of Montenegro, as the Yugoslav republic begins to turn against its old ally, Serbia. Support for political parties which advocate secession has been steadily increasing since the summer.

People living in the republic are turning to Albania for basic supplies, which would have been unthinkable three yearsago. Mothers begin queuing for milk for their children at 3am. The 12 governments' agreed objectives indude "ultimately,.. The treaty timetables a two-stage move to a single currency which "shall" come into existence at the latest In for states that meet a stiff set of economic tests.

In January next year a European monetary institute will be set up to oversee the convergence of economies and to be an embryo central bank. However, monetary policy remains a national concern qntfl currencies are fused. New EC policies are to be negotiated for trans-European communications networks, education, culture, health ami industry.

Majority voting is extended and the European parliament's power to block some EC laws is enhanced. Stupni Do dead buried amid signs of killings to come THERE were no surviving family members to weep for six victims of the Stupni Do massacre who were buried yesterday. So their funeral progressed in grim silence at Dabrivine. Already From Anthony Loyd in dabravtne.

Half a million people in northern wwnia. Some remained in Croatian custody wntie many more huddled hides for protection. Last week Mr Dinkins delivered the ultimate insult to his rival: Mr Giuliani, if he wins, will become the first Republican mayor for a generation. The fact that his campaign has come this far.

Mr Giuliani, 48, has played on his reputation as a legal rottweiler, a man of action who will tackle the city's problems head-on. But many New Yorkers want results rather than rhetoric, which Mayor Dinkins's four years in office have notably failed to deliver. For the past few days, Mr Dinkins has seldom been seen in public without a political or show- business celebrity.

Mr Giuliani on the other hand, has recruited the common man to his cause, or at least his television commercials, which have featured, m turn, acab driver, a waitress and a butcher. Meanwhile, the mayor has also tried some undisguised eleventh- hour vote-grabbing. He has tried to ingratiate himself with the gay lobby and in a bid for the Irish vote he developed a sudden, profound interest in the case of Jimmy Smyth, the convicted IRA man fighting extradition in California. But his most impressive piece of verbally dexterous vote-gamering came on Friday when the mayor appealed to blacks, feminists and Christians in a single, complicated sentence.

But with the election on a knife- edge. After a campaign more notable for its mud-slinging than any creative political debate, an outcome dictated by chance might be the meet appropriate result. The results will be minutely dissected by the president, whose approval ratings are sliding again, and by the national Republican and Democratic parties, seeking the key to electoral success ina post-ideological era.

New York apart there are mayoral elections in Detroit Miami, Atlanta. Thomas Menino, the acting mayor, is well ahead of Jim Brett a Massachusetts state congressman. The FBI was investigating at least 30 letters that had been sent to police and fire stations since September I. The instrument has been disputed from the day it was signed by the late Maharajah Hari Singh and accepted by Earl Mountbatten of Burma, the viceroy, two months after India gained independence from Britain.

The army raid earlier this memth on a house in Umtata. So had an announcement of a petrol price increase which led to violent clashes between police and angry black taxi drivers. Western diplomats regard the demand as unreasonable. The mayor of this east German winter resort has apologised to an American luge team after two black members. Reuter Peruvians vote lima: The poll is seen as a vote of confidence. AP Captives freed Algiers: Michele Thevenot, was not found.

AP Semtex stolen Prague: He debates the restoration of Windsor Castle, traces the booms and busts of Docklands and finds an eerie peace in the churches of Heathrow. River Phoenix dies at 23 Dallas Malloy.

He was in the prime of his life. At 17 he was nominated for an Oscar for best supporting actor for his role as the son of two radical fogitives in Running on Empty. His brother was christened Leaf. Whatever his subject - art, architecture, literature or the environment, be offers rich food for thought in this unusual look at our capital dty. Please write your name and address on the back of the cheque Post coupon and r cira ttaa c e to: Jazz and an abseiling Miss Havisham herald a week in honour of a threatened institution Y ou will know, by the end of this week, that Casanova and Mao Tse-furtg were both librarians.

As a bored, sullen teenage diplobrat in Bern. To this day I love a free evening, a big reading-room smelling strongly of mould, and some nice worrying question like the early histoiy of rainwear, or whether Milton ever saw a real cormorant before he said Satan looked like one. Or was it a bestiary picture he was thinking of?

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There will be events nationwide: Meanwhile a person purporting to be Miss Havisham in her wedding dress will abseil down the front of Newcastle Central library: It is a pity. You would think a load of librarians would have known better. Or at least read the credits properly on the TV series. They have too many enemies already, not only the Sproat tendency but all those chippy young fogeys in invisible grammar school blazers who are desperately nostalgic for the grey buns, dirty card-indexes, and full sets of Jack London which first inspired them.

They get hot flushes when they see a pathetic little section on Feminism, or a modest toy-lending sideline. It is true lhal public libraries were ill-served by the crazy s and mad bans on Noddy and Rider Haggard, and the equally crazy 19SOs entrepreneurial culture which resulted in some of them lending out not only videos and CDs but in one case, umbrellas. Libraries need shaking up at times, sending up at others, but what they never deserve is to atrophy.

If stilJ happens every term-time day. If the occasional abseiling Havisham helps to bring them in. They may come to lark, but wfll stay to read. Education, page 31 I On the silver screen the hero. Ronald Col- man no less, fires five shots from a pistol. And then there comes a sixth shot, one for real, and a murder has taken place in the auditorium.

Too good to be true. Only, it seem s. It happened in Bristol on May The wild fictions of the defective story in its s golden age might be hard put to equal that. But at times they got pretty dose. The very earliest days of detection, for instance, produced death by the ice dagger that melts before the body is discovered. The notion of the ice dagger or its variant the ice bullet is, you may say, magnificently simple. And it is, surely, as a reader that in those complications and the manner in which they are ingeniously contrived half Why are we so fascinated by ice daggers and frozen bullets?

Keating on the Bristol cinema mystery your pleasure lies. How to get the frozen dagger to the scene of the crime? But does that imply a picnic? Or a packed lunch for the office? Then, what if you use the ice bullet variation? He has a long-case dock with a chime so hideous that of course, the victim reaches up to silence it and, touching the lever, releases a blade that slashes open his stomach.

See a Problem?

I'm still kind of high on the ending. No one wears patterned sweaters in The events leading up to Stalking the Others has put Shiarra in a very bad place. AS A chartered surveyor. I've known turn 22 years and I think it will be the first time he has gone into politics. I am at present a nonexecutive director of four public companies, all of which are flourishing.

Unique alibi—a murder is said to have been committed during a screening of The Light that Failed almost 50 years ago French swiftly dresses him in a brown cloak and waits for the train to make a short stop, conveniently done every night even though it is unscheduled. Something had gone wrong! On Thursday, November i4th, it was, as usual, fairly full, but not uncomfortably so. But the way does lead us to a super- fiendish murder plot What happens? But in real life? Well, as we know, something almost as strange happened once in a Bristol cinema- But.

A newspaper is a parcel containing many individual packets. But the crossword became a notional institution, and sets the standards for British crosswording. It is a harmless entertainment and there are passages during the day. The crossword is a kickstart into toe new day.

Led by The Times, some British crosswords became cryptic, with anagrams and puns, homophones and other word games, in which English is so rich, as well as a straight definition of the word in question lurking somewhere in the clue. O ; duck m cricket plus The first Times crossword, in , angered diehard readers der.

It can be done in a group of all talents at coffee Break, with everybody chipping in, or doodled while waiting for the tiresome canned music to stop and for somebody to answer the phone. But in both types of crossword, the answer should be the only possible one when you see it.

He read Greats at Trinity, Oxford Greats seems to go with cryptic crosswords, but then, that old school can be said to go with anything. Then he worked in computers which also go with cross- wording. IT ought to take about ten minutes to do the concise crossword, though it takes half a day to set. Richard's cryptics take 15 to 20 hours to compose, and he lays them away in his bottom drawer to ripen, as recommended by the poet Horace, before giving them a final polish. Mr Brown intends to set clues Dial admit only one answer, so that when you get it, you feel that warm glow of righteous satisfaction.

From what I have seen of him over the years. At this time of year, I should be on the qui vive watch, guard, look out. But you never can tell, with crosswords, as with life. That is their charm. Whistles, from selected branches. W1; 77 Fulham Street. The richly patterned grass green border is overlaid with a profusron of gilded leaves and scrolls and is scattered end, jewehlik. The kit costs This season excuses are not neccessary.

WEBB - 4 - and Navajo , think again. Where a silk or cotton dress will foil to the floor, a knitted dress will flow.

Last week I wrote that the traditional twinset has been reinstated as a style icon, with Helmut Lang lengthening the sweater. Every other designer has opted to elongate the cardigan. Mainstream versions hover around the calf, while pricey labels at times sweep the floor. At its ultimate, the long cardigan, resembling a roomy bathrobe, becomes a folly fledged coat Gianni Versace coloured his brightly enough for anyone who wants to act as understudy to Jason Donovan in Technicolor Dreamcoau while the designer Joseph chooses chocolate, cream and tweedy greys for his thick- ribbed.

The Americans call it greige — a muted tone which exists where grey meets beige. The joy of knitted fabric is that it has inbuilt movement It stretches and clings and keeps you warm. Flay one against the other. Flat machine knits can be worn with ribbed varieties. Becked tweedy yam, or smooth silk and cot- many possibilities, plain knit and So ton. Cable knit even the knit-one, peari-one, drop-one variety adding a moth-eaten, modem touch.

Most important is to notice whaTS new about knits, and what's making them news. Keeping them plain is the key to success. No one wears patterned sweaters in Unless, of course, your name is Jack Nicklaus. Oxford Street, W1 Peal, Burlington Arcade, W1 U ndemeath this wonderfully warm coat there are layer upon layer of easy pieces, every one of them knitted. Cardigan-style jackets are worn over the lot As the cardigan lengthens, so the sweater gets boil washed until it shrinks to next to nothing.

However, in the same show Rocha sent out a sweater which swamped his model. Answer when it's a sweater dress. Recently, fashion has moved its goal posts at such a pace that it has been difficult at times to understand the game, let alone the rules. Of course, that is its aim. There are no rules. Both designers hose the charming empire-line shape, draping flufly mohair and gauzy wool respectively.

Here are just a few of the remarkable reductions we have on offer: The Simpson Piccadilly mid-season sale begins on 30th October and continues through to 6th November. Saturday open from 9am - 6pm, Monday 1st -5th November open until 7pm. I am not 1 am neither proud nor sorry about that it's just a fa a. The act of meeting a famous person has seldom of itself given me much of a thrill. There was no chance at all you could talk properly to her. I acknowledge — again, with neither pride nor shame — that something is missing from my nature.

If some thing is — if some person is — the actual thing, the actual one — the real thing, the real one — and if we have touched it, met it got its signature, retained a bit of it in a box, then that matters to humankind, always has. But not to me. And I should have had little interest in meeting Van Gogh himself, because others knew him better and 1 would rather read their accounts. Or so I have always assured myself, model of modem rationality and anti-mysticism that I like to think I am.

It came as a shock last Friday, therefore, to find myself nervously awaiting the moment when my chance would come to touch a famous person. To see, touch and even speak to this person, to get her signature on her new book, was something I'd longed to do. Longed to do let me add not because 1 expected to learn anything from our meeting, or had anything much to say to her ; Not because I had special reason, even, to like or dislike her.

Not because 1 admire her though I do admire her, and more than I admire many others, too. I had shaken her hand. I could hardly wait to meet her. She was one of us. Did you feeL as I did at the time, that as a nation we treated her achievement rather coolly? But she did it Now 1 want to. It is the one attempt in which I can honestly say I should not mind perishing. The shareholders will lose almost all their money, the banks face losses as well Naturally, people are asking whether the non-executive directors could have prevented this disaster, or whether they should have acted earlier.

David and I found it hard to suppress our giggles at the grand old trouper. His integrity has never been doubted. To use the jargon of the investment business, he is in the top quartile of people available to be non-executive directors, in terms of general intelligence, integrity, know- Whose hand on the company tiller? How does an intelligent and honest man come to be involved in such a disaster? Non-executive directors themselves must equally be anxious that they might fail in their job.

I am at present a nonexecutive director of four public companies, all of which are flourishing. The chairman of that committee needs to have substantial financial experience, such as one might expea from a senior accountant or a professional banker. The late Lord Rothschild, who had been an executive director of Shell, used to argue that nobody who was not working full time for a company could have any real understanding of it I am sure that is right.

I have been a director of GEC since ; the only realistic way I can follow the business is by asking questions of the executive directors. Of course, if the non- executives lose confidence in the executives, that is another matter. In the case of Queens Moat Houses, as we know it so far. This resulted in an inadequate flow of information both to the board and to its advisers. The profits seem to have been overstated for some years, probably as the result both of poor accounting and a desire to maintain optimism m the recession, which was particularly bad for hotels.

Non-executive directors cannot run a company, but they have a duty to satisfy themselves that it is being properly run. So far as management structures are concerned, that is more a matter of judgment than science. In a deep recession, managements are bound to be tempted to put the best possible gloss on the profits and the assets. The non-executives should be more sceptical: Yet one has to remember that asset valuations are only valuations. Some of that reduction probably reflects a real change in the market So many hotels are now in the hands of the receivers that they have been dumped, at almost any price.

The rest, of the difference could be an hones one of opinion, or the difference between sunshine and rain. Near the end of a deep recession, any property can be sold for a massive discount, or for a market price between a willing buyer and a willing seller. The two valuations can be 30 per cent apart or even more. In the s, there has been a great depression in demand both for hotel services and for hotel properties. Squawks about U-tums and climbdowns are heard. The appeal for unity which Mr Major made barely three weeks ago at the Tory party conference seems to have been ignored.

The rebels have not been shamed into silence. Ministers are accused ofbending in the face of a few recalcitrant backbenchers. Not only are these criticisms greatly exaggerated, but they miss the point. John MacGregors shift on rail franchises is unlikely to make much difference in practice but has provided cover for the Tory rebels to fall into tine. The threatened rebellion on defence cuts is part of a familiar ritual: But the mood in the Commons is less fevered than during the Maastricht debates. The votes of the nine Ulster Unionists help.

Much of the bitterness has gone, at least for the moment Dare it be said, moreover, that back in the days of the "golden age that never was" governments listened to backbenchers and interest groups. Who now remembers the row over increases in parental contributions for student grants of November These range from continued support for British Leyland in the early s to the decisions not to extend VAT to newspapers or to tax lump-sum pension payments in Lady Thatcher gave the impression of knowing where she was going, often more because of her style than the substance.

Her single- mindedness banished any doubts until the final days in Mr Major does not inspire such certainty. He is less decisive than her. He consults rather than commands. But he is not just an adroit tactician. He has values, and views of the kind that led to the citizen's charter. But he seldom communicates them. He is the opposite of Lady Thatcher. His style can undersell, rather than oversell, the substance.

His courtesy and often cumbersome delivery can appear to be woolliness and lack of direction. Mr Major did not help himself by conjuring a nostalgic vision of a return to some s suburban paradise. While it has been mentioned only in passing in foe cabinet itself, Mr Major and his advisers have discussed it with individual ministers. In education, this means not just improving basic skills such as reading and writing, but looking also at what John Patten calls the ethos of schools: It also involves increasing specialisation, selection according to aptitude. While some ministers raised eyebrows at the tone of speeches by John Redwood and Mr Lflley about single mothers, there is wide cabinet agreement about the need to face up to die implications of social changes.

But these themes remain blurred. Ministers remain busy and active, but little is in focus. The annual review may be completed by the cabinet tomorrow. Kenneth Clarke will now turn to tax matters which, despite aU the talk of a unified Budget, are. The recent tacking and weaving is trivial by comparison. But the Budget is only part of a broader domestic strategy, which is still incomplete and unclear.

Mr Major has only won a respite from the vultures. It may not last long. The action has been brought by the League Against Cruel Sports, and concerns a resolution for the trust's annual meeting next Saturday, proposed by that lifelong campaigner Lord Soper. The league, however, claims that the way the trust has presented Soper's case is so confusing explanatory notes run to no less than six pages that members who support the resolution could easily vote against it by mistake.

It has an ancient and fislHike smell. Later this month, it plans to name a Class 91 locomotive Robert Adley. He is due to be guest speaker at a dinner in Dorset held by the Group, the body dedicated to getting more women MPs into the House of Commons. I've known turn 22 years and I think it will be the first time he has gone into politics.

Danny is one of the old school who lias always said that politics and arts don't mix. Definitely not a friendly. The oree was subject to a preservation order, so it could not be felled. Westminster council blames the heavy autumn rains but admits that lime trees, planted mostly at the turn of the ontu- ry because they thrived in London's smog, are not the decorative prize they once were.

It helps if they are pruned," says Paul Aker, the councils arboriculture! But should all else fail, Aker has one last suggestion. The bill was for copies of a book called The Dragon Lady. The new book, Blick in Parodies [Glimpse of Olympus when it is published in English is not so much a sequel to her offering, fiddlers MolL as a prequel. Unfortunately he died a week before I joined. It was very tough. JFor the past week almost all top Israeli government and military officials have been absent from Jerusalem, engaged in the hectic attempt to work out the details of autonomy for Gaza and Jericho and meet the tight timetable for transfer of the first five areas of civic administration — education, health, welfare, direct tax and tourism — to a future Palestinian administration.

After initial wrangling, the past week has seen something of a breakthrough. For their part, the Israelis insist they will deliver, however complicated the dallenge. Both Yitzhak Rabin and Yassir Jrafat have burned their bridges. Both must demonstrate to their peoples rapid and visible progress.

Both know that sceptics and rejectionists still have the power, at this delicate stage, to rupture the accord. Hamas calculated that the killing would inflame Israeli public opinion and stall the talks, while violent retaliation by settlers, already nervous and feeling betrayed by the Rabin government would rekindle the dying intifada on the West Bank. Several insist that what is good for the Palestinians need not necessarily be at the expense of Israel — though probably more are deeply sceptical that Arab enmity has really abated.

But even on these in tradables, think tanks are already mapping out possible compromise. And here the prospects do not look so bright. Arab countries were piqued at being kept in the dark over the secret Is- raeli-FLO talks. The Syrian leader was aghast to find himself outwitted by the PLO chairman. The country has long seen itself as the Arab pivot m the region, and now finds itself sidelined — an impression strengthened by Israel's admission that talks with Syria are on the back-burner.

Syria therefore refuses to spell out what sort of peace it is prepared to offer in return for total Israeli withdrawal from the Golan Heights. Each country accuses the other of stalling. The loss of momentum has prompted speculation that neither is ready for full peace; Israel cannot contemplate a return to the vulnerable pre borders, and the embattled Baathist regime would find it hard to justify massive defence spending and keep its tight grip of a restless population without the excuse of the state of war with Israel. Despite recent Israeli calls for a Rabin- Assad summit, there is little Israel can offer in the short term to move the Syrians.

DragonBall Z Abridged MOVIE: BROLY - TeamFourStar #TFSBroly

Israel affects unconcern, saying they have nowhere to go, and their capacity for trouble-making is limited. But that capacity will prevent Lebanon making any separate peace, and may also slow the pace of normalisation with Jordan. The Syrians may in the end have to be bought off by the Americans, with the prospect of money, removal from the blacklist of nations sponsoring terrorism and a real relationship with Washington to replace the defunct Soviet patron.