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Forget Jorg of Ancrath. Here you will get to learn Durzo -fucking- Blint. I totally recommend this book to every fantasy reader out there, and trust me, you will love it! A person of such dangerous capability that it produces a natural coolness about them, which when those two qualities combine coolness and danger create a reputation that is renowned. They exude these qualities in every aspect of day to day living, therefore leaving their mark on society in legendary form. View all 12 comments. Apr 19, Felicia rated it really liked it Shelves: I liked this book, although it didn't tread the newest ground ever, the characters were interesting and the plot held my attention.

I think the only thing lacking was the world building, it was confusing and I found it hard to really get a grasp on everything that was happening politically. Very accessable, but with the new era "grit" we've come to know and love in I liked this book, although it didn't tread the newest ground ever, the characters were interesting and the plot held my attention. Very accessable, but with the new era "grit" we've come to know and love in fantasy: View all 6 comments.

May 27, Lyn rated it liked it. This is a good book.

Geek Bomb Book Club With Author Brent Weeks (The Way Of Shadows)

Actually, this is a gritty, bloody book. There is more than enough to keep a reader engaged throughout the plus pages. This is not great literature, but it is a lot of fun. Weeks is a great writer in much the same way as I, the Jury is a great book and Mickey Spillane a great writer as opposed to Hemingway being an Author. Enter the Dragon was never going to win an Academy Award, but it did get a ton of respect and street cred. Because it does what it does very well.

A reader picking up Way of Shadows or a viewer selecting Enter the Dragon likely does not care why Heathcliff loves Cathy, or why The English Patient was a cinematic success. What this reader or viewer does care about is that Weeks delivers a damn fine adventure. View all 23 comments. Jun 18, Carol. Likeable, really, but something made this a hard book to delve into and get lost in the story. Could be the gritty scrabble of life in the mud of the Warrens. Could be that while character building was excellent, the world outside the Warrens lacks details, even as we meet the characters living there.

Fou Likeable, really, but something made this a hard book to delve into and get lost in the story. Found myself starting to skim to get to the resolution or get to bed; sometimes they coincide , so I put it down until I could focus. I'm finally liking the world being created. The characters are interesting, and the narrative has returned to each enough times that I care at least a little bit about them, and if a few are rather one-dimensional especially the love interest , overall they are done well.

I do find that there seems to be awkward narrative jumps, where one moment we are going through a day per chapter, and then all of a sudden, movie montage our character is sixteen, almost completely transformed from the awkward, unskilled youth into a fully competent assassin. Additionally, the narrative skips around, from primary to characters so minor that they are never heard from again--insert carol's lament of the disjointed narrative standing in for foreshadowing and tension-building-- Almost finished. Surprised by view spoiler [ the fact that Kylar was allowed to read Eileen's letters, and didn't leave them hanging.

Also surprised that Jarl made a reappearance and had advanced basically parallel to Kylar without Kylar knowing it hide spoiler ]. The overall political maneuvering is fairly clear and understandable, and the plot did have a couple of twists that left me surprised. Good enough to lure me to the second book, but not enough to join my library.

Cross posted at http: View all 22 comments. Feb 20, seak rated it really liked it Shelves: There are a few authors, Joe Abercrombie included, whose books I've read in large part because everything they've said outside of their novels on blogs, etc. Brent Weeks or Sussex Months One of the reasons it's taken me this long to get to this book is because I think the cover is awful. I know cover art doesn't really effect anything and probably shouldn't anyway There are a few authors, Joe Abercrombie included, whose books I've read in large part because everything they've said outside of their novels on blogs, etc.

I know cover art doesn't really effect anything and probably shouldn't anyway, but it was very off-putting for me.

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Does anyone really want to see Hayden Christensen dressed up for Halloween on a cover? Maybe I shouldn't ask that It does look like HC doesn't it? The covers were what set this series apart, although it's hard to imagine that now, but they set the standard that is now almost a necessity and I can at least give them credit for doing that much. But really, what would a fantasy novel cover be without a cowled figure anyway Okay, now that the cheap shots are out of the way. I do love a good hood and The Way of Shadows , pp. It must be the tats I guess.

This tale begins with the struggles of our main protagonist, Azoth, a guild rat - a nothing who's got no where to go and nothing to lose. His only way to escape the slums and a life of cruelty and pain is to apprentice himself to Durzo Blint, a renowned wetboy kinda like an assassin times a hundred and legend. This, however, is not as easy as he supposed since he is forced to turn his back on anyone he's ever loved and devote himself to a practice that's not altogether savory for anyone with some sense of morals.

Like the cover blurb says, "The perfect killer has no friends - only targets. The Way of Shadows is a fast-paced dynamite of a novel. I was up late into the night burning through pages to find out the next twist. I have to admit, I love a good assassin-themed novel. Weeks does a great job with characterization and I became really attached to Kylar, Momma K, and Logan; some awesome characters with convincing motives. This is the definite focus over world-building, which while an admirably realized world, is only given the barest of details necessary to further the plot. Kylar, although desiring to be a killer, is easy to relate to and has his own qualms throughout the story of doing such work.

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His character works well with his cranky master, Durzo Blint, who seems to have given up any such feelings of regret for his job. And, although this story plays on many fantasy archetypes assassins, masters, a powerful sword, an unconquerable enemy , Weeks creates a unique feel that is all his own. One thing I was surprised about was how violent The Way of Shadows is. I'm not complaining, it was only unexpected.

Weeks does a good job weaving it into the story adding to the emotions mostly of hatred toward the inflicter the reader feels for the characters. Basic grammar errors, such as missing words, were almost to the point of annoyance, but didn't distract too much from the story and in the end I felt that the climax was a little underwhelming as I didn't feel like the actions of the main characters were as necessary as they were made out to be. Otherwise The Way of Shadows was romping good fun. I didn't realize I would like this series so much. The best time to read The Way of Shadows is when you're in the mood for something action-packed and quick-paced.

If you need a break from reading description after description and you want something that moves the plot forward through short, concise chapters, The Way of Shadows will do you good. And in the end, covers don't really matter as long as the book's good. I may sound like I hate descriptive novels, but this is far from the truth.

I do like balance, however, and a frequent mix of faster and slower novels fit the bill for me. Rating and Links 4 out of 5 Stars Really really liked it View all 24 comments. And I am the city's most accomplished artist. The book is busy, it's fast moving, but I found it sometimes to be more complex than it needs be. I just hope it gets better in the following books. View all 4 comments.

I found this series to have the kind of "well" written and "witty" dialogue that every 12 year old pervert will love, due to its "well" thought out and "intellectual" nature. However, I beseech one to read this series as one will not be surprised in the least by the plot twists. In fact from page one, a discernible reader will know the basic ending of the story, and thus can praise it for being a well written work of fantasy.

The author's characterization of women as being either virgins or whor I found this series to have the kind of "well" written and "witty" dialogue that every 12 year old pervert will love, due to its "well" thought out and "intellectual" nature. The author's characterization of women as being either virgins or whores will astound even the most ignoble character. And one can only marvel at the rate which the lesser characters die off, while the major ones do not. Seriously though, all I can say is WOW! So many people recommended it to me I expected something really good.

The Way of Shadows: The Night Angel Trilogy: Book 1: Brent Weeks: Books

What I got was a book that felt like a young adult book that was trying to be adult by swearing and talking about sex, just like a 12 year old boy would do. While the book was entertaining and had some good concepts, it was deeply flawed in many ways, and really felt like it was targeted to year old crowd, or should have been a CW network TV show.

It was full of overused tropes and the way side characters all died off was like watching horror movie were everyone gets killed really easily while the hero can miraculously survive. And lastly there were many similarities in this book to the first book of the Mistborn Series, only the Mistborn book was, way, way better. Now given that this was the author's first book I will cut him some slack and say that the battle scenes were well done and the way magic was used was cool, if not fully explained with rules applied.

I will check out the next book to see if the writing improves which I heard it does, but from what I heard this was one of the best books ever written too, so what I heard my also be false and the overall plot does get your interest, the machinations of foreign powers taking over. And if you want a long read, then Game of Thrones and Wheels of Time are both better as well.

Unless you are in your late teens or early 20's, then you will probably love this story. I have had a couple of grammar "experts", come on here and tell me I'm using quotation marks incorrectly. So let me tell you that quotation marks can be used to show sarcasm, it is actually a standard use of them, but don't take my word for it go to the link below: View all 19 comments. Jan 25, Fly rated it it was amazing Shelves: So this book was a pleasant surprise!

I left for New York and had only packed one book, thinking I wouldn't be able to read the entire book on my trip So I had to run to the bookstore to pick out another book to read. The bookstore closed in five minuets and I quickly grabbed the book because of it's interesting looking cover.

Read the back, didn't sound too interesting, but noticed a quote from Terry Brooks which made me consider it. I picked it up and put it back down a couple of times So this book was a pleasant surprise! I picked it up and put it back down a couple of times, until the store said they were closed and I needed to hurry. I grabbed the book and thought what the heck, I'll give it a go. Read the first part, it was pretty good but not amazing. All of the sudden, out of nowhere, the book is insanely good and I am freaking out in the plane wanting to talk to someone about what's happening.

I highly recommend this book and am happy I have found a new addicting series. May 11, Alexa rated it liked it Shelves: Since this book is full of tropes and stereotypes I'm going to do this review Disney style! Our main character Azoth is a street urchin. Don't you love street urchins? Of course you do! You have been conditioned by Disney to do so. Remember Lady and the Tramp? Azoth meets Durzo, a master assassin , sorry, master Wetboy.

And here comes my first problem with this book. I HATE the word 'wetboy'. I always thought it was silly how some people hate the word 'moist'… until I read t Since this book is full of tropes and stereotypes I'm going to do this review Disney style! I always thought it was silly how some people hate the word 'moist'… until I read the word 'wetboy'. Every time Durzo says they're better than assassins I just shake my head sadly. From there the book follows a typical master-apprentice pattern. Azoth now called Kylar is a full assassin I refuse to call him a wetboy and the book has all the required fantasy characters, including the love interest and main reason I hated this book: Elene was a friend of Kylar from his street urchin days, she was attacked and disfigured, and Kylar blames himself.

But never mind the scars, because she's lovely, not just lovely but beautiful! Do you remember anything about him? And Kylar is totally obsessed with her. I refuse to call that love. Do I recommend this? Maybe if you like Assassins and convoluted plots? Will I read the next one? Feb 03, Dana Ilie rated it really liked it Shelves: Brent Weeks has done a great job of tying it all together.

While Azoth is the main character, several other plot strands with different characters are introduced and expertly tied together further down the line. Fantasy Book Club December Selection. The characters are really well-drawn and most of them are very compelling. I liked the two main characters Durzo and Kyler, who are actually anti-heroes. Momma K, Solom, Dorian are really great charcters as well and I liked them too.

I also cared for a few supporting characters like Logan and Ellene and found both of them pretty good as supporting characters. The world and the magic system are very intriguing. The mechanism and limitations of the magic system feels somewhat vague, but I have no problem with that. The plot focuses on a small region so there's a lot to explore in the following books and learn more about other places and their history. The intricate plot is really great and very captivating with a few interesting twists that will keep you on the edge.

May 22, Phrynne rated it it was ok Shelves: I persevered through some pages of this, the first book, but never actually became enthused about it. I should have enjoyed it and I can see from reviews that a lot of people did. Somehow it missed the point for me. I struggled with the author's endless efforts to absolve his two main characters from the guilt of killing people. They are assassins - what else are they suppos I mostly enjoyed Brent Weeks ' Lightbringer series so I thought I would be on a winner with Night Angel.

They are assassins - what else are they supposed to do? Killing people can never be right so just accept it and let them be bad guys. And while they are being bad find a better name for them than Wetboys. That really got me down!

The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks

Sadly this is a series I will not be following up: View all 14 comments. Dec 09, Kevin Xu rated it really liked it Shelves: This book is really slow in the beginning until about pages into the book. Then the speed of the book really picked up with full of action that included killing in painful ways.

This book would do really well if it is made into a movie or especially if it is made into a video game. Overall, this is what an assassin should be. View all 10 comments. It didn't, and he had a choice to make.

The usual forced gaiety of the brothel swirled around him, but nobody male or female bothered him. Perhaps it was Retribution unsheathed on the table in front of him. Perhaps it was merely the look on his face. I enjoyed the book and liked some of the characters.

I didn't love it and I didn't hate it. But Azoth didn't want that life any more. He wanted to be an assassin like Durzo Blint. And Durzo didn't take apprentices, but this time he did, he changed Azoth into Kyler Stern. He tried to make him a strong killing machine with no heart. He showed him how to poison, how to fight, how to use magic Kyler still had a heart.

Kyler did the one thing Durzo told him never to do. It will get you killed. Durzo pretty much knew what he was talking about in this book. But alas, Kyler can not help falling in love with the sweet Elene, who happened to be someone from his past. It turns out that Durzo happened to love after all, and most things he told Kyler always came to pass, if he told the truth that is.

You're the closest to family I'll ever have. I'm sorry I brought you into this life. The characters are engaging, diverse in terms of both personality, as well as gender, age, etc.

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The relationships woven between the characters are a huge boon to the series, both in terms of the numerous sub-plots and reader relatability. The pacing of the plotline and of character development is excellent, with the possible exception of one character towards the third book. No character "learns his lesson" overnight, nor do they devolve into sadistic, ruthless beings without justifiable outside influence.

This last part is something I really look for in books, because it always bothers me when an antagonist is evil or bloodthirsty "just because". The world that Brent Weeks has cultivated is one of magic, though with rules that aren't always spoken or understood. Despite this, it isn't used as a catch-all plot device. The world is also devoid of elves, dwarves, or other races typically found in a fantasy world, however there are creatures in the books that are not human.

If you love good writing and fantasy sans-elves, this is the book for you. It started off strong, but none of the characters or writing really resonated with me. I couldn't bring myself to care about what happened to any of the characters.

Lots of cliches and tropes, and a lot of names to remember so did GoT, but you actually cared about them. Could have been their names, or the way they spoke. Nothing against the writer, as he's obviously talented. I've heard great things about his Lightbringer series, and I will be checking that series out instead. See all reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published 4 hours ago. Published 3 days ago. Published 4 days ago. Published 5 days ago.

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Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Durzo agrees and Azoth sets out to kill Rat. Azoth kills Rat and cuts off his ear as proof to take back to Durzo, who has followed through and saved Doll Girl's life. Elsewhere in Cenaria, a noble, eleven-year-old Logan Gyre watches his father, Duke Regnus Gyre, as he prepares to travel to a garrison, called Screaming Winds.

Logan asks to go with his father, but Duke Gyre refuses and leaves his son as the Lord of House Gyre. A traveling mage, Solon Tofusin, arrives at the Gyre estate. He is on a mission from the prophet Dorian to help Lord Gyre. When he finds out Duke Gyre has gone to Screaming Winds, he plans to head there immediately, but his plans are disrupted when he finds out that Logan has also been named Lord Gyre. Logan forces him to spar, and Solon humiliates him. He tells him that Logan's soldiers have been losing to him on purpose, which infuriates Logan. He tells his men to treat him as no more than an equal; he is soon going to join his father at Screaming Winds, and if they truly love him, they should be preparing him for the battles there.

He apologizes to Solon, who is impressed with Logan and decides to stay with him for now. Solon offends Logan's mother and she tries to send him away, but Logan reminds her he is now Lord Gyre and sends her away instead. Solon is even more impressed with Logan, and becomes less certain that Duke Gyre is the one he must serve. Azoth begins his training with Durzo, which carries on for several years.

The Way of Shadows

Azoth excels in his training but is unable to awaken his "talent," his magical ability. He is then sent to Count Rimbold Drake, who is to give him a new name Kylar and teach him to behave in society. Before departing, Durzo tells Kylar to bump into Logan and start a fight, in which Logan injures Kylar. The fight shames Logan because he lost his temper, whereupon he invites Kylar to visit his estate and they become fast friends. Much later, Kylar encounters a seer sister of the Chantry who tells him that the reason he can't awaken his talent is that he has no "conduit" to let it out, although in fact the power for magic in him his glore vyrden is enormous.

Durzo seeks a way for Kylar to be able to use his talent. With the rumored silver kakari supposedly close, Kylar is supposed to get into a party to get it. Dorian breaks into his herbalist shop and tells Kylar to "ask Momma K" and that "a square vase will give you hope. When he goes to visit this person, it turns out to be Elene, A. She denies him an invitation due to her obligation to her family. Kylar finds another way in and starts a fight with Logan as a distraction so he can look around.

Kylar eventually realizes that Elene must have the kakari. He goes to her room where he finds the kakari and ends up knocking Elene out to save himself from having to kill her. Durzo finds him in her room and they find out that the silver kakari is a fake, however Kylar still ends up with a kakari, the black kakari, which he unknowingly steals from Durzo. The heir to the throne is killed that night and a wetboy named Hu also kills most of the Gyre family. Logan is blamed for the murder of the heir to the throne and is taken into custody but later posts bail and is released.