Sliding Down A Rainbow...A Colorful View of Life and Beyond

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At The End of The Rainbow That's unlikely to happen if the sun is higher than 42 degrees in the sky , according to the website of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA. Rainbow over St Paul's Cathedral and the city of London. But rainbows that do appear after dark are called moonbows. That makes sense, because the light rays being bent come from reflections off the moon instead of directly from the sun. A lunar rainbow at Victoria Falls in Zambia. The constellation Orion is visible behind the top of the moonbow. The light bouncing off certain raindrops for your rainbow is bouncing off other raindrops from a completely different angle for someone else, according to LiveScience.

And so it's creating a different image -- basically, no two people can stand in the same exact spot at the same time to view the same rainbow. Rainbows appear to move as you move , because the light that forms the rainbow does so at a specific distance and angle from the observer -- so that distance will always remain between you and your rainbow. Guys can't play the piano, or dance, or sing.

We can't cry, or be too happy, or show any emotion for that matter. The only thing we have left to us is anger, and even that we have to bottle up. Boys should be able to express what they feel and not have to endure people laughing at them, forcing them to wonder if they're gay or not, just because they like to paint. It was like hearing a piece of fabric woven with all the colors of a rainbow. I did not know that such beauty could be formed by the human mouth.

I had never heard harmony before. That's where all the rainbow colors are! Either one's cool-I'm genderfluid. Every parent is responsible for teaching their kid basic moral conduct, manners, the difference between love and hate, and right from wrong. However, after maturity, the child must set off to seek knowledge on their own. We both felt very comfortable when we reached it. Jenna was telling me about dark purple paint with corresponding dark orange trim.

I looked at her like she was crazy or had two heads. It was a dark red brick house with a peaked roof. A short white picket fence surrounded it. There was smoke coming out of the chimney. When I told her what I saw, she looked at me with the same look! We both laughed at the differences. Then, when we walked into the yard, all the dogs and cats we had and has passed awy came running out of the home to greet us.

Dogs I had when I was a child were there, as well as the cat that Jenna had when she lived on her own. Happy tears poured down our cheeks at seeing our dearly departed pets. We played and laughed with our pets for hours. Throwing balls to the dogs across the yard and flipping feather cat toys for the cats. Feeding them treats and sitting and watching them be animals. As the sun slowly started to set behind us, we knew we had to leave; we dreaded it. All of our pets came back to us and surrounded us, pressing themselves against our legs as if to tell us good-bye.

You must love them a lot to write about you pets whe passed ahead of you. Some people are animal people and you must be one of them to write with that much love. Hi Kerry, I do love my two dogs that have passed away most recently. He was a feisty little Rat Terrier.

I held him in my arms until the very end. He died of kidney failure. Jenna is my adult daughter. She loved that dog, as well. At nineteen I committed my first crime. In my defense, it was because of my long dead grandfather and his stories. Grandpa always told the story in the most intimate of terms. He spoke of the colors flowing seamlessly across his batwing chaps with unconcealed yearning.

His eyes would soften under his wind leathered brow, and his lips would curve in a genuine smile. Even at the end of his life, when most of his emotions were fading, the memory of riding through a rainbow never failed to draw a response out of him. Sometimes it was pleasure, and sometimes it was pain. So you can see, when Amy Joe and I saw a rainbow that had to be touching the ground out in the middle of that field, how could I not trespass?

We were driving through the middle of B. No one was going to know or care if we hopped the fence. Leaving the truck on the side of Highway , we picked our way through the cat-claw cacti until we could see the rainbow proper. Amy Joe drew in a sharp breath of surprise at the sight. I could see the colors hanging in the air. The rainbow end faded into a swirl of loose sand. My arms were bathed in reds, blues, pinks, oranges, and yellows. Each handful of sand I removed brought a kaleidoscope of colors swirling away. Amy Joe was beside me, caught up in my excitement.

We dug while the rainbow started to fade with the shifting sun. We sat back and stared at each other. She looked like a fallen angel: Far too soon her normal skin tone returned, leaving only the surreal memory. For a few moments I had experienced the same awestruck wonder my grandpa had had so long ago.

My soul ached to see it again, though in my heart I knew it was a once in a lifetime experience. I think it would be alright to, in honor of your grandfather. I used to chase rainbows as a teenager in my boat through Biscayne Bay. I gave it up after awhile and started chasing water spouts. My boat was 16 feet long powered by a 14 hiorsepower Evinrude outboard motor.

I loved your story especially with a marvelous sentence….

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It had just rained, and the humidity sticks to us like cling wrap. I start to work on the knots when a shadow fills the room. The Voice of a Mountain Bird. Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. I agree with Reatha, I fell right into the story Exciting, temptation, moralistic, dangerous , greed, perhaps malace from the leprechaun. After stopping the car, Harold stepped out and lifted his hat to scratch his head while gazing into the trees. The only thing we have left to us is anger, and even that we have to bottle up.

What if the legend is true? What if there really is a pot of gold? He had always wanted to have a house by the beach so … if we do find a pot of gold, I can finally fulfill his wish. What are you going to do with your half? We can travel to Italy together! I nodded silently, trying my best to ignore this dull pain within me.

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Come on Angie, you are better than this. Emma and I were reaching the top and with one swift step, we reached the end of the rainbow.

The Splendor of Color Kaleidoscope Video v1.1 1080p

I was taken aback. She truly believed in that pot of gold, huh?

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I hope Morris walks the straight path or Emma might take him for another search. She was a derelict, a virgin find unspoiled by looters, intact. She had somehow evaded the deconstructionists who would have surgically reduced her to her sellable parts with brief and apathetic efficiency. He was a big fan of Eartheology, particularly the legendary treasure hunters. Remember the First Law of Karmody: There is no free pie.

I hated the new currency of the realm. Alf and I suited up according to salvage docking protocols, and Alf handled breaching the portal. It was outfitted for a small scale colony mission. Some rich playboy or heiress had decided to populate their own moon somewhere with hand-picked friends and relatives, and all their favorite flora and fauna for a made-to-order paradise. Destination was probably not a full class M, but a stable moon without an atmosphere, something safely sterile.

It looked like they were planning to construct a subterranean sealed environment. These small-world retreat colonies were all the rage back a couple centuries ago during the Unpleasantness. And it was common then for gentleman explorers to under plan and over sell their little ventures. No one knows how many of these beautiful little vessels were lost to bad navigation or insufficient fuel or, like this one, faulty life-support, and went derelict while their passengers and crew expired in the stasis tubes.

What do you think? Look at these inscriptions. I think these are Christo-mystic. This could be…the Holy Grail. If you drink from this cup, mortal wounds will be healed and your soul will be purified. Hey, be careful with that. You know, it could even date to the period when Buddha was journeying with the Lost Tribes of Israel. The Holy Grail is shrouded in mystery dating back to the origins of all the major religions of Earth.

This is certainly a different take for you.

You slip into SyFi with beautiful ease. A classic visit, save it for the grandchildren, if you please. Oh, my, I think I just was in a totally different reality here. Could be slick from the rain. He hauled on the reins and the horse stopped obediently. His hat blew off and he found himself clinging to the side of the horse — the ground whizzing by far too close. With a death grip on the reins and the horn he managed to get upright into the saddle and then frantically maneuvered his feet to get them back into the swinging stirrups.

They emerged out of the woods onto a muddy path littered with water holes that dropped steeply causing the horses to scramble for footing. Tyler yanked on the reins hoping to slow the pinto and clamped his knees against its sides terrified of flying off over its head.

Rounding an outcrop of rocks Tyler watched in horror as Harvey and his horse slid, mud and water spraying up from the desperate hooves, to the valley below where they disappeared from sight. He sobbed out loud. Help me find Harvey. Make him be okay. This is a delight to read, a real western feel to it. I knew the ending coming but it was most pleasant to see it end this way. You obviously know horses well. I really enjoyed this take on the prompt, Critique.

Watching the dirt a mere inch from my head as I clung to the belly of an unsaddled pony. This was an amazing story.

Quotations about rainbows, from The Quote Garden. consists of choosing which color to slide down on the rainbow. When you reduce life to black and white, you never see rainbows. the second one of which was beyond everything of the sort I ever saw. From leaf to leaf; 'tis sweet to view on high. My two favorite colors of the rainbow are gold and leprechaun. 11 I establish my covenant with you: Never again will all life be cut off by the waters of a flood; never again will .. important decision in the day simply consists of choosing which color to slide down on the rainbow. Beautiful picture one of my friends posted.

Very unique and original way to use the prompt, and friendship is greater than gold for sure. I loved this story! Gazing out into the steamy aftermath of another post-shower in Florida, I spot the most magnificent arch of colors. Ray go through my head. My childhood moment is broken as Jodi stomps her way into the patio. Jodi is my special roommate I got matched up with probably because I have an autistic sister. She seems like a little girl to me rather than a college freshman.

Chattering a mile a minute about the gold, Jodi barely can catch her breath. I was in the car with my mama heading out to buy me a dress for Easter Sunday. My mama loved Easter and wanted me to look my best at church. Back then I was different. Afraid to pry, I decide to let her walk in silence. The rainbow is practically gone by now with just a hint of green and purple left in the sky. Renee saw the whole thing. She was this old lady and she pulled me outta the car.

Maybe I should have. I like the way that your story traveled to its conclusion, the nugget that remained after the rainbow faded. Cindy, I enjoyed your story. You did a marvelous job on your story.

Two People Never See The Same Rainbow--And 6 More Amazing Facts About The Optical Phenomenon

It flowed nicely and the dialogue which made it so special was realistic and kind. Stanley Masters let the waning rumbles of thunder lull him into a light sleep. As he drifted off to the light pitter patter of a gentle shower on the roof, he knew the falling moisture would soon revive the bone dry pastures where the only grass that now grew, was along the banks of the meandering creek. If he was lucky, maybe the shower would even break the blistering August heat for a day or two, making the work of mending fences slightly more bearable.

At any rate, he was grateful for this rare mid-afternoon respite. Stanley was a lifelong rancher, bound to the land by a devotion eclipsed only by the love he held for his wife and children. Eventually, as they always do, his children grew. They married and moved away, to bigger and better things and interests of their own. Seemingly overnight his strong muscles had weakened, his thick dark hair had grown gray and thin, and his mind had started to forget things. Often times, he wished he could give what was left of his old, tired life, for just a single day as a young man in his prime, surrounded by his family.

It would be an equitable trade. Stanley was awakened by the presence of his wife, Mary, standing over him, but he hardly recognized her. She reached her hand out to him and smiled. Stanley rose and clasped her petite hand in his, gliding along behind her as she led him onto the front porch. The arch seemed to begin at the precise spot where they stood and ended at a dilapidated gate just a hundred yards away. I want you to know rle, goosebumps only halfway through this masterpiece. What else can I say.? Third paragraph, the only sentence. Break out the RC Cola and a Moon pie. Where are you going?

I told you I want to get home. She thought he was going to make a u-turn and drive home as instructed. Her mouth primed for further harping. Looked for that pot-o-gold? Mavis sat in rare, quiet, dissatisfaction. Refusing to look at the rainbow only proved her stubborn obstinance. Harold had grown accustomed to her brittle nature. But today was different. His spirits lifted and his hopes soared when they left the Walmart and the sun was shining from beneath the dark rain clouds that had moved off to the east.

The late August air was warm yet fresh from the gentle rain. Mavis had grown bitter and spiteful as the years proved no children to fulfill her desire for motherhood. Or so she thought. Doctors had determined it was Mavis that was barren but Harold had never guilted his wife for not making him a father. He only hoped that he could make their final years more contented, if not joyful. He smiled and grew hopeful. Today was different, he thought. After stopping the car, Harold stepped out and lifted his hat to scratch his head while gazing into the trees.

His wide smile gave Mavis a curious wonder. Mavis pressed fingertips to her lips in disbelief. She left the car to meet him on the roadside. Dusty this is a morning for goose bumps, you did it also. I only hoped you got there with me. This is one beautiful story. Wow a wonderful story. The best find ever at the end of a rainbow and a new beginning.

Great job on the writing. So very nicely done. Your description of Mavis was really good, and I like that you gave her something to smile about. In first day Biology class, at the age of fifteen, my shyness made me feel left out of things, especially girls. A cute little redhead sat in a desk in front of me.

Freckles marched across her nose and camped out on both cheeks. Her hair was more auburn than red and fell across one eye. But when she turned and smiled my way the first day of school, I lowered my eyes from her face. On the way home that day on my bike I wanted to kick myself and vowed to do better.

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  2. La disciplina della trascendenza (I Lemuri) (Italian Edition).
  3. Prayer Through Eyes of Women of the Bible.
  4. Rainbow Quotes.

After school one day she asked me to ride home with her. We traveled by bike through Coral Gables on Old Cutler Road and passed under a green cathedral of Banyan Trees which covered the two lane. In Coconut Grove, we turned off on a small road, mansions showed themselves on either side of the street and I started to worry,. She took my hand and led me up a flight of narrow stairs to her place and introduced me. Her mother was so warm and friendly, I felt at home. When it started to rain, we stopped at a covered bus stop and sat on a bench.

I held her hand as we talked.

It was delicate and I gazed at her hazel eyes as her auburn hair flowed in the breeze. I had never felt this way before. The prettiest rainbow cascaded from the heavens and it looked like it ended on the beach. We rode our bikes on the wet sand and decided to chase it for the pot of gold at the end. We finished our lunch, I turned to her and held her hand again and looked straight in her eyes. My heart did funny things especially when she mentioned,.

Our lips parted and she nuzzled her pretty face to my shoulder as I held her a moment and thought,. Wonderful tale of love and innocence. Thanks for taking me along for the ride. Kerry, you know I really, really like your stories from your past, and this one I love. I also enjoy your references to places I knew so well in the early 70s. Reatha, I write with a sad heart when I write about Carol Diane.

I lost touch with her after highschool. Years later, from a friend, he told me she was alone in her own house A robber broke into her place and murdered her. I think she was in. It was a shock not easy to get over. I write about her now as a tribute. I have done one of two stories on. But we really need this one. If we can prove that Mr. Three houses have caught fire, and we have reason to believe it was due to Mr. First, we have no proof that Mr. Reinbough, is in cahoots—cheers! You drive like a grandma. Remember when we were tailing that hearse, and you lost the precession?

The Chet Vanderbilk case? When we ended up in the sack together. We would have gotten canned on the spot had it not been for my connections in the department. Speaking of which, what the hell happened to you last night? Christ, Nolan, I am a woman, which you thoroughly noticed Wednesday night. Poor you and your charms, Nolan. Oh Pete, I loved this, an entire story in dialogue. And maybe a third. Writing a story using only dialogue takes skill and you definitely have that going on here in spades.

An enjoyable read from beginning to end. Loved, loved, loved this. Dialogue can be so revealing, and yours is perfect. Even in the afterlife she wore a tailored dress suit and pointed spectacles. Most likely his feet as well. Bootsies was moms most beloved friend in life.