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Shadow the Hedgehog (Dark Mobius)
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King Shadow the Hedgehog

If it weren't for the ungodly number of Phoenix Downs I picked up by playing through these missions, I would have given up after the first double Shadow boss fight, and those are, quite possibly, the worst battles I've faced so far. Which raises the question: Who on Earth thought that plopping these things down all over the final area was a good idea? I mean, I get people want to be challenged, but when a Dark Knight is getting steamrolled by one Shadow, and is having his class abilities weakened often. Showing 1 - 15 of 15 comments. View Profile View Posts.

Are you playing on Hard? If yes, try Normal. Focus on breaking them asap. I never had a problem with them. But, they took way longer to kill compared to the other enemys But if your playing on normal and they are kicking you around the place like a football, then god have mercy on your soul. Zeroleviathan View Profile View Posts. Depens where are you in Story? You will see alot of them in Chapter 4, they appear in 2s and consecutive battles.

Not easy to deal with since they have alot of buff, debuff and limit break. Wanderer View Profile View Posts. Problem here is the Dark Knight class is a decent attacker but has low defense - even with Masamune still not good - A Warrior class should be enough to deal with them.

Also name your cards and level. You need more than to be safe there.

Shadow the Hedgehog (Light Mobius)

I went there with a and steamrolled everything, not much of an issue. These sites should help to set you up: It's easier than you think. You only need a high level for that. Most people go to the Japanese Mobius wiki, but those cards have different stats - from what I've seen - and other stuff which we don't have yet.

Awakened with no memory of his past, the black Hedgehog joined Rouge and unlikely new ally E Omega to form Team Dark. Soon, Shadow found himself dealing with the Black Arms invasion of Mobius. As the Black Arms descended from the sky to invade, Black Doom appeared before Shadow and told him to bring him the Chaos Emeralds "as promised" before disappearing.

Fueled with desire to seek out his past and find the truth behind Black Doom's words, Shadow sped off to obtain the emeralds. During his adventure, he provided some level of assistance to the invaders, which resulted in feelings of mistrust towards him from some citizens of Mobius. After successfully gathering all of the emeralds, Shadow was confronted by Black Doom, who commanded him to give up the emeralds so that they can begin the 'Ritual Of Prosperity'. Sonic and the others, including Dr, Eggman, then arrived and told Shadow not to listen to the alien leader.

After it was revealed that Black Doom wished to harvest humans as an energy source, he took the Chaos Emeralds from Shadow and used Chaos Control to warp the Black Comet down to the surface of the planet. Black Doom then explained that he helped Professor Gerald create Shadow but only in return for the Chaos Emeralds, which were needed to bring the comet down to the surface. As Eggman was in disbelief that his grandfather would betray the planet, Black Doom paralyzed everyone with a special gas and left them to be devoured by his alien offspring.

As the end seemed near, Shadow suddenly heard Maria asking for help and he broke through the paralysis. Black Doom fled, leaving behind Shadow, the only hope for the planet. Shadow caught up with Black Doom and suddenly was attacked by mind control.

Mobius FF - Lightning's Shadow returns 189 kills

Black Doom told him that he could control him as they had the same blood running through their veins, but Shadow refused to believe it. In the video he referred to Shadow as his "son" and told him that he was the only hope for the planet. As the video ended, Maria stepped into the frame and gave Shadow the inspiration he needed to break through Black Doom's control. Black Doom, now in his Devil Doom form, fought Shadow but was defeated. Shadow then used a super-powered Chaos Control to warp the Black Comet back into the planet's orbit and tear it apart with a blast from the Eclipse Cannon.

Everyone below on Earth cheered in joy as the alien threat was destroyed seemingly forever. In the events of a timeline that was later aborted, Shadow and the other members of eam Dark became involved in a series of time-traveling battles with a villain known as Mephiles. After possessing Shadow's shadow in order to take on a form resembling the Ultimate Lifeform, Mephiles led them on a chase that ended with a horrible revelation.

In the future resulting from that timeline, Shadow had been blamed for the catastrophe that had befallen Mobius, and hunted down by his own reprogrammed comrade Omega and imprisoned. However, Rouge vowed to stand by Shadow no matter what, and after he worked with Silver the Hedgehog and Sonic to defeat Mephiles' ultimate form of Solaris , this timeline ceased to be.

Shadow and Rouge later took part in an Extreme Gear competition with a disguised Metal Sonic , and also became involved in Eggman's efforts to abuse the power of the Wisps. He and Sonic's other friends and allies were later captured by the Time Eater , and Shadow faced off with Sonic prior to the blue Hedgehog's defeat of their foe. Wily , and was turned into the Roboticized Master , Shadow Man. The group were immediately confronted by Proto Man , but Shadow Man's teammates quickly overpowered him before Mega Man joined the battle. The battle between the Robians and the heroes was interrupted as Proto Man broke away from the fight to locate Dr.

Light deeper in the Skull Egg Zone. Shadow Man and four of his fellow Masters were sent to pursue him, leaving the Chaotix to deal with the other heroes. After the three were restored to normal, the evil doctors recalled Shadow Man from the hunt and decided to send him against the heroes, aided by another Shadow Man -one of Wily's Robot Masters. The pair proved a formidable challenge to the heroes, but Mega Man managed to restore Shadow, who out of rage at his humiliation destroyed his one-time partner. Still sore over his capture, he declined Sonic's invitation to either join them or meet up with Proto Man and the Chaotix, and teleported away using Chaos Control.

Shortly thereafter, the restored Amy and Sonic set out to find him in order to have him join their alliance against the doctors. In the interlude, Shadow met up with Omega, who had accompanied Rouge into the zone to look for him after his capture. Upon arriving at the heroes' meeting point beneath the halted Wily Egg, Shadow learned of Rouge's fate: Shadow joined the battle and was attacked by Napalm Man , only to be saved by Omega.

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Lightning's Shadow is a Ranked "battle tower" event, offered as part of the Final Fantasy XIII Collaboration Event. It features solo battles against. Shadow Dragon is one of the Fiends in Mobius Final Fantasy. It first appears in Chapter III: Chaos and the Crown, Part 1.

Omega claimed that Rouge had been foolish to leave him behind to guard their return portal, but Shadow suggested he take the matter up with her once she was rescued. Sonic proved an irritant to Shadow as usual during the fight, claiming that he had "teleported off in a huff", complimenting him for finding Omega, and assuring him that they would rescue Rouge. Shadow ended up racing Top Man , only for him to be crushed as Sonic rammed Hard Man into him, much to Shadow's annoyance. Sonic then left him to contend with Clown Man , after which Shadow noticed Rouge Woman and expressed his wish that she hadn't come to find him.

He was then set upon by Shade Man , but eventually met up with Proto Man and came up with a new strategy.

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Realizing that the battle with the Robot Masters was keeping them from getting at the doctors, they convinced Sonic and Mega Man to board the Wily Egg with Tails and Rush while the rest of them held off the army. The blue heroes reluctantly agreed, but as they were heading towards the Wily Egg, Mega Man's kidnapped creator Dr. Light was dropped from the battleship. Luckily, Shadow noticed this and saved Dr. Light from falling to his doom, teleported him back to the battlefield. Despite the fact that Rouge who had been de-roboticized by Mega Man earlier and Dr.

Light were now fighting with them, the exhausted heroes now joined by Tails and Rush after the former was injured aboard the Wily Egg eventually found themselves surrounded by the Robot Masters. Shadow then watched with the others as the blue heroes defeated the doctors and used Chaos Control to restore their worlds.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Team Dark was dispatched alongside Spider Troupe to plant a nuclear explosive on the new comet in order to destroy it. Along the way, Shadow found himself dealing the uncomfortable realities of his hive connection to the Black Arms and his previous actions for and against them.

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To make matters worse, after leaving his team to scout ahead, he found his Chaos Control abilities halted by a surprising new foe: Eclipse the Darkling , an elite Black Arms created to destroy him. To Shadow's surprise, Eclipse attempted to win Shadow over to the Black Arms' cause, due to the fact that the alien race was now on the verge of extinction. Shadow refused to cooperate, and Eclipse attempted to win him over with a mental assault. However, Shadow's resistance only fell when Black Death , the new hive mind of the species, added his mental powers to those of Eclipse.

The brainwashed Shadow was thus dispatched against his own teammates, but was fortunately brought out of it due to the efforts of Rouge and Omega.