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Rotate the flowers so the petals form a circle.

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Wrap each layer in a different type of ribbon or wrap a large ribbon around each with a thinner ribbon layered over the larger one. Next, carefully stack the other two layers on top of the base layer, being careful to get the dowels between the diapers and not through any of the diapers. I used the metal tin lid as a base and placed a folded blanket in the centre so the elastic band could go around it. You could also make the top two layers out of one size and the bottom layer out of a larger size, depending on the number of diapers in the bag you buy. Stuff colorful pieces of tissue paper down the paper towel roll if you used Method Two and add flowers coming out of the top. Delivery and Returns see our delivery rates and policies.

Crush the petals upwards then peel the layers back to form your flower. Fold a piece of wrapping paper in half and, starting at the folded edge, cut inwards to make a triangle. Unfold the triangle to make a diamond shape, add glue, put a pipe cleaner along the folded line and fold the triangle to form a flag. You may also like. This is the baby shower present every mum needs Inside an Indian baby shower. Kim Kardashian's lavish baby shower for number three!

Sex with my ex brought on a 51hr labour. An epic birth story. Foods to avoid during pregnancy and why. The best or should that be worst. Gather all your materials needed See Supplies section. Begin rolling the nappies and securing them with a baby bobbin.

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Discover ideas about Baby Shower Diaper Cakes. Crafty Chic's: If you're wondering how many diapers it takes to make a diaper cake,. More information. Facebook Twitter PinterestCheck out these amazing DIY Baby Shower Ideas that can How to make a Nappy Cake - two minute tutorial with printable instructio.

Remove the lid from empty sweet tin. Place a large elastic band around the tin. Make sure there is a little bit of give, but also it is not too loose. Start loading the rolled nappies in the band. The finished nappy circle should look like this. I used 19 nappies and the elastic is not at breaking point.

How to Make a Nappy Cake for a Baby Shower - Snapguide

To secure, push the bag of cotton wool around the back of the bottle, and push the wipes infront of it. Make a second layer of a nappy circle around the neck of the bottle. The roll of paper towels will be the centerpiece of the cake that will hold the layers together. However, a roll of paper towels will be the easiest centerpiece to work with.

Remove the diapers from the package and flatten them out. Place one diaper so that it is lying horizontally along the roll of paper towels. Place another diaper along the paper towels so that it is overlapping the first. Repeat this process so that you form overlapping layers of diapers around the paper towels. You can make this bottom layer as large or as small as you want, just keep in mind that this is the base layer so the other two layers will get progressively smaller than this one.

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Place a large rubber band around this base layer. If you have someone to help you do this, it will be easier. Hold the diapers in place around the paper towel roll. Have your helper slip the rubber band over the diapers so that they are secured against the roll. Repeat this process to form the other two layers. The layers should get progressively smaller than the base, with the top layer being smallest.

Secure each layer with a large rubber band. Method 2 Quiz How large should you make the bottom layer of your wrap-around diaper cake? The size of a baby Try again! However large you want it to be Correct! Create the base for the cake out of cardboard. Place the cake on a piece of cardboard and outline it with a pencil. Remove the cake and cut the circle out of the cardboard.

You could also place your cake on a decorative plastic tray or a cheap pizza pan. Wrap a ribbon around each layer. Make sure that the rubber bands are covered. Cut the ribbon so that both ends overlap slightly. Secure the ribbon together by taping the two ends together. You can wrap more than one type of ribbon around the cake.

Craft tutorial: How to make a celebration nappy cake

Wrap each layer in a different type of ribbon or wrap a large ribbon around each with a thinner ribbon layered over the larger one. Place decorative embellishments on the cake. Add fake flowers to the cake by sticking the stems between diapers. Stuff colorful pieces of tissue paper down the paper towel roll if you used Method Two and add flowers coming out of the top. Go to your local craft store and see what decorations you can find. You can also add baby travel sized products for extra flair.

You can wrap the diaper cake in cellophane or netting to help with transportation. This is an optional step. Tie the netting together at the top with a bow, or add a stuffed animal to the tie for a "topper" to the cake.

Making Nappy Cakes by Lyn Atwell

Method 3 Quiz There are many ways to decorate your diaper cake! Wrap the cake in cellophane. Add more gifts, like clothes and toys. I did the first method the rolled cake. I used almost a full bag 35 of newborn size for the middle and top tiers and then almost another full bag 35 of the size 1 for the bottom tier. The ones I used were Pampers Saddlers, not sure if that makes a difference or not. From start to finish it took about an hour.

Not bad, and it's pretty! Not Helpful 18 Helpful You won't secure it down as you will want the diapers to be able to be used. Once the entire cake is assembled well, it's easy to move. However, I start mine with a paper towel tube glued in the center of the round cardboard piece, and build up around it. This helps with stability all the way up. Use hot glue as it holds better.

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Not Helpful 17 Helpful I created a three layer cake but the diapers lean sideways. How do I get them to stand upright? My friend put a bottle of wine in the middle of mine. It helped it stand up straight and even.

How to Make a Nappy Cake for a Baby Shower

Not Helpful 5 Helpful It depends on how big you are planning to make the cake. The average you'll probably need is feet for bigger cakes, or for smaller ones. Not Helpful 20 Helpful Any diaper should work.

If you're doing a multi-layered cake, make sure you have something that can support the weight. Dowels would work best. Just measure the width of a layer of diapers and decide how many layers your cake will be. On the cake I'm making right now I'm using size 3 Pampers which make a 5" roll or layer, depending on which way you make it, and I am making a four layer cake, so my cake is going to be 21" tall. I have some left over 12" skewers that I'm going to use.

I'm thinking three or four skewers to attach layer one to two, three or four more to attach layer two to three, etc. I'm hoping with my skewers at different places around the cake it will be stable enough. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 3. You want the diapers to be usable. Once all the layers are in place, the weight will keep it in place. Not Helpful 3 Helpful 6. Not Helpful 29 Helpful Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

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