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click My thoughts and prayers are with you Paris! You will come back from this event and be stronger then ever!! America is right with you in the struggle with terrorism. Your beautiful country will pull through this hard time. I send my dearest apologizes to all of the victims and families affected by the tragic terrorist attacks that occurred in Paris.

We send all of our best wishes and prayers in these tough times. It only gets better! We are all French in this troubling time. France was the first ally of the American revolutionaries. Americans have fought with the French in two world wars. My wife, my daughter, my son and I have enjoyed Paris many times, and we will return to France many times in the future. Our condolences goes out to you Entire country of France. All of us send condolences to you and your country.

Your a strong country you will fight as hard as you can to defeat the enemy. Our family has all of France in our thoughts! We feel your pain and know you will continue to hunt these animals down. When I heard what happened in Paris on firday I almost cried. Even over these past few days in French class hearing about it again and again makes me want to cry. It saddens me to think about the terrible events that took place on November thirteenth.

To those who have lost something or someone that night- I stand with you. We all stand with you. Have hope and stay strong, City of Light. De tout Coeur avec vous et votre peine. Toutes mes condoleances aux familles et amis des victimes. Courage a mes compatriotes francais. Restez forts et unis. Lets kill it with love! Let us not give it hate to feed on!

My hopes and prayers go to Paris, I know how it was considering that my aunt was in one of the twin tower building during 9 The things that Isis is doing is pure evil. On Monday there was a mass text that everyone got and it said to were black to remember the lives lost. My hopes and wishes go to you. My hopes and prayers to everyone in Paris. Once again my hopes and prayers to France.

My prayers and support goes out to Paris and all those affected by this tragic event. France is a beautiful and strong country that prevails even through such tough times like this. The world stands with France, and I am sending nothing but love and peace its way. A part of my life is happened in Paris and i always wanted to support them if any one is hurt.

There were many people who need help and going to a red cross also shelter. I really know there were a terror attack in Paris and many people who are given out flower and candle. Paix, Amour, Respect, Insoumise, Soudarite. To all the people that pasted away, Rest In Peace May all the flags, posters, pictures, comments, and many more be a remembrance of all those who has pasted away and symbolized the love from all over the world to all of Paris. You have my symbolized love!!!

I send my deepest condolences to all the people of France. Words cannot explain this awful tragedy. I also send my prayers to the mourning families who lost their loved ones. This horrendous attack was aimed at one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the City of Love. I wish to send all my love to the people of France. Do not live in fear, for all of you are stronger than them. Apart of me will always be there.

Stay strong it will be over soon. Get your mind off of it think of all the memories that you had with the people you have lost. Le monde peuplements avec Paris. Notre amour se rend dehors a Paris. Le monde est Paris. My heart goes out to the friends, relatives and families of the victims of this unforgivable act on November 13, This attack was unbelievably horrible, and there is NO WAY this kind of action can be justified or tolerated. This is an example of the purest insanity I have ever seen! I weep with you all! My heart is broken to see what happened.

My prayers go out to you. My deepest condolences with the victims of the attack. I hope that you can prosper and overcome this horrible attack. Stay Strong at these hard times. Having felt this affection for France, it is especially hard to think of the wonderful people there suffering from this attack. We are encouraged by the stubborn resolve of the French who continue to live their lives in spite of this insult. We admire the will to continue to accept people who still flee from the Daesh barbarians and to resist the call of fascism.

It gives courage to us all. I think always of returning and we will return. Nous pensons a vous et nous prions pour vous Recevez nos sinceres condoleances. Nous sont avec vous, Paris. Ces circonstances est injuste. Je espere que vous pouvez trouver paix un jour. Je prie pour Paris et je prie pour paix. Vous devez savoir que vous avez beaucoup de soutien pour vous dans les Etats-Unis. Ma coeur est avec vous. Nous sommes tous de France. Avez le courage France! Cher les personnes de Paris, Je vous donne mon coeur. Je priee pour la paix a travers le monde et pour les personnes de la France.

Je suis de tout coeur avec vous. Je espere que France gueriras au plus vite. France va retrouver le force et la orgueil. Tout mes condoleances sont envoye aux victimes des attaques et leurs familles. Les Francais sont tres forts. Je sais que la France va survivre.

My heart, prays and tears are with you, but you are strong and will prevail against such cowardly acts. Stand strong and know that the world stands with you. Je prie pour les victimes et ses familles. La situation est tellement triste, mais le monde est debout avec Paris, et nous aiderons la France a se lever encore. Mon Coeur est avec vous. Paris, I am deeply sorry for the tragedy that has occurred for you all. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Things will get better. Although France is very far away, it was scary to hear about the terrible event that took place on Friday. God bless you all, and I pray that nothing like this happens again, especially to such a beautiful country. Words cannot express my deep sadness. My family and I are praying for the families and citizens of France. This tragedy will not be forgotten. I am very sorry for what has happened even if my words do not help or change anything.

My heart is so heavy as I write this. I have been to France almost 30 times and with each visit, I grow as a person with more appreciation of the beauty around us; with more empathy to those who have so little and I return with a resolve to ensure that my work to bring tourism to France is thriving. My heart sends loving and healing thoughts to my second family. I unite with you all in this battle. I unite with you in the pursuit of justice. And I unite with you and the rest of the world in helping those who are mourning their loved ones recover from this tradegy.

Mes condoleances pour les familles aux victims. The paris government should just take things slowly in to their own hands so it can all just pass by slowly like nothing ever happend so the children dont get tramatized. The residents of paris should learn how to prepare themselves for what ever happens so they can stay safe. All of you are in ourprayers and we hope that everything will get better.

I am very sorry for what you are going through and the losses you have had. Praying for the people of France. Everyone in France is in my thoughts and prayers, I am still in shock of what all happened. We all just need to come together and be strong and not let this scare us. God be with you all and when we rebuild ourselves and the city. My deepest sympathy for all the people of France. This was an attack not only on France, but on all of Humanity. I have never been to France, but I greatly admire your culture.

Today I am a Frenchman! I pray for you guys after all of these horrible attacks. I will pray for you and pass the word on. Please accept my sincerest condolences for the loss of all the innocent people. I hope that you all know that we all care and hope it will get better. I give you all my prayers. I cried and felt sad and I want you to know that I care. My condolences to everyone who lost family, friends, and loved ones. Be safe stay strong. Que Dieu soit avec vous en ces moments terrible.

Mes sinceres condoleances a vous tous. My deepest condolences to you, the people of france. Everyone who supports peace stands with you. Although we are very far away, we are still praying for you, your peace, and your safety. As Victor Hugo said: What happened was not just felt in Paris. We are proof of that, and that is what makes us strong. As long as we all realize this we will prevail. France we must come together to end this pain. The US is with you. We will fight to end this terror together.

My prayers and my best wishes go out to all of France. Hoping our government stands with you in action as we stand with you in spirit. You are a beacon of hope for the world. Shoulder to shoulder, together with you, France! We are all united with the French people and remain strong against the face of evil anywhere in the world. God bless the victims and their families. We send our prayers from the US.

My condolences to the people of Paris, France and to the friends and family of the many people that passed that night. This tragic event has impacted people all over the US and the world, not just Paris like many would think. May the ones that passed never be forgotten. I am so sorry about this tragic event. God bless and stay strong. Paris, you are in my prayers. I hope that Paris will return to its beautiful view soon.

My condolences and sympathies go out to the people who have passed and been a victim. I know Parisians are strong: I hope every single one of you guys are safe. You got this Paris! I am terribly sorry for your losses during the attack in Paris. I really hope you heal and recover from this and come out stronger than you were before the attack.

I support France during this difficult time. France and the people killed are held in a special place in my heart right now. I know France is a strong country that will still stand strong despite the terrorists. It is a hardship to the whole country, and I pray that you persevere. My prayers go out to you people in Paris. I will pray every night for you guys and hope that everything will get back to normal very soon. My deepest condolences go to all the people of Paris. I hope that Paris will soon return to normal. La France est tres proche a mon coeur.

Je prie pour Paris. Mes condoleances a tous les familles touches par cette tragedie. With a hope for a better future, long live France! With the deepest sorrow and strongest feelings of support, I offer my condolences and that of the members of our "France Fanatics" facebook group. We love the beauty, spirit, gentility, culture and history of Paris and France, but especially the people; and we know no acts of mindless terrorism will quench that joie de vivre.

Toutes mes condoleances aux familles touchees par ces attaques terrorists du vendredi 13 novembre a Paris. Push through because you can do it. Dear People of France, I am very sorry for what has happened in the past few days. Have a wonderful day. I will pray to God that you will be strong and safe. It was such a tragic event, but just keep calm and fight on! And may God bless you! May all victims sleep in peace where none can harm them.

I wish all families happiness to lift their spirits so their loved ones can be happy too. Look into the future and remember there are others around you that are happy when you are happy, so take their hand and smile for them. Sending prayers to all the victims, their families, and friends. Our hearts break with yours. We pray for peace. Our condolences to the citizens of Paris. We stand united with the good people of France.

I am not from France, but I respect and love it, as well as it a people, and sympathize along with them. Dear France, I am sorry for what happened to you. I hope it never happens again. Nous sommes a la France. I am very sorry for all that has been suffered.

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Cette distinction est pourtant inscrite dans le processus naturel de la filiation, sans aucune exception. France we love you. We owe it to those murdered, we owe it to ourselves. AAS 83 , p. Mulieris dignitatem , n. Comment accompagner la personne dans sa douleur physique et morale et dans sa peur de la souffrance et de la mort?

I wish eventual peace upon your hearts and minds as well as a swift resolution to this madness. Many of us here at Pacific University stand with you. Paris, Il faut que vous restiez fort. Je prie pour vous. Si vous avez le foi croire dans Lui. Dear Citizens of France, I feel that it is unfair that the people of France get attacked for no reason all over the country even though you did nothing wrong.

I have always loved France and always will even though I have never been there. I feel bad for all the people in France who lost a family member or a friend in the attack. I hope your government is doing everything in their power to make you feel safe. People all around the world have shown their love and support for France and I will too.

France, after the horrible attacks always know that America is here for you. We send you our condolences and our sympathy. Paris sera toujours Paris! Paris, the city of light. Our light shines with you. My heart is with the family, friends, and citizens both affected and unaffected by the horrific events that took place on Friday.

As a citizen of the United States, I wish to express my condolences for the families affected by the terrorist acts in your country. I look forward to the terrorists being swiftly brought to justice. May our countries collaborate against this common threat. My deepest condolences and sympathies to the families and friends of the victims, and to the people of France. You stood with us in our darkest hour, and now we stand with you in solidarity. Let us go forward, together, so that justice will be done. That you guys will make it through this all you guys have to do is keep fighting and heads up high.

Je suis American - Je suis Paris!! My husband and I love the City of Light and have visited often. We are deeply saddened over the horror inflicted upon the people of Paris. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. My deepest condolences for all lives lost and every tragedy undergone in Paris last Friday. I pray for all the Parisians after such a shocking attack. I hope all the people know that they are not in this alone, and that the whole world is suffering.

Although this has been an unimaginable tragedy, know that the entire world is here to speak out for you and that we stand by the people of France. France, You are not alone.

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I can empathize for your event, and give you my sincerest condolences. I hope the people of France know that America, as well as many other countries are here for them. We are all in this together. Aloha from Radford High school. We are all thinking and supporting you. Hawaii and french club our supporting you guys. Hensel once said," Whenever we feel as if we can no longer go on, hope whispers in our ear, to remind us, we are strong". We are united, and together supporting the people of France because together we are stronger.

It is a tragedy what has happened, I hope you know we feel your pain. We are here to support you France!!! World is united for Paris, the city of love, compassion, life, champagne, and joy. Mes condoleances pour tous les victimes des attaques atroces par ISIS.

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Comme un americain je reste avec le peuple de la France a cette heure de la horreur at la souffrance. Vive le peuple francais. Hawaii stands with you! We owe it to those murdered, we owe it to ourselves. God be with you all. Two days ago I was an average but when I heard this attack I was really upset beyond belief God help the people of france.

Dear France, I am so sorry for the attack and I wish you all the best of hope. Bless you all and your prayers. Bless,love,hope and pray for France. Best of luck Paris. I wish i could go help the familys the lost someone but unfortunately this is all I can do. I am so sorry for what happened. You supported us when the twin towers fell on September 11th in New York City, now we are here to support you.

Always remember America is here to support you always. We give our love to you and we will always support. To the people of France: You are our brothers and sisters, and we mourn with you. We send you our love and condolences from America. You are in our hearts and minds as you grieve. We pray for complete peace and safety to return to your nation so you may resume your lives without fear or danger.

I am a teacher in the US. Several of my fifth students felt compelled to write letters of condolence to try to ease the suffering of those effected by this tragedy. I could not deny them this act of kindness. I have chosen to send all of their messages along with mine in one email:. That is very heartbreaking to hear.

I am sorry for those who have lost family members and friends.

I hope everything is better soon. Again, my heart is broken hearing that this happened. I hope there is peace again and everything will go back to being okay. I will keep all of you in mind and continue to think about those who have lost family members, friends, and also pets. I hope that no one was hurt in your family. If so, I feel very sorry for you. I am praying for you and I hope that despite, this tragedy, you all can find peace! Dear Families of France- My name is K. How are you holding up?

I have heard about the tragic bombing on November 13th. What a tragic event. I pray for every family member, friend, and pet who was killed. I hope all of your loved ones rest in peace. For someone to do that in inappropriate! Well, I do pray for everyone who lost their lives. I cannot fathom the insurmountable loss your community must be experiencing. Please know, you are in our thoughts and prayers. I also want to send my condolences to anyone who experiences misplaced blame or hatred due to misunderstanding.

We hope you can heal from this unfortunate event and rise from the ashes stronger and more united. The entire world stands with France after the attacks on Paris on November On that day, we were all French. We must all stand together to fight this terror. After watching the footage, it suddenly hit me that this was actually happening. Not some made up movie scene. This is a real life horrifying event, that has taken the innocent lives of many. I feel your pain and wish you the best regards and the Police force and everyone there who helped have my highest respect.

The attached song was written prior to your tragedy, but it seems sadly apt. Please accept it as part of my condolences to the brave and heartbroken citizens of Paris and all of France. Paris, we are with you, every step of the way. You are not alone. La paix pour Paris. No matter what happens you all have to to stay strong.

All over the world people keep France in their hearts and thoughts. The 13th will forever be remembered and it will be a day where everyone hangs their heads and remembers what happened on that tragic day. My love is with France. Vive La France Eternelle. We will pray for your tragedy. I send my deepest regards, and wish the whole city of Paris the best. We hope that you are able to put your beautiful city back together and live happy lives again. I send my deepest condolences. Hoping that Paris can soon get back on track with life and hope that everyone will once again be able to live a happy life.

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From everyone over in the United States, love, hugs, and support for everyone over in Paris while they morn over this devastating event. Hope everyone is safe. Nous sommes tous la France! I pray for the people that lost their lives in the attacks, and theirfriends, and families. On that Friday the whole world stopped for a moment. I see humans, but no humanity.


La prière de toutes les circonstances (French Edition) - Kindle edition by Cyrille KOUADIO. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. Cette œuvre que vous allez découvrir s'inscrit dans le cadre des œuvres qui permettent à l'homme de faire face à ses problèmes quotidiens. La vie est de plus.

God be with the French. We send our deepest, heart felt condolences to the Peoples of France and Paris. On Thursday night we will walk in Palm Springs in remembrances of all the beautiful souls we lost this night.. Our love and Hugs Je souhaite vous le meilleur dans cet temps difficile. France can get through this tragedy, for they are a strong country. My concern, thoughts, and heart go out to the French people. Restez forts, Abby B. Nous prions pour vous tous les jours! Nous comprenons ce que vous endurrez. Gabriella - Dans ma classe de francais, nous voudrions a offrir notre aide.

Aussi, toutes ces vies vont nous manquer pour toujours. Nous prions pour Paris. Dear the People of France For all the people who witnessed the terrifying events. I give all my condolences to France. I give all my regards to all the victims and families of those involved with the Paris attacks, just remember you are not alone. I apologize for my poor French, I am a sophmore in highschool, and my French is not the best. I tried my best, though, and I tried to double-check. All the same, I hope my message comes across the same either way.

We will make it through this together!! Bless you all, and vive la France!

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Mes sinceres condoleances, It is very sad to see innocent civilians attacked, everywhere in the world. The politicians should think about the life of people, not national interest interest that would eventually harm you more. All those people that lost their lives in wars in the Middle East. Most of them are civilians.

Maybe the western governments support and bomb them in the name of democracy and freedom, and that is why people become extremists and fight the west. Please consider your decisions! I wish France the best. I hope everything works out, although i do not know what it is like to be under such circumstances everything will get better. Es tut mir so wahnsinnig leid was passiert ist. Ich versteh nicht wie man sowas machen kann. Dearest condolences for all those affected during this very hard time. I send prayers to all and hope you know and understand that the world is with you.

Everyone Keep your head up. This incident made me sad, because to see all the places lately that are being attacked and all the kids being traumatized by the attackers. I would not wish this upon anybody and I hope it all gets better and the world will be happy. Je regrette beaucoup pour perdre vos gens.

Dear citizens of France I am so sorry for the tragedy that has befallen you it is not okay what has happened to you and no person should have to go through what you have to go through. But you and your country will get through this. ISIS cannot bring you down. The whole world and I grief for your loss and we stand with you stay strong. My thoughts and prayers for the people of France!

We must stand together to defeat terrorism. We must not live in fear for if we do the terrorist have won! We must fight for our freedoms and stand together. God Bless and peace be with all. Mon coeur est avec vous. Je souhaite que vous soyez forte. It made a big impact on the US as well. We are sorry for what has happened in Paris, you are in my prayers, France, stay strong. I hope that Paris will soon return to its true beauty.

Les attentats sont horribles, et les terrorists ne devraient pas utilisent la violence et la terroir. Le peuple de Paris: We are here for you. You have our sympathy. Everyone of you will be in my prayers. I wish the best for you guys, stay strong. My heart goes out to Paris and all the victims that were deeply affected by the terrorist attack. The whole world has your back and we are here united as one. We all love France. Its very tragic to hear about the events that took place in Paris last Friday. Please know that you have all of our condolences here in Hawaii. My friend Maria lives in Paris and she told me that you are strong people, and i know shes right.

The world can be a cruel place but the best thing to do in a time of despair is keep your heads held high and keep going. May god be with you, you all shall be in my prayers. I find it great that all of you are keeping strong and not giving in to fear. My deepest condolences go out to Paris, France, and the world as a whole.

We must stand tall, and we will get through this tragedy together, not as countries but as humanity as a whole. The people of France are constantly in our thoughts and prayers during this trying time. Though we are all grieving with you during this dark time we also know that the City of Light will always shine as a beacon for freedom loving people around the world. Stay strong, we are with you. Our hearts here in Collier County are broken by the pain your countrymen and women have suffered this weekend. There is no understanding what compels such horrendous acts.

Please know that we stand side by side with you and that your enemy is our enemy. We will be strong with you and support the French people and hope for the day when this barbarism flourishes no more. With deepest sorrow and equally deep resolve, we remain committed to our friendship and to democracy,. I pray for France and the victims of the senseless attacks in Paris.

We in the U. In a time of loss and sorrow, we shall stand together. Our hearts are with you now and always. Our prayers and blessings go out to you all. May God give you strength and continued courage in the days ahead. I pray for the souls of those lost, and the healing of those injured. I stand with you in solidarity! Peace to us all. We send our prayers. Hope everything gets better. Sending prayers your way. You are in our hearts. Everyone that was in the Paris attacks are in our thoughts. Our deepest condolences are with you. We are sorry this happened.

We are praying for you. People, victims, and families of victims in France you are in our thoughts and prayers. As your brothers and sisters we admire your strength and would like to let you know that we are always going to be by your side fighting for you. Nous sommes avec vous Paris. It is very sad to hear about what happened in France. It is especially troubling to hear that many of the people who died were at a concert. It is terrible for something that bad to happen at something that is about love and having fun, like music. Mes condoleances a toutes les familles, et tous les francais.

The citizens of the United States will not forsake you. We are with you in wanting to rid this world of the most sinister and mentally sick monsters since WWII. I am very sorry for the people who lost loved ones, or anyone injured. My condolences to everyone espicaly to the people that expirenced this. Dieu soit avec la France. I hope this incident never happens again. May there always be peace. I am truely sorry for everyone who has lost a loved one. It is a shame that the people of Paris have to experience this.

I hope you all the best. They were wrong for everything they did. I want to let you know that I stand by you in this tough time, and I hope and pray that this is the end of the attacks. Nos pensees ainsi que nos prieres les accompagnent.

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My family visited your wonderful country last December. Since then, two horrible tragedies have taken place. We love your country, we support you, and we wish you healing and the courage to persevere. My heart goes out to all of France. We must rally against ISIS and defeat them. We can do it if we all come together. If we overcome our differences and work as one then we CAN beat this!!

Mon coeur peine avec vous. Notre belle France a ete meurtrie, mais elle se relevera de sa douleur la tete haute. Nous le devons a nos enfants et petits enfants. Veuillez recevoir mes sinceres condoleances. I hope you will have better days than the ones caused by others choices. Bring joy to others that have lost loved ones,and show hope. My family and I offer our deepest condolences to the nation of France and the families who lost their loved lost and to the wounded. Hopefully everything is well and everyone is safe. American stands with France.

Our knowledge of your country and culture is why we care so much about what you have been through. We wish you peace and we hope to visit a thriving Paris one day. Il ne faut pas nier que l'Islam occupe une place de plus en plus importante dans notre pays! Vous posez la vrai question qui vaille, celle qui engage l'avenir de notre pays et du continent dans son entier. J'attendais que vous vous saisissiez du sujet, enfin c'est fait. On fait la part belle aux petits et aux grands voyous!. Nous avons le droit de savoir!

L'islamisation de notre pays ,est en marche. Il faut agir maintenant,d'abord par le vote,et si nous n'y arrivons pas par les urnes,il faudra penser autre chose.


Il en va de notre survie,de la survie de notre descendance,de notre peuple. Not only France will become a Islamic Republic but also Sweden, Norway, maybe Denmark, the highgest birth rate in Europe is in the Islamic commnunities Europe will become a Islamic continent in less than 20 years Pourtant, selon Boubekeur, ce n'est pas suffisant, il en faut le double!

Avant de s'inquiter de l'islam, mr Rioufol, devrait s'inquieter du nombre de personnes sans travail, chez les moins de 20 ans,et des riques pour les cotisations Mais le risque de chomage, et la petite retraite, ne fait sans doute pas partie, comme l'islam , de ses fantasmes, pour se faire frissoner Je ne le crois pas! Malheur aux fossoyeurs de notre Histoire. Elle ne peut que devenir une Dictature sous quelque forme que ce soit Il n'est pas trop tard. Sinon comment les Espagnols auraient-ils pu faire la Reconquista? On ne peut pas se le permettre.

Maximilien Bruxl 17 oct Que de fois ne l'avons-nous entendu? Je propose deux versets du Coran: Sourate V-la Table - Verset La question de la religion majoritaire en France est peu importante. Chacun est libre de choisir. La vraie est question est: Est-ce qu'une France mulsulmane sera plus ou moins enclin aux attaques terroristes? Avant de s'inquiter de l'islam, mr Rioufol, devrait s'inquieter du nombre de personnes sans travail,. Les gens ont le droit de vivre comme ils veulent. Et alors cela fait quoi qu'il y est plus de musulmans?

Vous avaient peur de plus de voiles, et alors? Vous avez peur des kebabs, pourtant vous avez pas peur du macdo qui s'implantent par tout? Votre message contient une contradiction majeure car, d'une part, vous demandez de "combattre l'Islam" et de l'autre vous dites qu'il "faut aider les musulmans". Si vous aidez l'Islam vous aidez les musulmans. Si vous combattez l'Islam vous combattez les musulmans. Pour une fois il faudra faire un choix clair!

Valls, nouveau ministre des cultes, aujourd'hui, prend le relais et de reconfirmer: Qui fera quoi en plus du bulletin de vote ou de sa petite contribution anonyme sur les blogs? Dans un sens ou dans un autre. Au moins, on y verrait plus clair. Mais avant de nous y rendre, de bienveillants contacts nous mettent en garde: Je ne parle bien sur que de cela. Mais c'est votre choix, n'est-ce pas tout le monde est libre. On se demande bien pourquoi. Il s'agit d'une petite ville de la banlieue ouest, non loin de la Normandie Mais nous retrouvons chez elle celui qui parle en son nom: La France ne doit pas se sentir toute seule Oh j'ai dit un gros mot.

Il n'a pas de chapelle. Il y a la version "bisounours": Allez donc, vive le stalinisme! Jacques Cheminane, extra-terrestre …. Donc, tous les espoirs sont permis!!!! Madame Parisot ne fait pas que cela. Et pas seulement pour des raisons purement mercantiles. Ou bien les statistiques, moyen moderne d'orienter l'opinion dans le bon sens. Vous faites bien de rappeler ces phrases. Et rien ne va plus.

On peut, comme Liogier, nier tout d'un bloc et insulter ceux qui se rebellent. Ben,surtout que le recensement ethnique est interdit! Dans le monde , Je peux ,sans risque de me tromper ,dire que moins de 0. Et encore moins en France. L'autre, venue d'ailleurs, en a autant mais elle a aussi un gros ventre. Toujours en avance d'au moins un tour! Les gens ne veulent pas de ce "vivre ensemble". Il faut chercher la raison de cette situation.

C'est le plus pratique La messe est dite. La droite pour exister n'aura d'autre choix que de s'allier au FN: Evidemment, il s'agit d'une lutte incessante. Je lis donc je suis A l'attention de Seniorenforme, et de tous: Mais "on" ne sait jamais de quoi demain sera fait alors La France est en perdition et tous ceux qui ont combattu pour elle ,dont les harkis qui ont toute mon affection, doivent se sentir atrocement malheureux.

Et je donne un exemple type fictif pour que cela soit bien clair: On interroge un intellectuel islamiste type Chebel, Ramadan , ou autre:. Ce n'est pas marginal. Les effets sont patents dans certains pays. II, pages London: Ivan Rioufol Je vous cite: Or, en regardant autour de moi, ce n'est pas ce que je constate! L'islam ne passera pas. Comme tous les fanatismes, l'islam fera un jour le pas de trop, qui le plongera au fond du gouffre, lui, ses adeptes et ses soutiens. A partir de ce jour, les choses redeviendront presque comme avant.

Mais personne ne peut dire quand et comment cela ca se passer. Pas question, donc, de le laisser s'islamiser! Vous parlez de pudeur Merci pour nous, les femmes non musulmanes!!! Et pour prolonger ma liste: Il faudra comprendre que vous n'aurez jamais raison si vous discutez d'Islam alors que vous ignorez ses fondements, ses principes et ses pratiques. Le djihad, un devoir de tout bon musulman de diffuser la religion y compris par la contrainte, prend diverses formes et monte toutes les vagues qu'il rencontre Lire dans ce cadre l'analyse: Justement, le mode de vie occidental est partout celui qui est envahissant; voyagez juste un peu et comme par magie: Le mental de l'etre europeen est a nouveau nauseabond; chassez le naturel Vous etes si facilement manipulable; c'est dramatique pour vous.

Nous le constatons lorsque la police ne peut entrer dans certains quartiers! Peut-on comparer les situations de et de ? Non, sauf en quelques points tels que Roubaix et le etc. Cependant, comme il y a des niches fiscales, il y a en outre des niches communautaires. Il faut redresser la barre. Les anglo-saxons sont un exemple dans ce domaine Freedom of speech:.

Ca me console un peu. Que l'on se rassure. Ce n'est pas le cas: Il va falloir d'autres preuves pour me convaincre. Mais est-elle la cause de son accroissement? Gomme l'a si bien dit M. Ce n'est pas d'ail leurs en fermant les yeux sur le mal qu'on pourra l'enrayer. Mais ce n'est pas tout que de punir: J'approuve les policiers de la BAC, ils font le boulot que la justice qui pourtant juge en notre nom ne veut pas faire. Sur le sort des 1. Pourquoi pas en d'ailleurs? A ce jeu on fait dire, tout et son contraire.

Trop facile d'instrumentaliser les chiffres comme vous le faites: Quel ratio population urbaine et rurale? Allez, une question facile: Seulement eux, le jour du grand chambardement, s'exileront vers des terres plus accueillantes et ce n'est certainement pas dans un pays islamiques. Quand leur "progressisme-relativisme" nous conduit aux pires obscurantismes Quand il faut se loger, s'instruire, aller et venir Dommage que je ne puisse joindre mes prises sur ce fil.

Il y en a pour tout le monde. Seul point noir, il n'y pas assez de blancs dans les arrondissements centraux. Moi aussi avec lui. La question n'est pas de savoir si on se fait remplacer mais quand on va devenir minoritaire. Tout est dit par ces branleurs Je suis bien conscient de ce probleme. Oui, cent fois oui!

Le coup fumant, le voici: Un nouveau cahier du Nouvel Obs titre: Nouvel Obs Beaux Arts -http: Sous quelle occupation culturelle vivons-nous aujourd'hui? Ils avaient tous un parent, un fils, un cousin qui avait fait le trajet Marseille - Alger et qui risquait de se faire tuer.

Eglise Orthodoxe de France

Mais de cela nous n'en parlerons plus. Seul le "massacre" du 17 octobre a fait l'objet d'une reconnaissance. L'ile de France, un nouveau Kossova en devenir? Il nous prend pour des buses, ce type. Les enfants de musulmans sont donc bien des musulmans effectifs, automatiquement et passivement, et pour en sortir, ils doivent apostasier. Il y a vraiment des coups de pieds au c. Il mobilisait quelques personnes plus une centaine de chauffeurs qui sillonnaient Paris et sa Banlieue. Je ne vois pas en quoi toutes ces questions expliquent qu'en il y avait un taux de 8,4 meutres et assassinats pour habitants alorsqu'aujourd'hui on a environ 1 homicide pour habitants.

Mais n'est-ce pas ce que chacun fait sur ce blog? Hollande est de plus en plus maso. Mais nous le sentons, ce danger. Nous aimerions bien nous tromper et croire aux mythes! Ici, nous relatons des faits!!! OUI, il y a un danger d'expansion de l'islam! Le multiculturalisme est un leurre. Et comme pour circuler sur la route, si on ne suit pas le code, c'est le foutoir. Le communautarisme, les tribus, les clans, c'est typique du continent africain.

Pire, on le soutient. Ce sont ces 3 valeurs qui attirent les migrants de tout poil. Leur veulerie est sans limite et c'est pourquoi je ne suis pas optimiste. What you say is not really friendly, but not entirely wrong. The only problem is that our leaders are so intellectually miserable and ignorant history, religion, philosophy , that we just cannot do anything, we're just like prisonners. Journalists except a few ones like I. We also regret that the Church does'nt play anymore the role it should, as already considering itself as a loser. Et que vous a t-elle donc fait, la droite catholique?

Ne pensez vous pas qu'aujourd'hui plus que jamais le concept de valeurs est important? Nous avons notre libre-arbitre et Dieu s'il existe n'est jamais intervenu dans les affaires des hommes. Le constat est fait ici et ailleurs depuis longtemps. Totalement d'accord avec votre post! Il y a des cars de CRS et les wechs ont disparu!

Ils n'auraient pas pu le faire avant? Par contre contre la droite, ils sont "vigilants" Tous les espoirs sont permis. Non je ne vous prends pas pour un pleutre. Le 10 octobre " Une parole commune entre nous et vous " ,pourquoi pas l'inverse? Je fais partie de ceux qui ne cessent de clamer qu'il ne faut pas se tromper de cible. Elle continue par embuscades que l'on ne cesse de nous tendre. Devant une telle attitude on se pose la question de savoir qui divise la France? L'observation ne suffit plus, I Rioufol. Pas plus qu'au Cambodge C'est comme si une Cham ne pouvait pas poster hors du Cambodge.

Si je ne le dis pas, qui s'en rend compte? Vos cris ne changent rien aux faits. Madame je vous remercie. Volontiers railleur, provocateur, lumineux d'intelligence. Tiens, tiens, qui l'aurait cru? Vous avez bien lu: En plus, Valls veut faciliter la naturalisation Hollande s'est repenti pour le 17 octobre Thomas La justice faire son travail Sans vous en rendre compte,vous me rendez hommage.

Mon bord est celui de l'intelligence.

Mes Prières

Qui ne me fait pas dire noir quand je vois blanc et vive et versa. C'est parmi eux que l'on a eu nos soldats les plus courageux,les plus solides,les plus valeureux. Mais cela est une autre histoire, dont on pourra parler un jour, dans cette comparaison attristante avec l'aujourd'hui et le hier, sans faire Caton l'Ancien. Nous payons tous, et en plus fort cher, la propagande de l'antifrance La "crise des vocations" n'affecte ni les imams ni les rabbins. Ce drapeau Fln dont de Gaulle disait que lui vivant il ne flotterait jamais sur Alger flotte sur Paris.

Ils ne se battaient pas contre la France. Rioufol qui a besoin de statistiques alors que le resultat d'une immigration incontrolee, mais voulue par la nomenklatura, est sous nos yeux, dans nos rues, dans chaque ville de France, et bientot dans chaque village. Je ne suis pas sujette a des hallucinations lorsque je vois la part d' extra-Europeens augmenter d'annee en annee ou que Je me rende en France; lorsque les demandes communautaristes se font de plus en plus exigeantes et nombreuses; lorsque des mosquees sortent de terre comme des champignons; lorsque le halal et le casher envahissent nos assiettes et deviennent la norme barbarie envers les animaux.

Que voulez-vous que des statistiques nous apprennent de plus? Elles seront minorees pour telle ou telle raison et la nomenklatura continuera a se moquer de nous. Seule une resistance sans faille pour lutter contre cet etat de fait est indispensable. Tout a fait d'accord avec vous. Toutes les immigrations sont nocives pour notre pays depassees un certain seuil. Nous avons le droit de le dire, de le repeter et de nous battre pour inverser la tendance, coute que coute!

Le pire, c'est que vous croyez en ce que vous dites. En vous remerciant, en plus ,de recommander les ouvrages d'Amouroux alors que je venais de le faire. Il faut lire le papier de Bernard Lugan sur son Blog: Quel est donc le vrai bilan de cette manifestation? Quelle honte pour notre pays,pour notre peuple.

Gloire et honneur au sergent Richomme,au soldat Decourteix et au cavalier Feullebois. Et je ne juge rien. We should get ours immigrants among christians from all the countries where they are persecuted: And they should melt. Instead, we prefer people which simply are not able to melt and even want to put their own rotten, regressive and out of date ill-traditions in the place.

We crazzy people are going to die if we keep going on this erratic way. Que pouvons-nous refuser d'accepter? Ensemble nous pouvons trouver des solutions. Et nous avons des amis partout en Europe: Non rien d'autre, merci. Pour en savoir plus: Atlantico, 17 octobre Lionel Jospin et remis au mois de janvier par M. Bien plus grave, si ce sont eux qui conseillent nos gouvernants, on est mal, vraiment mal.

Mais je n'ai rien dit de tel! Ce dont nous n'avons pas besoin. Il y a sur ce fil d'excellents textes et liens. Il semble prendre des vessies pour des lanternes. Grand merci pour vos informations. En faisant acte d'un "repentir" qui n'engage que lui, Mollasson Ier vient de montrer son vrai visage: La pourriture est contagieuse. Comme les grands silences annonciateurs de chaos, je ne sais pas ce qui se trame en coulisse dans ce pays, mais je sais que nous allons droit vers un inconnu dont personne ne devine les contours. Le laxime aussi puissant.

Les faits divers sont quotidiens. La plupart des gens sont incapables de s'adapter. Pour tuer un boa, il faut simplement attendre qu'il soit repu et assoupi. Si on n'a pas compris ce qu'entreprend FH alors Ca donnerait le tournis! Voir le sondage ifop de ce jour: Peut-on garder encore l'espoir dans de telles circonstances?

Je n'ai pas eu le temps ,sourie,de vous saluer.