Interview with the cats (Part I)

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I am sitting here listening to the snores of my two kitties, Misha and Hooch, and they both look so content! Or take extra special care of you? I recently got an email that Shelter Animals Count had released their summary of statistics collected from Tips and Tricks for Community Cats at Halloween. Thanks to previous […]. We ultimately want what is best for the cat.

Windy with storm chances Weather. Suspected drunken driver crashes car into Orion Township home, flees News. Police release sketch of man who attempted to abduct a child in Grosse Pointe Woods News. Detroit nonprofit Alternatives For Girls to possibly lose major funding News. Federal government looking into UAW spending News. When I would hear those words I would just dread what I knew was going to come my way, lots and lots of requests for help with kittens and foster care. Are you anxious to know what your cat wants to tell you?

If it talks to you, would you be able to understand it?

But, you can definitely know about its mood from its body […]. In a […]. Narrowing down the culprit can be a very lengthy process. There are many reasons as to why a cat will […]. Hug A Cat Day.

A Hilarious Interview A Kid Conducted With Her Cat

We hope you enjoy reading her take on how to hug a cat! I had some fantastic responses and it is clear that you all enjoy the podcast. All it asks is that we get our cats spayed or […]. When I talk to cat […]. How will all of the data that we are collecting to create a country full of No-Kill shelters impact the overall wellness of our communities for Community Cats? Volunteerism is what drives our profession in animal welfare. Most of our boards of directors are run by volunteers, along with our cat caretakers and trappers being volunteers, too.

Our foster homes are volunteers and fundraisers and […]. Preparing for Kitten Season and Trapping. Unfortunately kitten season either is upon us or will soon be here. I want you to have a successful year! For the Foster Home Coordinator 1. Check-In If you are a foster […]. Over the last 20 years, thousands of small cat rescue organizations have started all across the country. Many of these groups focus on foster, adoption, and trap, neuter and return. In the early days, many […]. If you passed by the Metropolitan Pavillion in New York City a couple of weekends ago, you probably noticed more than a few people wearing cat ears and excitedly waiting to get out of the chilly weather and into Cat Camp NYC.

I have long been a great fan of return to field programs. More info to […]. March is Microchipping Madness Month. Can you believe we have already hit the month of March? How do you feel about microchipping your cat?

“I was used to not following rules and cats don’t follow rules for the most part.”

You want to make sure equipment is returned clean and in a timely manner. I find this to be one of the hardest programs for groups to manage. It takes time, […]. Yes, folks, we are going to start addressing this issue on a worldwide scale.

Make It A Double! I hope you and your loved ones have a good day filled with Chocolate and Catnip. Today I would like to list some of the many reason why adopting two cats or kittens are better […]. How to Track Those Pesky Grants. The foundations you potentially work with are prospects that can mean bringing in real dollars to your organization. But it is an incredible challenge to track your potential funders, those organizations that you have applied too and then […]. If you are new to running a non-profit, part of a small group, or just joining a group, thinking about fundraising can be overwhelming!

I began my fundraising journey back in 7th grade, when I became treasurer of my class. We had to raise money to help pay for a […]. For those of you who know more personally you know this is a favorite topic of mine. I think that technology is the best thing that […]. Martin Luther King and… Community Cats? Today is Martin Luther King, Jr.

Have I lost my mind? There are many ways to honor Dr. King and his legacy. I, for one, […]. Much of that blog covered why we need to have a […]. Goal Setting for First off, I want to thank everyone who participated in our holiday slide show. We have over 40 cat pictures profiled! Share it with others! Take a look at our Year In Review […]. Our listeners have been very busy in !

Happy Holidays from the Community Cats Podcast. Happy Holidays from the Community Cats Podcast! It seems like just last June when we were launching our […]. How to Retire an Old Feral Cat. Well, the snow is finally here in Vermont and everything is looking very festive! You will be hearing from Hannah […]. Playing in the Sandbox! As many of you know, sandboxes are places that cats often use as litter boxes and many caregivers need to negotiate possible ways to keep cats out of sandboxes in communities.


Transport or Not To Transport. I hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving Holiday and was able to enjoy their family and loved ones. If you are doing your online shopping this fine Monday morning, feel free to take a quick look at our Community Cats Podcast Store. All proceeds go […]. Being Thankful with a Time for Reflection. I am sitting here listening to the snores of my two kitties, Misha and Hooch, and they both look so content!

Watch Cat Videos. Fight Cancer.

How could I not help but be thankful for having these two odd mush balls in my life?! Many of you might feel the same way and it is […]. Raising Money for Community Cats. I will never forget this day! It was early November about 5 years ago. This week, the news will be focused on our elections. Every election season I am continually amazed by how much money goes into campaigns.

So much fundraising is done by powerhouse agencies trying to get folks […].

Remember That BBC Interview Interrupted by Kids? Here Is the Cat Version

Tips and Tricks for Community Cats at Halloween. For the Community Cats: If you feed cats at night between pm, you […]. What to do When Tragedy Strikes. The past couple of weeks has been very tough on the little community that I live in, in Vermont. Some of you may have heard about the terrible accident that happened over Columbus Day weekend, killing five teenagers.

Happy National Feral Cat Day. Happy National Feral Cat Day!

Remember That BBC Interview Interrupted by Kids? Here Is the Cat Version

Hawaii health healthcare heath hemp high volume clinic hiking holiday holistic holistic medicine homeless hospice hospital How is Kitten Season Affecting You? Fundraising and Donor Engagement traffic training transport Transport or Not To Transport transportation trap trapped trapping travel tree climbing tree rescue Trick or Treat Get to know your host, Stacy LeBaron. Listen to Episode 0. Episode 1 — Six Years of Progress Laura talks with Stacy about the importance of patience, how to build a successful TNR organization, and why the biggest challenge you face may be educating people, not trapping cats.

Listen to Episode 1 […].

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Do any of them pick on you? Or take extra special care of you? Do you have an extra special relationship with any of them? Except Rocky who picks on everyone. Pixie picks on me. Sometimes we roll around on the floor together.

Part 2: CAT-ERVIEW - The Adventures Of ED SHEERAN & @COUPDEMAIN!

She hates it when I stare at her. I stare at her a lot. Ugs is kind to me. Ugs is kind to everyone. We both like to sniff things. Is if difficult being the youngest of the Mag 7? Or do your owners ever spoil you? If so, do you think your siblings get jealous? I love it when she strokes my head. Any final tips for other runts of the litter out there on how they can deal with being the little guy?

You can have a weak body but a strong heart and spirit. Be yourself and let your personality shine through!