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In that same vein of logic, it's perfectly okay for me to walk into the middle of LA's south side and just start shooting,". Neither of those options sound good to me, Miss Chambers. And I'm trusting him to watch my back on a goddamn suicide mission. John sank into his chair, releasing a breath and allowing his chest to deflate.

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The Council, the Alliance, even my own fucking people. My son does not want him at our house. John laughed, a breathless chuckle, as he let his head fall back onto the mattress. Serious training is needed in the family court system worldwide. She gave the man before her a smile that was both innocent and wicked all at the same time.

He had started to feel less tense, the muscles in his body relaxing ever so slightly. Kelly regarded the drained Commander for a short moment, pursing her lips. She crossed her legs, resting her petite hands on her lap. The Council, the Alliance, even my own fucking people. None of them seem to think that my advice may actually be worth more than a pile of crap. Just once, I would like to have someone follow my orders, to the letter, no questions asked. Is that too much to ask? Kelly gave the man seated next to her a small smile, green eyes softening into a look of sympathy.

She looked away, eyes flicking up to the glass ceiling of the captain's cabin, watching the stars go by for a short moment.

WHICH DETROIT CHARACTER ARE YOU? w/ Bryan Dechart & Amelia Rose Blaire

The Yeomen looked to be considering something. John shot the Yeoman a glance, one brow raised. He narrowed his eyes at the woman, as if not entirely sure he heard what he had heard. The marine held an expression that was a mix of curiosity, caution, and hopefulness. The Commander clicked his tongue, his face breaking into a smile. He laughed like he had been told a joke. So, if I told you to strip down to your underwear and take a nice, long stroll through the CIC, you would do it?

Kelly said nothing at that, merely staring back at her CO while keeping that warm smile of hers. The Yeoman stood from her seat after a moment, arms crossed as she looked down at the man sitting next to her. She tilted her head at him, lips pursed, green eyes shining. Then, before John could get a word in, she uncrossed her arms and began to unbutton her uniform top. John found that he lost his ability to speak as his red-haired counselor shrugged off the black and orange Cerberus fatigues, revealing smooth, pale skin and a bra that was certainly not regulation.

The boots and pants were the next to be discarded and John discovered that not only were Kelly's panties just as lacy as her bra, but his Yeoman looked damn good underneath that uniform. Smiling as dumbly as he had when those asari twins had shown up at his hotel room after he rescued Elysium, the drooling Commander almost didn't stop the red-haired woman before she reached the elevator.

Slave Lord

Granted, he had been rather… distracted by that lovely rear of hers as she walked off. Kelly cocked her shapely hips to one side, arms crossing under her ample bosom. She gave the man before her a smile that was both innocent and wicked all at the same time. Did you have something else in mind? The first night Shepard had spent with a truly obedient Kelly Chambers had been, in a word, great. In two words, it was fucking fantastic.

Kelly hadn't exactly crawled to him. It was more along the lines of slinking, slow, sensuous movements that were akin to those of a feline. The fact that the shapely red-head was purring certainly helped the Commander draw the comparison. John was sitting on the edge of his large bed, leering at his Yeoman with an unashamedly satisfied grin.

It was not every day that a man got such luck as to have an exceptionally attractive woman agree to submit to him sexually. The marine drank in the young woman's body, lust-filled eyes roaming over smooth, pale skin until they became glued to round, pert breasts that swayed as she crawled. Eventually, Kelly reached him, kneeling at the foot of the bed between John's spread legs. Her face was level with crotch of his pants, the very obvious bulge in the fabric drawing a small blush from the green-eyed girl.

She craned her elegant neck to look up into John's eyes, silently begging her Commander for instruction, for him to take control. Kelly had given John a sweet, innocent smile before proceeding to do just that. Her eyes, however… Those shiny, green orbs were filled with an unholy combination of loving adoration and lusty wickedness, a mix that sent the Commander's heart racing and his cock throbbing.

The belt, the pants, his boxer briefs, they were all removed with little difficulty, quickly tossed aside and forgotten. As John discovered that night, in addition to being very skilled in seduction and inducing arousal, the lovely Miss Chambers was rather adept in the art of undressing a man. Almost instantly, a pair of soft, red lips had enveloped his hardened prick. The Commander groaned loudly, one hand gripping the bed sheets while the other went to the back of Miss Chambers' head, as a wet tongue began lavishing his cock, swirling around the swollen head before stroking the veiny shaft.

John stroked his Yeoman's hair as she serviced him, his breathing already growing heavy from the attention she paid to his long, thick member. Kelly hummed against the cock stuffed in her mouth, pleased with the taste of her CO. The moan had sent pleasurable vibrations down the shaft, making John grunt in turn. The Hero of the Citadel cursed loudly when Kelly took him as deep as she could, her nose only a couple inches away from brushing against his pelvis. When she could handle no more, the Yeoman pulled away, letting the mammoth cock slip from her soft, wet lips, a string of saliva connecting the slick, twitching organ from her gasping mouth.

John stared down at the depraved sight, a dumb smile on his face. Each haggard breath the woman beneath him took caused her breasts to heave and sway with her rising and falling chest, a rather hypnotic sight, to say the least. Before he could think, one of John's hands was reaching down between his legs to grab a handful of tit. He cupped one of Kelly's soft mounds, groping through the fabric of her lacy bra, drawing a quiet moan from the girl.

Eventually, the bra annoyed him and he began to pull it down, exposing a breast to the cool air of his cabin. The nipple had pebbled, either from the cold or his Yeoman's arousal, and John wasted no time rolling the nub between his fingers. Kelly gasped, her eyes shutting tight at the rough treatment given to her body by calloused hands. Nevertheless, she was in no place to object and, as such, stripped herself of the lacy undergarment completely, allowing her Commander full access to her bountiful bosom.

John was on the verge of cackling like an evil villain from the old vids, being a man with a pretty young thing completely at his mercy. Kelly wasted no time, her mouth engulfing his cock as soon as the words left his lips.

A Russian Girl is Trained to become an Obedient Slave Part 1 -

Her head bobbed in John's lap, pretty red hair growing frayed and messy as she milked the cock between her lips for a tasty treat. After a few moments, she pulled away again.

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John propped himself up on his elbows when he felt his obedient Yeoman cease her lovely ministrations, one eyebrow raised. Kelly smiled back, a mischievous little curl of dark red lips that would make any man's pants feel a little tighter. Her eyes too held a certain glint, one that promised something special. Miss Chambers held her breasts in her petite hands, pushing the already perky mounds up farther. She leaned forward and, with a wink and giggle, slipped his long, thick rod between her soft, fleshy globes. John watched, eyes wide as saucers, as his cock slipped into the valley between his Yeoman's tits, an expression of pure joy on his face as she began to rise up and down.

Kelly used her hands to push her breasts together, softly moaning as she stroked John's long, veiny bastard of a cock between her soft, luscious globes of flesh. Hello im new here and just want to ask is there a better way to defeat hade? I think im on the last quest and i cant beat the thing grrr I also found a bug on this version it is the part where even after completing the game i still remain as journeyman mage. As a tips and tricks thread, here is my way of 'breaking' a slave. Making them obedient and lovey-dovey.

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About days with cosplay, max. No brand or anything required.

Recommended Sex Games

The thing was, Peeta couldn't get to grips with the term 'sexuality'. For the first few weeks he thought that everyone else might start thinking. GamesMass Effect This anon would like to see this go from start to finish (from the Or, more specifically, having sex with Yeoman Kelly Chambers. Again . She gave the man before her a smile that was both innocent and.

Just the occasional scream in the face to keep 'em in line should do. As you go, they'll slowly love you, so long as they aren't under the luxury requirement. If it's a no go then, just try again in a day or two. It's generally pretty quick. My starting slave is awful compared to some of the ones I've picked up along the way. Public Entertainer should raise it, a little bit each time. The Bedlah item should also do so overnight. If that isn't working, check the Bug Report thread and see if it's come up. But that should work unless it's capped.

I've even used gold in temporal beauty, hoping that might help charm raise. The growth is per day. Unless there's something else like bug prevents it, you should see it grow. What are the requirements to add someone to the farm for eggs? Is it only certain races? Do they need to be pregnant? Is there anything specific that needs to be done first? I've been through the marsh and deep marsh dozens of time and have never seen any snails. Is it just super super rare or am I missing a prereq? You need to have upgraded the hatchery in the farm before the snails will spawn. I also found my snails in the Far Eerie Grove.

What does speed do? I think all the other stats are explained. Not sure about speed. I explored the scripts. Speed is also related to dodge and hit calculations. I thought all that was Agility based, and speed was just whose turns were executed first. Is there a way to see the code? I've seen references to a time where it was distributed as code. Not sure if it still is somewhere. The attacker speed with modifiers is compared with the target speed. The difference in speed combined with a roll determines if you do a precise, hit, glancing, or miss.

Assuming you are using 0. Before the options come up. For instance, A gives blowjow to B. If only one is selected to one "job" and the other is blank, it won't bring up options. Same with them having the same "job" of give or take. Try moving all the body pictures sub-folders n all into a new separate folder. You can assign it like normal with no load times after that. Another benefit to doing this is being able to see the body pics in detail before deciding on one. I keep shortcuts to both body folders next to the Strive.

Portraits, being smaller, don't need any of this. Browse games Game jams Upload game Devlogs Community. Indie game store Free games Fun games Horror games. Strive for Power community. Viewing posts 1 to Buying slaves Slave price is mostly based on two things, beauty and level.

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Other things like Captured status, grade, or race apply multipliers, but beauty and level are the foundation. This means you can get some pretty amazing slaves for very cheap, as long as you don't need them for looks. OTOH, beauty, as well as mental stats, are based on grade - higher grade slaves start with higher values.

So while grade doesn't directly affect their beauty and therefore price , it does affect it indirectly. When you're shopping for cheap slaves, pay attention to their traits. Having a negative trait reduces a slave's price, so check everything before you hit Buy.