18 technology predictions for 2018
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Comet or asteroid strike: Humans will live to be over With so much doom and gloom predicted, this seems as unlikely one. It said in an article: Nostradamus Predictions for According to Nostradamus, its actions will have far reaching effects. Cloud Computing Will Disappear: Italy Will Face Financial Hardship: The Italian banking system is in serious trouble and the failure of these banks is simply the tip of the iceberg.

Wars over Global Warming: As far as the warfare itself goes, the greatest threat in the future will be terrorists. Nostradamus predicts a year of redefinition for Latin America. Governments will move away from policies of the left and will help set the stage for potential civil unrest. The current superpower, referring to USA, will become increasingly ungovernable and incompetent to take care of the world. Ideological polarization, political corruption, growing inequality will be growing the factors.

Widespread Use of Solar Power: By , solar technologies could account for a significant portion of global power generation, according to Nostradamus, helping economies and businesses guard against rising energy costs and the impact of climate change. Commercial space travel is the real deal, but beyond orbital flights things will become exponentially more difficult. While Silicon Valley leads, both innovation and scaling increasingly occur across the globe. Europe and central America lead the way in decarbonising their energy chains. China is making huge strides in the large-scale electrification of its urban transport systems.

Its focus on AI, supported by the state and the Chinese tech giants, will show up as novel methods and large-scale implementations. And not just in personal surveillance. And its business culture, focusing solely on corporate profits, will lack the motives to innovate in areas which impact the social fabric for the collective good or areas where a state can directly offer a comfortable regulatory environment such as Dubai and Singapore.

Curiously, the EU will provide room for innovation because of its ability to bring broader groups of stakeholders together than competition alone can foster. Watch the innovation around open banking and privacy in Europe this year. Leapfrogging in other innovation hubs will continue. These will seek to back emerging winners at a regional and global level look at Careem and Didi, in ride sharing, for example.

This may create funding gaps at earlier stages in the market, as already evidenced by the seed capital slowdown in Europe and the US. One will be voice, both as an input and as the output. The second will be images. Embedded cameras are providing large-scale inputs to machine learning systems: One example will be the growth of affective computing applications. Specialist hardware think TPU s and other ASIC s being made available from a wider array of cloud services will combine with novel frameworks TensorFlow and its competitors.

Cloud-to-edge computing as we deliver an increasingly large proportion of intelligence at the locality where it is needed. A new paradigm of software development where the best developers nurture highly parameterised models and cajole the training data to feed them. They will invest and invest big. The best firms, incumbent and startup, will combine AI investment with strategic and organisational change.

Those same firms will move from simple notions of data supply chains to rethink their business models around data network effects and AI lock-in loops. Firms which view AI not as a tool with which to expand their offerings but merely to cut costs will become lords of an ever-diminishing manor. The collective efforts of the research community continue to impress us, especially as we see low-hanging breakthroughs in areas outside of vanilla deep learning, such as reinforcement learning, adversarial networks, one-shot learning and unsupervised methods.

The discussion on how AI will impact employment will shift from solely focusing on the elimination of jobs to how best to help workers accommodate the inevitable change: Different countries will take different approaches. Those which combine an investment in social goods like education and a safety net and maintain a healthy approach to entrepreneurship and innovation will do best.

We will also make more progress in understanding the commons questions of trust, fairness and justice in algorithmic systems. Sensible boards, prompted by legislators, regulators and activists, will make ethical AI a top-table issue. In , the activity in decentralised applications and protocols based on tokenisation will increase, and important networks like FileCoin, Orchid and Ocean will come live. Below the speculative froth, in calmer waters, sober-minded teams are coming together to tackle real problems using the unique attributes of blockchain technologies solving the incentivisation problem across a market network of random participants, allowing the emergence of trust in such a system.

These areas include how to build a data commons to incentivise the sharing of data, allow the sharing of models, using blockchains and smart contracts for individual AIs to mediate their machine-to-machine interactions. Sordid revelations in crypto speculation will be outweighed by the wall of money entering the assets class. Asinine press releases, speculative investors and shady enablers get out into the market much faster than the technology can become useful. Look to Canal Mania and the British Railway boom for antecedents.

They would somehow connect with augmenting spiritual truths of TV and get enlightened. Their testimonies will be heard with respect. In brief they will become instruments of God to bring about end of Kali-yuga much, much ahead of its tenure of , years — meaning only before the end of years from the time Shri Krishna departed for his divine abode! I fortunately connected with Mr Craig Hamilton-Parker and truly think he is doing a great job providing a platform to all seekers to discuss such issues.

Thanks for this — I missed it in the news. They have more coverage of European events, and a more balanced view in my opinion of Middle Eastern events. You get another side to the story, not just the stuff churned out by the U. I am closely following your predictions. Syria is left like a wasteland. They are trapped like pawns in strength show game of the superpowers. He had made seven predictions and five of them have come true. However, do you have any predictions of a prosperous Africa or specific African countries? Dear Craig, you have mentioned about escalation of conflict between India and China in your predictions.

Personally, in one of my dreams I saw map of northern India is red. This is interesting to know but also I know that sometimes there was wild speculation and hearsay about predictions He made that Sai Baba later denied or contradicted. It would be interesting to know what predictions he made that have been properly documented. I did some digging on those predictions. And i discovered that you were right, later sai baba denied those predictions. However, many people predicted indo-china or indo-pak war.

Like anton johanson,viswaranjan brahmachari etc. Ireland is talking about leaving the EU due to its interference with their tax laws. Do you see that happening soon? This may be Sabre rattling to get concessions over their tax-free bribes to Google and others. I feel others will go before them. I read in one of the naadi oracle predictions that Scandinavia would turn into an ice desert by Can you say anything about it.

I think its the Bhrigu Samhita that has predicted this Similar to the Naadis I was able to consult it about my own life and like the Naadis it had my name written in — it was written there centuries ago. I was very accurate about my life and confirmed the Naadis. I have not personally been given this prediction via an oracle or holy man or through my own intuition so I cannot comment. But not just islam but christianity too will be forsaken.

All the sins committed by both religions will be the cause of their destruction. I believe that this will happen and Christianity will survive into the distant future but it will be very far removed from the blind bigotry, self-righteousness, propaganda and fear mongering that we see today. As a matter of fact as I see it Islam, the pure and authentic Abrahamic Divine Creed will strive and will be embraced by a vast majority of people of good will and those who really believe in submission to the Divine Will of our Creator and the unique and all- merciful God!

The salvation of humanity lies in abiding by, Islamic Monotheism and it will happen between I agree that at heart Islam is a very pure way to God but the dreadful distortions by fanatics twisting the Creed will drive people away in the years ahead. In my opinion, everything that is, is God made manifest and all the great religions of the world can take us to this knowledge if we look the the heart of their teachings. Your thoughts are profound and most of them very well corresponds with the warnings of the Muslim saints and seers.

All of us as members of the same human family, have a duty to pray for peace, unity and happiness for the entire suffering humanity. All acts violence against innocent people across the globe ought to be condemned. I fear we may be about to lose Joan Collins. I had a dream about her sitting behind a desk in a warmly lit attic room with a black candle burning in front of her.

The roof of the attic was sealed and closed so she will not pass by stroke. Thanks for spotting this — I missed it on the news and would probably have written it off as a wrong prediction. I scare myself sometimes getting so many right. It looks like your prediction of a Thai terror attack on tourists has come true sadly. Sree Veerabrahmendra Swamy a reincarnation of Lord Vishnu who is the Preserver of the deities predicted that from November onward through the year there would be many cataclysms which would wipe out millions.

These comprise earthquakes of over 7 on the Richter scale occurring all over the world. In China from to since Saturn represents 8 Years it would see common man protests, Change of Government, bad karma and economic troubles. China would fight a war with India to divert public opinion from their economic troubles. America will be wrecked by hyperinflation and food riots. The fall of a superpower with 20 trillion dollars in debt by which is more than the G.

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P of the country. Britain would face economic crisis as well as its debt has reached alarming proportions. Overall Europe and America would spend less on defense affecting them in the future decades when the security of these countries is threatened. Sree Veerabrahmendra Swamy still has a big following in India I believe. The prophecy of the war between China and India has been predicted by other swamis too but they may have been drawing from the same source.

I deleted the link to your website Google punished websites that link out but have since taken a look and it is interesting so include it again here in case other visitors find it useful. All these predictions should not be considered as something to be afraid of, but rather a guide. Thanks Craig for sharing these! Your talent is amazing.

Chickens always come home to roost. This is an absolute. It is not Russian tanks that destroy US, it is the Red menace from within. They want you to be dumb. God Bess you, no one else can or will. Dear Craig… You got about Brexit right. You also said that Chinese economy will be in trouble. When will that occur, this year or coming years?

Can you write another article about your future predictions of China and Russia for example? There is a specific page on the site for Predictions About China. I have recently read a book explaining how this has occurred. The Chinese with money are taking it out of China and investing it abroad e. Hinckley Point nuclear facility in UK. Believe the wave of positive change is happening with Britain democratically taking the lead. After the playing fields have been leveled and calm has been restored things will improve.

A few weeks ago, I dreamed Trump was elected as president of the USA, he lost weight, his face was pale, white not orange like now. Britain voted to leave the EU; PM resigned. You have predicted a short recession, please would you let us know how short it would be? What will happen to London? I would love to know who is going to win the football Europa cup Would be nice for a change if an outsider wins.

I love little Iceland. Well done you got the UK leaving the EU situation right, which many people doubted. Looks like our contacts might get stronger with India, Australia and Canada. Though this makes me wonder what else among the list is in store for us for the rest of the year? You predicted a Brexit, but all indications are that the UK will choose to stay in Europe vote is tomorrow , will you change your mind between now and tomorrow? Are you still sure about a Brexit this week?

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So, do you still believe a Brexit will occur in two days time on the 23rd June ? I so hope you are right about us leaving and the EU breaking up, because in the long run, it will be the better deal. I think Craig is right. It is possible that God Sathya Sai Baba have different plan; He foretold that He will help avoid WW3 as that will be too lethal for this planet and will unite humanity through other means, such as mental-change thru Spiritual teachings, but there will be natural disasters, and majestic re-appearance of Him.

I am messaging as recent movements in politics and predictions of ww3 are flooding the Internet. I am wondering, do you really feel that a ww3 will be avoided, or Is this a more of a no comment situation. I feel from your predictions you are not concerned about this. We can change the world with our positive thoughts. The nature of war has changed.

Labour had there worst election result since But now being part of the EU for an independent Scotland is probably off the cards the Scots may move back to Labour — particularly if there is a change of leadership soon. Hi Craig, its always nice to come across someone who has a real talent for these things; my only concern is that it just seems like the world is going to hell in a hand basket… What are your thoughts on the development of a the human race over the coming centuries, do your abilities extend this far?

I have written about this extensively in my book called Messages from the Universe. In short, we are at the cusp of a better age called Yugas — in fact we are a few hundred years into it according to some enlightened Indian teachers. The transition will be difficult but as it progresses the spirit will become stronger than the powers of materialism.

Initially we will discover new forms of energy. These will be material at first — for example the Vedas says there are 8 forms of electricity to be discovered — but also new spiritual powers will unfold such as ESP in the general population but also powers over matter. For now we have some bumps but all will be well. These comments seem nothing more than fear mongering. I feel sick reading them. Lets lift the vibration with some positive comments here instead of contributing to the fear in the world. Wow Brussels was just attacked and I see that it was mentioned above but only off by a year or so.

Amazed to see this prediction come to pass, and I know how hard it is to get the timing just right. They did a bomb but I wonder if gas was intended? About the dam burst in India, do you see which one or the name of the river? There are a few dams in Himalayas. Sorry I only saw a dam burst. I seem to remember the image was very high up so may be in the far north. You wrote country leaves the European union.

Yes we will leave the EU but only narrowly leave vote do extremely well and David Cameron position is in the balance tensions running high but undecided voters will be the key and they will vote out in large numbers. I see shock result that will have them reeling. Uk will leave Eu via referendum however MPs will not authorise the implementation of brexit and uk will stay in Eu.

The prediction is right about leave vote winning and also the prediction about staying in Eu is correct. I heard a story by someone famous now deceased who said when the world is on the verge of WW he will appear again. He will be born in Karnataka, India the d. Hope that answers your questions. Prema Sai is said to come around and appear in public later, around the age of 14 or even later. Born not in the sense of coming out of a womb but of spiritual birth. It will take years for this person to reach their potential and for all to recognize this person as the fifth Buddha.

This does not mean the world will end physically but that a new way of life, the Age of Aquarius, is just beginning. The last Pope, Pope Francis, will not be literally the last Pope but the last Pope before the end of time starts. Just as President Obama was predicted to be the last president before the end of the world. It does not mean there will not be other presidents. The seven years of tribulations starts somewhere by First cleansing or warning.

The Second Great Tribulation will occur, according to what I received, probably around For those will be the ones that survive and bring…. All my life I have been able to predict and channel information. Often being an empath, it is difficult to feel the pain of others. I continue to receive that September, will be something big that will occur. I also feel that in , there is a monumental change that will happen. We should look past these things and view people with compassion without judgement.

Accelerating climate action

Arnaldus de Villa Nova. Looks like peace-deal being worked on in Iran but the US will be at war with Iran this year in a way similar to Gulf War. Vadillo, Umar Ibrahim On 10 November , as I was about to fall asleep, I found myself suddenly standing before a glass door or large window. The Last Judgment and Babylon Destroyed. This British MP, who was one of the 12 apostles of the Catholic Apostolic Church , believed that the world was growing nearer to the Apocalypse due to what he viewed as the rampant immorality of the times in Europe.

I saw before it happened. I feel and sense every single event before it occurs. From major disasters from the earth to manmade disasters …. I cannot predict to order. I add my predictions when they come to me in meditation, dreams or through the Naadi Oracle.

How about a few cheerful ones? A load of hype same as moon landing as no flesh can pass thru the Van Allen radiation belts and survive. More hype the earth turns at KPH but if you travel by plane East to West and return takes the same time for the same distance. As ex Labour of 40 years, hell will freeze over before many of us will return. For , you said that there will be a large wave of refugees from Georgia and Ukraine.

There is nothing going on in Georgia right now but will Russia try and Invade them again like in ? It looks like the prediction is already happening. Russia has intervened as I predicted last year and in the section about the Middle East predictions. Turkey will come to the aid of the Kurds even though many Turks hate the Kurds. The only solution I see is for Syria to be partitioned. What do you think will happen to Pakistan in ? Will it split into different smaller countries? Hi, I have been following this extraordinary page for a while now. Thank You very much for giving us all an insight in Your predictions, Craig!

Probably the one of very few pages that gives much more precise information, I would love to see it being used more by all! I believe it would be a very good time to start discussing near future in Europe and middle East as the situation is boiling over. Can anybody please share their predictions on refugee crisis, how will it develop and leave impact across the Europe?

What will be the impact on America and China? I think we should start sharing more here and with people around us so to spread the awareness as what we see unraveling before our eyes will not end well. Please, if anyone can see clearer in to this, share your visions! Religious cleansing will occur Russia and China will force conclusion of war. Russia will build its empire. Trump will become President. Astrology and astronomy were originally considered one field of science or study. So even though astrology predates recorded history. I predicted the big earthquake in Japan Fukushima about 6 weeks before it happened.

When Japan got it I knew that was my prediction and the feeling I had went away. Last night I dream a big tsunami everything was under water people die in the dream I went inside a hotel I took some my family and kids went on top the building hotel with them the wave water was high in the dream I was in Miami Florida. I had a dream about me coming from work Before I even had any knowledge of working at my current workplace.

As I was driving home on the road I am taking now , I saw fireballs falling from the sky and had only one burning desire — to get home. My dream was so disturbing that I woke myself in order to stop it. This is a recurring dream. The more I think about those dreams, the more I feel the urgency of buying a gun in preparation for riots, war, chaos, etc. I had a vivid dream, I was walking with my mother in-law along the footpath at Newcastle Beach when we seen a giant tidal wave, all the water was sucked back from the beach, two nuns said how will we get through this, I said we will swim through, this wave destroyed the city of Newcastle Australia.

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I had a dream three months ago of a tsunami and of an asteroid hitting earth. Prince Charles will die before the Queen. Meaning William will be king sooner than he wishes to be. Charles will die in the next five to eight years. But I can see the Queen reaching to her mothers age when she dies.

In her early s. I have said for years that Charles would die before the Queen. He will go quickly and unexpectedly. These are very interesting predictions. I have one more prediction. That dwarf planet, Ceres, does have life on it, I think the satellites that were launched recently to explore it will come back with some very interesting information….. I am a psychic and I have a prediction to add! Tilikum, the orca whale from Sea World Florida, will kill her 3rd victim this Summer!

I have to tell you I have been telling people since I was a little girl that the world is going to end as we know. I know something is going to happen that many will die. That there will only be a hand full of us left and we will have start over. I am not sure what is suppose to happen but I feel it getting closer. A few weeks ago I had a dream but who knows if it is true. I predicted that a war will come to America. I had a dream a few months back, I was running up to a home trying to survive gun fire.

As soon as I got in the home I went to the balcony and yelled out blame obama. As I yelled I saw jets, and helicopters above me shooting at a large city. Right after that I was shot by helicopters and woke up. I have also had predictions of flooding and major volcanoes from California to Washington about every night. Last night dreamed of sink holes opening up with massive sink holes and rocks falling, buildings falling, in my dream this happened outside my house, then read this morning about the small earth quake in Angelsey.

My wife Jane also had a similar dream. A couple of years ago I dreamed I was sitting on my sofa with my Grandson looking out the window, we began to move at a rapid pace as if we were in a vehicle. All at once I realized that I was not in a vehicle and the house was moving at least 40 mph. Hi, I have had a very serious dream for the last few years. I feel like major cities are not safe, martial law will take over. We will be prisoners in our own homes. I trust my dream so much that my family and I are making plans to move to a rural community.

I wander if others feel this way, it scares me. On the 12 December I had a vision of Josefina Vasquez Mota being assasinated shortly after her inaugaration. My vision showed men dressed in black. This will be live. I have never had such vivid visions before and its my first world event vision. I have had a dream that Russia and China joined together to take over America and make all of us live in a one world order. Not long before the election here in UK. How well do you think UKIP will do? Will the UK be overrun by immigration in the foreseeable future?

My personal feeling is that UKIP will do very badly in the election and will probably disband next year if the Tories win and an European referendum is called. I think there will be a last minute swing to the Conservatives in the upcoming election. Can you feel the thickness of dread in the air? The impending of something very large going to happened? There will be tough times ahead particularly those caused by pollution and toxic air but we will make it through. In the golden age I foresee hope so much hope. The love that people will experience is so deep that very few in this life have never experienced this before.

I predict that people will experience freedom where they are no longer afraid they will have control over their fears rather than the other way round I promise you it will be amazing. Yes, but the cleansing must happen first. A handful of people will live through the thousand years of peace and then evil will be released again into the world. And once again everyone must work how to achieving this state of consciousness.

Wanted some answer what could this mean. This is a dream about your own emotions, anger and feelings of helplessness. It is unlikely to be a prediction about world events. Will the large corporations who overuse natural resources worldwide be brought to justice or control? I predict that in the future — from about — we will see toxic clouds that may at times decimate large populations. Even then it will be hard to stop Big Business ruining the world.

I am writing about this in my new book — watch out for it on this site. I predict this year the world will see North Korea become increasingly hostile. I see them leading some sort of military engagement against south Korea and america in which involves their navy leaving Korean waters. Now 6 months after, I still anticipate things are going to happen this September. Anyone else feeling things for September ? His spiritual thinking shall be so revolutionary that people in a mind boggled manner shall witness its spark getting converted into a blazing inferno which in turn shall spread in every nook and corner of the globe.

In this way slowly but surely people will get directed towards spirituality and shall totally be rendered spiritual. I see a female world spiritual teacher coming to show us the true teacher is within ourselves and how to heal. She will be known by all by or maybe sooner. She will, over time, be given many gifts that will influence people to gravitate and put more faith into the teachings without forcing people to convert.

I agree completely with a previous poster, America has had enough of the Bush family. No way we would elect the hanging chad Governor who helped steal an election. What do you think about the latest in the Amanda Knox case as of today, March 28,? Will the truth ever be known??? With a federal government and monarchy. Likewise, I believe that the British government will be instrumental in establishing a new EU — European Federation of Nations, with a potential return to an EU appointed Assembly similar to that of the United Nations General Assembly, instead of the current European Parliament, with the Commission becoming the civil service for the EU, and the Council of Ministers and national governments being more involved and effective.

The so called Islamic State caliphate will largely fail — but will eventually became a region of Earth, the Islamic Union of nations caliphate, I therefore predict that you will see negotiations between all Islamic countries, leading up to the creation of an Islamic Union — caliphate. Your prediction of Joan Collins has me wondering if her character as the Queens mother on The Royals will die.

You could well be right! I have experienced very real in the moment predictions for Earthquake and lone terriorism in Bali. March and April very clear. We have just returned from Bali and it was a very unsettling experience. I felt the need to hold space over the whole area whilst I was there. Hoping that this is more metaphorical than real events. I was wondering if anyone had any predictions that have anything to do with ISIS or maybe terrorism attacks. I do believe in people who can predict things. I too have dreams of things but, often do not remember then until they come true.

I too have had numerous premonitions related to a catastrophic earth geological event that will trigger other events throughout the world like a domino effect. These events will disrupt communications and be visible from space. So am still shocked that this little magnetic work as well love and light to all. Interesting about your prediction for a volcanic eruption in Japan — the scientists are predicting that Mt. Fuji is going to erupt and I have seen another prediction of it happening this year.

On a side note, I received a message that Mt. It was just one of those messages that seem to come out of the blue, when I am not even thinking about anything in particular and have no vested interest in the event, for instance living near Mt. I did find another prediction on Google by somebody who claimed it was going to happen in May.

Nostradamus 2018 predictions: World War 3 and disaster BUT survivors could live to 200

We shall see what occurs. The astrological age of Aquarius will jump-start into motion. My dad is super spiritual and predicts that a major Earthquake will occur in the 10th of March from the New Madrid fault. He predicts that 4 Earthquakes will happen ranging from 6. Today is March 3rd I had a very vivid dream on February 11, of a large explosion in Washington, DC. I awoke with a start. I have seen sculptures in a mountain and one was cracked or broke, think it was an earthquake. Could be Rapid City.

Could this be a premonition of future events? Lots of submarines anchors lizards and bridges. I have noticed on other sites predictions of terrorist attacks and one of them being in Scotland. Wondering if you are getting anything on this and if so where about do you think? Also, the bin lorry incident at Christmas time I sense there is a lot of secrecy surrounding this. Do you have anything more in depth on this?

Previous Predictions

I feel one of the most frightening will be aboard a passenger liner. I predict action with Iran and North Korea will make news. Looks like peace-deal being worked on in Iran but the US will be at war with Iran this year in a way similar to Gulf War. Iran will be destroyed militarily by US and UK. North Korea uses the situation as chance to pull something but they find out US can fight 3 major wars at the same time if needed. Korea will soon be united as the North falls after a war in next 36 months. Cuba tends to try to avoid openness again a short time then all clears and US business-people will be going there to start building projects as Cuba becomes tourism centre of Tropics.

I also predict that Russia invades another nation late summer then has to pull out. Abridged by editor as post far too long. I have also seen L. In rubble from an earthquake. I was shown a part of the polar shelf breaking free and causing flooding on the east coast. I foresee that subway systems should be watched closely this year around the world. There is an extreme increase in spiritual awareness and unconditional love is openly embraced. I predict that the upper management of corporate banks are investigated and there will be arrests and thus starts the fall of the powerful.

On 10 November , as I was about to fall asleep, I found myself suddenly standing before a glass door or large window. What I saw caused a feeling of terror I have never before known. As I stood looking out the window, the moon came rushing towards me, crashing into the earth. Then there was total darkness. I jumped out of bed, shaking with my heart pounding.

The shaking and accelerated heart rhythm continued for several hours. Since childhood, my visions, especially the terrifying ones, usually come true. I predict that Bush the father will pass this year! A family member of mine is predicting that Jeb Bush will become president! Other sources are predicting that Hillary Clinton will become president but not too soon after she would be kill, putting a male as president soon after, cannot figure out how or if it is possible that Jeb Bush be then president. I just had a look at your predictions…Bearing in mind you predicted these in September We are nine days into and I think we can easily tick off several of these events..

Thank you for sharing these predictions; this is very interesting to read. I also notice society has become very shallow, self-centred and obsessed to become famous — talented or not. All I got about that flight was that the disaster was government related, the government did it not sure if intentional! Anyone else got the same or close to that?

Hi Craig, I read your predictions a week or two ago, and now I see your Paris terrorist prediction has come true sadly. Has anything else that is positive come to you since you made your predictions some months ago, for Australia or the World? I would love to know about my after some very challenging years. I do telephone readings from my site here but I prefer to do mediumship and give guidance rather than predict exactly what will happen for you.

I think it is such a pity that we are still, even now, locking horns with Russia. I believed that that this cloud of distrust and ill will had been dissipated, now it looms darker than ever. In the West we are as guilty on all levels as Russia on letting this happen, with Ukraine broken as the piggy in the middle. Him and Putin despise each other. We certainly should not be building the structures to keep Russia out for another generation. I live in southern Illinois and for the past few weeks we have been experiencing loud booms that are known to shake our homes. No one knows what they are.

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Could it be from the New Madrid fault line and Wabash fault line? I find your predictions fascinating! You rightly predicted that Scotland voted no, however with the potential of another conservative government, the withdrawal from the EU, and the rise of SNP at Westminster, do you predict another referendum sooner rather than later? This feeling about the future may be influenced by my own beliefs though as I believe that the UK is a great symbiosis of cultures where the sum is far greater than its parts.