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For sure, if you can spare one of your good employees for a period of several weeks, he or she can prepare an analysis of your internal needs, can scout the market for possible solutions, talk to the different vendors, calculate the costs of implementation and operating of the solution.

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Additionally, the colleague might also consider what you will need after the introduction of the tool, will define the proper skill matrix for the people who will have to work with the tool in the future and will be able to redesign the existing processes to fit into the digital world. Most likely, if the topic is new, you will be reinventing a wheel and investing your time and money not efficiently.

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We can cover the above mentioned topics for you for a small portion of the costs since we have done this many times. Successfully rolling out a XRM tool is the base for harvesting the target potentials.

We help with project setup, structure and experts to bring your IT-project to a sustainable success. With the existing know-how, we support you in every step of the process in an efficient way.

Learn more or schedule a consultation. We support you in identifying the right DAM software for your need.

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We integrate this tool in your IT landscape and implement the interfaces against your standard software like Web analytics, Intranet Applications or Content Management Systems. But we can also provide you the inputs to setup an efficient team and optimize your processes to be able to leverage from the benefits of the system.

The worst investment would be an investment into a tool which nobody will use or will not use to its potential.

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With our help, this can be avoided and your ROI will be significantly higher. Customized solutions will enable with the best fit to your needs. Customizing, interfacing or extending existing market solution could save money. We develop, customize and embed the software you need in your environment.

Contact Ask us, we are glad to advice you! These notably include smart assistants, such as the Picasso search tool, billed as a world first by its developers.

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As Picasso, the Spanish painter and sculptor who shaped the art world like almost no one else in the last century, put it himself almost years ago: Cookies In order to give you a better service Deutsche Messe uses cookies. Be part of it. It harnesses a method that the great man himself summed up as showing what he had found and not what he was looking for.

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