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Handling ammunition struck him as "a dangerous task at any time," but with enemy shells churning the coral sands, "it was a heroic, thankless job that few of us wanted. As the sound of battle drew nearer, he concluded that he had made "a stupid and dangerous choice of transportation," but he reached his unit safely. Andrusko again saw the African-American Marines after his company, advancing through the island's rugged terrain, encountered concealed Japanese positions and came under fire that pinned the men down. With the company's first sergeant and another Marine, he set out to find riflemen to take the place of casualties and stretcher bearers to carry off the wounded and dead.

The first Marines that Andrusko and the others found proved to be members of the very unit he had met on the beach, and the blacks immediately volunteered to help.

Chinese inventor's home-made submarine

Andrusko's first sergeant had no idea that African-Americans were serving in the Marine Corps, so complete was the segregation of the races, but he welcomed their aid. When Andrusko encountered the men of the ammunition company, few white Marines knew that African-Americans had been serving in the Corps for more than two years. The leadership of the Marine Corps had shown scant enthusiasm for accepting African-Americans, who had to overcome the barrier of racial prejudice as they struggled for the right to serve.

But serve they did, ably and gallantly. Whereas General Holcomb and the Marine Corps refused to accept African-Americans, the Navy admitted blacks in small numbers, but only to serve as messmen or stewards. The forces of change were gathering momentum, however. Roosevelt, after meeting in September with a panel of black leaders, offered African-Americans better treatment and greater opportunity within the segregated armed forces in return for their support of his rearmament program and his attempt to gain an unprecedented third term in the November Presidential election.

Roosevelt won that election with the help of those blacks, mainly in the cities of the North, who could still exercise the right to vote, and he did so without antagonizing the Southern segregationists in the Senate and House of Representatives whose support he needed for his anti-Nazi foreign policy. By the spring of , many black leaders felt that the time had come for the Roosevelt administration to make good its pledge to African-Americans, repaying them for their help.

2nd Battalion, 9th Marines

Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. Languages Deutsch Edit links. This page was last edited on 16 May , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The building is gone and the site is a small park. This was northeast across the street from division headquarters. The address is still no 17 as it was in Completed in , the building looks and feels old.

A photo in the Packet also shows this bar which was located at 75 Shantung Road. Today the lower level of the U. I walked up the hill east from Shantung Road to St. There are many buildings in this neighborhood from the German period. The two buildings labeled annexes in old photos to the east and west of the Prince Hotel are gone. Many postcards and photos of the Qingdao water front show these hotels. The Oceanwide Elite Hotel is at 29 Pacific Road, next door to the east of the Prince, and appears to be of more recent construction based on comparisons of the building with old photos.

Travel & Lifestyle News about Qingdao – China's Sailing City

I walked through both of these hotels. A photo in the Packet shows a plaza type area on Pacific Road east of the hotels that is open to the north up to the former municipal office building from the German period. I walked by the former U. I walked north from Pacific Road up Jiangsu Road. This road has many old buildings on both sides as does Guangxi Road which runs east-west.

Jiangsu Road intersects with Yishui Road near the former U. Daxue Road formerly University Road is another tree- lined street full of old buildings north from Pacific Road which is the route to Ocean University. Daxue Road seems relatively undisturbed from the period. The Packet contains a photo of the event. I had hoped to do a then and now photo comparison of the surrender scene.

The Right to Fight: African-American Marines in World War II (Basic Racial Policy)

This was impossible given the recreational and other uses of the site. Google Earth provides a good overview of the current uses of the former race course. The outline of the race course is still very evident. The stadium east across the street used by the Marines for football games is still there but has been significantly expanded upward. One of the photos in the Packet shows a football game between the 22nd Marines and 29th Marines. The press box like structure at the north end of the stadium in the photo appears to have survived.

The former Strand Hotel building on Nanhai Road at the south side of the former race course which was used as a Marine billet still stands across the street from Strand Beach now No. The outside has been changed slightly and it is still used as a hotel. This hotel was built in the time frame and is identified as part of the Grand Hotels group in early tourist advertising. The beach was very popular with tourists during my visit.

I rode by the Iltis Barracks buildings several times. They were built during the German period and are just east of the former race course. These buildings were the tank battalion billet in and the tanks were parked at the race course. The buildings seem to be currently used for military purposes since there was a military guard out front. These buildings were built by the Germans as Bismarck Barracks in the period. As mentioned above, the Compound appears to have been continuously used by the Marines from arrival in until departure from Tsingtao in The rectangular area inside the Compound is very park-like with mature trees and shrubbery.

All of the buildings in the photo in the Packet appear to have survived. There is one modern building on the northwest corner of the rectangle but otherwise no significant changes. A biology student let me into the building at the southwest corner of the compound which was occupied by the 3rd Marines when the command was FMF WestPac. Some of the exterior doors appeared to be original and the building looked and felt old. The athletic field used as a parade ground by the Marines is still just to the south of the Compound.

I photographed several buildings that could have served that purpose. This is just south and west of the Compound. The building is Japanese style architecture and was built in It is currently part of the Yushan campus of Ocean University. This modernistic style building was built in The fresh Tsingtao beer was very good. I can understand why the Marines used rickshaws in Tsingtao because, while the distances are not great, they are long enough to work up a good sweat in hot weather.

I welcome any corrections and comments and will update this from time to time. If possible, please include any info you have so that we can give your images proper credit and correct captions. Good afternoon, my Grandfather was involved in this operation. I know this because of his Discharge paperwork. He passed away this recent January, , and he is sorely missed.

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George lied about his age and enlisted at 16, and was sent straight to China. His entire USMC career was there basically. I do have pictures of him in uniform, but who knows where they were taken.

Thanks for the Website sir. My father was a Corpsman assigned to Co. He was in Tsingtao during this time. He as been gone for almost 40 years now and spoke very little of his experience in China. I have virtually zero knowledge of the time nor pictures.

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His name was Harold Faith and he was from Oklahoma. If anyone has information I appreciate you sharing with me. My father was in the Navy from to Station in China , but not sure which ports he was at and not sure of the ship he was on other than a destroyer. I have many pics of the areas in China that he was station. I wish I knew more to share but it was a long time ago when he told me stories of his adventures there. Before it was brought home and surplussed out to other agencies.

I am looking for any pictures of the Liaison, or Artillery Spotting squadron that was based in China during that time frame.

It has been nearly 25 years of restoration to get this hulk of an airplane turned back into an airplane. Pictures, stories, anecdotes, anything along those lines would be of any help and would be greatly appreciated and will not be used for anything but reconstruction of this airplane. Freeman GH was in the 6th Division. I just realized this recently when copying old photos for a Veterans event. I know dad was there and came home in , He did say that where he stayed the landlord? He died in He brought my mom home a bright orange kimono, lined with bright green and a large purple dragon on the back.

When Dad sent letters to Mom, a friend of his would draw beautiful Chinese girls on the envelope to make Mom jealous. Dad was called back for the Korean War and was getting on the ship to leave when they pulled him off. He and Mom already had 3 kids and she found out that I was on the way. We had a lot of memorabilia of his time there around the house when we were kids. I think my sister still has some. All he would say is that his division would take the train s into the mountains as far as they would go, then hike the rest of the way to pick up our American pilots before the Communists got to them, after the pilots had ditched their planes due to no fuel.

He would not speak of the time there; perhaps it was too overwhelming for him. I have since discovered that the operation was called Operation Beleaguered. He was assigned to the 1st Division Marines during his time there. Thank you for posting what you all can. He never spoke of it except for that one time and has since passed away. I am only now going through my parents photographs and I have approximately a hundred pictures of his time in China.

I found this website when i was googled Tsingtao which was on the back of one of the pictures. This site puts things into perspective for me and thanks to all to have contributed comments. My father Harold Redinger was senior corpsman with Recon co. Thank you for this trip and the pictures. He never spoke of his duty there and he passed away back in His name was Robert F.

I stared developing a family tree a few years back and through Ancestry. Bob got out of the Marines about or so married my sister. They had seven children and he owned a home remodeling business in Seattle, WA.

I have 2 of the same copies that look like a proclamation. Navy transport ships were evacuating personnel? Authorized absence of more than 24 hours. Practice, especially on the rifle range. Landing Platform Dock, a Navy amphibious ship, capable of supporting and operating a small number of helicopters for an extended period of time. It is in the northeastern part of China on the east coast, north of Shanghai and southeast of Beijing. And what finally happened to him?

Just recently many hints came in about him and other Heeney relatives from Ancestry. I did a little research and found this website so I had to find out more. Well, one of the first things I see is a photo 27 in the series on this site that looks a lot like our Bob. Not real sure as the photo is grainy but the information on the site about what the missions were at least gave us and his children a little knowledge of what Bob did in China. So Frank took off and changed his name to Frank Haney and he lied about his age so he could join in the next country over at his new age of Sounds a bit like our Bob.

Thank you, and thank you all for your service. Fred, thanks for a great website. It has been 8 or 9 years since you posted this, and I hope it is still active. Navy transport ship as a Navy dependant as we evacuated mostly Americans from Shanghai and thenTsingtao out of China in circa March We were returning from Subic Bay, P.

That's Qingdao

I remember climbing one of St. The Red Army, or perhaps either against the Japanese. Can you recommend a source that I can research for exactly who may have been fighting at the time, and perhaps what U. Navy transport ships were evacuating personnel?

I have a pewter beer mug given me by a Marine friend named Richard Sansom who has since passed on. I enjoyed the letters written you about experiences in the area. Marines in Northern China by Henry Shaw is a good source. It is available on Amazon and eBay.

I suspect the Nationalists and Communists were fighting as the Japanese had retreated back into the city. Post a photo of the beer mug if you can. Hello, my brother was a china marine he said his barracks was in a girls school on Roosevelt Rd. I think he was discharged in and was back in again when Korea broke out in I think he said he had the same CO when he went back in as he had in china.

Tsingtao China, now known as Qingdao and famous for its beer, was a of Tsingtao, photos and articles from the China Marines Association newsletter, the .. We had a lot of memorabilia of his time there around the house when we were kids. .. he ever talked about was boot camp, and very little about his time in China. the recruitment of a mentally retarded trainee who had been killed in boot camp. General Wilson testified before a House Military Manpow1 er But he and other senior Marine officers defended the recruitment of Private McClure, 'We Cannot Afford This': Malaysia Pushes Back on China's Big Projects.

My grandfather met my grandmother in Tsingtao China while he was in the Marines. My mother was born in Tsingtao and we are trying to locate a birth certificate or any documentation. My father was in Tsingtao China and after he passed away in I was given some of his documents from the Marines. I have 2 of the same copies that look like a proclamation. I also have a paper that has a list of the names of Marines along with my dad Fred Gutierrez that were promoted to Private and Private First Class. The document is missing the top that had the date.

It is ok to post my email. Hi Fred, great website and letters. I was a teenage Navy brat on a Navy Transport that stopped in Shanghai and then Tsingtao to evacuate Americans from the area, and remember climbing one of St. As a 16 year old, I was noy too interested, Can you suggest some resources that I can research? I have a pewter beer mug given me by a deceased Marine frined named Richard Sanson with his name inscribed and the years I was in Tsingtao China in My memories are not as good as they used to be but I did have a silk dragon sewed into the inside of my Marine Uniform when I left.

I also rode in a rickshaw and remember a good friend at base camp Soong Lin Gu. I do have some pictures I can send a few.