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A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night Darcy Bites werewolves story by emphasizing that it was a love story. I have additionally read one book about Darcy being a shape shifter in The Darcy Madness.

Thus when a blog was entertaining a discussion about paranormal books and I was given a link to this book on a forum, I tucked it away for future reading. I found this book to be very entertaining with some surprises. There were a variety of were-creatures, from wolves to bears to dogs to dragons to weasels in the story. But there is also The Royal Were Hunters, who seek out, capture and kill these feared creatures.

The malady is not limited to any one level of society but it seems that the ton with their servants and acquaintances being many in number and more interested in observing their behaviors is thus brought more to the attention of the RWH and at the mercy of the laws as to the immediate capture and beheading than to which a lower level of personages is subjected.

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As with stories of werewolves these creatures are subject to change during the full moon phases. This novel did follow canon loosely and I was immediately enthralled when close upon learning that Netherfield is let at last, Elizabeth spies a dragon flying by her window as she gazes out at the night skies and is caught by the look in his green eyes as he draws near.

She knows of were creatures up close and very personal so she is not alarmed. In fact her relationship with the most gentle of any such mystical beings slants her judgment about all were beings. Now what is comical are and this is a fixture in all JAFF the misunderstandings we read of between her and, of course, Darcy.

And it is not just what she overhears…you will laugh out loud when you read of just who she observes being embraced tightly by Darcy and then who she comes upon in a state of undress among the rhubarb leaves! NOT a minor misunderstanding as to what she has seen and its meaning. Throughout this book it was hilarious to read the role Mr. Bennet all have part in this story. And some of their roles are of denial, of subterfuge, of vile and hell-bent actions. As always Darcy maintains his honor, Elizabeth shows her caring side and there are romances for more than just a couple or two in Hertfordshire.

Darcy is a dragon to love!

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I have to note that the cover is not the best in attracting my good opinion - sadly. View all 8 comments.

A Touch of Night by Sarah A. Hoyt

Sep 29, Elizabeth McCoy rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: People who like Austen, people who like Regencies, people who like fantasy. Recommended to Elizabeth by: Me, after finding the author's blog. Copying from my Smashwords review: This is a very fun book. And, despite some presentational flaws, I'm rounding up five stars. I'm an evil, evil stickler for copy-editing watch the typos breed in my text now!

There are a fair smattering of comma-errors, and one search-and-replace that turned "ramrod" to "raMr.

Name" is required by American custom. There are a few oth Copying from my Smashwords review: There are a few other typos, but it's hardly unreadable -- and I am terribly touchy about such things. Other people are likely to be less-bothered. And there is always a chance that the author might upload a repaired file; ebooks are handy that way! I quibble about the cover art. The dragon should be far more noble, much larger, and without the smirk. This is one of the times when the book should not be judged by the cover. Ignore the cover art, and cope with the typos, and develop a big grin.


Cast on You, Your life force drains away at the Touch of Night. Cast on Other, Someone staggers. Wears Off. This spell is sold by the necro vendor (cant remember his name) in the OT evil outpost and is a must have. It is a quantum leap in lifetap power.

No only do Miss Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy have to cope with the usual sorts of misunderstandings of the era, but certain misunderstandings are compounded by the need to speak around delicate matters, which permits people to assume Add in a dash of Noble Selflessness even when the true misunderstandings are resolved, and the romance is quite properly complicated. Also, since were-creatures' clothing does not change with them, there's a certain amount of "fan-service" -- though appropriately glossed!

No purple prose paroxysms of Paranormal P All this, and currently a freebie? It's an entertaining read. Mar 30, Beth rated it it was amazing Shelves: Read via snippets the author posted years ago on Baen's Bar. Sep 29, Bry rated it did not like it Shelves: This book was nbad y'all. Not like I can't read another page it is so stupid and annoying it's bad - but omg this is so bad it's freaking hilarious and I cannot stop reading just because I want to see what else could possibly go wrong in this train wreak! First off, the typos. Dear god the typos. A monkey with a typewriter could have typed this better, and the monkey wouldn't even have to worry about using the old English spelling!

I am not talking typos like a missing space or its v.

A Touch of Music in the Night

I am talking typos like "tour" instead of "your" or my favorite "raMr. And this wasn't like 1 typos per chapter, more like 1 typo per page!! It's as if the author sat down, wrote this all out at once, never reread it, and just posted it to Amazon as a kindle book. Like I said, its like the author wrote it out as a stream of conciousness without ever rereading the book! She repeats scenes, like Mr. Collins realizes at 2 different events the Merryton assymbly and the Netherfield ball that Darcy is related to Lady Catherine.

She also repeats memorable lines multiple times. Darcy uses the entire line about Elizabeth wishing him gone when he comes upon her just after finding out about Lydia 3 times in the book! The same exact line!!!

See a Problem?

Finally, the plot itself. I liked the idea of all the different were animals people could be, and that it was hereditary, and could pop up in a family line with no warning, and the law of kill on sight was great because it added a danger. Otherwise though it was cliche and it only made me laugh harder because of course when you shift back from your were animal to your human shape you have to be naked which lead to tons of hilariously awful moments, and made Elizabeth think that Darcy and Bingley were lovers.

Becasue come on, if you saw 2 grown men naked together in the rhubarb patch in the garden on a lovely moon lite night, you would think the same thing! Also, it was as if the author was determined to make this spoof as dramatic as possible and include every possible bad thing that could happen to a chartacter in one work. It was never ending. Each chapter just introduced one more drama for the characters to deal with regardless if it made since to the story or not. Georgianna's side story and was taked on in the very last chapter as a complete side thought.

Yet I couldn't stop reading! It was just that much of a hot mess! Seriously, save yourself the trouble of reading this trash unless you are just looking for a total laugh! Dec 16, Liza rated it really liked it Shelves: I'm giving this book four stars because it was a charming and creative take on Pride and Prejudice, entertaining enough that I kept reading because I wanted to know what happens next. The characters were entertaining, and the idea that some of the characters might be were-creatures was unusual enough to hold my attention through the beginning.

It desperately needs an editor. There are typos and grammatical errors sprinkled throughout, which weren't enough to distract me from the story. The characters do things that don't make sense in the context of the culture. The story as a whole could use some tightening, as things are repeated that don't need repeating.

Yes, we got the hint that [redacted] is a were.

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Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. Touch In The Night Lyrics When the night meets the dawn One will stand one will fall Broken I can't go on An act of despair is what I seek Give me your love tonight You're burning up but I'm still cold Give me a place to hide from this horrendous emptiness inside Can you help me? Unholy Savior Battle Beast. I Want The World And Everything In It. Touch In The Night.