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The prophet, admitted to the secrets of God, was bound to utter them. He was a daysman between heaven and earth. Aware of danger, he would neither have been a man nor a patriot had he failed to prophesy. God foretold the evil that He might escape the pain of inflicting it.

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They were reckoned troublers of the land Ahab to Elijah , yet they persisted in their message. God still reveals His purposes concerning men. The fate of individuals is not known, but the fate of sin and the sinner is clearly revealed. Listen to all warnings. Regard every one who utters them as a friend who may aid you to avert the evil. Do not attempt to silence such warning voices Acts 4: This has been the least understood of all the evidences in support of Christianity.

Superior difficulties attend the subject. Not difficulties which stagger our faith, but such as require attention to overcome. Trace out the causes from which the difficulties attending this subject have arisen. The obscurity of the prophecies is generally supposed to have arisen from the metaphorical or figurative language in which they are conveyed.

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But figurative language is not necessarily obscure; it is the style that always did, and still does, predominate throughout all the East. It is the natural language of all rude and uncivilised nations, and may be made, if a writer is inclined to make it so, as clear and as intelligible as the most literal expressions. The obscurity of prophecies neither did nor does arise from any one peculiarity, property, or principle of language.

It is still more evident that it did not arise from anything in the subject to which they allude. For whatever event is capable of being described after it has happened, is equally capable of being described before it has happened, the change of tenses being in this case the only thing required. The obscurity of the prophets can be attributed to nothing else, but to the original intention and plan of their Divine Author.

The full evidence of prophecy does by no means appear from the discussion of one or of a few single predictions concerning Messiah, but from the consideration of all the prophecies taken together, dispersed as they arc throughout the Bible. We have the same right to unite them into one body of evidence, that we every day assume, of drawing the character of any eminent person in the records of history, by the general tone of all his actions compared with one another and taken together.


The prophecies are not only dispersed in various parts of Scripture, but are in most places connected with some other circumstance or transaction near the time at which they were delivered, and to which and to its immediate consequences they also allude. These events are often so interwoven in the very texture of the prophecy that to separate them requires a superior knowledge of ancient history, and superior powers of discrimination.

Besides the predictions of Moses and the prophets, the law itself, the Mosaical and Levitical law forms in its very structure and essence a distinct series of prophecy.

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John Wesley's Explanatory Notes is a Bible commentary that explains verse by verse the chapters and books of the Bible. John Wesley's commentary on the whole Bible was produced between and Deuteronomy 29 · Deuteronomy 30 · Deuteronomy 31 · Deuteronomy 32 · Deuteronomy 33 · Deuteronomy JOHN WESLEYS NOTES ON THE WHOLE BIBLE THE OLD TESTAMENT. John Wesley .. NOTES ON THE BOOK OF AMOS. •. NOTES ON THE BOOK OLD TESTAMENT. NOTES ON THE FIRST BOOK OF MOSES CALLED GENESIS. 30 .

The ceremonies of Jewish worship were a shadow of good things to come, whilst the body was of Christ. To extract the prophetical matter out of the Levitical law, and to show what weight it has, as an evidence for Christianity, requires not only sagacity, but in a much higher degree, the greatest sobriety, moderation, and good sense.

May not these difficulties suggest some arguments even in favour of the pretensions of prophecy? The evidence of prophecy is by no means absolutely necessary to the proof of a Divine revelation. The working of miracles is of itself sufficient to prove that a teacher came from God. The Divine authority of Moses, for instance, was never foretold by any prophecy, but was grounded on the belief of his miracles alone.

The evidence drawn from the ancient Jewish history is considerably increased by the obscurity of the prophets, which has been so much complained of. Obscurity, at least before their completion, was in the original intention of their Divine Author.

No one, before their com pletion, was able to unravel or understand them, so no one but God was able to work their accomplishment. Other means might co-operate, but the obscurity of the prophecies alone was a sufficient guard and security for reserving their completion in the hands of God Himself. We have shown that it is from a view of the whole, not from single predictions, that our arguments are drawn. Such a view carries with it the force of the strongest circumstantial evidence, which in many cases is more convincing than evidence which is direct.

Independent circumstances are facts, not liable to suspicion, unbiassed and invariable. Should an unbeliever insinuate any suspicion of collusion in the first settling of Christianity, his argument would immediately lose its force when applied to the prophecies. It must insinuate a collusion between persons of different countries, who lived many centuries distant from one another, between our first parents, and all the patriarchs, prophets, apostles, and martyrs who succeeded.

God has made a special revelation to his servants. The Bible is indeed a special revelation. Special in its occasion. It is made on account of the abnormal moral condition into which man has fallen,--made in consequence of human sin and its dire consequences. Special in its doctrines. That the right reception of this special revelation necessitates preaching.

There are some truths which men may receive and feel no disposition to communicate, such as the truths of abstract science, which have no relation to the social heart.

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But Gospel truth has such a relation to the tenderest affections of the spirit that their genuine recipients find them to be irrepressible. God has given to different nations different missions. He has given to Rome the mission of teaching the world the meaning of law; to Greece the meaning of art and philosophy; to the Hebrew race the meaning of religion. Amos 1 - 2: Amos 7- 8; Amos 9: Five Visions over Israel.

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The Coming Kingdom of Peace. Lexicon Search Greek Hebrew Aramaic. Before Christ Edersheim Flavius Josephus more.

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The Quotation Archive Add a Quotation. Tozer Charles Spurgeon Voice of the Lord more. Finding the new version too difficult to understand? Purpose of Writing The words of Amos reveal Jehovah's mercy towards an unworthy people. Overview of Contents I. Judgments over the whole of Israel Chapter 3 First Proclamation: Call for Repentance Chapter 6 Fourth Proclamation: Woe to Israel III. Israel is Ripe for Judgment Chapter 9: Sovereign Yahweh almighty, the suzerain warrior who led the most vast and powerful of all armies, urged Amos to hear His word and to bear testimony against the house of Jacob.

The reference to Jacob recalls the devious nature of this ancestor whose character the present generation of Israelites mirrored. It also recalls God"s gracious promises to Jacob. See note on Amos 3: Bibliography Bullinger, Ethelbert William.

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Bullinger's Companion bible Notes". Hear ye, and testify in the house of Jacob - i: The God of hosts - having therefore all the powers of heaven and earth at command, and so being One calculated to strike terror into the hearts of the guilty, whom He threatens. Bibliography Ellicott, Charles John. Lexicon Search Greek Hebrew Aramaic. Before Christ Edersheim Flavius Josephus more. The Quotation Archive Add a Quotation. Tozer Charles Spurgeon Voice of the Lord more.

Finding the new version too difficult to understand? Adam Clarke Commentary Hear ye - This is an address to the prophet. The prophets and priests, whose business it was to speak to the people from the Lord, and declare his will to them, and to admonish them of their sin and danger, are here called upon to hearken to what the Lord was about to say, and to testify and publish it to the people of Israel, the posterity of Jacob, though sadly degenerated: