Mata Haris Daughter (The Destino Detective Series Book 3)

Nuria González
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The Mata Hari Series book trailer #1

I Wish Wo Yuan. I en Tid Som Var. During the war he taught me how to be a spy behind enemy lines. No one taught him. He just seemed to know how to do whatever needed to be done. He got his orders or instructions from someone the rest of us never saw and passed them along to us.

But he only told us what we needed to know, when we needed to know it. After the war Nick married a German girl. I offered to stay over there with her too, but she only laughed, knowing it was a joke. I wished I had met her first. The late s was probably the best time to be a private detective since the s. The country was rapidly recovering from the war and all the problems it and the depression had caused. They were making beautiful cars and there were plenty of beautiful girls to ride in them.

I had a beautiful car but no beautiful girl to ride in it with me. The one I wanted married someone else before the war. They moved to California and I never saw her again. But now I wanted another girl. She probably thought I was too old for her. I was pushing thirty-five and she was barely twenty.

Her father was a hard, rough man. He called me when the weather was finally turning cold in Destino, Arizona, after another long hot summer. His name was Ward Hopper. He had two big mean sons that he had run off, a fat ugly daughter named Maud and a slender, beautiful daughter named Betty. An excellent read that sheds light on the life of Mata Hari. I don't know if the novel correctly depicts her life, since this is historical fiction, but it nevertheless gives voice to a woman who, today, has become merely a whisper of the notorious legend's life as a spy.

Yet this book is more than just the life and times of a suspected spy during WWI.

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It's actually a love story between a mother and her daughter--and the lengths that a mother has to go through to keep her daughter in her life. T An excellent read that sheds light on the life of Mata Hari. The author's writing is also excellent--infusing the book with tales of island magic, WWI spy lore and the enduring myth and questions surrounding the mystical life of Mata Hari. Those who like Historical Fiction and aren't upset by sexual scenes in books.

I just finished reading this book.

Yo, Mata Hari = Signed, Mata Hari

It is such a fast read. The chapters are short and you don't realize how much you've read until it's over. It gives a different perspective to the life of Mata Hari. So much about her is a mystery. Though a work of fiction you can see how it could be. I wish that there had been at the back of the book an appendix of what were true facts. The book is a bit graphic in areas, but it is the life of a woman who slept with countless men. The last page left me with shiv I just finished reading this book. The last page left me with shivers. An intense drama where the femme fatale converges into the common woman with any woman dreams, expectations, hopes and fantasies.

I was surprised how easily one can relate to the carachter. Whether the story is accurate or not, I really appreaciated it. Highly recommend that you go across the ocean with Mata Hari. The end will surprise you. Excellent character development, made me want to read more about her.

From other sources, it seems like the author played with the facts somewhat, but it's a mysterious case, so who knows what really happened? Yannick Murphy truly captures Mata Hari as a character -- you feel her pain and suffering throughout the book. What a sad story told so well I strongly suggest this book.

It is a quick read too! I was enraptured by the poetic melody of the narrative and how it suited this tale. There are dreams in this book and compassion and strength. Must read more by Yannick Murphy now that I know of her talent. This was a mysteriously wonderful book that captivated my attention.

I really didn't know much about Mata Hari and this story which took some creative license I'm sure was very enlightening. Another success from Yannick Murphy. The difficult and simple emotions, especially those not fully understood by the characters experiencing them, are subtly and succinctly and fully rendered. Worth it for the means and the ends. Really made me question so much that we have traditionally been told about Mata Hari. This book made me want to do some research on Mata Hari. I'd heard the name, but didn't know the details.

Will read more by this author. This was a really interesting read and a well written interpretation being the most important word of the life of the Mata Hari. I learned a lot about her and loved reading the story! I wish I had known more about Mata Hari beforehand, though.

Yo, Mata Hari = Signed, Mata Hari by Yannick Murphy (4 star ratings)

Lyrical and nicely written. The characters experience amazing things with seeming equanimity. The lack of emotion in the writing I think made it more engrossing in a sense. A lovely fictionalized account of the life of the famed "spy" Mata Hari. The focus of the story is on her motherhood.

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I loved the ending.