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Scheduled Adult Mosquito Control Treatments: Completed Adult Mosquito Control Treatments: Header link November 22, I Would Like To Overview April 27, Post May 2, Avoid prolonged outdoor exposure during dawn and dusk. These are the times when mosquitoes are the most active. Wear long sleeves and pants when outdoors to protect against mosquitoes bites Protect yourself against mosquitoes by using an effective insect repellent, such as DEET, Picaridin, or Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus. Video June 30, Post November 11, What is West Nile virus?

Video May 2, Pod April 13, Pod May 13, Pod November 11, No adult mosquito treatments are scheduled at this time. All operators and passengers of motor vehicles are required to properly fasten safety belts when driving on school property.

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Any operator of a vehicle in which the driver or any passenger is not wearing a safety belt or is not otherwise properly restrained in an infant or child seat will receive the following penalties:. Any other operator who is not a student will receive a warning and safety education material.

Any school administrator, staff member, or police officer may report a violation of this policy to the appropriate school authority. Please NOTE that this is a template. Send the completed press release to you local newspaper for publication. The PSA should be a maximum of 30 seconds in length.

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Participants may enter as many PSA's as they like. Teachers may act as mentors or entrants, providing direction and supervision, as long as the entry is solely a student effort. PSA's will be judged by a non-biased panel of individuals selected by their involvement with highway safety issues. The PSA's will be judged based on persuasiveness, logical organization, clarity, quality and creativity. Clearly communicate the importance of teens using safety belts whenever they drive or ride in cars, no matter who is driving. Identify a target audience and feature a call to action.

Show original and creative ideas. Be neat, clean, and professional in presentation regardless of format in which video is presented. To enter a video online: The videos will be stored in a secure location inaccessible to the public or other competition participants. A non-biased group of judges will review each schools activities, ensure all required elements were met, then review all additional activities conducted.

The activities will be judged on the following elements:.

Schools will also be eligible to receive statewide recognition for safety belt usage rates that reach the following levels during the 2nd safety belt survey:. Public Service Announcement PSA Competition Grant money to the schools producing the top three winning second videos to be used for further safety belt education.

All winning schools are required to use the grant money to further traffic safety efforts in the schools or communities.

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Joseph, MO Jenna. Clair, Stone, Taney, Vernon, Webster. Genevieve, Stoddard, Texas, Wayne, Wright.

See the attached form for further instructions. Incorporate the Buckle Up Phone Down message in at least one educational campaign. Collect completed forms to use for individual drawings during the campaign.

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August - September Register online Prepare the education campaign Schedule the 1st seat belt survey October - November Conduct 1st seat belt survey Start education campaigns Distribute Adult-Teen Driving Contracts Distribute the Graduated Driver's License Law fact sheet to parents and community members consider drawing a winner for those who distribute Make sure to use all provided materials to get the most exposure to the campaign and your group as possible. Utilize the provided press release.

May Awards ceremonies to be held at winning schools. Consider including a letter from your administrator reminding students about the dangers that face them when behind the wheel.

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One will be conducted toward the beginning of your campaign a pre-observational survey in the month of November. The second a post-observational survey will be conducted toward the end of your campaign between February 15 and March Selecting Your Observation Times Be sure to choose your observation times when the highest number of vehicles are entering or exiting your chosen location.

Immediately before and after school are the most optimal observation periods. Please be consistent with your time of day for each survey; for example, if you conducted your first survey in the morning, conduct your second survey in the morning. Each observation period must be held for a minimum of 30 minutes or until the parking lot has mostly cleared or filled.

Select Your Observation Teams Two people are needed for the observation team: Youth, parents, teachers or other community members may serve on the observation teams.

The observer will observe and then verbally give the information to the recorder. The recorder will use a small stack of Safety Belt Check Reporting Forms on a clipboard to fill out the data according to the ongoing verbal statements of the observer. Select Your Observation Point The safety of the observation teams is the first priority.

Mosquitoes: it only takes ONE

Stand in the parking lot, on a curb, on a sidewalk, or on the shoulder of the road. Observe cars going in one direction only entering OR exiting the parking lot. Get Permission and Prepare for Interactions Coordinate all safety belt observations with the appropriate adults or authorities. Collect Your Data Please Note: As field observers, the observation teams are the key link in this effort. Observation teams are to collect data on all varieties of motor vehicles, including cars, pickups, vans, and SUVs. Observation teams are to observe drivers, and front seat right-side passengers.

Only count if the seat belt is worn correctly. The lap belt should fit snuggly across the upper thighs and not ride up on the stomach. The shoulder part of the belt should fit across the collarbone and chest and not cut into the neck or face. The shoulder belt should never be behind the back or under the arm.

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The recorder will use a small stack of Safety Belt Check Reporting Forms on a clipboard to fill out the data according to the ongoing verbal statements of the observer. Sep 15, In addition to your safety belt surveys, consider collecting data on driver cell phone use. Research indicates that driver distractions are the primary cause of fatal collisions. Jason 2, books view quotes. Mar 08,

Utilize the template press release provided.