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Top 5 (DIY) bicycle maintenance tips for beginners
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  • Hugo y el príncipe de los finales (Spanish Edition). Make sure you check your tire pressure at least once every two weeks. If this is not possible, take the tires off completely. By doing this you prevent cracks on the sides of the tires.

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Keep all the screws, bolts and nuts in your bike where they belong by checking regularly if they are loose. It is annoying if you loose the screw holding your mudguards in place and having to listen that rattling and banging sound all the way home. Note that with some of the newer bikes the parts have the maximum torque limit written on them and you can buy tools that apply only a specified amount of torque.

When you are buying a new bike, ask your bike shop to give you a bag of spare nuts and bolts. You should get them for free, because they are dirt cheap. Make sure your brakes are adjusted correctly, check and change brake pads if necessary. If you have to pull the brake lever until it touches the handlebar and still almost nothing happens, you have to adjust the brake pads closer to the rim or your disc. You can do this by tightening the adjusting barrel if your brakes have one in the brake lever or the brake arm end.

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Tightening the screw moves the pads closer to the rim or disc. You may also need to unscrew the bolt holding the wire, tighten the wire and then screw the bolt back on. Before tightening the bolt again, twist the adjuster holding the wire and the wire housing to the loosest setting.

This way you have more room to adjust the brakes. It is also important to keep both the pads and the braking surface clean from dirt and oil. Dirty pads wear out themselves and the braking surface substantially faster. First check a video on how to remove a tire from the rim and how to put it back on.

You will need two plastic tire levers and some patience.

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You will get better. So, there you are. Master these five skills and practice them often.

Top 5 (DIY) bicycle maintenance tips for beginners

Flat handle bars are preferred by off road cyclists who can ride in a more upright postion whilst still having the controls at their fingertips, whereas drop handlebars offer more cycling positions and are favoured by road cyclists who typically spend more time in the saddle. I am trying to gain information from all these. How to Overhaul a Threaded Headset The New York State Department of Labor describes bicycle repair as a "realistic" occupation, meaning an occupation that would be enjoyed by somebody who likes "practical, hands-on problems," dealing with "real-world materials like wood, tools, and machinery," and one that "does not involve a lot of paperwork or working closely with others. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. If you ride your bicycle on long tours to out-of-the-way places, stell is the deal. The leather and the undercarriage of a leather saccle are both replaceable.

As a result, and I promise you, your rides will become more enjoyable, not to mention safer. If you have a very tight time schedule, let your local bike shop do it for you. The Lonely Planet cycling guide [4] says, "If you want to know more about maintaining your bike Richard's Bicycle Book [5] is a classic. If you want to know absolutely everything get Barnett's Manual From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Learn basic bicycle repair and maintenance from Silk Road Cycles owner Brendon Nicholas in these Howcast videos. Bicycle maintenance video tutorials. Fix a puncture, adjust saddle height, oil a chain, build a wheel or index a rear derailleur, every topic covered.

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