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Dec 08, Stephenie Eriksson rated it it was amazing. I'm recovering from this read that has been in my stack for at least five years. When everyone was reading it, I just couldn't face it. I knew some of the topics were going to hit too close to home, and I was not in the right place emotionally to read it.

I picked it up yesterday and finished it this morning. I loved this book. It was an emotional read no matter when I read it. We have an aging dog, not quite the world's worst dog, but she is rotten and exhibits some of the same characteristics I'm recovering from this read that has been in my stack for at least five years.

We have an aging dog, not quite the world's worst dog, but she is rotten and exhibits some of the same characteristics as Marley. I know we only have a few more years with her, and this book was the perfect read on a snowy day with my mutt snoozing on the floor at my feet. Jan 14, Gigi rated it it was amazing. View all 3 comments. Jun 05, Emma rated it liked it. This book is about a family who wanted a dog.

When they looked for dogs only one stood out to them, a dog who was soon to be known as Marley. Marley was a crazy and wild dog who even though caused a tremendous amount of trouble they always loved him from the bottom of their hearts. For example, when they left their home they came home to destruction, with almost everything in their home torn into pieces.

They were mad at Marley for destroying their things but they always realized that he was a good dog. I think that this book was a very emotional book, all of the people in the book had different reactions to things happening around them. The kids didn't really understand, and the parents were ready for disaster. They all were happy to be with Marley at one point and the next they weren't.

I would recommend this book, I think that John Grogan is a very emotional and powerful author. I loved this book and I would read many more of his books in the future. I think that younger audiences would enjoy this book because it seems to me like older people would not enjoy it as much as younger audiences. It is an emotional rollercoaster all over the place with an even more emotional ending! On the whole it is most definitely better than the film, and I would recommend it to all!

This Book is a must read, and the fact that it is a true story makes it a much more addictive book to read. I loved every bit of it! Nov 07, Jake Adams rated it really liked it.

I thought it was a very good book but it is very sad towards the end. I liked the whole story about marley and I loved watching him grow up and become an amazing dog. From being a crazy dog that no one wants to being someone's best friend. Jun 18, Rachel rated it it was amazing. Why did I think I could get through this without crying? I cried during the movie! This really was a great summer book to read with the kids. Had thoughtful discussions with my 7 year old about growing up, loyalty, and it being okay to cry. Wonderfully written for children no swear words, a lot of funny doggy potty references, perfect analogies, etc.

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Truly a universal, winsome story for anyone who's owned a pet and experienced the loss. If you have seen the movie, this is not entirely the movie you remember. This book features Marley the dog, not the husband-wife dynamic. Jan 18, Stef rated it it was amazing Shelves: John and Jenn are living there life as a marryed couple. They struggle sometime with there family but they always get back. They are your typical family with a dog nice house money and chrilren.. When Marely dies they are al very heart broken but they do get over it.

BEcuase i really liked it because of dogs Mar 29, Emma Mylinson rated it really liked it. With an appetite for nearly anything he can get his mouth around, including couches and fine jewelry, Marley is always getting into trouble. Some may say he's the world's worst dog. His heart is pure and his larger-than-life personality irresistible. With unconditional love and loyalty, he brings joy to his family, the Grogans, a Meet Marley, a yellow furball of a puppy who quickly grows into a large, rowdy Labrador retriever. With unconditional love and loyalty, he brings joy to his family, the Grogans, and teaches them what really matters in life.

Mar 27, Jonah rated it it was amazing. I gave the book Marley five stars because I thought the whole book was great. Marley the dog made the whole book funny. I thought the whole plot was great and that it had a great story line. The end of the book was kind of sad but I still liked the book because the plot and the characters were funny. Marley is what made the book such a great book because he was always doing funny things and that is what made it such a great, interesting, fun to read book.

Dec 13, Domenique Camilleri rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book is just like Marley and Me and it was easier, I liked this book because it was just like the other and this book is for anyone who loves a good story. I also liked this because I just love dogs so this is a book for me and this book is always in my head even though I havent read it in a long time. This book is fantastic. I'm going on the roller coaster of emotions throughout the reading.

It was so funny, warm-hearted but also heart-crushing. Marley is such a cute and adorable dog. He resembles so well my current puppy. After reading this book I learn that we really should love our pets more and more cz the only world they have is us. Apr 02, Trudy Parmarter rated it liked it. Read this for a local book club.

Not a big dog fan but the life of the journalist interested me. Nov 17, Jacee rated it really liked it. This book is about a family dog that is a lot of trouble. The dog is very bad and the family wants to get rid of it. Later in the story the family realizes how much they love the dog. Sep 01, Chloe rated it it was amazing. I loved this book, the way John Grogan has wrote it, it was great, it brings me to tears everytime I read it. Jan 31, Isobel rated it it was amazing. It's very rare that I ever give five stars for a book.

I thought the book was a little emotional. I would read more books from Jhon Grogan. May 19, Hannah S. I loved this book soo much. I can read it over and over and over again. I read it so slow because i didnt wan to put it down and end it. But when i did i wanted to read it again. I read this back in '08 and I can still feel the feels. Mar 08, Grant Ward rated it it was amazing Shelves: This was an amazing book that I loved a lot! I love and miss you Marley! Everyone except maybe people who don't like dogs.

I wish I can meet John Grogan — this book is bloody brilliant! Meet Marley, a yellow furball of a puppy, with an appetite for mischief!

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  • Marley and Me: Life and Love With the World's Worst Dog by John Grogan.
  • Marley: A Dog Like No Other: A Special Adaptation for Young Readers by John Grogan.

This book is a special adaptation from the international bestselling author of Marley and Me; now a major movie. Inside are photos of the origina I wish I can meet John Grogan — this book is bloody brilliant! Inside are photos of the original Marley, the real dog who inspired the movie! The extra care he provided Marley during his ailed health matched the same care I provided for Fluffy. The things Grogan did for his dog illustrated the love and devotion he had for him and there was one particular incident in the book that stood out from the others.

It reminded me so much of the time I stayed up all night with my dog when his back spasm up and he was in so much pain. It broke my heart to even think about leaving him alone in pain. Times like those just goes to show how strong a bond is between a dog and their owner. I ended up reading the interview with John Grogan and Goodreads After both watching and reading Marley and Me I can definitely say his words are true.

Marley shaped them for who they have become…. Again, I can relate to my own personal experiences. My dog became a part of my family when I was around 11 years old. He passed away this year and I am now Throughout 14 years I entered different stages of life, from pre-teens, adolescence and young adulthood. My dog was there with me through every change just like Marley was with his family and even though at times our dogs can be a real pain in the neck and cost us lots of money, they are also there for us when we really need them and teach us the important things in life….

And things that did not matter, too? A dog has no use for fancy cars or big homes or designer clothes. A waterlogged stick will do just fine. A dog judges others not by how they look but by who they are inside. Give him your heart and he will give you his. According to his interview with GR he wrote humorous essays at school. Grogan also mentioned that he has a natural way of sugarcoating things…boy does he ever! The author used similes, he used idioms, he used metaphors etc etc - it was such a refreshing read. Below are a few affectionate names for Marley as mentioned in the book: The one advantage to this was that it was nearly impossible to accidentally step in a heap of his poop, which glowed like orange traffic cones.

The air was filled with soft white fluff floating down. One hand grasp the end of his close chain as he bucked and lurched. It was like having a rodeo right in my own living room. What on earth are you doing? The movie is good but the book is way better. This dog was so full of life and lived it the way he wanted to — full of energy and excitement.

When you read this book if feels like you knew him, feels like you were there to watch him grow and go through every doggy experience with him to end. When you read this book, you end up loving Marley just as much as his family. May 19, Mrs. Pierce rated it it was amazing Shelves: When Marley starts causing to much trouble at the house thing start to get bad. What do you think is the worst thing Marley can do? Read to find out! I recommend this book to all dog lovers.

I love whe 4th Grader at LPCA This nonfiction story is about A slobbery, naughty, active, playful, loving, mischievous, and unpredictable dog. So, after I had fallen in love with Marley the dog, I decided to read about his death first, and then read about the rest of his life, leaving him at a point where he is still young and healthy a This is one of the handful of books I have read where I have read the ending first. So, after I had fallen in love with Marley the dog, I decided to read about his death first, and then read about the rest of his life, leaving him at a point where he is still young and healthy and I could imagine a happy end for him.

Other than that, this book is entertaining, but it's a particular kind of entertainment only dog owners can fully appreciate. Because I really doubt people who don't have dogs will want to read about fleas, or dog puke, or drool dripping off everywhere. Marley, of course, isn't the worst dog, and this is the part where I got angry. See, where I live, no one would ever have the idea that a dog would be happy with the backyard and could be left alone all day in the garage.

People frown upon that kind of behaviour here, even people who don't own dogs. Dogs are commitment, they need walks, at least three times a day, ideally more, they need someone to be with them at least half the day, and they need contact with other dogs. So, if I read about Marley's "dog poo bombs" in the backyard, I don't feel sorry at all. My own dog would never even pee in our garden. There is no reason for a dog to pee in his own territory unless there is no other place they can go to. And if I read about Marley being untrainable and having to be calmed with sedatives, I see a poor Labrador, whom nobody ever tried to train properly, who doesn't know what to do with his energy because he is only taken for walks every couple of days, who never really had the chance to play with other dogs.

But what made me even more angry was that the author in the book becomes a father, and they leave Marley with the little babies. He has the audacity to make a smart remark about people who warn against leaving your dog with a baby, because "the wild animal could surface every minute and the dog could kill the baby in seconds".

Which Marley would never do,because "everyone can see that he protects the baby. I believe that most normal dogs will protect a baby that they consider part of the family. Even strange babies, because they see them as puppies, and normal, sane dogs don't hurt puppies. What they do with puppies however, is that they teach them not to totally misbehave. And they do that by taking the baby's whole head into their mouth and shaking it gently.

I've seen my dog do that with puppies, and apart from being wet from dog-spit, the puppy was impressed, but not hurt. Some dogs will also take the puppy by the neck and shake it a little bit, or gently put their mouth over the exposed neck of the puppy to show them how such misbehaviour would end if they weren't so small. All these methods have one thing in common: So I can not stress it enough: NEVER leave your kids alone with a dog. It's up to you to know when your kids are old enough to understand what to do and what not to do with a dog, but hair-pulling or nose hitting or anything else that babies do out of curiosity can lead even the most patient dog to teach your baby some manners.

You cannot fault the dog for this, because it only reacts like a normal dog would react. But if you read up on "formerly harmless pets" hurting babies "out of the blue", you will see that it's mostly head injuries, and that all those poor dogs are being put to sleep because their owners thought it was cute how they took care of the baby.

Those owners should be shot and never allowed to have kids or dogs again. Well, I liked Marley, but I think that people who have a dog for 13 years and still don't know the first thing about dogs, shouldn't be allowed to write books about them. Let alone get a new dog. Dec 26, Dixie rated it it was amazing. Status symbols mean nothing to him. A water-logged stick will do just fine. A dog judges others not by their color or creed or class but by who they are inside.

A dog doesn't care if you are rich or poor, educated or illiterate, clever or dull. Give him your heart and he will give you his. I like my books to remain looking as new as possible and I enjoy perfectly pressed paper with no "A dog has no use for fancy cars or big homes or designer clothes. I like my books to remain looking as new as possible and I enjoy perfectly pressed paper with no hint of wear. I couldn't help it. I was so moved by Grogan's words that I wanted anyone myself included who read or re-read the book to be as moved as I was.

This book for me was something special. I am stingy about giving 5 stars to any book I read. I hesitated before responding, "Uh, its alright". I was not overly impressed at that point. I was enjoying the story but I knew where it was heading. I knew I would finish the book with tears which is not out of the ordinary for me. Sure enough, when I finished the book, tears streaming down my face I was sad it was finished and knew, for me, it was going to be a 5-star book. I was swept away with the writing and the story. It moved me emotionally and the more I think about it, the more I love it.

The author, John Grogan, is the owner of the crazy dog and the storyteller. For his profession, Grogan is a columnist so he has amazing writing skill. I enjoyed his sarcastic humor and the creative way he told his story about Marley. My husband and I are non-pet owners and will likely remain so. We both work full time. We are clean freaks. We like to travel. That being said, my mind for a half of a second wanted to change as I dog-eared the second page: Just as we had helped shape him into the family pet he would become, he helped to shape us, as well- as a couple, as parents, as animal lovers, as adults.

Despite everything, all the disappointments and unmet expectations, Marley had given us a gift, at once priceless and free. He taught us the art of unqualified love. How to give it, how to accept it. Where there is that, most of the other pieces fall into place. I don't have to see the movie to know that I already like the book more.

A movie can't capture the thoughts of Marley's family like the book can. The movie will also lose the enchanting writing of very talented author. Nov 16, Jake Doyle rated it really liked it. This book was great and gave me a real insight on what it would be like to have a dog. As a person who would like to own a dog when they get older, this book was a real joy because it shows how even though having a dog can be hard work, it pays off with the love and loyalty that dog gives. Most reviews of the book praise it but some criticize it because they say John and Jenny were terrible dog owners because they didn't treat Marley like a child.

This is silly because Marley didn't need to be t This book was great and gave me a real insight on what it would be like to have a dog.

Marley and Me: Life and Love With the World's Worst Dog

This is silly because Marley didn't need to be treated like a child and although he was still a bit crazy until the end, he changed a lot over the book. I think a reader who would enjoy this book is someone who likes books that are about dogs and ones that allow you to imagine scenes. What I mean by that is that when a scene was laid out in the book, I imagined it and the book gave me a good I,age of what must've happened. The dog lovers would like this book because, well, it's about a dog and his family who try to live with his craziness.

I also think family oriented book readers would like this because a main theme of this book is the importance of family. I think there is a huge character development in the Grogan family and how over the course of the book, Jenny and John become great parents after dealing with Marley, and Marley becomes tame but still keeps his puppy attitude. All in all, this ok was great and it would have been even better if I could've related to this family even more than I had. Let alone on a memoir. Hell, if I could rate this more than 5 stars I bloody damn would. This is the first non fiction book that I truly ever find delightful.

It was such a joyride. I'm the most dramatic, soppy reader ever and th 'In a world of bosses, you are your own master. I'm the most dramatic, soppy reader ever and this review will be just that. Dramatic and perhaps a bit soppy and maybe even non-sensical too because mind you, there will be a lot of gushings. I think I scared my mum while I read this because she threatened to lock me up in a mental hospital if I don't stop flailing around with this book and making weird cooing sounds.

This is how much Marley the Dog affected me. I've read a few memoirs back then and they were depressing and gritty as fuck. I was only eleven when I read about the real life accounts of a Yakuza's daughter and then another memoir about a girl living in the same roof with an alcoholic mother. Right after I finished, I made a vow to never ever pick up another non-fic book. I did not even want to look at it. Thinking it will be uninteresting, depressing and boring. Now fast forward to the present, boy was I wrong about this book. But when they brought home a labrador retriever puppy that came to be known as Marley named after the celebrated singer Bob Marley their lives were changed for good.

What was once a little furball, Marley rapidly grew into a hyperactive 97 pounds of a dog. This same dog caused a wreck in their house; breaking furnitures, crashing screen doors, tearing cushions, gobbling up receipts, bottle caps and other things and he even figured out how to dug a hole in the wall. He humped strangers, stole food from unsuspecting kids, stuck his nose into poodle dogs's asses, and not even tranquiliser pills can get in his way. Heck, he even failed obedience school. He was one unstoppable machine. To other people, he may seemed like a wild, ferocious uncontrollable thing but to John and his family - to his readers Marley was anything but " But the prowlers and predators out there didn't need to know that.

To them he was big, he was powerful, and he was unpredictably crazy. And that is how we like it. So why not try to enjoy every precious moments in life? I never for once owned a dog or a pet for that matter. I couldn't even take care of a fish. So I can't have known how the loss of a pet could affect me. I have never known that bond but when I read this book, I felt that connection between man and dog. The scene where Marley passed on jerked at my heartstrings and before I knew it I was crying Niagara Falls. Put aside Marley's awesomeness and you have John Grogan's excellent way of writing.

Plus, his humour is simply gold. I'd recommend this to those who love dogs, owns dogs as pets or even those who wants to have a dog for their own. Read this, laugh out loud, join the ride. Dec 25, Jenny rated it did not like it Shelves: This guy has a pretty bad case of Precious Snowflake Syndrome. He's the kind of guy who appears to have a pretty average life with a pretty average wife and kids. Lives in an average house. Makes an average wage. But that's all too boring so instead he has to act like he has the Craziest Dog in the World!

His dog and everyone else in his life is a precious snowflake more beautiful and unique than anything else in the universe. His dog's digestive tract cleans gold better than any chemical! His This guy has a pretty bad case of Precious Snowflake Syndrome. His dog is just crazier than any dog that ever lived in the entire history of dogs! His wife is so brilliant and perfect she can be cured of postpartum depression practically overnight with no drug interventions at all. His children sit quietly and only occasionally pop up to say adorable things in childish speech impediments.

He probably rides to work on a unicorn and poops rainbows. While I'm sure he's a delightful man to know in real life, reading the book equivalent of a Norman Rockwell painting is not really all that riveting or funny. Todo llega cuando tiene que llegar, y agradezco seguir creciendo con lecturas como esta y con mis amigos de cuatro patas. Okay, I read two dog books in a row because my book club decided to do this for our February meeting.

That said this book made me laugh so hard I cried and then, of course, I cried at the end as one must with all dog books if one loves dogs. They all cost me thousands of dollars in vet bills, household and yard improvements Okay, I read two dog books in a row because my book club decided to do this for our February meeting.

They all cost me thousands of dollars in vet bills, household and yard improvements and repairs, and pet sitters and dog walkers. Like Marley,none of them could tolerate fire crackers,thunderstorms,or being kept in a kennel. I loved them all and think of them almost everyday. I loved their loyalty, empathy, exuberance, and unconditional love. Like Marley these qualities made me overlook their inability to really follow the rules and their selective hearing whenever I gave them commands.

View all 3 comments. Nov 29, Asha Seth rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Status symbol means nothing to him. A waterlogged stick will do just fine. Just like Marley , my Golden-Retriever, Alfey is a classic example of the above mentioned fact. One just needs to see. A Great piece of work from John Grogan that has promised to remain in my memories forever and ever. Saying that I loved it, is a mere understatement. Being a retriever-owner myself, I can say I lived every piece of the book, some to an extent lot more.

I can never agree more to these few lines Grogan has adroitly expressed. Not even if I yelled for hours, standing at the peak of Mount Everest with a mike in my hands. It is just so true and a feeling mutual to all dog-lovers like me. Then again, how many yachts wait by the door all day for your return? John Gorgan's pet dog. Marley was irritatingly-cute, disastrously-funny, a mess-maker, a heart-winner with those innocent eyes. Marley was a chewer of couches, a slasher of screens, a slinger of drool, a tipper of trash cans.

The book revolves around how in his early years of marriage, John and Jenny John's wife bought a lab-pup for a pet dog and how very soon he became the inevitable integral part of their lives. He lives a dog's not-so-long-life of 13 years while he loves the Grogan family unconditionally. They live learn and love Marley through these years until time comes for him to depart from the world.

This again is such a mutual feeling. In my childhood, I owned a German Shepherd and lost him to sickness. Every tiny memory of his pools my eyes with tears.

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This is how Grogan has put it through for himself, for me and for those few thousand people who have lost their pet dogs. Walking in now at the end of the day was the most painful part of all. And once I Did I knew there was no stopping. I could so feel Grogan's loss as mine.

I too fell in love with Marley like thousand other readers did.

See a Problem?

This one was an anticipated breakage of the dam of my tears which didn't stop for good few hours. Here it is, Owning a dog always ended with sadness because dogs just don't live as long as people did. Read it even if you are not a dog-owner. You might want to own one. Read it even if you are a dog-hater. You might start loving them.

Marley: A Dog Like No Other: A Special Adaptation for Young Readers

Oct 17, Ryan Marquardt rated it really liked it. OK, I'm a complete sucker for this book. Yes, some of the anecdotes are things that every pet owners experiences, and are not really that compelling as a result. And some parts of it are more about life with a dog than the life of a dog. It was well written though, and really funny at times. Marley sounds like he was a complete love. And that is why it was so tough to read the end. Yes, you know how it ends. But Grogan's description of the canine aging process is really accurate.

Dogs do live in OK, I'm a complete sucker for this book. Dogs do live in a compressed time span, and they go from pups to geriatrics in the blink of an eye. They bring so much joy during their lifetime, but they are dependent on their owners, especially as they age. It breaks your heart as they start to show signs of aging and frailty when they still apparently have the mind and demeanor of a puppy.

It's an exercise in adapting to their needs and realizing that they, like you, have limited time on this earth. The whole account brings back a process that I've had two too many times, so maybe I'm hyper-sensitive about it. Still, it brings back the whole sadness of saying good bye to a loyal and totally trusting companion. It's so hard to know that they are naive and have that trust in you even when you are taking them to the vet for the last time.

You know its the right decision, but it still is heartbreaking. A good book on the whole, and it struck a cord with me. I'm glad I was in the privacy of my own room when I finished it. Aug 13, Bernadette S rated it did not like it. However, as an active member of that population, it is a disappointing example of the multiple wrongs many people engage in when raising a puppy.

The autobiographical story begins with a young Grogan and his wife contemplating dog ownership. Oftentimes, their lives do not include Marley — which is a prime example of so many households today…Once the children start coming, the dog becomes less important and more like a piece of furniture. A good dog does not happen by osmosis but consistent training with effort, love, and loyalty.

This perhaps sounds harsh but as a dog trainer myself, I firmly believe that our dogs are the products of the time and effort we put into and afford them. Dogs are NOT disposable though we live in a society that perpetuates this theory. Poor Marley, he could have been a great dog if he had had great owners. Oct 05, Will Byrnes rated it really liked it Shelves: Marley is a lovable lab and the structural element around which Grogan writes his own coming of age story.

Grogan and wife are reporters in south Florida, and take on the responsibility of a pooch as a way for his wife to see if she is up to the challenge of handling a baby. We follow Grogan as he tries to gain some control over the rambunctious Marley. He leads us through the life of a young couple as they try and fail to have a child, then try and try again, successfully.

He shows us the chang Marley is a lovable lab and the structural element around which Grogan writes his own coming of age story. He shows us the changes in his neck of Florida, and the changes in Marley and his wife. We meet his babies and see how Marley attaches to them.

It is a charming tale, warmly told, of a flawed but lovable pooch. Eventually the family moves to Pennsylvania as Grogan takes over publishing duties for the Rodale Press. The Pennsylvania portion is definitely the lesser part here. Marley learns about snow and gets a taste of the Middle Atlantic, but all too soon he begins to go gray and soon after he begins a rapid medical decline. The final chapters address his demise. I was relating particularly to the passing of Bo, our alpha cat, while reading this, choking up the whole time.

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He is also the former editor on chief of Rodale's Organic Gardening magazine. Of course, age doesn't keep Marley from being Marley! From a litter of newborn yellow Labrador retrievers they select Marley named after reggae singer Bob Marley , who immediately proves to be incorrigible. Fortunately he gets back just in time to have Marley put down. I loved his little face. Nov 16, Jake Doyle rated it really liked it.

Grogan tacks on his take on what Marley taught his human masters. It was a bit maudlin, but what the heck. This is a very engaging and enjoyable read. Payload, such as it is, concerns dogs in general and labs in particular. But the joy here is the pure, untrammeled love of Marley for life and his loyalty to his family.

Jul 07, Alaina rated it really liked it Shelves: I've seen the movie countless times and I was very excited to dive into the book. I honestly loved Jenny and John in the beginning. The whole plant dying thing had me laughing and then she jumps from a plant to a dog. For me, I'd rather have a dog than a plant because of the whole unconditional love thing..

Another thing, dogs definitely help you prepare for kids - sort of. They are a lot of work and you will spend a lot of money on them. Marley was all kinds of trouble from the start and it definitely made me smile. It definitely reminded me of how my first dog was and definitely how my two dogs are now. They are all kinds of trouble and make my life interesting. Now I loved reading about their time with this dog. It was beyond precious to me and I loved everything about it.

Then I reached the saddest part ever because I've seen the movie so I knew it was coming. Reading about his death was just so freaking sad. It took me back to the day that we had to put down my first dog. We did it at home and it was just a very sad day. My dog, Calvin Cal for short had cancer and when we put him down - well, he went very quickly.

The whole family was just crying, hugging, and kissing him goodbye. So when I went through this whole section about Marley.. In the end, I would definitely re-read this book and re-watch the movie again too. It was just that good. I fell in love with John, Jenny, Marley, and the entire family.

They were adorable and I'm glad that I got a chance to dive into this book. Jan 10, Glenna rated it it was amazing. I was fully prepared to give this book 3 stars before I started reading it. I laughed and yes I cried. It would be int I was fully prepared to give this book 3 stars before I started reading it. It would be interesting to see. Karen, there's a great part about their dog flunking out of obedience school.

FYI There is some adult talk in this book because she has a hard time getting pregnant and then miscarries etc. View all 9 comments. Apr 04, Leila rated it it was amazing Shelves: I did enjoy this book which I read quite quickly. There were lots of fun bits but I have to admit I did shed a few tears at the end of the book. I love dogs but my goodness what would it be like to have a dog like Marley? I guess you would have to have a healthy bank balance among other things,.

May 16, Merty rated it did not like it. This book should have been titled "World's Worst Dog Owners". This book just make me plain mad. Poor Marley was just abused. Left alone in a garage without AC for 10 to 12 hours. Left alone with his fear of thunderstorms. At one point, the callous female owner doesn't want him anymore.

This book was awful. It just makes me think of all those unwanted dogs left to fend for themselves because owners don't want to deal with them anymore. Don't understand how this book became so popul This book should have been titled "World's Worst Dog Owners". Don't understand how this book became so popular. It gets worse, the family goes on vacation when he's near dying so they can go on vacation. I can't believe the popularity of this book and there is a movie!

The only reason Marley was considered such a "bad" dog was that he was truely neglected ALL the time. Horrible Horrible Horrible book and treatment of a family pet all the way to his dying end. The Disney vacation had priorty for the Grogan family. Dec 08, Category Is: Recommended to Category Is: Quick and adorable reading. I loved the way John Grogan pictured every moment of Marley in his life and the lives of his family: I actually read this book 4 times. I was reading the other reviews of this book i should never do this and i'm seriously baffled.

Have you guys really read the book? John was an amazing owner. He was patient to a shocking point. He tried to get Marley a trainer,but the dog only managed to learn at his own pace,and Quick and adorable reading. He tried to get Marley a trainer,but the dog only managed to learn at his own pace,and only with John. Seriously guys,don't read a book looking to hate it. Mar 11, Keann rated it it was amazing. I liked this book a lot, because Marley is so funny and I couldn't even believe that a dog could act like that.

It was really sad at the end though, but I which I knew what happened at the end. It kinda left at a cliff hanger.