The Soul of Nature

The Soul of Nature
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We learn that God will continue to take care of us as he does the sparrows that streak the sky searching for hearth and rest. And we learn from all the creatures of the earth that exist simply for the pleasure of God that we too are called only to exist as our authentic selves for the sheer pleasure and goodness of God.

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The Soul of Nature: Celebrating the Spirit of the Earth Mass Market Paperback – March 1, Browse our editors' picks for the best books of the month in fiction, nonfiction, mysteries, children's books, and much more. # in Books > Science & Math > Nature & Ecology > Nature. About The Soul of Nature. This collection of vivid and eloquent testimonies by environmentalists, eco-theologians, and native peoples illustrates a variety of.

Chris is the founder of The Call Collective, a blog exploring the intersection between faith, culture and creativity. Environment , Beauty , Spirituality , Prayer , Creation.

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Word on Fire Blog. Print Back to Word on Fire Blog. Every single aspect of creation, Teilhard de Chardin writes, can be used to draw us into that divine embrace: I come into the peace of wild things who do not tax their lives with forethought of grief. I come into the presence of still water.

And I feel above me the day-blind stars waiting with their light.

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For a time I rest in the grace of the world, and am free. About the Author Chris Hazell Chris is the founder of The Call Collective, a blog exploring the intersection between faith, culture and creativity.

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What People Are Saying AuthAmPatriot 1 hour ago "Jesus is someone who has rescued us, saved us, done something that we could never, even in principle, do for ourse Word on Fire https: He brought me to actually living the Faith. Has it blazed forth, as rightfully it ought,. And kindling cosmic time in nigh-brought souls!

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Splendour of God, how few! And ours the blame;. For, ever, crassly, by routine and wrath,.

The spark of God that glints in every child. All children are, by nature, bits of God;. And God, if they but had their freedom, would. Unfold himself in them, would burgeon forth. Tinting and moulding, till, as perfect flowers. They bloomed, fulfilled of loveliness unveiled. This is the goal of the meditation process — to lead men forth into the Light that is within themselves and enable them, in that light, to see Light.

This work of revelation is based on certain definite theories as to the constitution and nature of the human being. The evolution and perfecting of the mind faculty in man, with its keenness and capacity for [51] concentration gives the West at this time the opportunity to put these theories to the test. An intelligent experiment is now naturally in order. But to do this, there must be a clear understanding of three points upon which the Oriental position is based, and which, if true, validate the entire contention of the student of the Oriental technique of meditation, never forgetting, however, the proverb of the Chinese which says that, "If the wrong man uses the right means, the right means work in the wrong way.

There is a soul in every human form, and that soul uses the lower aspects of man simply as vehicles of expression. The objective of the evolutionary process is to enhance and deepen the control of the soul over this instrument. When this is complete, we have a divine incarnation. The sum total of these lower aspects, when developed and co-ordinated we call the Personality.

This unity is composed of the mental and emotional states of being, the vital energy and the physical response apparatus, and these "mask" or hide the soul. These aspects develop sequentially and progressively, according to the eastern philosophy, and only on reaching a relatively high state of unfoldment does it become possible for man to [52] coordinate them and later to unify them, in consciousness, with the indwelliug soul.

Later comes control by the soul, and a steadily increasing expression of the nature of the soul. This is sometimes symbolically expressed as a light in a lamp. At first the lamp gives forth no radiance, but gradually the light makes its presence felt, till the meaning of the words of the Christ becomes clear. He said, "I am the light of the world," and enjoined upon His disciples to "let your light shine that man may see.

When the life of the soul, acting under the Law of Rebirth, has brought the personality to such a condition that it is an integrated and coordinated unit, then there is set up between the two a more intensive interaction. This interaction is brought about though the processes of self-discipline, an active will towards spiritual Being, unselfish service for that is the mode in which the group-conscious soul manifests itself and meditation.

The consummation of the work is the conscious realization of union — called, in Christian terminology, the at-one-ment. These three hypotheses must be accepted, at any rate, tentatively, if this process of education through meditation is to be rendered effective.

In Webster's Dictionary, the soul is defined in line with these theories, and the definition runs as follows: Webster adds the following comment which is appropriate in its application to our theme that "some conceptions, such as that of Fechner, that the soul is the whole unitary spiritual process in conjunction with the whole unitary bodily process, appear to stand midway between the idealistic and materialistic views.

Radhakrishnan, of the University of Calcutta, as follows: In the strict sense of the word, 'soul' belongs to every being that has life in it, and the different souls are fundamentally identical in nature. The differences are due to the physical organizations that obscure and thwart are the life of the soul. The nature of the bodies in which the souls are incorporated accounts for their various degrees of obscuration The ego is the psychological unity of that stream of conscious experiencing which constitutes what we know as the inner life of an empirical self.

Every ego possesses within the gross material body, which suffers dissolution at death, a subtle body, formed of the psychical apparatus, including the senses. This soul, we are told, is a fragment of the Oversoul, a spark of the one Flame, imprisoned in the body. It is that life aspect which gives to man — as to [54] all forms in manifestation — life, or being and consciousness.

It is the vital factor, that integrating coherent something which makes the human being composite, yet unified, as he is a thinking, feeling and aspiring entity. The intellect in man is that factor or quality of soul-awareness which enables him to orient himself to his environment during the stages in which his personality is under development, but which later, through proper meditation, enables him to orient himself towards the soul, as detached from the mechanism, and thus, therefore, towards a new state of awareness of being.

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