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Even for the non-religious, this book will provide plenty of food for thought. The Road has been called by some a love story between father and son, and nothing could better describe it. The book powerfully puts the beauty and sorrow of fatherhood in stark perspective, revealing paternal love intensely close to the bone. An unnamed father and his son pilgrimage across a dreary, ashen, post-apocalyptic America, pushing a shopping cart of their supplies and perpetually scavenging for their next meal.

Harry Haller has within himself both a rational man, and a wild primeval wolf, and he has trouble reconciling these two natures. You might be even more surprised to learn that a woman named Christine de Pizan wrote and published such a manual in the early s. It conveys a great deal regarding strategy, tactics, and the technological advances of medieval warfare.

It includes important source material about early gunpowder weaponry, as well as many thoughts about Just War. Quixote, along with his squire Sancho Panza, travels the world in search of grand adventures and heroic deeds which would earn him the title of Knight. He continues against all odds, and in some cases, against all common sense. The story of a nameless black man in New York City who grows up in the South, but moves north to be part of the Brotherhood, a society that supposedly fights for justice and equality.

He soon realizes the political motivations behind the movement though, and retreats in an attempt to figure out who he is as a black man in white America. A classic American work, Huck Finn is often required reading in middle school, and for good reason. One of the first books to be written in vernacular that is, with language of a particular region , it can be seen as both scathing satire of the antebellum South, or as a coming-of-age story for the young Huck Finn.

Finn — a white boy — teams up with fugitive adult slave Jim as they flee by raft on the Mississippi River, and float into many an adventure together. How is society to be structured? How are people to be governed? In our modern political turmoil, any classic work of societal theory is worth reading for greater perspective. Topics covered are virtue, right actions, and specific qualities men should strive after like courage, justice, magnanimity, temperance, etc. A classic philosophical work which every man should have an understanding of.

This play follows French cadet Cyrano de Bergerac. What is a man to do in such a situation? Read and find out. Tragically, Manchester died before being able to finish the last volume, and another author stepped in to complete it. The third volume thus falls slightly short of the first two, but all are eminently worth reading. The story focuses on American troops who are faced with driving out the Japanese on a fictional south Pacific island so that they can advance into the Philippines. A classic memoir of adolescence and growing up without a present father.

They develop a very close relationship, but Wolff also has to fight to create his own identity and self-respect when a new step-dad enters the picture. Between adolescent frustrations and schemes, he finds a path towards self-invention that ultimately changes his life. The basic plot is this: A teenage city boy named Brian Robeson crashes in the middle of the Canadian wilderness while flying in a bush plane.

The pilot dies, and the boy lives. All alone in the wilderness, Brian must learn how to survive in the wild for 54 days with nothing but a hatchet. Resilience is series of letters between now Governor-elect of Missouri Eric Greitens and a SEAL buddy who was going through a rough time in his life after returning home from service and struggling with alcoholism, job loss, and PTSD. Greitens calls upon his background in philosophy to provide insights and advice for his friend on how to develop resilience in the face of adversity.

This is a book that should be read, and re-read, and re-read again by everyone who could use a little more resilience in their life. In other words, everyone. The timeless title character, first introduced here, inspired over twenty sequels and several feature films. Raised by gorillas, Tarzan seeks out the truth of his origins and finds himself at odds with the gorilla king that murdered his father.

In Tarzan, Edgar Rice Burroughs well captures the wild longings and primal abilities typically hidden underneath the trappings of civilization. Through Zarathustra, Nietzsche attacks modern philosophy and morality and provides a philosophical framework for approaching life in a post-religious world. Composed of 85 articles, The Federalist Papers served to explain and encourage the ratification of the U. It is essential reading for any civically minded American which should be every American!

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While the famed movies get more acclaim, the book is a masterwork in its own right. Author Mario Puzo shows us both the good and bad sides of family and community loyalty. The book that inspired a gazillion white whale metaphors, and really, needs no description. You learn about science, ego, pride, and ultimately, what it means to be human. Every man needs to read some Shakespeare during his lifetime. Hamlet is a great place to start. You know the line: The cliff notes intro to the story: And worse, Claudius has crowned himself King despite the fact that Hamlet was meant to be the heir to the throne.

Hamlet suspects foul play. This is the story of a marriage. The Wheelers appear to be a model suburban couple in the s. But did they marry too young? And start a family too soon? Dante travels through Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise or Heaven and gives glimpses of what he sees. This work is to be read if for nothing else than the cultural literacy of knowing where many of our modern conceptions of heaven and hell arise.

A piercing look at both the light and the shadows of friendship and humanity. This book will stick with you no matter your age. The Stranger addresses murder and remorse or lack thereof , God and atheism, destiny and justice, and the absurdity of life. He encounters difficult terrain, less-than-friendly natives, and a variety of other obstacles.

It was described and written so realistically — the name Robinson Crusoe was even listed as the author — that many people thought it was about actual events rather than being a novel from the mind of Daniel Defoe. Almost years later, it still holds up. This book has been a bestseller for nearly three decades, and for good reason.

It not only explains the importance of living your life with purpose, but also provides tools to help you actually do it. Include the Art of Manliness team among them. No matter his class or situation in life, a man needs a healthy appreciation for the simple folk who help make the world go round. This area has a life of its own, and is as much a character of the book as any of the community members themselves.

The novel not only paints a picture of a difficult time that has passed, but gives honest, timeless insight into the human condition. Pretty much everything we think of when we think of pirates comes not from the pages of history but from this book: Reilly, a lazy and socially ignorant, but very intelligent man, who still lives with his mother at the age of He, inevitably as argued by the novel , ends up in jail for a crime he did in fact commit. Was it his character which drove him to it, though, or was it society, by placing him in a certain social stratum? His well-documented and entertaining adventures have come to be considered a classic in the travel literature genre.

This journal satisfies the vicarious traveler and inspires the adventurous man. The French were particularly dependent on Native Americans for help in the fight. Among the caravan guarding the women are a group of frontiersman and Indians including Chingachgook the last chief of the Mohicans and Uncas. The characterization of these protagonists would become an enduring part of the archetypes of frontiersmen and Indians that remain within the popular consciousness today.

Forced to move, the Joad family drives westward with thousands of other down-on-their-luck Okies in order to try to find a better life for themselves in California. Plus, the final scene is one that will stick with you for a long time to come. Education of a Wandering Man is his autobiography, which could also be called a love letter to learning. He left school at age 15 to roam the world. His various experiences include: Through it all, he taught himself to read and write, and was never far from a book. One of the great musicals of all time, Les Miserables was first a great novel. Ex-convict Jean Valjean tries to remake himself after getting out of prison, and seeks revenge on the forces which put him there in the first place.

Viktor Frankl was a psychotherapist and brain surgeon who specialized in treating depression, but being a Jew in Nazi Germany, was sent to Auschwitz. Upon entering the concentration camp, they took the last of his belongings, including his clothes, his wedding ring, and the manuscript of a book he was writing. By leaning on his rich inner life and helping other prisoners, along with some strokes of good luck, he lived to tell his story, which is a lesson about the control one has to make a bad situation not necessarily good, but survivable.

Published when author S. Hinton was just 18 years old, The Outsiders is the story of two rival gangs — the Greasers and the Socs — who are divided by their socioeconomic status. Often called the masterpiece of Spanish literature, One Hundred Years of Solitude is an epic family story which tells the tale of the fall, birth and death of the town of Macondo. The family is unable to escape their regular misfortunes, though. A fictional account of the Spartan and the Battle of Thermopylae, which pitted a few thousand Greek men against at least , Persians.

In Gates of Fire , we see the battle through the eyes of a warrior named Xeones. We learn about Spartan life, training, discipline, battle strategy, courage…and much, much more. Reading it will fill you with manly thumos. Paradise Lost is an epic poem which tells the Biblical story of the Fall of Man in verse: What was going on behind the scenes in the heavenly realm, how did Adam and Eve react to their sin, what did they feel upon being banned from the the garden?

At the end of the day, he returns to his home and family, where the TV is central to their bland existence. You bet your bottom it is. His sympathies towards oil field workers and socialist leanings create a lot of discord with dear old dad. Philosopher Soren Kierkegaard creates a case study from the in famous Bible story of Abraham being commanded by God to sacrifice his son Isaac. It asks the big questions that every man should wrestle with throughout life.

What does it mean to be a man, not just biologically, but philosophically? Waller Newell lays out one of the most compelling answers to the question of how a man should live in this book. Newell believes that the road to recovery is taken along the five paths to manliness: Is there really much difference? However, the Paradise Trinity Father of our own Grand Universe appears to have been required by our Cosmic Creator to permit this "darkness" to run its course as a powerful learning tool within our Sector.

He has also had to take into consideration our Cosmic Creator's endowment of our limited "Free Will" as an encouragement towards the development of "individuality". Only now, at these "End Times" has he finally been authorised by our Cosmic Prime Creator to participate in a thorough total cleansing of this outside-sourced darkness within our outer Sector of the Grand Universe. But the stage had already been set over six billion years ago, when our Solar Sun was spun-off from the Andronover Nebula together with one million other Suns at the same time. Half a billion years later, our Sun was itself approached by the enormous Angona System with a "Dark Giant" at its center.

This Dark Giant was a solid, highly charged sphere possessing a tremendous pull of gravity. A great column of our Sun's solar gases was, through this powerful pull of gravity, detached and separated out thus forming the twelve Planets of our Solar System. The Earth started as a veritable fiery inferno, rent with volcanic action. Eventually the atmosphere became more settled and cooled sufficiently to start precipitation of rain on the hot rocky surface of the Planet.

For thousands of years Earth was enveloped in one vast and continuous blanket of steam. This was followed by the cooling of the Earth's crust sufficiently to cause the forming of the first ocean, which was eventually to cover the entire Planet to an average depth of five thousand feet. Later, dense lava flows from the bottom of the present Pacific Ocean caused the first continental mass to emerge from the ocean.

This precipitated a compensatory adjustment to the equilibrium of the gradually thickening Earth's crust under the ocean derived from the constant bombardment and accretion of meteorites. By nine hundred and fifty million years ago there had developed one great single continent of land with one large body of water, the Pacific Ocean. The first scouting party from the Local System of Satania arrived nine hundred million years ago and after an assessment announced that the "Life Carriers", experts in the development of all life forms, could now be granted permission to develop new patterns of mechanical, chemical and electrical mobilization as well as life transplantation from other worlds.

Here, as soon as conditions on Earth were considered ready, the Life Carriers would be allowed to create some new experimental life forms and fauna as their sixtieth "Satania experiment" designed to amplify and improve Santania's type of Nebadon life patterns. Meanwhile, the rising continental land-mass of this era out of the ocean soon increased until it covered almost ten per cent of the Earth's surface.

Severe earthquakes began only after the continental mass of land had emerged well above the water. Once the earthquakes began, they increased in frequency and severity for long ages. Eventually they were to gradually diminish over a period of millions of years, though even today Earth still has an average of about fifteen daily. Seven hundred and fifty million years ago the first breaks in the continental land-mass began as a great North-and-South split, which later admitted the ocean waters and prepared the way for the Westward drift of the continents of North and South America, including Greenland.

The long East-and-West cleavage separated Africa from Europe and severed the land masses of Australia, the Pacific continent that was to become Lemuria, and Antarctica, separating from the Asiatic continent. Five hundred million years ago the Life Carriers were ready to begin their work, planting primitive marine vegetable life, some of which was to metamorphose into animal life fifty million years later. They used a process of introducing existing forms of life from other developed worlds, then modifying them either to suit this Planet's own conditions or as part of an ongoing experiment in developing new forms of life for one of this Local System's 61 "Decimal" experimental worlds.

By four hundred million years ago, marine life, both vegetable and animal was fairly well distributed over the whole world as the climate grew slightly warmer and became more equable. Fish were developed two hundred and fifty million years ago, some of the teeth-bearing varieties being twenty-five to thirty feet long, ancestors of the present-day sharks.

Reptiles from the Sirius Solar System were introduced one hundred and forty million years ago in the form of crocodiles, scaled reptiles, and eventually both sea-serpents and flying reptiles. Reptilian dinosaurs were soon developed and became the "Monarchs" of this Age.

As egg-layers they were distinguished from the other animals; they also possessed small brains weighing less than one pound controlling bodies weighing up to as much as forty tons. The first mammals appeared in North America fifty million years ago.

A small reptilian, egg-laying type of mammal was soon flourishing, and the ancestors of the later kangaroos began to roam Australia. Soon there were also small horses, fleet-footed rhinoceroses, tapirs with proboscises, primitive pigs, squirrels, lemurs, opossums, and several tribes of monkey-like animals. By thirty-five million years ago many of the more primitive mammals had become extinct, and the mammals of large size and small brain such as the dinosaur family were by then in decline.

The land mammals slowly assumed domination of the Earth, completely destroying the remainder of their reptilian ancestors. A mutation within the stock of the progressing Primates, small lemur types who walked mostly on their hind legs and possessed large brains in proportion to their size, led to the development of primitive semi-animal tribes who lived in the treetops for safety at night.

These were the ancestors of Earth's indigenous Mankind. It happens from time to time in the course of events, that one small spark can initiate a whole new development. And it was the rapid development towards Human qualities by two members of a primitive tribe, a brother and sister, on the Mesopotamian or Persian peninsula at the beginning of the third Glacial Ice Age, which would accelerate the pace of Earth's Human evolution. Andon and his sister Fonta were born to parents little different from the average members of a tree-top animal Tribe who had already begun to learn how to make sharp tools of stone, flint and bone, and to use clubs in fighting.

This fighting they indulged in frequently, almost wiping out the various other tribes with any likely Human developmental potential. This particular Brother and Sister were to exhibit a considerably higher level of intelligence, no doubt brought over through an incarnation from a more evolved extraterrestrial world.

At a very early age they had not only learned to communicate with each other verbally but had worked out an improved sign and word language of almost half a hundred ideas. However, hard as they tried, they were unable to teach more than a few of their new signs and symbols to their parents. When about nine years of age, they journeyed down the river together and following a lengthy conference reached a significant decision: This event was being observed through psychic facilities by every Celestial Intelligence stationed on Urantia, including the Senior Life Carrier.

Five years later they would further distance themselves from their inferior animal associates, whom they feared might try to kill them through jealousy of their higher abilities. They journeyed North to a new area well away from their Tribe, little knowing that they were about to found Earth's first indigenous, truly Human Race. Andon and Fonta had nineteen children in all, thus establishing the genes and attributes of the first true Human Race, the Andonites. They lived to have almost a hundred grandchildren and half a dozen great-grandchildren.

The family was domiciled in four adjoining rock shelters, or semi-caves, three of which were interconnected by hallways which had been excavated in the soft limestone with flint tools devised by Andon's children. As time passed, the Andonic Clans grew in number, always avoiding mixing with their inferior animal-like cousins, the Simian tribes, which later split off to develop into a non-Human line of apelike monkeys, baboons, chimpanzees and gorillas.

Eventually, through various unfortunate tribal conflicts amongst themselves, the Andonites were forced to disperse into a wider area. The geography of nine hundred and fifty thousand years ago prevented them from penetrating very far into Asia or Africa, but pointed them to journey farther and farther North, until they were stopped by the slowly advancing ice of the Third Glacier Ice Age.

Dynamics of the Spiritual Exercises Lecture 3: Dynamic, Graces, Direction

Before this extensive ice-sheet reached the southern area of what is now France and the British Isles, the Descendants of Andon and Fonta had pushed on westward over present day Europe and had established more than one thousand separate settlements along the great rivers leading to the then warm waters of the North Sea. Eight hundred thousand years ago, after much tribal fighting and the eventual decline of the Andonites, the associated tribe of Badonan, led by a great-great-grandson of Andon, and living in the foothills of the Northwestern Highlands of the Indian Subcontinent, started to gain ascendancy.

This Badonan tribe, rapidly becoming superior, began a warfare of extermination directed against their inferior and animalistic neighbours.

In less than one thousand years most of these animalistic groups had either been destroyed or driven back to the southern forests. The Neanderthalers The Neanderthalers were great hunters during their existence between eight and five hundred thousand years ago, since wild game was abundant with many species of deer, elephants and hippopotamuses roaming over the European Continent. Cattle were plentiful; horses and wolves were everywhere. Their relatively crude culture made up of hunting and fighting, gradually spread and lasted for almost a quarter of a million years.

During these spiritually "Dark Ages" the culture of superstitious Mankind reached its lowest levels. The Neanderthalers really had no religion beyond superstition, in which an over-riding fear of the natural forces of Nature had gradually developed. This lead to attempts to placate the invisible forces of the natural elements through the sacrificing of Humans. They were afraid of clouds, more especially of mists and fogs and they also lived in fear of the dark and thus had a dread of nightfall.

As long as the Moon shone, even a little, they managed to get along, but when the Moon became dark they panicked and began the sacrifice some of their best specimens of manhood and womanhood in an effort to induce the Moon to shine once again. This terrible practice of Human and animal sacrifice, which has been perpetuated by the more backward peoples of Earth down to the present day, had the effect over time of decimating all of their finest and most intelligent members of the Neanderthal Race, leading to its ultimate final decline. As the various indigenous tribes of Earth fiercely fought each other and almost wiped themselves out around five hundred thousand years ago, the Life Carriers introduced the final development of Humans, based on the six different coloured Races of more advanced potential already developed on other worlds.

It was the general Hierarchical Plan in the development of a normal evolutionary World to install a "Planetary Prince" Ruler at the appearance of the first consciously aware Human Beings. This was a time for the Life Carriers, who had been responsible for the development all the various life forms, to depart.

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The purpose of a Planetary Prince assigned by the Local System Headquarters would normally be to further advance the development of the social, economic and cultural lifestyles of the new Races. However, since Earth was one of the 61 Decimal one-in-ten Experimental Worlds within the local System of Satania, and one in which the Life Carriers had experienced some developmental difficulties, this was delayed until the Six Coloured Races were finally installed five hundred thousand years ago.

Two of the most senior Life Carriers involved in the development of Earth's life-forms elected to remain permanently with Planet Earth as Advisers, and have done so right up to the present time. Caligastia had long sought a commission as a Planetary Prince, asking particularly to be awarded a "Decimal" experimental life-modification World, but his petitions were turned down several times by the Constellation Fathers.

He had up to that point demonstrated an enviable record of devotion to the welfare of the Local Universe, notwithstanding a certain characteristic restlessness coupled with a tendency to disagree with the established Hierarchical Order on minor matters. Lucifer was at that time the Local System Sovereign of Satania, and he was soon to elevate Caligastia to a position on his personal staff, where he successfully filled five successive assignments of honour and trust.

Caligastia, as the newly appointed Planetary Prince arrived on Earth five hundred thousand years ago from Jerusem with his Senior Assistants at the newly established Headquarters in the Persian Gulf region, in an area corresponding to later Mesopotamia. At that time there were over million relatively primitive Human Beings well scattered throughout Europe, Asia and Africa. The nucleus of the Prince's Headquarters settlement was to be the newly built City of Dalamatia, initially of 6, inhabitants.

It was built mainly of one-story buildings enclosed within a surrounding protective wall of over forty feet in height. From this base he established ten specialized educational and training groups who then brought in all the most intelligent members of the various semi-civilised Tribes surrounding that area for training and instruction.

These various developmental Councils taught the primitive tribesmen such things as well-digging, water-springs control, irrigation, improved methods of treating skins for use as clothing, and later the weaving of cloth. Great advances were made with them, particularly in methods of food storage. Food was now to be preserved by cooking, drying and smoking, and it thus became Man's earliest valuable property, providing for the periods of famine which had periodically decimated populations in earlier times. For almost three hundred thousand years Prince Caligastia advanced the planetary civilization in a slow and well planned manner, until its disruption by what would become known as the "Lucifer Rebellion".

But during the last years of his reign, Lucifer increasingly questioned the purpose behind the entire Hierarchical establishment of the our "Grand Universe" Administration. He eventually produced a "Declaration of Liberty" Manifesto in which he charged that the Paradise Isle "Trinity Father" did not really exist and was a myth invented by the Paradise Isle "Creator Sons" to enable them to maintain their rule of the Local Universes in a so-called Father's name.

Lucifer contended that the Local Universe Systems should be autonomous, and protested that Nebadon's Creator Son Michael should not have the right to assume full Sovereignty of Nebadon until after he had completed his final Seventh Bestowal life on one of his Planets. He also objected to the amount of time and resources used in the vast programme of training billions of "Ascending Mortals" on the numerous Mansion Worlds for a "mythical Ascension purpose" up to the Central Universes, all to the detriment of Local Universe development.

Lucifer first announced his plans to Satan, his First Administrative Assistant, but it required several months to win over this able and brilliant Associate. However, when once converted to the contrarian theories, he himself became a bold and earnest advocate of "Self-assertion and Liberty". The defection of the Head Administrator of what in our terms would be our Government's "Civil Servants", influenced a large number of the Local System Administrative Seraphim to follow in joining the "Rebellion". According to a then highly placed observer, "The Seraphic Leader was spiritually blinded by the brilliant personality of Lucifer and his charming ways had fascinated the Lower Orders of the Celestial Seraphim so that they simply could not comprehend that it was possible for such a dazzling personality to go wrong".

As put forth by "The Urantia Book": Three reasons along with their consequences put forward at the time by the Grand Universe Hierarchy were: First, and most seriously, it became clear on further analysis and observation that the so-called "Declaration of Liberty" was in fact a front for ambitions of a far more serious nature. This suspicion was soon to be fully justified by those on Planet Earth when one of the "converts", Caligastia, won over his First Associate, Daligastia, and they jointly called the "Ten Councils of Urantia" in a Session Extraordinary.

The Assembly was opened with the statement that Prince Caligastia was about to proclaim himself "Absolute Creator Sovereign of Urantia" instead of just as a Planetary Prince appointed by the Constellation Fathers. He demanded that all Earth's present Administration abdicate by resigning all of their functions and powers into his hands as "Trustee", pending the reorganization of the Planetary Government. Sixty percent of the Administrative personnel agreed to comply.

The other forty percent, through their newly appointed Chairman, Van, instead made a direct appeal against this to the Local System of Satania Headquarters at Jerusem. However, since Lucifer was the Local System Sovereign, they obviously quickly received orders back confirming Caligastia as the new Supreme Sovereign of Urantia and commanding absolute and unquestioning allegiance to his mandates. The second problem was the serious split in governance at a number of levels, some administrators supporting, others opposing the "revolution". The ultimate effect of the Rebellion on Earth was that many of its skilled administrative civil servants and instructors were split and dispersed, causing considerable chaos and a major setback in the evolutionary progress of the indigenous tribes and any real progress in developing a higher civilisation on Earth.

For over fifty years great administrative confusion reigned in Dalamatia and its surroundings. The third problem was that even had the "Rebel" plans for "Democracy" been wholly genuine, the primitive tribes were not yet ready for anything resembling self- or even participatory Government. It was not long before the entire remaining Staff loyal to Caligastia were engaged in an energetic defense of their City against the hordes of semi-savages who were to besiege its walls.

This came as a result of the Doctrines of Liberty which had been prematurely spread amongst them by Caligastia. His grand scheme for the immediate reconstruction of Human society in accordance with his new ideas for individual freedom and group liberties proved to be a swift failure. The surrounding relatively primitive tribal society rapidly sank back to its old levels. Though initially reacting with a policy of non-interference , they subsequently reacted with extreme severity.

The Lucifer Rebellion would ultimately involve only thirty-seven inhabited Planets out of the within the Local System of Satania. But this was deemed a possible threat to the three million or so other inhabited Worlds within the Local Universe of Nebadon. A final adjudication was only made by the "Most Highs" of Uversa in , when the Hierarchy's "Quarantine Order" was finally eased, having had a major negative impact on the evolution of Earth's civilization and people.

However, the surrounding electronic "Veil" insulating us from contact with other Worlds which was at the same time established by our Cosmic Creator, has not as yet been lifted. The Story of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden Around forty thousand years ago, the Life Carriers on duty responsible for Earth's biologic and Human development took note that, from a purely biological standpoint, the developmental progress of the Urantia Races was nearing its apex.

They made a petition to the Most Highs of our local Norlatiadek Constellation Headquarters on Edentia, that Urantia should be inspected with a view to authorizing the next stage in a young Planet's evolution. This requires that there be an installment of two "Adamic" biologic uplifters in the form of a traditionally termed "Adam and Eve", that is, two highly evolved Ascending Mortal Beings - a "Material Son and Daughter of the Local System".

This is the normal process for a young Planet to further advance the genetic quality of the indigenous Races. One important rule is that the chosen "Adam and Eve" genetic upgraders are never allowed to mate with the indigenous inhabitants, as they must retain intact their pure genetic characteristics brought over from their Higher World. Only their own Earth offspring would be allowed to procreate with some of the carefully selected indigenous Mortals in order to upgrade the World population's genes and racial characteristics.

A planetary inspection was made by the Constellation Fathers of Norlatiadek who arrived from Edentia, the Constellation Capital. They made a selection of two suitable volunteer "Adamic" Rulers for Earth from the residents of Jerusem, the Local System Capital of Satania, who would be accorded the traditional planetary title of "Adam and Eve". This area was to function as an Administrative Headquarters for the new Adam and Eve. Van and Amadon, Leaders of the Amadonite Race who had remained loyal after the Rebellion were asked to come down from their highland Headquarters and recruit from sixty-one scattered settlements, a Corps of over three thousand willing and enthusiastic workers to build the new "Garden of Eden".

The neck of the Edenic Peninsula was over 37 miles wide and at the center an exquisite stone Temple to the Trinity Father of the Grand Universe was constructed. The fruit of this tree had the properties of prolonging almost indefinitely the life span of the Adamic Beings originating from Satania's Headquarters World of Jerusem. The Garden of Eden's Administrative Headquarters were established in the Northern part of the Peninsula and the homes for the workers and their families in the South.

The plans laid for the Garden of Eden provided for enough homes and abundant land in a beautifully semi-tropical garden landscape to allow for an eventual total of one million inhabitants. By the time Adam and Eve arrived from the Local System of Satania's Headquarters Sphere of Jerusem over thirty-seven thousand years ago, the Garden of Eden was already one quarter finished, complete with irrigation ditches, paved roads and pathways.

There would eventually be over five-thousand brick dwellings in the various sectors, each neighbourhood locality allowing for only a maximum cluster of seven in one area. They were all to be surrounded by great numbers of trees and plants and within the most beautiful garden landscaping. Silent were the familiar Galactic Broadcasts, and absent were all the circuits of extra-planetary communication. Their second day on Earth was spent in session with the "Planetary Receivers", the Melchizedeks and their Advisory Council, who had been appointed provisional Custodians of the Planet.

From them they learned the bitter news, that they were suffering the isolation imposed on Earth as a result of the Caligastia Rebellion. It even appeared that Adam might gradually be able to develop a successful plan for the extension of the new Edenic civilization outwards amongst the surrounding primitive tribes. Adam and Eve had in fact been given a long training period on Jerusem on all the techniques of improving a young world's readiness to accept a step-up in evolutionary civilization.

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Now they had to face up to the pressing problems of establishing a rule of Law and Order in their surrounding world of savages, barbarians, and semi-civilized Human Beings. Unfortunately, apart from the cream of the Earth's population assembled in the Garden of Eden, only a few tribal groups here and there were at all ready for the reception of the new Adamic culture. Tribal development had been badly set back by the administrative disruption following the earlier Lucifer Rebellion. Adam made a heroic and determined effort to institute Representative Government in place of a Monarchial one, but he met with stubborn resistance at every turn and eventually had to abandon all efforts to do so.

He had already put in operation a system of group control throughout the Garden of Eden itself and had federated all of these groups into the "Edenic League". He also succeeded in establishing almost one hundred outlying Trade and Social Centers where selected individuals of a strong ability ruled in his name. But serious trouble always ensued when he ventured outside the Garden of Eden and sought to apply these ideas to the more distant outlying tribes. The moment Adam's associates began to work outside the Edenic area, they met the direct and well-planned resistance of Caligastia.

Although the fallen Prince had been deposed by the Constellation Fathers as Earth's ruling Sovereign, he had not been physically removed from the Planet, and this in fact was not done so until the time of Christ Michael's Bestowal life on Earth two thousand years ago. He was still able to some extent to encourage many primitive tribes to resist all of Adam's plans for the rehabilitation and upgrading of Earth's society.

Caligastia however was allowed to pay frequent visits to the Garden of Eden in order to try and settle the differences between his leadership of the outlying tribes and the Adamic Administration.

Despite many conferences with Adam and Eve, Adam always remained opposed to any compromise, and the wily Prince Caligastia soon gave up trying to work directly on Adam and decided to try a subtle flank attack on Eve. He laid plans for entrapping Eve into committing a serious error by breaking the "Adamic Pledge" never to procreate with any of Earth's indigenous Mortals.

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Adam and Eve had completed their first one-hundred years on Earth, having produced sixty-three of their own children along with 1, grandchildren as their pure-line Descendants. It was at this time that Caligastia decided to set in motion a wily plot to undermine Adam's rule. It should be appreciated that Caligastia, having originated from a superior non-mortal Race on Satania's Jerusem, still had considerable powers to influence the thoughts and actions of Earth Mortals, even those more advanced and progressive. It so happened that a senior Tribal Leader named Serapatatia had just come into the leadership of the Western or Syrian confederation of the Nodite tribes upon the death of his Father.

Serapatatia who stood out as an unusually intelligent and advanced Human Mortal, had already made several visits to the Garden of Eden and had become deeply impressed with the righteousness of Adams's leadership and rule. Therefore, shortly after assuming the Leadership of the Syrian Nodites, he announced his intention of establishing an affiliation with the work of Adam and Eve in developing and upgrading tribal administration. He put it to the Nodite Tribal Confederation that it was going to be to their greater benefit and the Nodite Tribe readily agreed to support him.

It was shortly after this tribal acceptance that Serepatatia and some of his new Staff were invited and entertained by Adam and Eve in their own home in Eden. Serapatatia thereafter became one of the most able and efficient of all Adam's Lieutenants. He was entirely honest and thoroughly sincere in all of his activities. He was never conscious, even to the end, that he was to be used as a circumstantial tool against Adam and Eve in a clever plot set in motion through concealed mental suggestion by the wily Caligastia.

The "Fall" of Eve Soon Serapatatia was appointed Associate Chairman of the Edenic Commission on Tribal Relations, and many plans were laid for the more vigorous prosecution of the work of winning the remote Tribes to the Adamic cause. He was then mentally influenced to reason with Eve that if this child could be reared and educated in the Garden of Eden, it would exert a great influence over his people and possibly influence the many other tribes.

For more than five years these plans were secretly progressed between them. At last they were developed to the point where Eve consented to have a secret conference with Serapatatia's close Associate, Cano, a most brilliant mind and the active Leader of the near-by colony of the friendly Nodites. Cano was very sympathetic to the Adamic cause and was also the spiritual Leader of this neighboring Nodite Tribe which had been amongst the first to choose to have friendly relations with the Garden of Eden.

The fateful meeting occurred during the twilight hours of an autumn evening, not far from the home of Adam. And Cano also thoroughly believed in the righteousness of the "Serapatatia Project", since multiple mating was a common practice outside of the Garden of Eden and was not considered in any way to be wrong. Encouraged by flattery, enthusiasm, and great personal persuasion, Eve then and there consented to embark upon the much-discussed enterprise, to add her own contribution of "World Saving" to the Divine Plan.

Before she quite realized what was transpiring, the fatal step had been taken and the deed was done. The child arising from this union was eventually to be named Cain. Adam however very soon sensed from Eve that something very seriously wrong had taken place.

He asked Eve to come outside with him into their garden. And now for the first time Adam heard from Eve the entire story about her and Serapatatia's long-nourished plan for accelerating world improvement by stimulating the upliftment of the tribal bloodstock and genes of one of the more advanced world tribes. And as they communed in the moonlit garden, they suddenly heard a discarnate "Voice in the Garden" reproving them for their disobedience. It informed them that they had transgressed the Garden of Eden Covenant and had defaulted in the execution of their Oaths of Trust to the Rulers of the Local Universe.

Upon hearing this, Eve's disillusionment was truly pathetic. Adam had quickly taken in the whole predicament they were in and whilst heartbroken and dejected, he nonetheless felt a great sympathy and pity for his erring Mate.

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It was in Adam's despair at the realization of Eve's failure that the day after Eve's misstep, he sought out Laotta, a brilliant Nodite woman who was Head of the Western schools of the Garden of Eden, in order to balance out Eve's great shame by committing the same act himself. He wished to deliberately share his beloved Partner's fate. He loved his Mate with a supermortal affection, and the thought of the possibility of a lonely vigil on Urantia without her was more than he could endure.

Later, when the result of this union was the birth of a daughter named Sansa, and since Laotta died in the childbirth, Eve without hesitation took Sansa to her bosom and she was reared along with Cain to grow up to be a woman of great ability. When the worker inhabitants of the Garden of Eden learned of what had happened to Eve, these infuriated inhabitants declared war on the near-by Nodite settlement.

Cano, the father of Cain yet unborn, also perished and Serapataia, overcome with remorse at what he had set in motion, drowned himself next day in the Great River. But still more trouble was brewing: And this was to be only the beginning of a long and bitter warfare between the Adamite tribal followers and the Nodite Tribes.

Adam, having realised that he and Eve had failed in their Adamic Mission, and not wishing to go to war with the tribes, agreed with twelve hundred of his loyal followers to flee by caravan East to the second originally selected site for the Garden of Eden, at the confluence of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in Mesopotamia. The Flight to the Second Eden As the Edenic Caravan proceeded on its way, Adam was not entirely certain how the Hierarchy was going to react to their offence.

On the third day of their journey, they were halted by the arrival of the Seraphic Hosts from Jerusem, who formally informed Adam and Eve of their transgressions and advised them concerning their fate. Gabriel, the Chief Administrative Officer of the Local Universe of Nebadon, had pronounced judgment from Nebadon's Headquarters on Salvington to the effect that, although they were not being charged of standing in "contempt of the Universe Government" and had not been guilty of rebellion, they had degraded themselves to the lower status of "Mortals" of the realm.

They would no longer have immortality of life previously conferred on them along with their access to the restorative "Tree of Life". From now on they must conduct themselves as a purely mortal man and woman of Urantia, now subject to a limited life-span. They were henceforth to be totally dependent on any successful local development of Earth's tribal Races for their own future well-being.

It required almost a full year for the Edenic Caravan to reach the Euphrates River. When word reached the existing dwellers at the site of the Second Garden of Eden that the King and High Priest of the Garden of Eden was "marching on them", they fled in haste to the Eastern mountains.

Adam found all of the desired territory totally vacated when he arrived. In this new location Adam and his helpers were now obliged to adopt relatively crude methods of living, whereas the first Garden of Eden had already been prepared for them, whilst this new one thus had to be created by the labour of their own hands. Adam's caravan had had the foresight to carry the seeds and bulbs of hundreds of plants and cereals of the first Garden to the land between the rivers. They also brought along extensive herds of animals as well as some of the more domesticated ones.

Because of this, they at least possessed some advantages over the surrounding tribes and eventually they were able to develop and enjoy many of the benefits of the previous culture of their first Garden of Eden.

The site of Second Garden of Eden between the two great rivers was to provide a good natural defence from any marauding tribes. A short way to the North, where the Euphrates and Tigris came close together, a high defence wall was to be built between the rivers extending some fifty-six miles for the protection of the main body of the territory to the South.

And so it was that they set themselves to building their own new homes and working from scratch to create a second beautiful Garden of Eden and eventually establish a new center on Earth of relatively advanced culture and religion. Up to the time of leaving the first Eden, Adam and his family had always subsisted on eating only fruits, cereals and nuts. On the way to Mesopotamia they had for the first time been forced to partake of herbs and vegetables. Even though the eating of meat was eventually introduced into the Second Garden, Adam and Eve never partook of flesh as part of their regular diet.

Neither did any of their first generation children of the original Eden become flesh eaters. They subsisted wholly upon "the fruits and nuts of the trees". However, the next generation of Adamic Descendants did begin to partake of dairy products, though they continued to follow a non-flesh diet. Many of the Southern tribes with whom they later united were also non-flesh eaters. Later on, most of these vegetarian tribes migrated to the East and became mixed in with the peoples of India.

The psychic abilities of Adam and Eve were far superior to those of present-day peoples. Their extra-sensory senses were acute and they were able to see higher-vibrational Angelic Hosts and other higher dimensional Beings - this ability lasted them for over one hundred years after the fall of the First Eden.

These higher senses were not to be so strong in their Second Garden of Eden offspring and tended to gradually diminish with each succeeding generation. Adam lived for a total of years, of them in the Second Garden of Eden, and died 35, years ago of what might be simply termed old age. His physical mechanism eventually wore out, the process of disintegration gradually gaining on the processes of repair, and the inevitable end came.

Eve had died nineteen years previously of a weakened heart. They were both buried in the center of the Temple of Divine Service which had been built in accordance with their plans soon after the Northern Great Wall between the rivers of the colony had been completed. The final end of the First Garden of Eden peninsula in the Mediterranean came almost four thousand years after Adam and Eve had fled.

It had been overrun and occupied at different times by the lower-grade tribes of Nodites, Cutites and the Suntites. The end came in connection with violent activity of surrounding volcanoes and also the concurrent submergence of the Sicilian land bridge to Africa. The Eastern floor of the Mediterranean Sea was gradually sinking, eventually carrying down beneath its waters the entire Edenic peninsula over several hundred years. Lemuria and Atlantis There later developed the two great civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis, although they were both not only to rise to a peak of high attainment, but eventually to descend slowly into dark ways through the temptations and influences of the Dark Forces beamed in from certain Worlds of Darkness within the Galaxy.

Both great civilizations were destined to finally sink beneath the oceans. The Continent of Lemuria, situated in the Pacific Ocean, which included the Continent of Australia and the Hawaiian Islands, although having gradually risen to great heights of spiritual development, was the first to finally sink beneath the waves. Some of its people did manage to escape through secret tunnels into the "Inner Earth", thereby joining the 4D Argarthian civilization within the interior.

Though Lemuria did achieve a relatively short lived phase of high consciousness, most in that era were not truly in physical bodies, rather in Devic-like etheric states, and did not face the difficulties required of the physical Earth stage. Indeed Lemuria never achieved the highly advanced technological development that later developed in the "Golden Age" of Atlantis. But, it was a time when "Gods walked with Men", and all knew the joyful expression of a greater Spiritual development, and was a time when many of Earth's people were known as the "Star Children".

The civilization of Atlantis first developed as a sister civilization near the latter period of Lemuria, and was situated in the Atlantic Ocean between the continents of Africa and South America and extending all the way up into the Northern Atlantic. Atlantis over time developed to great technological heights, developing many advanced technologies based on the use of crystals, including the ability to generate and distribute by crystal-beamed power unlimited free electrical power through the atmosphere, and which also powered their airships and other surface transport.

They enjoyed a "Golden Age" lasting over 40, years, only to then move into a slow decline in several stages, each marked with a progressive breakup and sinking of the original large continent in the Atlantic into several large Island Continents. This came around about 17, BC which left a two large Continental Islands, the largest being "Poseida", the second being "Aryan", plus three smaller ones, all in the North Atlantic. The present Azores Islands are a remnant of Poseida' highest mountainous areas.

The dramatic story of the final "The Fall of Atlantis" has only very recently become available through Archangel Metatron , made in a channeling by James Tyberonn, from which we include the following excerpts: The two major Island Continents were known as Poseida , and Aryan , with the third, Og, being somewhat smaller. And so in the days after the second break up of Atlantis, the benevolent government rule as a Kingdom passed into the phase of a Confederation - Regional Governments that ruled each of the Islands.

An aristocracy of sorts evolved that consisted of two opposing ideologies. The Island of Aryan was the most populated and exerted influence and political control over the smaller islands of Og, Atalya and Eyre. Poseida housed most of the major centers for Higher Learning. These were placed on Poseida because of its advantageous location within the Geodesic Grids and its proximity to beneficial electromagnetic energies that spiraled upward from the Earth's core. An incredibly potent healing spring flowed on Poseida, near the Temple of Healing, and its lore spawned the myths of the 'Fountain of Youth' passed down by the indigenous peoples of Florida.

It flows still into the oceans near Bimini. These were a gentle race of giants, involved in the cultural, artistic and educational pursuits in the heart of Atlantis. Poseida was also the headquarters and nucleus of the crystalline Power Grid and Interdimensional Tunnel system. The most advanced, complex and beautiful of the crystals were here. They were of Arcturian and Sirian-Pleiadean construct, a living amalgam of many crystalline forms imbued with an alloy of platinum and gold. Its bio-plasmic field was projected into a shimmering glowing Aurora of Emerald Green, visible for miles.

The Atlanteans had perfected, with Arcturian technology, the ability to grow crystals of every structure and essence in an accelerated growth within the underground crystal beds of Arkansas, Tibet and Brazil, all being Atlantean colonies, accessed through the Interdimensional Tunnel System.

Yet the harmony experienced in the Golden Age of Atlantis spiraled downward after the second break up into islands in 17, BC as the Islands grew into separately governed entities, which held to very differing ideologies in the initially chaotic and difficult period of reconstruction immediately after the break up. Poseidon remained the contingency of the Spiritual Law of One, while the people of Aryan became gradually engrossed in power and materialism. Some of Earth's artists in fact have made renditions of the city that are quite accurate.

It was an exquisite marvel of architecture, culture and engineering, by far the most beautiful metropolis that has ever existed on Earth. The city was composed of a series of concentric walls and encircled by flowing sea-green canals. It was full of beautifully constructed Temples, Universities, Theatres and Museums. Inside the temple was a massive gold statue of the God of the Sea [Poseidon] showing him driving six winged horses made of extra-terrestrial platinum. The statue was embellished with precious gemstones of every colour and type.

The Temple was octagonal and along each of the eight walls were built convex enclosures with platforms for amazing crystals that stood twelve feet high and glowed like transparent diamonds. Poseida had been the least damaged of the major Atlantean cities after the break up into islands, and was still of a very high frequency and quality of life.

Aryan was the commercial center and yielded the most influence from the economic, agricultural and military perspective. After the 2nd deluge, Aryan was significantly damaged and the infrastructure required a chaotic stage of rebuilding. In the process, the State became controlled by an elitist, affluent 'White' Race, who gained control of the economy, military powers and the Island's State Government, even though the majority of the populace themselves were of the Bronze or Red Race. The Aryans were to become so engrossed and hardened in the materialistic ambitions of the industrial machine that they lost sight of the spiritual ethics that had prevailed over the continent of Atlantis in the Golden Era.

Literally hundreds of thousands of hybrid Human mutations were created to work the fields and monstrosities were created with controlled minds to robotically do the bidding of their 'masters'. The agro-industrial society of Aryan became quite dependent on them. The Poseidons were far too cultured and gentle in nature to attempt to fight the Aryans and sought to educate them and spiritually influence them into changing their ways. The Aryans, who outnumbered the Poseidons 3 to 1, dared not attack Poseida lest they might have the crystalline energy that powered the Nation shut off. The Colonies, particularly those in Greece and Turkey, saw the change from the utopian Atlantis to the military-fascist State controlled by the Aryans and sought to break away.

Although the Aryans had the military edge, the Mediterranean states did not succumb, and regional colonial wars raged on with neither side able to dominate the other. Factions among Aryans increasingly sought to use crystal energy to quell the adversaries. The Poseidons retaliated by shutting down the crystal-fed power systems and thus negating the Aryans. The Aryans responded by stopping food supply and manufactured goods.

A great impasse ensued. Representatives from the Poseidon "Law of One" were sent along with the representatives from the Aryan "Sons of Belial". The Congress was formalized with an equal amount of representation from the two parties. Within short order a Federation of sorts was sanctified with the promise of greater harmony. It appeared for several decades that the promise of change and betterment might come about from the new National Congress. The Poseidons were encouraged and many of them let down their guard. Yet the primary points of opposition, the Aryan use of genetic slavery and the joint control of crystal energy management remained unresolved.

Large militaristic legions were formed and gained the edge in covert political persuasion and power. The hybrid mutants were used to terrorize those who opposed them in Aryan and Og, and on one occasion this was futilely attempted in Poseida. They presented well thought out arguments that masked their true intentions and promised mutual compromise The propaganda seemed quite feasible on the surface and convinced many including moderates and some from the "Law of One" of its hope for harmony.

The Atla-Ra were able to direct their usage towards military uses initially, but in time were deterred. This Crystalline Satellite was an enormous unmanned sphere of brilliant engineering, approximately five miles in diameter. It had been in use since the Golden Age of Atlantis, and served myriad benevolent purposes. It amplified and controlled the various crystal beams sent from the Fire, Healing and Energy Crystals.

It was something of a computerized macro-chip that refracted, amplified and reflected powerfully refined beams of energy for use in agriculture, weather control, tide control, Healing Temples, Regeneration Temples and the enhanced Ley-energy systems generated by the Crystal Power System. It loomed in the skies over Atlantis and appeared as a golden "Harvest Moon", and thus was known as the "Second Moon of Atlantis".

A rainbow kaleidoscopic energy band of antigravity plasma swirled around the sphere, and often appeared as what you now term the Aurora or Northern Lights. The Satellite Crystal Moon did not orbit the Earth, it moved as programmed, self directed, constantly shifting locations in order to perform its myriad tasks over Atlantis, Africa and the eastern seaboard of Brazil.

These were aimed in the areas of what is now Greece and Turkey, and caused great devastation. Indeed it gave the zealous Aryans the battle advantage they so fervently desired, and they jubilantly increased its usage, with support of most of the populace. The Atla-Ra Scientist Priesthood of Poseida understood the implications of what would soon occur when the programming crashed, but their pleas to the Council continued to be ignored.

Tireless attempts to correct it were unsuccessful. The Atla-Ra were asked to lend support in correcting it, but most refused. Some agreed to try and stabilize it to prevent the impending disaster. The Aryan-led National Council refused the suggestion to incinerate the Satellite, disbelieving that it would crash, and held to minimizing the effects of an impact even if it did. The great Crystal Satellite shattered into billions of fragmented crystalline shards, which now fill the deep trenches of the Atlantic.

Massive clouds of dust and smoke erupted, hiding the Sun.