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The Bomb Maker
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Nanosecond by Peter Anthony Flynn Price: The bomb techniques were an extension of his vivid imagination. There seemed no end in sight to what he was capable of devising. He was a master at his craft. A psychopath mind at work. Tim Watkins was called to the scene. A threat had been called in by an anonymous source to A house was going to be blown up. Something about the caller sounded believable. It was worth investigating.

The bomb unit responded. A careful search of the house was conducted. It had been booby-trapped. Explosive charges in strategic points began to go off. The house imploded upon itself. Now a pile of stucco and wood. The bomb technician just barely made it out in time. Unbeknownst to them, the bomber was not finished.

Half of the LAPD bomb squad was on scene. They gathered and began to carefully sift through the rubble for unexploded ordnance. They never got very far. It too had been booby-trapped. A dynamic explosion that originated from underneath the house shook the earth. Fourteen members of the elite LAPD bomb squad were killed instantly. The worst police disaster in the nation's history. Stahl ran his own successful security company. The city of Los Angeles needed his expertise.

He was the best of the best. When he was with the bomb squad, his name became Legend. He had trained and knew many of the deceased in the disaster. He was more than eager to volunteer his assistance. For the next two days in a row, Stahl diffused two more sophisticated bombs that had been planted in strategic places.

They too had been cleverly booby-trapped. Any other bomb technician on the scene would have probably been killed. Luck was with him. Stahl was quickly using up his nine lives. By now, the bomb makers intentions were clear. Eliminate the bomb squad. To do this, he had to come up with better ways of deploying and booby-trapping his bombs. Stahl had been getting in the way and needed to be taken out of the picture. An intimate relationship developed between Stahl and one of his underlings of his squad, Sergeant Diane Hines. According to strict policy, they knew it had to remain secret.

The bomb maker had learned of her address. There was a surprise waiting for her when she got home. Upon her arrival, she realized she activated a timer for a bomb directly overhead. With only a couple of seconds to react, she scrambled behind heavy furniture for cover. She survived the blast but was critically injured. She'd remained hospitalized in a medically coma for over a month.

The bomb maker was feeling desperate now. This Stahl character was interfering with his plans. He needed to be more creative. The sooner he killed off the remainder of the bomb squad, the sooner he'd get his money. But not if Stahl could help it. He was obsessed with taking down the bomb maker. One of them had to go. Only one would live to tell the tale.

View all 12 comments. Dec 26, Jeanette rated it liked it. This is a good book if you are an engineer type, and love to read the technical detail in fiction tale. There are not many of them out there that do that task to this degree. It's completely action, copper bomb squad LA cored. And it's a singular man that they are trying to contain. Truly it seems so despicable the injury and horrific outcomes that such a coward can do from afar.

The trouble for me was in middle and end content and its pacing. After the most This is a good book if you are an engineer type, and love to read the technical detail in fiction tale. After the most explosive beginning that left you breathless, so much of the rest? More cold treachery and more cold recitals of more treachery- of the same and the same. Only locations and trigger methods or number of target connections changed. And for me, the two main protagonists held no heat or flirt factor to speak of between each other.

Their love affair or sexual encounter dynamic was more like some type of strange job or psychologist's interview. So the 2 main characters and the staff that was highlighted? After that beginning, they seemed like figures with names on their uniforms. You got his history but I did not feel any iota of his core, or depth except that he had to have a death wish. I am not much of a thriller variety reader however, I did so enjoy this book about the struggle to capture a man who was intent on killing members of the bomb squad. Dick Stahl is called back into service when a bomb goes off and kills twelve members of the bomb squad pretty much decimating their ranks and throwing the city and the police into chaos.

Stahl, owner of a private security company accepts this job and learns through going on a second bomb call that he is dealing with a brilliant expl I am not much of a thriller variety reader however, I did so enjoy this book about the struggle to capture a man who was intent on killing members of the bomb squad.

Stahl, owner of a private security company accepts this job and learns through going on a second bomb call that he is dealing with a brilliant explosives expert. He begins to rebuild the teams of people sent out to mitigate a bomb situation and they learn from him how to be proficient in recognizing the danger that this bomb maker has in store for any who are careless. This bomb maker follows no rules except, as it soon becomes apparent, to kill bomb squad members.

Stahl becomes involved with one of the team members. However, the focus is on getting this bomb maker who in the meantime, has become involved with a sinister group of men who are planning a terrorist hit on LA. All of this builds to a harrowing experience as Stahl and the men and women of the bomb squad desperately try to find the bomb maker.

The bomb maker devoid of any kind of feelings about causing death is intent on his mission. Mr Perry never really reveals why the bomb maker is on this mission but does create a character with enough menace and diabolical behaviors. The one fault that the novel does seem to possess is at the end which seemed to be somewhat abrupt. We never really learn who the terrorists were nor do we know much about the bomb maker, not even his name.

Sep 24, Pamela rated it liked it. Thomas Perry is a brilliant story teller. In his newest novel, he pits a bomb maker against the LA bomb squad. The bomb maker is adept it designing and making bombs that have trap doors, secondary devices, switches, motors and rotors, on and on. Yes, it did get a bit actually VERY technical , but I can overlook that because it was just so darn enthralling!

This bomb maker extraordinaire delights in making bombs and setting them to fool the EOD techs to produce as many fatalities to the techs as possible. The protagonist, Dick Stahl, is an EOD specialist extraordinaire, and the story line centers around these two outwitting each other.

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The opening scene is utterly riveting and the thrill ride is off to a grand start! The thrills keep coming and coming in this fast paced novel! Perry usually stages something clever at the end, and he did not disappoint! Cute and clever ending! I love Perry's writing style, and enjoyed reading this book because of the intensity and suspense. That being said, I was hoping for more from this acclaimed author.

I must mention that character development is poor uh, non existent. We never learn the bomb maker's backstory, motive, or even name! The "businessmen" are secondary fodder and are more of a distraction than anything else. Perry certainly has the ability to write a serious piece using many facets of "authors' craft". However, this one is a quick read, maybe a road trip read, can't say beach read because it is Fall!

Feb 05, Hobart rated it really liked it Shelves: This is a heckuva read until it's not -- but we'll get to that in a bit. I know precious little about Bomb Squads, and have read precious little about them. I think Crais' Demolition Angel is the only other book with a Bomb Tech in it for more than a few pages that I've read. So I was pretty excited to give this one a shot -- incidentally, I do think there are areas of overlap between this book and Crais' that'd make for interesting reading.

Peter Anthony Flynn

Sadly, it's been about 15 years since I read Demolition Angel , so I won't be writing that. Still, my main point is that there's not a lot written about Bomb Techs, and that seems pretty strange, because this kind of thing makes for some great tense moments -- the kind of thing that thriller readers love.

And he does so by making bombs designed to sucker the Bomb Techs into doing X or Y, which will both set off the bomb itself. In his first attempt, he kills half the division -- 14 of 28, including the commanding Captain. What's the LAPD to do? Thankfully, one of the Deputy Chief's knows a guy -- the last guy to command the Squad still lives in town, running a high-priced security firm. Stahl knew most of the people that died, trained many of them himself and would like to help get some justice for them and prevent others from joining them.

So begins a great cat-and-mouse game. The bomb maker is pretty smart and knows how Bomb Techs think, so he fools them into setting bombs off. Stahl doesn't know much about the guy beyond that, so he goes out of his way to overthink the bombs and finds the tricks that were included and thinks around them. Some of the squad start to think like him, and others don't. You can guess how that works out for all involved. The bomb maker sees how Stahl is figuring him out, and steps up his game, making bombs that are more clever and more devastating. This aspect of the book -- which really is the bulk of it, thankfully -- is just great.

Perry could've given us another pages or so of it and I wouldn't have complained. There's a little bit romance between Stahl and someone, which complicates things and could've bery easily annoyed me because it seems so extraneous. I think the way Perry dealt with it and used in to tell his story ended up working, but I'm not going to argue with anyone who was bothered by it I easily could've been.

But for me, when you add these complications into the cat-and-mouse thing, it just makes for a better read.

See a Problem?

"Reluctant Bombmaker" is a suspense drama screenplay. Logline: In LA, a quirky American man and an Arabian exotic dancer, his fledgling love interest, are. Reluctant Bombmaker. Kindle Edition. $ Blessing in Disguise. Kindle Edition Reluctant Bombmaker Aug 31, by Peter Anthony Flynn ยท Kindle Edition.

Which is not to say that this book doesn't have its share of problems. We get a lot of backstory on a couple of incredibly minor characters. There's one character whose sole purpose is to find a bomb and call the police, yet we get a lot of detail on the career she gave up, why she did so, and what that costs her to this day, just to have her find a bomb.

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I liked the character what we got of her anyway , her part of the book was well-written, but it seems silly to get that much detail on someone who disappears almost immediately. It's like on award shows when they introduce a minor celebrity just so they can come on stage to introduce the award presenters. Perry does this kind of thing more than once here, meanwhile we don't get a lot of information about most of the Bomb Squad members we do get to see do things. It makes little sense, adds little, and ultimately detracts from the suspense he's building.

I don't get it. One thing for sure, I add mostly as an aside, between the mysterious bad guy in Silence and the bomb maker here, I'm sure that Thomas Perry can write a great creep.


Not just a bad guy with no respect for life or property or whatever, but a real cad who should never be allowed near a female. I'm not suggesting that describes all of his characters, just some of them -- just the fact that the paid assassin is a step-up for Sylvie Turner also from Silence compared to the previous guys she was serious about says something about the kind of creep Perry can write.

I'm going to get close to a spoiler or two here, so feel free to skip this paragraph. If you're still here, in the last 40 pages less than that, actually, but let's keep it vague , this becomes a different kind of book. It feels like Perry realized what his page count was and wanted to keep it below so he had to bring the cat-and-mouse thing to an end.

The action kicks into high gear, and the very intelligent thriller throws out the intelligence and becomes a couple of action sequences. Well-done and compelling action sequences, but a very different feel from the rest of the book. He also switches from giving us too much detail like the life story of the lady who found a bomb to giving us almost no information to help wrap up the closing events of the novel. I won't even begin to talk about the last four pages, the final chapter almost doesn't belong in the book -- it does give us a teeny bit of resolution, but again, feels like a different book than what had come before.

My kids can testify to this, I was yelling at the book during the final few pages, because I just didn't get what Perry was up to. This was a solid, smart, compelling thriller about the kind of characters you want to read about -- smart professionals, acting for the public good and for the sake of their teammates up against smart professionals out to do wrong. I had a blast with most of this, and could forgive the tangents he went off on, up until the end. I did, generally, still like the end, even so. I still recommend this and think you'll like it -- I just wish Perry'd landed it better.

It was almost a 4-star book, possibly more, but that ending. If you have -- or eventually do -- read this, let me know what you thought of it. I'm really curious to see what others thought. Jan 05, Sharon Michael rated it really liked it. Great depth of detail, which I expect of the Perry books and an interesting twist at the end. View all 4 comments. May 03, Tim rated it did not like it. My lowest rated Thomas Perry story ever.

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