Religion and War Resistance in the Plowshares Movement (Cambridge Studies in Contentious Politics)

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Movement challenges and trajectories Historical development of the U. Plowshares movement Tactical legitimation and the theology of resistance Sustaining commitment Death of a charismatic leader Intermittent resistance: From failed attempts to persistent resistance: Survey questionnaire Appendix B: List of interviews by author Appendix C: Chronological list of Plowshares actions by region.

Religion and War Resistance in the Plowshares Movement by Sharon Erickson Nepstad

Includes bibliographical references p. View online Borrow Buy Freely available Show 0 more links Related resource Publisher description at http: Lifton , Robert Jay. Lifton , Robert Jay and Falk , Richard. Religion and War Resistance in the Plowshares Movement ( Cambridge Studies in Contentious Politics) (): Sharon Erickson. Cambridge Core - Comparative Politics - Religion and War Resistance in the Interest, Comparative Politics; Series: Cambridge Studies in Contentious Politics.

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Cambridge Studies in Contentious Politics

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Commitment and Community in the Plowshares Movement. Nepstad , Sharon Erickson b. Convictions of the Soul: Nepstad , Sharon Erickson c. Tactical Choice and Consequence in the Plowshares Movement. Nepstad , Sharon Erickson and Bob , Clifford. Hypotheses on Leadership Dynamics in Social Movements. Nepstad , Sharon Erickson and Christian , S. The Case of Nicaragua Exchange. Nielsen , Joyce M.

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Religion and War Resistance in the Plowshares Movement

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Taylor , Verta and Whittier , Nancy. From Mobilization to Revolution. Tilly , Charles Useem , Bert and Mayer , N. The Theory of Social and Economic Organization. Weinstein , Jeremy M. The Politics of Insurgent Violence. Prison Writings of the Prince of Peace Plowshares.

Violence and Nonviolence in South Africa: Wittner , Lawrence S. The American Peace Movement, — Specifically, proximate and government-oriented sources provide one assessment of events, whereas proximate and dissident-oriented sources have another; both converge on specific aspects of the conflict. The methodological implications of the study are clear; Davenport's findings prove that in order to understand contentious events, it is crucial to understand who collects or distributes the information in order to comprehend who reportedly does what to whom as well as why.

At the turn of the twentieth century, a concatenation of diverse social movements arose unexpectedly in Latin America, culminating in massive anti-free market demonstrations. These events ushered in governments in Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Venezuela that advocated socialization and planning, challenging the consensus over neoliberal hegemony and the weakness of movements to oppose it.

Eduardo Silva offers the first comprehensive comparative account of these extraordinary events, arguing that the shift was influenced by favorable political associational space, a reformist orientation to demands, economic crisis, and mechanisms that facilitated horizontal linkages among a wide variety of social movement organizations. His analysis applies Karl Polanyi's theory of the double movement of market society to these events, predicting the dawning of an era more supportive of government intervention in the economy and society.

This book examines anti-corporate activism in the United States, including analysis of anti-corporate challenges associated with social movements as diverse as the Civil Rights Movement and the Dolphin-safe Tuna Movement. Using a unique dataset of protest events in the United States, the book shows that anti-corporate activism is primarily about corporate policies, products, and negligence.

Although activists have always been distrustful of corporations and sought to change them, until the s and s, this was primarily accomplished via seeking government regulation of corporations or via organized labor. Soule traces the shift brought about by deregulation and the decline in organized labor, which prompted activists to target corporations directly, often in combination with targeting the state.

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Using the literatures on contentious and private politics, which are both essential for understanding anti-corporate activism, the book provides a nuanced understanding of the changing focal points of activism directed at corporations. Contentious Performances Charles Tilly https: How can we get inside popular collective struggles and explain how they work? Contentious Performances presents a distinctive approach to analyzing such struggles, drawing especially on incomparably rich evidence from Great Britain between and The book accomplishes three main things.

First, it presents a logic and method for describing contentious events, occasions on which people publicly make consequential claims on each other. Second, it shows how that logic yields superior explanations of the dynamics in such events, both individually and in the aggregate. Third, it illustrates its methods and arguments by means of detailed analyses of contentious events in Great Britain from to This book documents how China's rural people remember the great famine of Maoist rule, which proved to be the worst famine in modern world history.

Based on his study of a rural village's memories of the famine, Thaxton argues that these memories persisted long after the events of the famine and shaped rural resistance to the socialist state, both before and after the post-Mao era of reform. As the nuclear arms race exploded in the s, a group of U.

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Armed with hammers, they broke into military facilities to pound on missiles and pour blood on bombers, enacting the prophet Isaiah's vision: In this book, Sharon Erickson Nepstad documents the emergence and international diffusion of this unique form of high-risk collective action. Drawing on interviews, original survey research, and archival data, Nepstad explains why some Plowshares groups have persisted over time while others have struggled or collapsed. This book explores social movements by analyzing an escalating spiral of tension between the Patriot movement and the state centered on the mutual framing of conflict as 'warfare'.

By examining the social construction of 'warfare' as a principal script or frame defining the movement-state dynamic, Stuart A. Wright explains how this highly charged confluence of a war narrative engendered a kind of symbiosis leading to the escalation of a mutual threat that culminated in the Oklahoma City bombing. Wright offers a unique perspective on the events leading up to the bombing because he served as a consultant to Timothy McVeigh's defense team for eighteen months and draws on primary data based on face-to-face interviews with McVeigh.

The book contends that McVeigh was firmly entrenched in the Patriot movement and was part of a network of 'warrior cells' that planned and implemented the bombing. Close to three hundred stores and supermarkets were looted during week-long food riots in Argentina in December Thirty-four people were reported dead and hundreds were injured. Among the looting crowds, activists from the Peronist party the main political party in the country were quite prominent. During the lootings, police officers were conspicuously absent - particularly when small stores were sacked.

Through a combination of archival research, statistical analysis, multi-sited fieldwork, and taking heed of the perspective of contentious politics, this book provides an analytic description of the origins, course, meanings, and outcomes of the December wave of lootings in Argentina. O'Brien , Lianjiang Li https: How can the poor and weak 'work' a political system to their advantage? Drawing mainly on interviews and surveys in rural China, Kevin O'Brien and Lianjiang Li show that popular action often hinges on locating and exploiting divisions within the state.

Otherwise powerless people use the rhetoric and commitments of the central government to try to fight misconduct by local officials, open up clogged channels of participation, and push back the frontiers of the permissible. This 'rightful resistance' has far-reaching implications for our understanding of contentious politics.

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As O'Brien and Li explore the origins, dynamics, and consequences of rightful resistance, they highlight similarities between collective action in places as varied as China, the former East Germany, and the United States, while suggesting how Chinese experiences speak to issues such as opportunities to protest, claims radicalization, tactical innovation, and the outcomes of contention.

The New Transnational Activism, first published in , shows how even the most prosaic activities can assume broader political meanings when they provide ordinary people with the experience of crossing transnational space. This means that we cannot be satisfied with defining transnational activists through the ways they think. The defining feature of transnationalism in this book is relational, and not cognitive.