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10 Steps to Move On From a Relationship

Pamper Yourself If you feel unworthy, spend time pampering yourself to rebuild confidence. Start a new exercise regimen to get into the greatest shape of your life. Walk, run, dance, or do whatever activity suits you, but do it at least five days a week. Not only will you become physically healthier, but your mood will improve, too.

10 Steps To Moving On

Now is the time to give it a go and delve into something new. Talk, Talk, Talk Call up your sister or your best friend and let it out. Scream, rage, cry, and talk until there is nothing left to say. Make sure the support person knows that you intend to let it all out and that you may cuss and cry. Choose your best listening friend, someone who is willing to sit and listen without needing to add her two-cents worth, unless you wish it.

Walk Out the Door You may feel like staying in bed with covers pulled up to your chin for the next three weeks, but getting out will improve your mood faster. Go out with friends, even when you do not feel like partying. A quiet dinner and a movie with people who care about you is bound to make you feel good. Walk out the door for a weekend getaway, go to the library, go to a museum, or go to a concert.

Permission To Feel Sad You are allowed to be sad, so take the time to mourn the end of the relationship, and shed your tears.

12 Signs To Tell If You Have Not Moved On

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Contemplate the time the two of you spent together. Consider what worked in the relationship and what did not. Give yourself permission to feel the pain and hurt, but set a time limit and then move on when the time has expired.

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If you are open to loving and being loved, it will indeed come your way. If you feel stuck to the point of not being able to function or move forward, get unstuck with the help of a professional. Seek a relationship therapist or counselor who can offer an objective view into the problem. Just remember, you never have to go it alone. Refrain from adding misery to your life by using thoughtless moving-on tactics to get over him.

More than likely he has caller ID and will know it is you.

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Do you really want to seem that desperate? Of course not, so take the high road. Dwelling on him after the relationship ends hurts you more than spreading rumors hurts him. When you are in a state of sadness and feeling down, unchecked spending is more likely to occur. Wait until life appears rosier before shopping for new clothes. Gaining weight during your new-found independence will only make you feel worse.

What aspirations would you like on there, and at what point might it be realistic to try and achieve these? Use your time-line for direction and feel free to continue to add to it.

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You may wish to display it somewhere you can regularly look at it. Content originally produced for What Next? You are here Home Relationship help Help with separation and divorce Coping with thoughts and feelings Moving on. Arguing Sometimes couples continue to argue and disagree over their children, money and belongings long after their separation. You may want to consider whether any of the following statements are true for you: An ex in your life is better than no one.

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Finding acceptance All these things are quite usual. Moving on You may find things difficult after your break-up.

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When that happens, you may find it helpful to consider the following: Look for ways in which you can find and promote lasting happiness within yourself, e. This may be preferable to drifting towards external things, such as things to buy or eat, which may only bring short-term pleasure. Be ready to catch yourself when negative thoughts pop into your head. All relationships are learning. Find time to reflect on your relationship. Did it hold you back? What have you learned from it? What would you do differently next time? Focussing on the future It can help to think about how you see your future.

You might like to try this activity that looks at planning for the future:

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Connections Featured in The Wright Stuff: Sign up for my free Personal Growth Insights Newsletter to get my personal development tips and updates sent directly to your inbox: Breaking up is hard to do, but moving on is an absolute must. When a retired housewife's husband dies, she finds solace in a spiritualist church recommended by her sister. A dental nurse is shocked to discover her long-term partner and father of her son has a secret heroin addiction that he has been keeping from her for several years.