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In that episode Willow has gone all black haired and veiny due to the death of Tara. She went out on a vengeanc I really enjoyed this book. She went out on a vengeance trip, and killed Warren. Her magic levels allowed her to feel everyone's pain in the whole world and this led to her decided to end the world. Buffy cannot stop her. Xander, her best friend, who happens to be working as a carpenter at the time, comes to her as she begins ending the world.

He puts himself in the way of the green blasts of energy she is shooting, bringing pain upon himself.

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She tells him to get out of the way but he says if the world is going to end wherelse would he be and tells her he loves her. He loves her as a scary, world ending Willow and as a little girl who broke the yellow crayon Willow.

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Each time he tells her he loves her, her destructive powers lessen. Eventually she collapses into her arms and her head turns red again. What a picture of Jesus this is. The carpenter who saves the world through unconditional love, putting himself in harms way. Like Jesus, in Season Seven we see Xander is left with scars from his encounter. It's illustrations like that, and insights into the show that make this book great. The one negative I see is that there is an interview with Eliza Dushku, and although it is a cool thing to read, it is pointless in comparison to the rest of the book; though there are obvious attempts to fit the two together.

A few more thoughts here: I should begin by saying I am not what you would refer to as a 'casual fan' of BtVS.

What Would Buffy Do? The Vampire Slayer as Spiritual Guide

I am one of THOSE; I know every episode name, can recite them in order I have a tendency though to block out parts of season 6, forgive me , can quote the show verbatim, and - somewhat embarrassingly - in high school I stayed home 'sick' one day just to catch a radio interview of David Boreanaz on the Dave Ryan in the Morning Show on KDWB. Yes, I A few more thoughts here: Yes, I skipped a whole day of school for a minutes interview.

Years later, Mom admitted she knew I wasn't sick, and why I stayed home. Okay, now that the craziness that is me when it comes to this show is clear That being said, the message of the book is still clear, and a valuable one. I feel like this might be geared more toward fans similar to me, or at least those with more than a passing interest. The casual fan may not even recall some of the situations discussed, though many are obvious and the 'big ones'. All in all, I definitely recommend this one. Jul 07, Indah Threez Lestari rated it really liked it Shelves: Mungkin karena dulu belum sempat melihat transformasi karakter Spike dari pure evil menjadi lebih manusiawi.

Buku ini membahas BtVS dari sisi spiritualitas, tapi bukan berarti jadi serius kok.

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Yang ada malah kita jadi lebih memahami bagaimana karakter-karakter di BtVS dan perubahan-perubahan mereka dari sisi sang pencipta dan para penulisnya. Jadi sadar kalau punning banter-nya Buffy berkaitan erat dengan rasa percaya diri Buffy atas kekuatannya.

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Dibaca selama perjalanan kereta api Cirebon-Gambir. Mar 14, Lauren rated it really liked it. If you're not a hardcore Buffy fan, this book isn't for you.

It's a big re-hash of all the seasons and the most important lessons. I saw someone put in their review that this book isn't good because Buffy the Vampire Slayer is for entertainment and isn't "deep". If you think this way, you're not only not going to enjoy this book but you're not going to enjoy any outside Buffy books, so honestly, don't waste your time. There were some things that this book pointed out that I never even thought ab If you're not a hardcore Buffy fan, this book isn't for you. There were some things that this book pointed out that I never even thought about, as far as Buffy lessons goes.

It's not for any one Religion as the author brings up the New Testament, Budism and even Wiccan so Religion is not a problem when talking about this book. Also, there's a nice interview at the end with Eliza Dushku Faith! Oct 12, Nathan rated it liked it. This book yet again reminded me of just how much I loved the show, with its light approach to dark subject matters, rich character development, and refreshing plot twists on familiar story lines. It could go further into depth on any given topic death, friendship, accountability, eg , but there are plenty of sources for that.

This primarily synthesizes the biggest issues raised over the course of Enjoyable read discussing the philosophy and spirituality of the TV show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". This primarily synthesizes the biggest issues raised over the course of the show's 7 season run, while giving context for any and every episode or character reference. Recommended to all Buffy fans, but especially to those of them who look for answers to deeper spiritual longings.

Jun 13, Janet rated it really liked it Recommends it for: The "spiritual-but-not-religious" who like Buffy, teens interested in spirituality. This is a surprisingly fun and insightful look at the spiritual themes of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and what can be learned from them. It's a fast read, but there's a lot of good material here. The book draws exmaples primarily from Buddhism and Christianity, but reflects the show's own lack of affiliation with a particular path.

Still, what I considered to be the most pertinent passage draws a Jewish example: And just as God is never mentioned in the book of Esther, God is merely implicit in the Buffyverse, present every time the characters put their lives on the line to save others. Apr 08, Bunny rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Anyone who has even a passing knowledge of BTVS. I am a sad, sad human being. This is a truly, truly great book for the BTVS lovers. Even the not-as-obssessed-as-we type.

If you have even a passing knowledge of the show, this is a really great book to read. It brings back the nostalgia for the show, plus throws in a whole lot of "deeper meaning". I just the quotes because honestly, I didn't really get the book to find a deeper meaning. I enjoyed it, nonetheless. And the Eliza interview? Her love for Joss definitely foreshadows her wanting him for Dollhouse. And this was when she was on Tru Calling. May 18, Blanche rated it liked it Shelves: This book takes you through all seven seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer -- plus some of the spin-off, Angel -- picking out spiritual and possibly religious life lessons to be taken away from the show.

There is absolutely nothing new or revolutionary discovered within its pages; if you've paid even the slightest bit of attention during the series, you've already made these connections. Still, it was a fun, quick read, and at the very least reminded me of some wonderful scenes and episodes! Aug 19, Jacqui rated it it was amazing. Aug 10, Juls rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Okay, let's get this over with. I just happened to catch the reruns with my friends when I was in college, in between dinner and going out, every day, for a year or two.

We're seriously not cultie types, no trekkie hand signals or whatever. But wow, for a young woman, there can be no better role model than Buffy. And this book lays it all out for ya. Sep 28, Lavonne rated it really liked it Recommended to Lavonne by: What can I say? My favorie TV show actually has merit and it's been written about in book form.

It's not necessary to see the series to read the book, but I can seriously recommend watching the entire series, too. I still miss the writing on this show.

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Nothing else has quite lived up to it, although Lost has come very close. Oct 06, Susan Clark-cook rated it really liked it. Over all I liked this book, it was fun and some of the ideas were interesting albeit a bit of a philosophical stretch. This book played out during the Buffy phenom.

While the letter itself is fictionalized, it certainly attests to Eliza's strong heart, compassion, and awareness of history. I really enjoyed this book. She speaks often to media about issues pertaining to religion in America. Okay, let's get this over with. Could you fix Raid Result showing on Raid page? The casual fan may not even recall some of the situations discussed, though many are obvious and the 'big ones'. She went out on a vengeance trip, and killed Warren.

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