Geisterzorn: Der Fluch von Lost Haven (German Edition)

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The poetess continued with a paraphase of Nicodemus' words that nobody could act as Jesus if God was not with him. She used the eighth stanza of Paul Gerhardt's hymn "Was alle Weisheit in der Welt" as a closing chorale, sung to the melody of "Christ, unser Herr, zum Jordan kam". Bach first performed the cantata on 27 May It was the conclusion of Bach's second year of cantata compositions in Leipzig. The opening chorus in C minor concentrates, without instrumental introduction, on a choral fugue. A complex theme illustrates both contrasting aspects that Jeremiah mentioned of the human heart, rendering "trotzig" defiant twice, once in a repeated high note reached by a triad fanfare, then in an upward run with a surprising modulation, whereas "verzagt" timid appears as a sighing motif in chromatism.

The strings accompany "trotzig" marked forte, "verzagt" piano, while the oboes double the voices. John Eliot Gardiner translates the text as "There is something stubborn or defiant or wilful and fainthearted or disheartened or despairing about the human heart", describes the movement as a "dramatic antithesis between headstrong aggression and lily-livered frailty", and wonders "whether this arresting comment on the human condition reflected Bach's own views". The soprano aria "Dein sonst so hell beliebter Schein" Your dear bright light is in contrast a "light-footed" gavotte, sometimes without continuo.

In the alto aria, an unusual obbligato of three oboes in unison, including one oboe da caccia, alludes to the Trinity that is celebrated.

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The closing chorale is a four-part setting of the archaic modal melody of "Christ unser Herr zum Jordan kam". At the very end Bach adds two measures at a higher pitch on the words "ein Wesen, drei Personen" one Being, three persons , reflecting the Trinity and a "remoteness of God from his relationship to humankind".

Gardiner concludes that Bach "signs off his second Leipzig cycle with this cantata crammed with provocative thoughts and musical exegesis. Christian Collins Software http: Ecce Dominus veniet GL ,1 [emp] emp - emanuel music publishing Pro. Behold, the Lord comes and all his saints with him and on that day there will be great light, alleluia. This microludium makes use of the same musical content as the 'Choral in fifths', but then in a complete other way.

Where the choral is a quite elaborated and harmonic piece, this double is exact the opposite: Also in character it is different. Where the choral is serious, its double is light-hearted and playfull. The title refers to the five gestes of the piece making use of fifths. Listen here to 'Choral in fifths': Heb dank o Heer, want goud en schatten. English translation of the Dutch lyrics: Be thanked, oh Lord, for gold and treasures and splendour and beauty of this earth all that the world can hold or offer is worth nothing to the heart, that belongs to You 2.

You, Jesus, are to me more than treasures, You are my desire, my only good You gave - who can comprise Your love? You alone are my light and life, the truth itself, the eternal word; all the time offering me Your help and always hearing my prayers 4. Your wealth cannot be comprehended, Your faithfulness, Lord Jesus, will not falter All that ever existed in You will never alter nor grow old 5. Soon I will be in the pastures of heaven enjoying Your glory so may all my heart be fully dedicated to You all my life Geistliche Lieder Du wirst mich bald zu Dir erheben, Mir zeigen Deine Herrlichkeit.

Ich werde ewig mit Dir leben, Dein Antlitz schauen allezeit. Lied 57 1 Heb dank, o Heer, want goud en schatten, en pracht en schoonheid dezer aard', al wat de wereld kan bevatten, is 't hart, dat U behoort, niets waard. U bent mijn lust, mijn enig goed; U gaf - wie kan uw liefde omvatten? Samba for Chromonicas Innozence. It features a chromonica trio with a marimba, bongo drums, wood blocks and bass guitar. The melody on chromonica is light and playful and can easily be transposed to different instruments as needed.

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Links to inspiration is down below. Give credit to these creators, as for they are what allowed this composition to be.

Thank you very much for your time. In a small, dingy office, lit only by the old, dusty light bulb swinging from the ceiling and the moon through the open window, sits a boy, waiting patiently at a desk. He absentmindedly spins a pencil around his fingers while he waits for the antique phone to bring him a case to solve. This is my most recent composition titled "Water". Originally, it was going to be one of a 5-piece suite focused on the elements creatively titled "The Elements" , but I never managed to finish the other pieces in the suite. Thus I'm publishing this piece as a stand-alone composition, but hopefully its origin will provide a little context.

While I aimed for a mostly light and delicate piece to represent the calmness of water, there is a change towards the end to show the more violent and forceful side of water evident in storms, natural disasters etc. This is to both provide a sense of balance as well as to reflect a more honest and accurate depiction of the fluidity of water. As always, please listen and enjoy, and I welcome any critique, positive or negative. Archer's Halt Trent Flower Pro. The third piece in my first concert set, Archer's Halt is a simple piano piece with a touch of light emotion.

Archer's Halt continues to tell the story of Archer, and his journey, his fight, and his triumph in the face of new challenges and new places. Dedicated to Taylor Mcauley, the only person I would choose to paddle the Madawaska with, miss you Tay. Escape Lucas Nalley Pro. This is a high tempo, racing piece. The base was inspired by something that the French composer Alexandre Desplat does; using light instruments like flutes to create a powerful sound. Blue Sky e0 Pro. An arrangement done of the ever so popular "Mr.

This arrangement was done with the basis being to emphasize the ability of the 4 Saxophones, in one enourmous and grand, diverse piece. Link to original feature can be found below. As always, I hope you enjoy! Lyrics Mind flak, it's coming at you, Mind flak from all directions, They're sending mind flak, Incoming mind flak! They want to make you think that day is night, They want to take you, they say wrong is right, They're sending mind flak, incoming mind flak!

They'll tell you up is down, Tell you left is right, They're here in your town, Tell you dark is light! They're sending mind flak, Incoming mind flak! But you can fight back, Don't let them twist your mind, You're on the right track, you're not the running kind! Be who you want to be For all the world to see-- You don't play their game, You're not the same With you it's not the same! O come all ye faithful joyful and triumphant Oh come ye O come ye to Bethlehem; Come and behold him born the King of angels; O come let us adore him Christ the Lord. Compromises were sometimes needed to accommodate the quirks of the liturgical year Easter falling exceptionally late in meant that we ran out of liturgical slots for the late Trinity season cantatas, so that they needed to be redistributed among other programmes.

Although we had commissioned a new edition of the cantatas by Reinhold Kubik, incorporating the latest source findings, we were still left with many practical decisions to make over instrumentation, pitch, bass figuration, voice types, underlay and so on. Nor did we have the luxury of repeated performances in which to try out various solutions: They are a faithful document of the pilgrimage, though never intended to be a definitive stylistic or musicological statement.

For our daytime celebration in the old Abbey on Iona we had devised a programme composed of some of his most intimate and heart-stopping pieces, which we performed on a day of balmy sunshine against a background of the cries of seagulls and lambs. In that year Bach seems to have had an outstanding singer available, perhaps Carl Gotthelf Gerlach, then a university student who had been a Thomaner under Johann Kuhnau, and was keen to make the most of his talents.

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On the face of it Bach was setting a pithy but decidedly old-fashioned text rich in baroque imagery at a time when the galant style was coming into fashion and was even beginning to take a purchase on his own church music. It is fascinating to see how he manages to achieve a convincing synthesis of these diametrically opposed modes of expression. Well, it does recur, but not strictly or altogether predictably.

Bach, as you would expect, is alert to the possibility of matching every declamatory gesture and expressive nuance, and in the process shifts the tonality to the remote sharp key of F sharp minor. Now in this upside-down world comes an unusual, lengthy aria in A major. To this he adds just a middle register line for violins and violas in unison.

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This special texture, known as bassettchen, is one that we have encountered on a number of occasions this year when Bach decides that a special mood needs to be created and removes the traditional support of basso continuo. As a non-organist, it all seems to me a little strange and impersonal. One sees why his eldest son, Wilhelm Friedemann, would have been keen to revive the first aria, but not the rest of the cantata, in Halle in Yet mindful of the gap he had left in that cycle, Bach not only composed this cantata some eight or ten years later but did so in the earlier style, surely out of a strong urge—one not always fulfilled—for completeness.

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  • Geisterzorn: Der Fluch von Lost Haven (German Edition) eBook: S. G. Felix: Kindle Store.
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Whoever Bach coopted as his literary collaborator on this occasion had the tricky task of condensing fourteen verses by Speratus into half that number of cantata movements. His solution was to retain verses 1 and 12 intact for the opening and closing movements, to paraphrase verse 8 in the fifth movement a duet for soprano and alto and to condense three other verses for each of the three linking recitatives. Bach augments this sense of narrative commentary by assigning all three recitatives to the same bass soloist.

If ever there was an instance of how Bach can be clever and fun-loving at the same time, it is located in the fifth movement of this cantata. Over a simple basso continuo he sets the first two in canon, initially at the lower fifth led by the flute, then at the upper fourth led by the oboe.

The voices then enter, also in canon—a simplified version of the opening instrumental canon—and after eight bars are joined by the oboe and flute now playing the second half of their canonic ritornello, and so forming a double canon. Next he reverses the order of canonic entries oboe, flute, alto, soprano , still in double canon, and then repeats his opening ritornello as a link to the B section, also in canon, the instrumental pair this time merely shadowing or lightly decorating the vocal lines.

But most striking of all is the central aria for tenor in E minor. With what other composer, I wonder, could one have such potential extremes in interpretation legitimised and validated? Both positions held their attractions. In the end the tortured melodic lines, the inexorable syncopated descent and the complexity of the harmonic movement won the argument in favour of the slower tempo. In rehearsal we experimented with unison violins their music appears in both the original first and second violin part-books and with organ continuo used by Bach in a later revival.

This impression was enhanced by the absence of any keyboard support to spell out the passing harmonies or to paper over the cracks in such denuded textures.

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The cantata ends with a final chorale, harmonised in a masterly and intriguing way. We ended our programme with the funeral motet Der Gerechte kommt um , attributed to Bach, a vernacular reworking of a five-voiced Latin motet by Johann Kuhnau. Several features of the new arrangement lend credence to the theory that Bach is its author: The choir excelled themselves at a time when, as the English Baroque Soloists, we were still finding our feet as a period-instrument ensemble. Somehow it had the effect of taking the gilt off the gingerbread—the honour we, as foreigners, felt in being singled out and invited to take part in this leading Bach festival, almost the Mecca or Bayreuth of Bach celebrations.

Several of us found it hard not to be riled, not by the absence of audible approbation but by the attitude that lies behind this capricious withholding of applause. It has very little to do with the quality of the performance and everything to do with a pseudo-religious respect accorded to the music by an audience who view themselves as the true guardians of the sacred Bach flame.

The historical flaw in this excessive Bach hagiolatry is that the music is treated as a static object or some holy relic, whereas Bach clearly set store in having his music performed, as we have had confirmed to us time and again during the course of this year. We also look to establish a fruitful and vibrant triangular relationship between Bach as composer-performer, us as recreative per formers, and the audience as complicit participants. That has been the way in all the East German towns where we have played this year.

Such reflections were put into perspective when an elderly lady came forward and offered me a posy of flowers from her garden at the end of the morning concert.

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Any last trace of grievance vanished when she returned in the evening with an even bigger bunch, this time of wild meadow flowers. In the early s a project to reintegrate the ruined roofless chancel of the fourteenth-century Franciscan church was begun, one that entailed knocking down the false wall at the end of the nave under the crossing.

The pinkish stonework of the choir and chancel, weathered by more than three centuries of buffeting by rain and hail, had acquired a striking patina.

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"Sie würden nicht wollen, dass Sie nichtsahnend für den Tod von geliebten Menschen verantwortlich sind. Und es nichts gibt, was Sie dagegen tun könnten. Geisterzorn: Der Fluch von Lost Haven (German Edition) eBook: S. G. Felix: Kindle Store.

Now it is encased by a modern fibreglass roof replacing the original stone vaulting. The Lamp of Lothian organisers had designated the central crossing as our performing area atop a thickly carpeted circular dais. Even when covered with wooden flooring I felt it would never be satisfactory for the audience, so I led a splinter group to the east end to try out the acoustics there. We decamped—choir, orchestra, organ and harpsichord—while the engineers uncomplainingly re-rigged their microphones. None of them is particularly flamboyant or festive, yet each in its way is individually expressive.

This time Bach is using pastel shades rather than primary colours.

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Here was the nub of eighteenth-century rationalist criticism of Christianity: Bach of course took the Lutheran line, and in the opening choral statement he sets out to evoke the fretting Christian soul communing with itself by means of a chain of cumulative dissonances. Take, for example, the way he follows this opening choral motto, how each voice leads off in turn with a fugal theme to the same words via a simple device of three rising notes in speech rhythm with the third suspended over a dominant ninth. It gives exactly the right yearning, forward momentum to the music, the harmonic tension of its three-note incipit ebbing and flowing within a longer eight-bar paragraph.

It is hard to say which adds more eloquence to the consoling mood, the instrumental lines strings doubled by reeds or the choral voices.

Structurally, this movement is unconventional—in the way, for example, that the interleaving of fugal passages for the choir acts like a counter-theme to the partial reappearance of the main theme that is always played by the orchestra. It could almost be a sketch for one of the great Passion setting utterances. Again in recitative giving way to arioso, the tenor expatiates on the value of Holy manna: