Death By Debt Collector

Debt collectors held to account after traffic fines claim a life
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The main exception is if a collector reasonably believes that the information provided initially was inaccurate or incomplete, and that the third party now has more accurate or complete information.

Post-Death Debts and Debt Collectors

Tina Cantello, 49, was last seen leaving her house in Essex to go to work. A man has been charged with murder after a door-to-door debt collector was stabbed to death in Essex. Geoffrey Hutton, 38, appeared in court on Tuesday accused of killing Tina Cantello, 49, who disappeared. A body has been found in the hunt for a woman who disappeared in Basildon. Tina Cantello, a year-old debt collector, was reported missing.

But, collectors cannot say anything about the debt to the third party. To exercise this right, you must send a letter to the collector stating that you do not want the collector to contact you again. A telephone call is not enough.

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Make a copy of your letter for your files, send the original by certified mail, and pay for a "return receipt" so you can document what the collector received and when. Once the collector gets your letter, he cannot contact you again except to confirm that there will be no further contact or that he or the creditor plans to take a specific action, like filing a lawsuit to collect the debt. Keep in mind that even if you stop collectors from communicating with you, you are still responsible for the debt.

THE DEBT COLLECTOR Review: Scott Adkins Gets His 48 Hrs.

Report any problems you have with a debt collector to your state Attorney General's office at naag. Your Attorney General's office can help you determine your rights under your state's law.

Killed By My Debt: How Debt Can Spiral Out Of Control

Federal Trade Commission Consumer Information consumer. What to Know Garnishing Federal Benefits: Debts and Deceased Relatives.

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Debts and Deceased Relatives | Consumer Information

You may be responsible for the debt if you: Who has the authority to pay the deceased person's debt out of his or her assets? Whom may a debt collector talk to about a deceased person's debt? If a debt collector contacts a deceased person's relative, what can they talk about? Even if I am authorized to pay a deceased person's debt, can I stop a debt collector from contacting me about the debt? An independent regulation body is a must for the bailiff industry.

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Shortly after, he took his own life.