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Cantonese and Standard Chinese, also known as Mandarin, are both varieties of Chinese Sinitic languages. In linguistics especially generative grammar , complementizer or complementiser glossing abbreviation is a lexical category part of speech that includes those words that can be used to turn a clause into the subject or object of a sentence. Congee or conjee is a type of rice porridge or gruel popular in many Asian countries, especially East Asia. Conghua District, formerly romanized as Tsungfa, is the northernmost district of Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong province, China.

Conpoy or dried scallop is a type of Cantonese dried seafood product made from the adductor muscle of scallops. In linguistics, a consonant cluster, consonant sequence or consonant compound is a group of consonants which have no intervening vowel. The Voyager Golden Record contains images plus a calibration image and a variety of natural sounds, such as those made by surf, wind, and thunder, and animal sounds, including the songs of birds, whales and dolphins.

The continuous and progressive aspects abbreviated and are grammatical aspects that express incomplete action "to do" or state "to be" in progress at a specific time: A contraction is a shortened version of the written and spoken forms of a word, syllable, or word group, created by omission of internal letters and sounds.

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In linguistics, a copula plural: Cantonese and Cornelius C. Violent crime in New York City has been dropping since the mids and,, is among the lowest of major cities in the United States. Because of the nature of onomatopoeia, there are many words which show a similar pronunciation in the languages of the world.

Crossings is a Malaysia dark comedy television drama that consisted of 13 episodes. Cued Speech is a visual system of communication used with and among deaf or hard-of-hearing people. Cui is one of the most common surnames in China, with around 0. Cultural genocide or cultural cleansing is a concept that lawyer Raphael Lemkin distinguished in as a component of genocide. The culture of Asia encompasses the collective and diverse customs and traditions of art, architecture, music, literature, lifestyle, philosophy, politics and religion that have been practiced and maintained by the numerous ethnic groups of the continent of Asia since prehistory.

The culture of Hong Kong, or Hongkongese culture, can best be described as a foundation that began with Lingnan's Cantonese culture which is distinct to begin with and, to a much lesser extent, non-Cantonese branches of Han Chinese cultures. The culture of Malaysia draws on the varied cultures of the different people of Malaysia. Curse of the Royal Harem Traditional Chinese: Daddy Good Deeds Traditional Chinese: Dahao is a suburban area of Shantou, China, located along the Haojiang River in the eastern coastal portion of Guangdong Province.

Cantonese and Daniel G. Daniel Vrooman — was an American missionary, diplomat, and cartographer. Daqin alternative transliterations include Tachin, Tai-Ch'in is the ancient Chinese name for the Roman Empire or, depending on context, the Near East, especially Syria.

The Dark Tales is a series of Hong Kong television period supernatural dramas that originally aired on Jade from 18 March to 1 May , consisting of two installments with 75 episodes. Darkwing Duck is an American animated action-adventure comedy television series produced by Walt Disney Television Animation that first ran from to on both the syndicated programming block The Disney Afternoon and Saturday mornings on ABC.

Das Lied von der Erde "The Song of the Earth" is a composition for two voices and orchestra written by the Austrian composer Gustav Mahler between and David Lee Emerson, born September 17, is a Canadian politician, financial executive, and economist Emerson is a former Member of Parliament for the riding of Vancouver Kingsway. David Swinney April 21, — April 14, was a prominent psycholinguist. Final is a Japanese cyberpunk science fiction film directed by Takashi Miike. Cantonese and Dead or Alive: Deadly Strike, also known in the West as Breakout from Oppression, is a Hong Kong martial arts action film directed Lau Kar-leung and his adopted brother Gordon Liu, the latter helming his directorial debut.

Deal or No Deal is the name of several closely related television game shows, the first of which launching the format was the Dutch Miljoenenjacht Hunt for Millions produced by Dutch producer Endemol. Dean Shek sometimes written Shek Tien a. Dean Shek Tin born 17 May is a veteran Hong Kong feature film actor and film producer with over 92 films acting credits to his name.

Alberta has experienced a relatively high rate of growth in recent years, due in large part to its economy. The demographics of Asian Americans describe a heterogeneous group of people in the United States who trace their ancestry to one or more Asian countries. California is the most populous U. This article is about the demographic features of the population of Canada, including population density, ethnicity, religious affiliations and other aspects of the population, the People of Canada.

The demographics of China are identified by a large population with a relatively small youth division, which was partially a result of China's one-child policy, which is now modified to a two-child policy in This article is about the demographic features of the population of Macau, including population density, ethnicity, education level, health of the populace, economic status, religious affiliations and other aspects of the population. The demographics of Malaysia are represented by the multiple ethnic groups that exist in the country.

New Brunswick is one of Canada's three Maritime provinces, and the only officially bilingual province French and English in the country. According to the U. Census Bureau, as of , New York was the third largest state in population after California and Texas, with a population of 19,,, an increase of over , people, or 2. Newfoundland and Labrador is a province of Canada on the country's Atlantic coast in northeastern North America.

Ontario, one of the 13 provinces and territories of Canada, is located in east-central Canada. The Malaysian Census reported the population of Sabah at 3,,, being the third most populous state in Malaysia and have the highest non-citizens population at , The demographics of Singapore include the population statistics of Singapore such as population density, ethnicity, education level, health of the populace, economic status, religious affiliations and other demographic data of the population.

South Dakota is the 46th-most populous U. Census Bureau estimated a population of about , Texas is the second most populous U. The demographics of Thailand paint a statistical portrait of the national population.

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  • Georg Büchner: Alle Werke, alle Schriften (Jubiläumsausgabe zum 200. Geburtstag des Autors) [kommentiert] (German Edition);
  • Babyernährung gesund & richtig (German Edition).

The demographics of Toronto, Ontario, Canada make Toronto one of the most multicultural and multiracial cities in the world. The demography of Australia covers basic statistics, most populous cities, ethnicity and religion. The demography of Greater Manchester is analysed by the Office for National Statistics and data is produced for each of its ten metropolitan boroughs, each of the Greater Manchester electoral wards, the NUTS3 statistical sub-regions, each of the Parliamentary constituencies in Greater Manchester, the 15 civil parishes in Greater Manchester, and for all of Greater Manchester as a whole; the latter of which had a population of 2,, at the UK census.

Demonstratives abbreviated are words, such as this and that, used to indicate which entities are being referred to and to distinguish those entities from others. Deng Chinese is an East Asian surname of Chinese origin. The name is transliterated as Deung in Korean but is very rare in Korea. In addition to spelling "Deng" used in mainland China, other common Chinese spelling variations include.

Deqing County, formerly romanized as Takhing, is a county in western Guangdong province, China, under the administration of the prefecture-level city of Zhaoqing. The term dialect from Latin,, from the Ancient Greek word,, "discourse", from,, "through" and,, "I speak" is used in two distinct ways to refer to two different types of linguistic phenomena. A dialect continuum or dialect chain is a spread of language varieties spoken across some geographical area such that neighbouring varieties differ only slightly, but the differences accumulate over distance so that widely separated varieties are not mutually intelligible.

Diana Ming Chan Chinese: Dianbai District, formerly romanized as Tinpak, is an urban district of the prefecture-level city of Maoming in southwestern Guangdong Province, China. Dicey Business Traditional Chinese: Dim sum is a style of Chinese cuisine particularly Cantonese but also other varieties prepared as small bite-sized portions of food served in small steamer baskets or on small plates. A diphthong or; from Greek: In syntax, dislocation is a sentence structure in which a constituent, which could otherwise be either an argument or an adjunct of the clause, occurs outside the clause boundaries either to its left or to its right.

Disney Character Voices International, Inc. Dog Bite Dog is a Hong Kong action crime thriller film directed by Soi Cheang and starring Edison Chen as a brutal Cambodian assassin, desperately trying to evade the police, led by Sam Lee, after completing an assignment in Hong Kong. Dong Kingman 31 March — 12 May was a Chinese American artist and one of America's leading watercolor masters.

Double steaming, sometimes called double boiling, is a Chinese cooking technique to prepare delicate food such as bird's nest soup and shark fin soup. In etymology, two or more words in the same language are called doublets or etymological twins or possibly triplets, etc.

A doughnut or donut both: Downtown Winnipeg is an area of the city located near the confluence of the Red and Assiniboine rivers.


Remember that a break can serve as a bridge as well as a breach. Taugeh Ayam is a dish similar to Hainanese chicken rice, the only difference being the dish comes with a plate of beansprouts. In addition to spelling "Deng" used in mainland China, other common Chinese spelling variations include. Like a specter or a ghost, his and other Jewish bodies that have been exploited and erased continue to haunt the rhetoric of pax Romana Eng and Han Chinese Americans, which includes American-born Chinese, are Americans who have full or partial Chinese ancestry.

A dragon is a large, serpent-like legendary creature that appears in the folklore of many cultures around the world. The Duanwu Festival, also often known as the Dragon Boat Festival, is a traditional holiday originating in China, occurring near the summer solstice. A Dragon Lady is usually a stereotype of East Asian and occasionally South Asian and Southeast Asian women as strong, deceitful, domineering, or mysterious.

Dragon Lord is a Hong Kong martial arts film written and directed by Jackie Chan, who also starred in the film. Dschinghis Khan English translation: Dubbing, mixing or re-recording is a post-production process used in filmmaking and video production in which additional or supplementary recordings are "mixed" with original production sound to create the finished soundtrack. Dude, Where's My Car? Cantonese and Dude, Where's My Car? Duel for Gold US: Emergency Unit, better known as simply E. East Asia is the eastern subregion of the Asian continent, which can be defined in either geographical or ethno-cultural "The East Asian cultural sphere evolves when Japan, Korea, and what is today Vietnam all share adapted elements of Chinese civilization of this period that of the Tang dynasty , in particular Buddhism, Confucian social and political values, and literary Chinese and its writing system.

Eastern Condors is a Hong Kong action film directed by Sammo Hung, who also starred in the lead role. The blog combines English translations of Chinese articles, comments and recommended reading. It was started in when Roland Soong moved back to Hong Kong. Edison Koon-hei Chen born 7 October is a Canadian actor, rapper, singer-songwriter, producer, entrepreneur, artist and fashion designer. Education in Hong Kong is largely modelled on that of the United Kingdom, particularly the English system. Educational stages are subdivisions of formal learning, typically covering early childhood education, primary education, secondary education and tertiary or higher education.

Egg foo young also spelled egg fooyung, egg foo yong, egg foo yung, or egg fu yung is an omelette dish found in Chinese Indonesian, British, and Chinese American cuisine. Enter the Game of Death Hanja: Enter the Phoenix Chinese: Eternal Happiness Traditional Chinese: Ethnic Chinese in Brunei are people of full or partial Chineseparticularly Han Chineseancestry who are citizens or residents in Brunei. An ethnoburb is a suburban residential and business area with a notable cluster of a particular ethnic minority population.

The etymology of tea can be traced back to the various Chinese pronunciations of the word. Eurosport is a pan-European television sports network, owned and operated by Discovery, Inc. Eurosport 1 is a pan-European television sports network channel operated by Eurosport, a Discovery Inc. Evolusi KL Drift 2 Literal translation: KL Drift Evolution 2 is a Malaysian action film.

The term face idiomatically refers to one's own sense of self-image, dignity or prestige in social contexts. The Fairchild Group Traditional Chinese: This is a family tree of Sun Yat-sen, the first provisional president of the Republic of China. Fangcun, formerly known as Fati, from its Cantonese pronunciation, is a former area of Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China. Fantasy Hotel Traditional Chinese: Fat choy Nostoc flagelliforme is a terrestrial cyanobacterium a type of photosynthetic bacteria that is used as a vegetable in Chinese cuisine. Fathers and Sons Traditional Chinese: Faye Wong born 8 August is a Hong Kong singer-songwriter and actress, often referred to as "the Diva" in the Chinese-speaking world.

In the Philippines, Filipino mestizo, or colloquially tisoy, are people of mixed Filipino and any foreign ancestry. There is a significant number of Filipinos in China consisting of migrants and expatriates from the Philippines to the People's Republic of China. Filipinos constitute the largest ethnic minority in Hong Kong, numbering approximately ,, many of whom work as foreign domestic helpers.

In linguistics, a filler is a sound or word that is spoken in conversation by one participant to signal to others a pause to think without giving the impression of having finished speaking. Find Your Voice is an unreleased Hong Kong drama film written and directed by Adrian Kwan, produced by and starring Andy Lau as a former internationally renowned conductor who resides in the United States, returns to Hong Kong lead a pessimistic group of choir students. FindAnyFilm is an online film search service, which aggregates film and film availability information into one place.

Fiona Yuen Yuen Choi Wan hometown: Fist of Fury II a. Fist of Legend is a Hong Kong martial arts film directed by Gordon Chan, featuring action choreography by Yuen Woo-ping, and produced by Jet Li, who also starred in the lead role. Five Deadly Venoms is a cult Hong Kong martial arts film directed by Chang Cheh, starring the Venom Mob, with martial arts choreography by Leung Ting, and produced by the Shaw Brothers Studio, about five kung-fu fighters with unique animal styles: The precepts in all the traditions are essentially identical and are commitments to abstain from harming living beings, stealing, sexual misconduct, lying and intoxication.

Undertaking the five precepts is part of both lay Buddhist initiation and regular lay Buddhist devotional practices. They are not formulated as imperatives, but as training rules that lay people undertake voluntarily to facilitate practice. A flag day in Hong Kong is a day on which public fundraising of charities takes place.

The flag of the United States of America, often referred to as the American flag, is the national flag of the United States. Forbidden City Cop literal translation: Foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong are domestic workers employed by Hongkongers, typically families.

Mauritius has strong and friendly relations with the West, as well as with South Asian countries and the countries of southern and eastern Africa. Forensic Heroes Traditional Chinese: Foshan, formerly romanized as Fatshan, is a prefecture-level city in central Guangdong Province in southeastern China. The four tones of Chinese poetry and dialectology are four traditional tone classes of Chinese words. Francissca Peter born 6 September , also affectionately known as Fran, is an Icon, one of The Top selling Malaysian female vocalist.

Frederick Stewart October 30, — was an educationist and British colonial administrator, who served as the Colonial Secretary in Hong Kong from to Union indochinoise after and the Indochinese Federation French: Cambodia is the smallest of the three Francophone communities in Southeast Asia, the others being found in Vietnam and Laos. From C to C: Chinese Canadian Stories of Migration is a documentary film produced and directed by Jordan Paterson. Cantonese and From C to C: Fu Jow Pai Cantonese Jyutping: Fujian pronounced , formerly romanised as Foken, Fouken, Fukien, and Hokkien, is a province on the southeast coast of mainland China.

Fulltime Killer is a Hong Kong action film produced and directed by Johnnie To, and also written, produced and directed by Wai Ka-fai, and also produced by and starring Andy Lau. In linguistics and especially phonology, functional load also referred to as phonemic load refers to the importance of certain features in making distinctions in a language. Fung Wah Bus Transportation Inc.

Gao is an East Asian surname of Chinese origin that can be literally translated as "high" or "tall". Gaoyao, formerly romanized as Koyiu, is an urban district of Zhaoqing in western Guangdong, China. Gau1 Wu1 , is a Chinese expression that was coined shortly after an interview clip in which the term was used was broadcast by HK cable TV in August, General Chinese Tung-dzih is a diaphonemic orthography invented by Yuen Ren Chao to represent the pronunciations of all major varieties of Chinese simultaneously.

General Tso's chicken is a sweet, deep-fried chicken dish that is served in North American Chinese restaurants. The geography of Cornwall describes the extreme southwestern peninsula of England west of the River Tamar. George Town, the capital city of the Malaysian state of Penang, is located at the northeastern tip of Penang Island.

Ghetto Justice Traditional Chinese: Ghost in the Shell known in Japan as is a anime science fiction film based on the manga of the same name by Masamune Shirow. The Gin or Jing people Yale: Glittering Days Traditional Chinese: The Story of Ricky and principal supporting role in the cult classic Saviour of the Soul. The glottal stop is a type of consonantal sound used in many spoken languages, produced by obstructing airflow in the vocal tract or, more precisely, the glottis.

Ngau is a card game played in Malaysia where it originated. God of Gamblers lit.

God of Gamblers III: Back to Shanghai lit. Knight of Gamblers II: Godspeed is a Taiwanese black comedy road caper film written and directed by Chung Mong-hong and starring Michael Hui and Nadow. Gok Wan born Kowkhyn Wan; Chinese: Wan1 gwok3 hing3; 9 September is an English fashion consultant, author and television presenter. An Oriental Black Magic Cantonese: Cantonese and Gong Tau: Goods of Desire commonly known as G. The Great Dictionary of Modern Chinese Dialects is a compendium of dictionaries for 42 local varieties of Chinese following a common format.

Greater Montreal is the most populous metropolitan area in Quebec, and the second most populous in Canada after Greater Toronto. Greed Mask Traditional Chinese: That's Greek to me or It's all Greek to me is an idiom in English, expressing that something is not understandable. Greenslopes is a suburb of Brisbane, Australia south-east of the CBD, and is mostly residential with some commercial and light industrial areas. The film is about a young man who receives a strange creature called a mogwai as a pet, which then spawns other creatures who transform into small, destructive, evil monsters.

Growing Through Life Traditional Chinese: Guan may refer to any of at least four Chinese family names all rendered in Cantonese as Kwan, or also in English as Kuan. Guangdong Romanization refers to the four romanization schemes published by the Guangdong Provincial Education Department in for transliterating Cantonese, Teochew, Hakka, and Hainanese. Guangzhou, also known as Canton, is the capital and most populous city of the province of Guangdong. Guanyin or Guan Yin is an East Asian bodhisattva associated with compassion and venerated by Mahayana Buddhists and followers of Chinese folk religions, also known as the "Goddess of Mercy" in English.

Gveigangj is a prefecture-level city in eastern Guangxi in the People's Republic of China. Guizi is a Chinese slang term for foreigners, and has a long history of being used as a racist and deprecating insult. The District of Gungahlin is one of the original eighteen districts of the Australian Capital Territory used in land administration. Guomao station Cantonese Jyutping: Gustaaf Schlegel 30 September October was a Dutch sinologist and field naturalist.

The Hainan people Chinese: Cantonese and Hakka Bible: Hakka, also rendered Kejia, is one of the major groups of varieties of Chinese, spoken natively by the Hakka people throughout southern China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and throughout the diaspora areas of East Asia, Southeast Asia, and in overseas Chinese communities around the world. A Hakka walled village is a large multi-family communal living structure that is designed to be easily defensible. The sub groups of the Han Chinese people, also known as Chinese dialect groups or just dialect groups, are defined based on linguistic, cultural, genetic, and regional features.

Han Taiwanese or Taiwanese Hans Mandarin: Cantonese and Happy Can Already! Happy Ever After Traditional Chinese: Har gow sometimes anglicized as "ha gow" is a traditional Cantonese dumpling served in dim sum. Harbord Collegiate Institute H. Harriet Newell Noyes March 5, — January 16, was an American Presbyterian educator, writer, and missionary for fifty years.

Cantonese and Harry Shum Jr. Heart of Greed Traditional Chinese: Heavenly In-Laws Traditional Chinese: Heir to the Throne Is Cantonese and Heir to the Throne Is Henry Lau born October 11, , referred to as Henry, is a Chinese Canadian singer, rapper, dancer, composer, beatboxer, entertainer and actor mostly active in South Korea. The Hephthalites or Ephthalites were a people of Central Asia who were militarily important circa — Heshan, formerly romanized as Hokshan, is a county-level city of Jiangmen City in the southern part of Guangdong Province, China with a total land area of and a population of , Hidden Treasures Traditional Chinese: Historical Chinese phonology deals with reconstructing the sounds of Chinese from the past.

The history of Chinese Americans or the history of ethnic Chinese in the United States relates to the three major waves of Chinese immigration to the United States with the first beginning in the 19th century. As of , The history of Chinese Australians provides a unique chapter in the history of Australia. The History of Hong Kong, a business port located off the southeast coast of Eurasia. In historical linguistics, the history of the Chinese language includes the various changes over time of the Chinese language in its various incarnations.

Hoisin sauce is a thick, fragrant sauce commonly used in Chinese cuisine as a glaze for meat, an addition to stir fries, or as dipping sauce. Hokaglish or Philippine Hybrid Hokkien , also known by locals as Sa-lam-tsam oe mixed language , is an oral contact language primarily resulting among three languages: Home Troopers Traditional Chinese: A Hong was a large general trading house in Canton now known as Guangzhou , Guangdong, China, in the 19th century.

Hong Kong action cinema is the principal source of the Hong Kong film industry's global fame. The Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps is a voluntary uniformed group although people working at headquarters get paid subsidised by the Home Affairs Bureau of the Hong Kong government and is registered under the Societies Ordinance as a non-profit making charitable organisation. The Hong Kong Civil Service is managed by 13 policy bureaux in the Government Secretariat, and 67 departments and agencies, mostly staffed by civil servants.

Hong Kong cuisine is mainly influenced by Cantonese cuisine, European cuisines especially British cuisine and non-Cantonese Chinese cuisines especially Hakka, Teochew, Hokkien and Shanghainese , as well as Japanese, Korean and Southeast Asian cuisines, due to Hong Kong's past as a British colony and a long history of being an international port of commerce. The Hong Kong dollar sign: HKD is the official currency of Hong Kong. Hong Kong drifters are young, educated people who left mainland China to move to Hong Kong in search of a job and a place to live. Hong Kong English pop Chinese: Hong Kong Godfather is a Hong Kong action film written and directed by Wang Lung-wei, who also served as action director and appears in a supporting role, and starring Bryan Leung.

The Hong Kong Government uses an unpublished system of Romanisation of Cantonese for public purposes which is based on the standard described by Roy T Cowles in as Standard Romanisation. Hong Kong independence is a movement that advocates Hong Kong becoming an independent sovereign state. Hong Kong Indigenous is a radical, localist and nativist political group established in Hong Kong Mahjong scoring rules are used for scoring in Mahjong, the game for four players, common in Hong Kong and some areas in Guangdong.

The Hong Kong Morris Cantonese pronunciation: Personal names in Hong Kong generally contain differences from those in mainland China due to a lack of pinyin standardization, ethnic diversity, and the presence of English as a second language. The Hong Kong national rugby union team, nicknamed the Dragons, is one of the better rugby sides in Asia outside Japan, and has consistently made the repechages of the Rugby World Cup qualifying.

Hong Kong people, also known as Hongkongers and sometimes Hong Kongese, are people who originate from or live in Hong Kong. Slang in Hong Kong evolves over time, and mainly comprises Cantonese, English, or a combination of the two. The Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set commonly abbreviated to HKSCS is a set of Chinese characters — 4, in total in the initial release—used in Cantonese, as well as when writing the names of some places in Hong Kong whether in written Cantonese or standard written Chinese sentences.

Relations between people in Hong Kong and China have been relatively tense in the early s. The Hong Wah Kues were a San Francisco-based all Chinese American professional basketball team that participated in the barnstorming circuits during the late s. Hongkonger in the Netherlands are people in the Netherlands originated from Hong Kong or having at least once such parent. Hot Summer was a Cantopop album by Leslie Cheung released in by Hong Kong record company Cinepoly and followed on the heels of the success of Cheung's Summer Romance the year before. House of Fury is a Hong Kong martial arts comedy film written and directed by Stephen Fung, who also co-stars in the film, and executive produced by Jackie Chan.

House of Wolves is a Hong Kong comedy film co-written and directed by Vincent Kok, who also appears in a supporting role in the film, and starring Francis Ng and Ronald Cheng. Hsiao Ho, Hsiao Hou Cantonese: Siu Hau, born 1 January age 58 in Meixian District, Guangdong, China is a Hong Kong martial arts film actor, stunt performer and action choreographer. Huazhou, formerly romanized as Fachow or Fahsien, is a county-level city in southwestern Guangdong Province, China.

Hundun is both a "legendary faceless being" in Chinese mythology and the "primordial and central chaos" in Chinese cosmogony, comparable with the World egg. Hung is a non-pinyin romanisation of multiple Chinese surnames, based on different varieties of Chinese.

In linguistics or usage, hypercorrection is a non-standard usage that results from the over-application of a perceived rule of grammar or a usage prescription. Hyperlexia is a syndrome characterized by a child's precocious ability to read. A hypocorism Oxford English Dictionary, online edition: Retrieved 24 June I Have a Date with Spring Chinese: The following is a list of Icelandic exonyms, that is to say names for places in Icelandic that have been adapted to Icelandic spelling rules, translated into Icelandic or are simply native names from Viking times i.

In the Chamber of Bliss Traditional Chinese: In the Eye of the Beholder Traditional Chinese: Inbound Troubles literally "cousin, you are good! Incredible Mama, is a superhero action comedy television series produced by Hong Kong Television Network. This is a list of Cantonese-related topics, which encompasses Guangdong and Guangxi, the Cantonese people, culture and language.

This is a partial index of Wikipedia articles treating natural languages, arranged alphabetically. Indigenous inhabitants,; Hong Kong Hakka: Ngien2gi1min2, refers to the people descended through the male line from a person who was in , before Convention for the Extension of Hong Kong Territory was signed, a resident of an established village in the New Territories of Hong Kong.

Parti Communiste Indochinois, Cantonese: Indonesians in Hong Kong, numbering ,,Media Indonesia Online 30 November form the second-largest ethnic minority group in the territory, behind Filipinos. Inner West Council is a local government area located in the inner western region of Sydney in the state of New South Wales, Australia.

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The International Finance Centre abbr. IFC, branded as "ifc" is a skyscraper and an integrated commercial development on the waterfront of Hong Kong's Central District. Into Thin Air Traditional Chinese: Ip Man 2 also known as Ip Man 2: Legend of the Grandmaster is a Hong Kong biographical martial arts film loosely based on the life of Ip Man, a grandmaster of the martial art Wing Chun.

Ipomoea aquatica is a semiaquatic, tropical plant grown as a vegetable for its tender shoots and leaves. Alpha-3 code for comprehensive coverage of languages, is an international standard for language codes in the ISO series. Isochrony is the postulated rhythmic division of time into equal portions by a language. It Had to Be You! Cantonese and It Had to Be You! It's a Small World officially styled as "it's a small world" is a water-based dark ride located in the Fantasyland area at the various Walt Disney Parks and Resorts worldwide; these include: It's a Wonderful Life is a Hong Kong comedy film written, directed by and starring Ronald Cheng, who makes his directorial debut.

Jackie Chan Adventures is an animated television series starring the adventures of a fictionalized version of Hong Kong action film star Jackie Chan. Jackie Chan is a prolific singer, having started producing records in the early 80s. Jackson Wang traditional Chinese: Jade Solid Gold Chinese: Japanese people in China are Japanese expatriates and emigrants and their descendants residing in Greater China.

Japanese people in Hong Kong consist primarily of expatriate business people and their families, along with a smaller number of single women. The Javanese Ngoko Javanese: Jeannie Hsieh born December 25, is a Taiwanese singer-songwriter, dancer, actress, and model. Jeannie Lee is a Canadian journalist for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reporting on business news and substitute anchor on Saturday Report.

Jenny Tseng Yan Nei; born 20 February , is a Macau singer, actress and producer, mostly known in Cantonese-speaking regions, based in Hong Kong for much of her career.

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Tseng is one of the most popular female singer in Hong Kong during the Golden Age of Music and remained popular throughout the late 70s all through to the early 90s. Her career has spawned for 4 decades, and she has become one of the most successful cantopop singers, she has released over albums and sold over 10 million records worldwide. Li Lianjie born 26 April , better known by his stage name Jet Li, is a Chinese film actor, film producer, martial artist, and retired Wushu champion who was born in Beijing.

Ji is the pinyin romanization of a number of distinct Chinese surnames that are written with different characters in Chinese. Jia Yu Channel pinyin: Gim is a double-edged straight sword used during the last 2, years in China. Jiangmen, formerly romanized in Cantonese as Kongmoon, is a prefecture-level city in Guangdong Province in southern China.

Jiangshi fiction, or goeng-si fiction in Cantonese, is a literary and cinematic genre of horror based on the jiangshi of Chinese folklore, a reanimated corpse controlled by Taoist priests that resembles the zombies and vampires of Western fiction. Jiaozi are a kind of Chinese dumpling, commonly eaten in China and other parts of East Asia. Jim Brown born is a senior language officer in the U. Jiujiang dialect is a variety of Cantonese spoken in Jiujiang township in Guangdong. Job's tears US or Job's-tears UK , scientific name Coix lacryma-jobi, also known as adlay or adlay millet, is a tall grain-bearing perennial tropical plant of the family Poaceae grass family.

Joe Shoong 30 August — 13 April was a Chinese-American businessman and philanthropist who founded the National Dollar Stores and supported many Chinese organizations. John Peel And Sheila: A Beginner's Guide is a compilation consisting of music originally published on 78 rpm shellac records. Cantonese and John Peel and Sheila: August 20, is a Vietnamese-born American actor and stunt choreographer of Chinese descent. Jook-sing noodles is a rare type of Cantonese noodle found in some parts of Hong Kong, Macau, and some parts of Canton in Guangdong province, China.

A judge is a person who presides over court proceedings, either alone or as a part of a panel of judges. Cantonese and Juken Sentai Gekiranger: Julia Kwan is a Canadian screenwriter, director, and occasional producer of her own short and feature films. Just Love Traditional Chinese: Kan-Cheong Kitchen is the title of a culinary-themed game show produced and broadcast by 8TV in Malaysia.

Kao Li born 5 October is a former Chinese film director and screenwriter, who directed 29 Hong Kong and Taiwanese films from to , including films in Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, and Teochew.

Democracy【Mainland Student vs HK Independent student in Chinese University of HK】

Kapampangan, Pampango, or the Pampangan language is one of the major languages of the Philippines. Chyunsan Mok Man-wai Chinese: Katie Liu Leung born 8 August is a Scottish film, television, and stage actress. Keling is a word used in parts of Southeast Asia to denote a person of South Asian origin, especially from India but to a lesser extent Pakistan and Bangladesh.

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Kellylicious is one of Kelly Chen's Cantonese albums released on May 16, Kempsey Shire is a local government area in the mid north coast region of New South Wales, Australia. Ken Chu is a Taiwanese singer, actor, and composer; and a member of Taiwanese Mandopop vocal quartet boy band F4. Keno is a lottery-like gambling game often played at modern casinos, and also offered as a game in some lotteries. Kensington is an inner suburb of Melbourne, Australia, 4 km north-west of Melbourne's central business district.

CUHK Series:Liberty, Democracy and Cultural Creation (Lao Sze-Kwang) - Kindle edition by Sze-Kwang Lao, Kwok-ying Lau. Download it once and read it on. Sze-kwang Lao is the author of CUHK Series ( avg rating, 0 ratings, 0 reviews, published ), CUHK Series:Liberty,Democracy and Cultural Creation by.

Eric San born December 5, , who records under the name Kid Koala, is a Canadian DJ, turntablist, musician and an author of graphic novels. Killer's Romance is a Hong Kong action film written, produced and directed by Phillip Ko, who also co-stars in a supporting role in the film. King Maker Cantonese Yale: Variations in the number of lexical categories across the languages is a notable idea in cultural anthropology. Cantonese and Kinship Terms: Kong Qingdong born September 22, is a controversial Chinese academic, author, talk show host, and social commentator.

According to the Census and Statistics Department of Hong Kong, there were approximately 5 thousand Koreans in , of which Hardcover Paperback Kindle Books. Selected Essays from Asia and Pacific v. Husserl 1 Aug Phenomenology and Cultural Traditions 1 Jun Western and Chinese Perspectives] By: November, ] 25 Nov Teaching Effectiveness and Teacher Development: Phenomenology and Photography 15 Apr Songs for Disaster Relief 1 Aug Western and Chinese Perspectives: Phenomenology and Human Experience 1 Aug Phenomenology, Interculturality and Interdisciplinarity 1 Jan Only 1 left in stock - order soon.

Phenomenology and Intercultural Understanding: