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follow He never wanted to love again. But Fate had other plans for him, plans that he wasn't sure he was upset about T - English - Romance - Chapters: I Can Never Forget by drsweetsgirl reviews Shawn's memory haunts him as Gus tries to help him through it. Rated M for suicidal thoughts and actions. Also for later chapters- references to child abuse - not non-con. Don't like, Don't read. He took a life, even though it was evil. To deal with the pain, he starts to cut himself. Draco is a vampire and tries to keep Harry from harming himself.

Is it for his own gain or something more? Unnoticed cries for help. What could possibly happen when the guys fail to notice the marks of hopelessness written all over one of their friends? Why can't they just open their eyes and, for once, just see? Big Time Rush - Rated: T - English - Angst - Chapters: Starts at "Exit Wounds" and is current up through "Lauren. Criminal Minds - Rated: Life Of Lies by letmefallasleep reviews Shawn Spencer's life is all lies.

Well, you get the idea. People pour out their heart's desires, knowing they won't be revealed. They see dark secrets and violent deeds, but never speak. But what if, for once, they weren't silent? Harry Harry Potter - Rated: Spelled for Self Destruction by DerangedxandxSarcastic reviews Harry is deeply troubled, and no one understands his odd behavior. Dumbledore plans a seventh year camping trip for the teens, in hopes of building Harry's self esteem and finding the truth about his depression. Bloody Skies by Toki Mirage reviews Being a gay Hero hunted by a crazy Dark Lord with delusions of immortality, a barmy old Headmaster who thinks it's his job to save the world, and the odd vampire trolling through the halls at night looking for a midnight snack isn't easy.

What if Harry Potter wasn't raised by the Dursleys? What if he was a part of the Elric Family? This story develops rather slowly, I hope you enjoy it. As a master Occulmens Snape is uniquely qualified to help, but must overcome old prejudices and his own guilt. Love is Brutal by gossamernomore reviews What frightened them were the things that lived in their minds, Toki realized; things they still loved, despite the horror and terror that laced that love.

Skwisgaar x Toki, don't like don't read. M - English - Romance - Chapters: Damaged by Pleasedial reviews At the moment he saw the depth of human cruelty he lost his love for Konoha. He smiled for them, laughed for them, loved them I Do Not Own Naruto. Eight Little Words by permanthiatus reviews "The words stayed at the forefront of their minds, haunting them. I Hate Everything by ectobiiologist reviews "No one could ever be happy. If I couldn't, it wasn't possible. Lemon Drops and Blood Pops by Toki Mirage reviews Harry wasn't expecting romance or a fresh start, not after all the people he's killed.

Then he gets thrown into a dimension with a certain Headmaster who coudln't possibly be flirting with him It's been done, but not by me until now. Doctor Who - Rated: I am revising the already posted chapters and it won't make any sense Afterwards a lot will be different though, so I recommend rereading it once I am done.

Bec Harry Potter - Rated: Done Up My Buttons And Unstitched My Seams by Cleo Leo reviews A chance encounter and a struggle between two people of very different personalities is just the beginning of a life changing friendship, and perhaps something, a little bit more. If you don't like then don't read! Accidental Companions by Windschild reviews Guruko, one of Kakashi's dogs, ends up staying with Naruto because of an injury. However, along the way he discovers it's Naruto who really needs the help.

ABSOLUTION ( Chronicles Book 8) - Kindle edition by R. E. Riepe. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features. uzotoqadoh.tk: The People's Crusade (Lotharingian Chronicles) ( ): Val Jensen II: Books.

But what can a dog do? Mighty Boosh - Rated: Self harm becomes a usual part of Light's routine, and suicide weighs heavily on his mind, trying to kill himself before he can kill L. L begins to notice these changes.

Death Note - Rated: Tear Stains and Lies by mstingwray reviews Harry Potter, the boy who lived, abused by those who were meant to protect him. The Dursley's had best hope that they never live to see the day Sirius comes to collect his godchild. Child abuse, coarse language. Countdown by XxxAnimaniacxxX reviews 'It's amazing how people just float around in your life until one day, all it takes is one moment to notice each other.

To meet each other. Also little bits of Cargan here and there. Martyrdom and Paradox by UchidaKarasu reviews L is deep in the Kira case when suddenly a man with a fake name and a sharp intellect turns up in Japan. As L discovers what attraction is, Harry Potter fights to help L solve the case while falling in love with the detective.

Translation in Russian on profile. Red and Raven by diesedame reviews Harry struggles with his eating problems, Voldemort and his impending destiny. However, a certain redhead is there to help. The Tipping Point by darkangel-silvermoon reviews Crying isn't secret, it's the art in how we grieve. Reid never meant to let it get this bad- this far This can continue as slash if you're interested- let me know. Thank you for your x Criminal Minds - Rated: Fix by DarkNightMistress reviews Reid replaces one addiction with another. Morgan swears that this time he won't stand idly by.

But maybe Blaine can change that. No Room for the Weak by perverse-idyll reviews There's a Boy Who Lived and a boy who didn't, and even a mother can't always tell them apart. Does the Doctor have a room The Doctor shows his companions his room and they help him deal with the issues he faces when he needs to sleep.

Rating for one little swear word. I tried reaching out to somebody once They laughed and threw it back into my face. Broken Butterflies by Hi-Imma-Frog reviews John leaves, and Sherlock is sent into a downward spiral of depression, self-harm and suicidal thoughts. Rated T for this reason.

Euthanasia by RossoNeroFamiglia reviews And so his world came to the end. Heavy angst, suicide, and Jealous! Snickers by livvylovesyou reviews In which Finn has an eating disorder and Sam and Snickers are there to help. Don't Be Stupid' by bellax-xmuerte reviews The glee girls want to find out more about Blaine Anderson. Kurt won't tell them anything; so they steal his phone.

They expected Blaine's number to be his most called contact but it's not, that honour goes to 'Don't Be Stupid'. The Last Marauder by openmymind When Remus loses everyone who ever meant anything to him, he feels out of control Written for the Suicide challenge. Might be a bit rough He was cool with it. It was my own fault, really. I thought if my dad was cool about the gay thing, maybe Z and the guys would be too.

He tries to hide the scars of the summer, but refuses to deal with. Is someone going to help him before he sinks away completely? Rated 'M' for safety. This memory isn't one of Jack and I. Although there are at least three recorded instances of … what you were thinking of … and possibly a further four off the record instances, but I digress. Written for The Sickness Challenge. Yes, the old Snape retrieves Harry from the Dursleys formula. I just had to write one. Everything changes, because the best revenge is living well. T for Mentor Snape's occasional naughty language.

Over three million hits! He also dances, saves Christmas, and attends several funerals. Remember that other story I was working on, the depressing one? Self-doubt, Self-pity, Self-loathing, suicidal thoughts etc. T - English - Tragedy - Chapters: Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God by Dobby's Socks reviews "But then again he'd always been a sucker for the whole fire and brimstone thing himself. Title and idea inspired by Jonathan Edwards' sermon. Fullmetal Alchemist - Rated: Ghosting by AlwaysErised reviews The past will be the death of him.

I Hate Myself For Loving You by sfdc reviews Santana is driven to attempting suicide by her feelings for girls, one blonde haired beauty in particular. Quinn steps to her rescue in her hour of need. Quintana angst Glee - Rated: Then Sirius Black comes in and saves the day! I'm not really good with summaries, but you should be warned, this contains cutting, and mentions of abuse. Lestrade makes lists of reasons to live. He never returned them. But he never wanted to hurt him either Three people change that when they drug the Time Lord, and The Doctor has to lie A little bit angsty.

Did I mention I'm yours? Some investigation, some hurt, some love, some family, some sex. All the good stuff. Warning for slash and self-harm. And he would have succeeded, had his least favorite blondie showed up. Rated T for attempted suicide. Written in poetic form.

The Struggle by sherlockandjohnwatson reviews When Snape is sent to check on Harry and discovers years of hidden abuse, how will he react? What will happen when Harry and Snape are forced to get along? And why is Harry changing so suddenly? Some cutting and rape. Somewhat AU, summer before GoF. But the universe still needs saving and the Doctor isn't quite sane anymore. The Time Lord is running out of time.

It is only up to his father, Snape to save his unknown son as he enters Harry's past. However time is not the only thing lost. PostOotP Severitus fic but not a challenge. And neither are the third, the fourth, or the fifth times she makes herself bleed. She just doesn't understand how something so good could possibly be a sin. Ron has had enough and commits suicide, warnings of suicide and self harm.

One-shot with no pairings. Pain by HunterofArtemis32 reviews Percy Jackson, who has had a bad past and doesn't know how to handle his pain. The only answer to him is cutting himself. Annabeth Chase, his best friend doesn't know until she notices something different. Blind by Mu5icWolf reviews Cat's seriously upset that Tori can't see her feelings. My first attempt at a oneshot. We all fall down and sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we can't get back up. Just like the 3 raised lines upon his arm.

He had 3 reasons why for those cuts. Hurt by purpleushi reviews Tag to 1. Harvey can't get what Mike said to him out of his head. He realizes he was too hard on Mike, and that now he might lose him forever. He takes it out on himself. One Day at a Time by MKandtheforce reviews Shortly after Sirius' death, Harry finds solace in a new "hobby", but comfort in the arms of his old professor. Chances, Lost by radialarch reviews Draco doesn't think he can be saved, but that's never stopped him from hoping.

He was barely fifteen years old. But right now, seeing those bright red gashes across his milky white wrists, it was a very real possibility. Amy dies from childbirth - the baby survives -, Rory decides to stop mourning and the Doctor decides to confront his feelings about Rory. Rated M for sexual themes. Don't like, don't read. Luckily for her someone sees her just in time. Themes of suicide and self-harm. It's dark and angsty. We are not L by tripwork reviews A's suicide note curses Wammy. We are not L. Gold Stars and Red Scars by onceawarbleralwaysawarbler reviews Ever wonder how Rachel takes pressure?

Trigger warning for cutting. Hints of eating disorders. Angsty drabble Glee - Rated: Looking for hope by snapesdoe reviews Severus Snape is sent to Privet drive as a disguise as a muggle tutor. He never expected to find what he did, a abused and broken Harry Potter. Will they learn to get along together after unexpected news? After OOTP, mild abuse, cutting. Vague references to eating disorders. M - English - Drama - Chapters: Remembering Rory by d4nc3-f0r-th3m reviews This is really just a bunch of fluff. The Doctor realizes he loved Rory too late or is it too late?

After The Hungry Earth. Happy Ending by NoctePluvia reviews Not everybody gets a second chance. And not all stories have happy endings. Happily Ever After by d-d-draco reviews Draco finds his boyfriend Harry, dying in the boys bathroom. Contains Self-harm Cutting , and suicide attempt. Tears by fezzesandbowtiesarecool reviews A little, short one-shot about the Doctor after the mid-series six finale, when Amy acted quite cold towards him.

Making Them Remember by ItalianLifestyle reviews Matthew is sick of being forgotten, so he has decided to do something to make sure that he's not forgotten. Will it work or will he completely drop off the face of the planet? Cox lives with the misconception that J. JDox friendship, some angst, you know the drill. Some JDox friendship and angstiness, mentions of cutting and suicidal thoughts.

Kendall yells at Logan, accidentally pushing him over the edge. Tea for Two by Acacia Carter reviews "But we're two very lost and lonely friends who are in a very exclusive position to understand one another almost perfectly, and offer comfort and let out tension that doesn't hinge on breaking down into tears and hating the world An End by ShaynainShambles reviews Sam is drowing in the darkness of his heart and mind. It becomes too much; taking over. He can't fight it anymore. He lets the darkness, the pain, claim him.

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Extreme angst, cutting, suicide, may be triggering Supernatural - Rated: Love How It Hurts by SawManiac reviews The Master stands to rule by cruelty and destruction, but sometimes - more often now - he likes to turn this destruction on himself. Rated M for self-harm.

Companion piece to "From the Blog of John H. Attempted sexual assault, suicide, drug use, angst, asexual! Jo Sherlock - Rated: Sinking slowly by Under-attack reviews Prostitute Reid. Reid's taken on a second job. Person reviews The dragon is not dormant. He's reciting Shakespeare and waiting for the sea nymphs.

The Boy Who Lived is guarding the bathroom door. All You Need is Love by the1andonlyofo reviews The band at least most of it shows their support for Toki and Skwisgaar. Yes I know it's been done before, but I wanted to try my hand at it. Things Unseen by But Friends Make Secrets reviews He said he wanted normalcy, and safety, and while that may have been true, the root of the problem was that, to his core, Sam wanted to not be seen. Let It Be by the1andonlyofo reviews Dethklok and the rest of the world deal with the changed relationship status of Toki and Skwisgaar.

Will to Live by Araceil reviews Slash. Expelled from Hogwarts, left to his own devices, Harry finds a new home but when children start going missing, vanishing into thin air, the World's Greatest Mind has his curiousity piqued. Yet that faraway fantasy seemed too distant for any sense of reality to come close to him. Nolian I suppose in a slight way. Sorry but character death. Fake a Smile by BookkeeperThe reviews Martha is persistent, but the Doctor is evasive, and he's had more practice than she has.

K - English - Angst - Chapters: Five times John wanted to help him, and the one time he did. Yao was left numb, cold, and in pain. Internal pain needing to be let out. Human names, past RoChu, hinted RusLiet. Oneshot, but may become a chapter fic. If so, chapters are very short T because of cutting and dark! Hey, Mana by Yullenrin reviews Snapshots: Allen always finds himself back where he once was: In front of Mana's grave.

And he speaks to him, as if he were still alive. I'm sick of this. I'm sick of the cold. Teddybear by knockoutmouse reviews Toki is having a bad day, as is everyone else in Mordhaus. Angst in a sorta fluffy way. No real sex involved.

Hourglass by echoing noise reviews Harry Potter's dealings with Barty Crouch, on three different occasions. This is my first one shot in my Mad World Series about suicide. There is character death in this one, be warned. The song this is based off is the Series name, Mad World. The Gary Jules version was my inspiration. This is Dave Karosky's Mad World. Just like that by carebearfrost reviews "He was stronger than this.

But as he looked at the gun sitting on the table, he knew it was just another lie. Lestrade at the pool. Takes place immediately after the end of "The Great Game. No Matter by Schermionie reviews But his smile is a little too strained, and who are they fooling with their laughter, anyway? For visions of a scarlet night. He tries to combat these changes in his friend, but will it be enough? Rated T for swears and self harm. Invisible by ElectroGirlNoir reviews Howard finds himself a jazz woman and Vince is not sure he likes it all that much Rated M for various themes.

Ignite Your Bones by love will not hurt reviews After Sam's father dies, his eating disorder spirals out of control, and for some reason, Noah Puckerman will not relent. Eating Disorder, Abuse, and Sexual Content. Contact High by forcedInduction reviews Harry and Hermione had been dating for a few years, and Luna always liked to see them together.

Hermione always wondered why. One night, she got her answer. Oh yeah, sorry about the country song, I was listening to it and this couple instantly came to mind. Atlantis by StormyFireDragon reviews Harry is more than he was led to belive. Things happen to him that are not what anyone would have expected. Enough by x-Avarice-x reviews "When she had been shoved into the flesh body, there was a question she wanted to ask him, but they both already knew the answer. Because hungry equals skinny and skinny equals pretty and pretty equals happiness. Something you've wanted for so long.

Control by PeanutNinja reviews Some days Reid likes to pretend he's still in control. Most days it's easier to inject false happiness than find real closure. My Escape by Jewel reviews A stolen heart can't be given back, and Syrus needs to get away from the pain he feels every day. He will never have Jaden's love. There is no escape. Self harm, Suicide and Character Death. Being Plastic by Child of Mars reviews After the hectic events of the Big Bang, Rory Williams, the Lone Centurion, finds it hard to shake the terrible memories of being plastic, which are beginning to tear him apart.

Good thing the Doctor's there to help him The Lonely by silvermoonfae reviews What happens when all Harry can see is the darkness.

Who will Save him from himself? One-Shot Harry Potter - Rated: Just Rory by Philote reviews Wherein Rory is a perfectly competent nurse and the Doctor makes a lousy patient. Papilionis by Cracktastical reviews Some butterflies were just never meant to be free. Rated T for safety. Sorcerer's Apprentice, - Rated: Count the Regrets by Kalifornien reviews When Amy's curiosity gets the better of her, the Doctor does his best to explain being the last of his race.

Dark, with a bit of a twist at the end, and set before Rory comes on board. All His Fault by givingupthegun reviews River has broken the Doctor, and no one knows how to piece him back together again. Everything he's done has caught up to him and there's nothing he can do but sit there, in pain and alone. Back to Black and Back Again by missindependent4 reviews Draco reverts back to his old ways when Harry leaves, but will he take Harry back when he needs him most? Substance abuse and suicide attempt. Finding Home by Luana Araceli reviews Angel finds Spike about to commit suicide and pulls him away from the brink by invoking Sire's rights.

He offers him a home and a chance to prove himself, something Spike has been aching for for over a century. Kurt Hummel is the ghost of his past self, but can someone notice and save him in time. Regrets and Repairs by Squilf reviews Rory and the Doctor do something they live to regret, due to an inexorable chain of events. This includes the Doctor being provocative, Rory not being able to sleep, and making tea - not in that order. Something Worth Living For by Marching Clocks reviews Insight into the mind of a depressed young wizard named Harry Potter, and the result of a very interesting dream.

HPSS, snarry, mild adult content, depressed!

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Sherlock, Lestrade and conversations that can only take place in the dark. Drifting at Sea by darkangel-silvermoon reviews So I've hit my thirtieth fic. This is for all the people who need hugs-and those who give them. They have some serious healing power. Facade by paganpunk2 reviews Sky Captain never could have imagined Dex had a secret this dark.

Please read and review. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow - Rated: The Itch by phix27 reviews Harry contemplates his wrists. Better than the summery, swear. Drarry, past character death, cutting. Might be a trigger for some people. Rough Day by mmgage reviews A one-shot, set just after "Vampires of Venice.

Last Chance by salianne reviews What will it take for Greg to reach his limit - or for Nick to free himself from the chains of his fear? Take A Bow by Naaer- inactive reviews And they knew who he was. And they had just ignited it. The Bin Man and the Shiny Prince by toggledog reviews What if Howard turned his back on Vince, and the Electric Superman made good on his promise of what he was going to do to Vince, had he not given him the cape?

AU set during 'Crack Fox' episode. Warnings- non-con, slash Mighty Boosh - Rated: River offers The Doctor an impossible choice. Rated T for evident reasons once read. Control by BreeZombiee reviews His coach had wanted the perfect body. Dalton wanted the perfect grades. His father wanted the perfect son. Blaine wanted the perfect guy. They all wanted him to be perfect.

He could do that. Eating disorders, Self Harm. Young, impossible Amy, you don't know anything. Then again, it's easier that way. Knowing things is hard, isn't it? Except it's Freddie with the problem. Glitter, Not Stardust by TheWritingMonster reviews All she wants is to be a star, to see her name in lights, all she wants is to be famous. Rated for adult themes. One Shot Victorious - Rated: Cedric Cullen reviews Tina was unnoticed. No one was aware of her not eating. Until the end, no one was aware it was getting too late, until it already was.

Depictions of eating disorder, and suicide. Oneshot Glee - Rated: Sleepwalking by mmgage reviews Post Amy's Choice. Can Rory reach him before something horrible happens? Part 3 of 3 up now, and, as always, reviews will be greatly appreciated. Russian Roulette by MrsBoreanaz1 reviews Songfic. After finding a hostile world his war bike manages to locate a world where the inhabitants are human but not so friendly.

He leaves this world and finds Earth but he has no clue as to what Earth. This Earth is almost identical to his Earth but he soon finds out that he is not only in a parallel universe he has also gone back in time to the year He also discovers the citizens of this Earth are not friendly, at least most of them.

While in the Las Vegas in this time line he finds God. He finds it first hard to believe that God has come, of all places. God has sought him to enlist his services, not knowing how things will turn out for the future. It is a big gamble, but what the hell, God is in Sin City. In exchange, if he fulfills God's mission to where God is satisfied, he is promised a solution to his problem of finding a way home.

It turns out to be a very difficult and emotional ride. Read more Read less. Books In This Series 8 Books. Page 1 of 1 Start Over Page 1 of 1. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser. Product details File Size: November 21, Sold by: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Customer reviews There are no customer reviews yet. Share your thoughts with other customers. Together can Jasper find something to live for and Edward discover some things are worth dying for? Even though Stefan asked for help, will he like the way Damon will help him? And will the hunger- not only for blood, but also for his brother- be too strong?

Inspired by cracked dot com article. I'm still a fan of it, but I'm sick of fans denying any writing, plot, and morale errors. True fans call it like it is. Rated M for future cursing because its funny. Firelight by vampireisthenewblack reviews The best traditions start with a memorable experience. I'd been a vampire only half a year when it happened, and I thought it would be just us, forever.

Sometimes things don't turn out the way we expect. Midnight Affair by pinkprincess reviews In Eclipse, Jasper explained how he and Alice met in the diner in Philadelphia. This story explains how they met, fell in love, how they had met the Cullens for the first time, and how they came to be today.

Edward meets Jasper during his rebellious youth. A shared struggle draws them together as they fight to overcome their nature, and find love. What secrets are hidden in Jasper's past? And can Edward help him through his discovery? Through all these years by Sxcsami reviews When you cried, I'd wipe away all of your tears When you'd scream, I'd fight away all of your fears.

George is all alone once Fred is gone The saddest thing I have ever written. But I smiled at the end. Secrets and Lies by bluebead1 reviews Edward Cullen. It was a mask. A persona I had to hide behind everyday to avoid being cast from my family. That all changed the day they arrived. The day he arrived. This is my story. M for a reason. I promised you by Sxcsami reviews When five year old George promised Fred something, what will the aftermath be when he breaks this promise? His Beautiful, Haunting Eyes by thecellarfloor reviews Draco pushed her to the wall, kissed her roughly on the lips, then punched the glass window beside her head.

It smashed into pieces and the crowd who had parted for him seconds ago gasped. She couldn't even breathe. What have you done? Raw and Rosy by tuesdaymidnight reviews Jasper Hale hates his high school rival Edward Cullen with a passion. What happens when Jasper discovers Edward's little secret? Always There, Never Gone by worthxsaving reviews Set in Damon is leaving for the Confederacy; Stefan is displaying long buried feelings towards his brother.

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Can the relationship they have survive the impending doom or will things be forced to change between them? Next to Normal by Slytherclaw12 reviews Edward and Jasper have been best friends for years, but Edward's beginning to second-guess his sexuality as well as his entire life. It's possible that Jasper is doing the exact same thing.

The Polar Opposites of Joy and Loss by vampireisthenewblack reviews I could see clearly the bite marks on the woman's throat and exposed limbs. Carlisle had altered our existence irrevocably. You never know who's going to walk through the door to make life just a little more interesting. Edward was into Star Wars. They were best friends, anyway. A line was crossed. They haven't spoken in years.

It's time for their ten year reunion. Take out your light saber. You might need it. Vigilante Justice by tuesdaymidnight reviews Edward and Jasper are not two caped crusaders seeking to rid the world of evil. They simply play a game. A game that results in justice. Beyond the Pale Contest entry. Beautiful Dangerous by vampireisthenewblack reviews He who seeks revenge should remember to dig two graves. ER doctor Edward Cullen is just looking to find himself. What happens when their fates cross? D It's the middle of the night, you're in the middle of nowhere and the car won't start.

What do you do? Lost Souls by Blue-Kool-Aid reviews Damon looked truly innocent in the moment, completely contradicting not only his own name, but his past actions and words. While in this position, I could seriously harm him if I so desired. But that's the last thing I wanted. Burning by Death'sAngel18 reviews My body was on fire and the one thing that was on my mind now was Damon. But did my older brother actually care about me? Or was I another game to him?