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Please reload or try later. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Share this Rating Title: Lonely, hurting, and more than a little drunk, a person reaches out with a distress signal via text - not really expecting an answer. Shockingly, someone responds - tossing out a lifeline via a return text — offering a willing ear, a few encouraging words.

And thus slowly, a friendship begins that grows over time to an intimate affair. I Never would have believed text messages could be so intimate, so raw, so honest. I admit I was skeptical going in — not sure an erotic romance could be adequately relayed without any personal contact between the characters. Through text messages, two people are stripped naked as they each bare their souls to a stranger — each safe in their own little world.

As the story plays out, they begin to engage in a type of game ultimately sharing more personal details including their most intimate desires and fantasies. Lost in an avalanche of desire, they cross a line that neither may survive. Way Down Deep is a raw, riveting, seductive character driven story that I read in mostly one sitting. Surprisingly, it has a very intimate and honest feel to it as it becomes clear these two lost characters were brought together by fate. I had my doubts that a virtual erotic romance was possible — but in this case, it works!

Jun 15, Elsa Bravante added it Shelves: May 27, nick rated it really liked it Shelves: Way Down Deep was an emotional, heart-aching story with a lot of depth to it, and it completely surprised me. The whole story was intriguing. I loved the way the romance developed. The two very lonely characters, Malcom and Maya, find solace in each other and develop a friendship. Both have heartbreaking backstories, that is only slowly revealed to the readers, but the amount of strength they both possessed was glaringly obvious from the beginning.

There was an intensity to their relationship that I was surprised by given how they had never met, but I liked it a lot and Charlotte Stein and Cara McKenna had me rooting for the two of them. Yes, there are sex scenes that happen throughout the story, and yes, they occur through texts and were way hotter than I thought possible, but this was more contemporary romance in my opinion.

The focus is not on the sex. I do admit that I would have absolutely killed for an epilogue of sort, but looking back, the ending completely made sense given the context of the story. This was poignant, addictive, and I could not stop reading it. Jun 28, Sherly rated it liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I known these two idk got a problem with epilogues or whatever.

I'm just gonna use my imagination what happens to their first meet up is. I want to fucking read it. May 29, Sarah rated it it was amazing Shelves: As soon as I saw the first line of the blurb "an erotic romance.

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I'm already a fan of Cara McKenna's and I've seen just how well she writes romantic, but also sexy, letters in her book Hard Time so my expectations were high, especially since so many people have recommended Charlotte Stein to me too and I'm definitely going to have to start investing in her backlist after reading this! The story starts when Malcom dru As soon as I saw the first line of the blurb "an erotic romance. The story starts when Malcom drunk texts someone from his past, someone he never expects to receive a response from. He couldn't be more shocked when he realises that the number has been reallocated and he gets a reply from a total stranger.

What follows is an intense, highly emotional story as Malcom and Maya continue sending messages to each other and are both able to open up to someone they've never met much easier than they can with people they know in real life. Both characters have issues they are struggling with and we slowly get to learn about both of their lives through their continued messages. I will say it felt more like an email exchange than a text message conversation because their messages are long and detailed but the writing was beautiful and I totally fell in love with both of the characters.

It's not often that I rate an erotic romance 5 stars, especially a story that has only two characters and they never even have a single face to face conversation but I was so captivated by Way Down Deep that I can't give it anything less. Maya and Malcom's romance was in no way a traditional one but it was just so easy to root for them and I desperately wanted them to both find happiness.

Oh and I just have to add that sexting has never been so hot! If there was one thing I was slightly disappointed with it was that the story is a little too open ended for my taste, I would have loved an epilogue set a few months or even years down the line but unfortunately that really wouldn't have worked with the story format and it probably would have ended up ruining things.

This is a story about two messed up people finding solace in the strangest of places, it's an emotional journey that is both heart-wrenching and joyful and it left me with a huge smile on my face. May 27, Kindling Micky rated it liked it Shelves: Conceptually, this was clever and the blurb just dragged me into requesting to read and review. As a fan of Cara McKenna, I wanted to love this book but the result was like.

The concept and context are two damaged strangers who begin a tentative texting friendship following a circumstantial finding of one another's numbers. There is much masked for quite some time in this read: There was power in the writing of this book, the writ Conceptually, this was clever and the blurb just dragged me into requesting to read and review. There was power in the writing of this book, the writing was mainly strong, after all, there was only dialogue in this book, no thoughts, introspection or narrative that wasn't dialogue.

I was utterly captured by the man and his boy story, for me, that was what I loved most about this story. In fact, I wanted more of the man and boy. There was some significant chemistry between the two texting and this grew in a tangible way that I believed the connection and growth of affection. The first quarter of the book I found to be slow going but I did become invested and I enjoyed the final quarter the most. A copy of this book was provided by the publisher through netgalley in return for an honest review. Sweet, angsty and hot. A gorgeous little ditty from my favourite erotic-romance writers.

I had a hard time putting this one down, it was easy and a little addictive to read. Both the leads were utterly adorable and quirky. The prose and theme was a little bit divine too. I really hope these two work together again. Jun 21, Jean rated it really liked it. The first thing you should know about this book is that the entire story is told through text messages and I wasn't sure at first, but I ended up loving it!

Some texts from an unknown number to Maya's phone I loved how this all played out. It even took The first thing you should know about this book is that the entire story is told through text messages and I wasn't sure at first, but I ended up loving it!

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It even took a while before they even exchanged names. They continue to text each other and get to know each others likes and dislikes. They are both tortured souls who need to release their guilt with events eating away at their souls. They confide in each other through these messages And then, the hot steamy sex texts begin I seriously should have expected this from Charlotte Stein And of course, I have to give credit to Cara McKenna also I wonder, did they each write a character's side Short, sweet, and just really good!

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I highly recommend it! May 11, Alisa added it Shelves: She's one of my favorite authors, but I just can't get into this. I like the idea behind the book I find the guy's texts are pretty interesting but I don't care for the girl. She's not at all interesting to me. These two authors are among my favorite Erotic Romance authors so I was really looking forward to this book. The premise of this book is very interesting. The heroine accidentally sends a message to a stranger but instead of turning her away, the hero actually continues to chat with her.

I feel like this was a good way of creating that connection immediately between the two main characters. After all, how could someone turn another away after receiving a warning like that? I think the blurb of this book will intrigue a lot of readers but I feel like I should warn readers that this book is quite slow. There are some scenes that I felt would normally get cut out if it was written in a more traditional way with third person POV and descriptions.

For example, they share their favorite songs and movies, etc. There were a lot of slow parts in this book as the two characters got to know each other. The book is basically a series of monologues about their inner thoughts and feelings.

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This is great for emotions. I thought some messages almost sounded like poems; the writing is so beautiful. But I think that both authors work seamlessly enough that it flows very well. So, really, I think this will honestly be a hit or miss for readers. The writing is beautiful and it has a lot of emotion, but do make sure you have a lot of patience before picking this book up.

May 20, Jamie C rated it it was ok Shelves: I read the description and was immediately drawn in. Unfortunately, I kind of had to force myself to finish. I couldn't really connect with the mc's at all and I especially didn't like the H. I was really irritated with the disconnect he seemed to have with his son. The writing was very well done, don't get me wrong. This just wasn't my cup of tea. Jun 17, Giedre rated it liked it. A contemporary romance constructed entirely out of text messages.

And yes, at first glance I went all whyyy.

And, to my surprise, I actually liked it. In fact, there were instances where I flat-out loved it. Yes, I did need to suspend some disbelief in places, and yes, I still think the format is limiting in a lot of cases, but I do think Way Down Deep turned out to be a 3. Yes, I did need to suspend some disbelief in places, and yes, I still think the format is limiting in a lot of cases, but I do think Way Down Deep turned out to be an enjoyable concoction in the end.

That said, perhaps the appeal won't be universal. May 22, Maria Rose rated it really liked it Shelves: Way Down Deep is an epistolary romance, told entirely in the form of text messages between the hero and the heroine. The result is a super sexy and enthralling romance. The story begins with a text message to an unknown number, from a depressed writer who never expects the message to be returned. Malcolm is a single dad, adjusting to being the sole parent of his toddler-aged son, and Maya is a homebound young woman. Can two strangers find companionship and even love from an online relationship?

I loved how this story unfolds, with intimate details given out over time. And then, because they are strangers and sharing things with each other, things take a more dramatic and sexy turn. They both have some trauma in their pasts that has affected them deeply and makes an online friendship one that is safe as it comes without the risk of rejection. The ending suits the story and will leave you satisfied with the romance and the connection between the characters.

I would definitely be interested in reading a collaboration by this author duo again! This review appears at Straight Shootin' Book Reviews: A copy of this story was provided via NetGalley for review.

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Jun 10, Bea rated it really liked it. I don't even know how many freakin stars to rate this. It was so beautiful and touching. The cover is beautiful! The concept was unlike any other. Somebody get me a drink! I can't even explain. For sure it's a must read. May 30, Sheena rated it liked it. At first- I really, really really liked it.

The shtick grew weary. Didn't like the ending. I hate books that are so open ended.

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The last line of the novel made feelings course through me. One of them righteous anger- serious! That is the last thing!? I just couldn't get into it. May 19, Beth rated it it was amazing. Jun 06, Romance Readers Retreat rated it it was amazing. I have yet to find a Cara McKenna book I did not adore and then to find out she was co-writing a book with Charlote Stein?!

I knew I needed t get my hands on a copy as soon as possible. The power house authors are not the only thing exciting about Way Down Deep. It's also told in a unique format. The entire story is told through text messages. Malcolm sends a text message to a number, not expecting to receive a reply 4. Malcolm sends a text message to a number, not expecting to receive a reply.

Maya, is the new owner of that number and surprisingly she does reply. This begins a string of texts in which Malcolm and Maya slowly begin to get to know each other and eventually this friendship blossoms into something deeper. Can a relationship that is exclusively online turn into something deep and meaningful and make it's way offline? This is a perfect type of tale for the modern digital age. More and more people are meeting and connecting online and that question of how lasting a relationship can be when taken into the offline world is one that is becoming more and more common.

Way Down Deep

The first part of this book had a slow build that definitely kept my interest as we learn about these characters through their text messages. Later in the book, they take on a more naughty edge as the texts slowly turn into sexting. The end left me wanting more and I am desperately hoping we will see a sequel at some future date. Such a fun and unique read from two of my favourite erotic authors. May 23, Juliana rated it liked it. The concept of this book was unique and I enjoyed it for the most part.

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Some of it lacked for me though. The whole thing is told in texts so it feels distant and disconnected in a way. I couldn't connect to the characters because I felt like I was reading from a phone screen in a way. While the characters described themselves, I never got clear pictures of either of them. I know the whole concept is the story being in text format but these characters were writing lengthy paragraphs from the begi The concept of this book was unique and I enjoyed it for the most part.

I know the whole concept is the story being in text format but these characters were writing lengthy paragraphs from the beginning and that's just not super believable to me. People's texting habits are all different but chunks of text are a lot. They're so trusting of each other so quickly. I would have liked a lot more background and more depth of the characters. Some of it was superficial in away.