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Dan Harmon, The Hero’s Journey, and the Circle Theory of Story
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Each circle is designed to help you understand how to stay in control of your emotions and circumstance as you undertake your entrepreneurial journey. Everyone of us is born into a circumstance which we do not control, but all of us are able to take control and alter that circumstance in order to build a strong foundation for ourselves.

Regardless that we are born poor or rich, we are can master the 8 components in Circle 1 to progress to a successful state of mind and undertake the challenges that society has created for us. Circle 2 teaches us how to adapt and benefit from other systems and concepts we interact with daily through 6 different components. Our pursuit of wealth and freedom can only take us so far but it is ultimately our drive to define our purpose in life that keeps us motivated.

Circle 3 enables us to understand how we create fulfillment for ourselves and define our legacy through entrepreneurship. Understand how your belief controls your perspective and how to control it to create the outcomes you want. When most say "dream big", we'll teach you why dreaming leads straight to failure. Discover how confidence and skills lead to the creation of passion and vision. Uncover how most people, even entrepreneurs, are stuck in the rat race and don't even know it.

Learn to escape the mundane.

Theory of Change and The Golden Circle.

Learn to manipulate your environment to maximize wealth, rather than to become a by-product of it. Understand the new rules of entrepreneurship based on today's new global marketplace. This book is for ANYONE who believes they are worth more than they have today, and never want to settle for anything less but their goals. Paperback , pages. Published February 2nd by Secret Entourage first published January 14th To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about Third Circle Theory , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Oct 02, Franck rated it it was amazing. Deserves to be a bestseller I lvoe the concept of the three circles and it's amazing to see where I stand. Another book that should be read in school in my opinion. Apr 30, Muslim rated it did not like it. If you've read any self help book you've read this. What's more the Author finished berating other self help gurus only to turn round and do the same thing - sell you more stuff.

Jul 28, Christopher Fello rated it it was amazing. This is a great read. I resonate with everything he said regarding the three circles and self-awareness. Take this book to heart. Jan 12, Gianfranco Torino rated it it was amazing. A great book to read and overdrive your desire to create. Nov 14, Chinwude Nwana rated it it was amazing. This book was so much needed in order to find my career direction. Oct 05, Peter rated it really liked it. Nice book, interesting concepts. I will be re-reading this, since I found that some concepts were lost on me after the first read.

It seems to me that at least a second read is needed to internalize the concepts. It was entertaining, and as I said before, I am looking forward to giving it a second read, in order to get a better grasp of some concepts. Jun 03, Mark Manderson rated it really liked it. Belief is emotional, not factual! Environment is an important aspect of the first circle. Belief is stemmed from years of conditioning. Therefore beliefs become a self fulfilling prophecy. Apr 26, Gunjan Mehta rated it really liked it.

I can connect very much the contents provided in the book The best part of this book is the lesson in the chapter called: Jun 19, beingCristina rated it liked it. Interesting conceptualization of somewhat forgotten conventional wisdom. Oct 23, Luka rated it it was amazing. Ther first choice you make in life is who you see in the mirror, and what you have or don't have.

Some of you never move past this stage, because you don't accept your circumstance, also known as your baseline. You sit there and blame the world for your current situation and grow bitter rather than accept your opportunity for growth. Even if you are not one of them, we all know such individuals; they are usually very negative and often have poor relations with friends and family, whom they blame Ther first choice you make in life is who you see in the mirror, and what you have or don't have.

Even if you are not one of them, we all know such individuals; they are usually very negative and often have poor relations with friends and family, whom they blame for their shortcomings. Others, however - no matter how poor, rich, healthy, or intelligent - accept that, regardless of what they do, their past is their past and it cannot be changed. More importantly, they accept that their future is in their own hands. Fear acts like paralysis to your mind.

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The more you think about it, the more you freeze. How many times have you wondered how a great looking person is with an unattractive partner? The reason they did so was rooted in fear. The same can be said of those of you who fall in love to manifest itself faster. If this fear is powerful enough, you settle for what you have or what is accessible rather than seek exactly what you want. When you become that Settler, you find yourself unhappy in your choice in the long run.

YOu realize it was driven by fear and not the right fit. The interesting part remains on why you let go of this fear after the fact rather than before.

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Awareness kicks in that better options were available to begin with, creating the courage to seek what you want rather than what you had simply accepted. The more you believe or know about yourself, the better you sell yourself. This is why not so average guys end up with supermodel girlfriends, or vice-versa. The more goals you set and reach, the more your confidence level rises and the lower your fear of failure sings, freeing your mind to focus on harder projects in the long run and allowing you to raise the stakes of what you deem possible - pushing farther and harder every time.

Through a very interesting interview, I was actually granted this privilege. I became the youngest bank manager of any fortune bank in the United States at the age of 18 and then through my career in banking by the age of 23, I was an executive vice president for that same bank. I was kind of forced into small business ownership. I then founded Secret Consulting which at the time was selling sales and service models and training models for banks.

Sold it to 3 of the larger competitors of my bank, once I got fired. Now very early on when I was 14 when I was working at the telemarketing job, I also had created like side income for myself by creating a very small mobile car wash business. We used to split the money. I kind of left it to my friend to do that until I got fired. When I got fired I went back and re-visited this business and said … well at that time they had expanded to doing some custom work on cars.

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Repairing cars and also still detailing, etc. I had a lot of success in banking very early. I had a great salary and so I was able to afford these cars myself which gave me a unique angle in marketing at the time because not a lot of young people were. I would be able to walk up to people and as an owner, offer suggestions on who should do the work. That became a business that became like a car shop, nothing more than a tuning shop.

In was when that business took a very interesting turn when I decided to sell watches. I started deciding to sell high-end watches to the same people and I grew that business. That became a huge deal and I decided that why just watches? It took an interesting turn because I used my finance background to do something rather unique. I never really enjoyed the industry even though I knew how to sell a car. They would buy a car except they would really be investing in my company. I would hold it, keep it, and then re-sell it for them knowing what the trends of the market were doing.

This is even before the car even exists. Are you following …. We would hold that money for about a year or so before the car came out. Client made a hundred, we make a hundred on a car we never funded.

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  • Pejman Ghadimi’s Third Circle Theory.

I started doing that and all we became was really a giant storage facility with massive security and watches and everything in between. That business later became VIP Motoring.

The Circle Theory

Third Circle Theory: Purpose Through Observation [Pejman Ghadimi] on Amazon .com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. What if you could take full control of. Editorial Reviews. Review. "One of the best books I have ever read, by one of the smartest guys I know." - Andy Frisella, CEO of 1st Phorm and S2 Supplements.

It became my biggest business to date in terms of revenue and when I say revenue, not necessarily net profit but revenue. It became a really interesting business because I started creating a lot of connections and lifestyle industries. We started becoming a really well known source, not only to get really exclusive cars but also to create an investment opportune for everybody that was willing to partake in that before others bought those exclusive cars.

I had Secret Consulting, which after the bank, it became more of a digital branding agency where we build websites and apps and then furthermore I had VIP Motoring which today I still own both businesses but appointed a CEO in to both companies and ended up focusing all my time on secretentourage.

Third Circle Theory : Purpose Through Observation by Pejman Ghadimi (2013, Paperback)

It has just been an incredible journey of discovering the online space of how to market, how to bring the brand to life. Today that has expanded into multiple other online digital properties which I own around the exotic car space as well as the finance and credit repair space and a lot of legion around banks as well. What an incredible journey and not at all linear through one industry. I think so many people are overlooking the opportunities that are there.

I picked up a copy, I started reading it the other night. I figured out this goes much deeper than the traditional, how to be an entrepreneur. What inspired you to write this book? Third Circle Theory itself is very unique like you said.

It actually came about when I had already written 8 previous books, 9 to be exact. One of them was an e-book only, so I had written 9 books total. If you want to be an entrepreneur follow these principles, kind of thing.

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During my corporate career I took many chances where I hired people off the streets with no experience. A perfect example would be a certain gentlemen who has just come to my office with a t-shirt for an interview. He was a park-o-meter maid and he wanted to become a bank teller. Over 3 years I was able to coach him and mold him into becoming the executive vice president for the business banking team of that same bank I used to run, with no education or anything further. I myself never had an education either, past high school.

One of the key things was, what was it about that process that just allowed that person to bind to it and really push it while so many others are hungry for success but do nothing about it? That had to mean something bigger and better than just making more money for me than she was making back then.

Theory of Change and The Golden Circle. – Structure & Narrative

I started analyzing my life and came up that I guess my talents are what made me really successful, is just that. Three very different things but 3 things that every single human being goes through when they are growing up to gain what they believe to be their awareness.

This is the Third Circle Theory. Now you see, most people confuse awareness with self-awareness. Third Circle Theory is almost like a road map, where do you fit in what are you missing that enables you to graduate into that next circle. Into that next phase of your life and ultimately allows you to continuously pursue a greater version of yourself. People believe money is so important in the quest of business but really money is the byproduct of who you are and so I teach people how to become a better person so that they have a better understanding of the world they live in and the environment they live in and the society they live in so that they can learn to actually control all their actions instead of be a byproduct of their environment.

I mean self-awareness, we talked about this briefly before the call and I said to you I think every really massively successful entrepreneur that has created not just one success but is able to just consistently grow, create and succeed, they have an incredible level of self-awareness. How do you use Third Circle Theory to take somebody that may not have that level or may not even be close to that level and create that level of self-awareness? Give us an example of one of things that you would take people through to create that level using Third Circle Theory. If most unsuccessful people feel that way, most successful people will add one word to that same equation.

Meaning the same choice could actually lead to a positive outcome, if the right actions are in place. That was a waste of time. I took the wrong steps, I made the wrong moves during the business. The choice of starting a business had no negative quotation, my actions were wrong. Allow me to make the same choice with better actions, create an alternative outcome. A human being can then understand that the idea of choice is only as valid as the actions of the individual themselves and therefore puts the blame back in their control.

With Third Circle Theory we have to train the mind to learn how to think for itself so that it understands how its environment works enough to identify such opportunities. That being said, when you were going through this Third Circle Theory process, when you came up with it, how did you come with this? When did you become aware of it? What triggered you to this? I was very poor, like personally. You know my mom did well but then got poor. I never really got a taste of that affluent lifestyle until I earned it for myself.

One of the thing that kind of caught me or kept catching up with me is that, I kept buying nice stuff, like very young I had a Lamborghini, Ferrari, and you know I had my houses very young and I did well in many things and it always led to more money. Show your neighbor you got more money? You have reached a level of satisfaction monetarily but then the impression is, is life about just satisfaction?

Third Circle Theory was born from there. You can be very successful in society and not successful in life. In creating Third Circle Theory I started relating the patterns as to what happens in those individuals. Then what is the currency for life?

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That became a huge deal and I decided that why just watches? Wasim rated it it was amazing Mar 13, World of Books USA was founded in Where do they need to go to connect with you? Notify me of new comments via email.

I started kind of analyzing people that I knew, people that I looked up to, that I felt were great entrepreneurs and not just entrepreneurs, very successful in their life both on the side of society and as well as on the other side which was … you know I saw this difference in entrepreneurs versus very successful businessmen. Perhaps entrepreneurship is a tool to create resourcefulness within an individual that leads them to a higher level of control in their environments, because they learn to build something from nothing.

Therefore the key to fulfillment with Third Circle Theory has to be somewhat interrelated to the idea of entrepreneurship. I started looking into the idea of purpose, where passion comes from. How people make a big mistake to confuse love for passion. You know like love being just something you care about and passion being something you chose to do something about that you actually care about.

The action piece was always the element that differentiated success from failure. This is key to Third Circle Theory. I kind of categorized action in the terms of circumstance, society and life and how it evolves based on age and based on circumstance and based on previous monetary record and based on previous family backgrounds and all of these things and was able to systemize it to just pages.

They went back and decided to take action even before reading Third Circle Theory in full. Which was great and I attribute a lot of the success of Third Circle Theory to just that core idea as well.