Should He Upbraid

Should He Upbraid.
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Should he upbraid I'll own that he prevail,And sing as sweetly as the nightingale.. .Say that he frown, I'll say his looks I viewAs morning roses newly tip'd with dew. Title: Should he upbraid; Contributor Names: Bishop, Henry R. Created / Published: Russell, G. D., Boston, , monographic. Subject Headings: Songs with.

Details Creator Bishop, Henry R. Henry Rowley , Title Should he upbraid [music]: There is no OCR full text available for this item.

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Work Page Work identifier http: Download Select the pages you want to download, or the whole document. Or select a range of pages: It should start shortly Upbraid - definition of upbraid by The Free Dictionary https: See Synonyms at scold.

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See up -, braid ]. Switch to new thesaurus. To criticize for a fault or an offense: References in classic literature?

She had still to tax and upbraid her for her part in the unhappiness which had been wrought on Lilla, and for her share in causing her death. Exhausted I see thee, by poisonous flies; bleeding I see thee, and torn at a hundred spots; and thy pride will not even upbraid.

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Some persons possessed this power for life, others only for a particular time or particular purpose, as the people of Mitylene elected Pittacus to oppose the exiles, who were headed by Antimenides and Alcaeus the poet, as we learn from a poem of his; for he upbraids the Mitylenians for having chosen Pittacus for their tyrant, and with one [b] voice extolling him to the skies who was the ruin of a rash and devoted people.