Messages from Jesus - A Dialogue of Love

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In Messages from Jesus, she describes her experiences with Jesus, including his giving her the name Saint Ta, and records his messages on a wide variety of topics, from how to cope with terrorism and fear, to life after death and how to love unconditionally. Paperback , pages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Messages From Jesus , please sign up. Lists with This Book.

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Grateful to have found it again and for Mary Ann who put it out into the world! Tiffany Cable rated it liked it May 31, Frank Machin marked it as to-read Nov 15, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The daughter of an American Civil War soldier who became a successful lawyer, Mary Johnston was born in the small town of Buchanan, Virginia. A small and frail girl, she was educated at home by family and tutors.

She grew up with a love of books and was financially independent enough to devote herself to writing. Johnston wrote historical books and novels that often combined romance with history. Her novels were bestsellers in America, Canada and England.

Messages from Jesus is primarily a dialogue between Jesus and the author, in which Jesus addresses our needs as spiritual, social and physical beings. Editorial Reviews. From the Author. AuthorsNote. Songof the Morning is a yoga retreat, nestled Messages from Jesus - A Dialogue of Love Kindle Edition. by.

Bartering and co-ops are going to be available for just about anything you might need. Just know that God will provide. I don't mean you should lie around and expect God to show up and care for you. God will provide you with the means to survive. It might mean a job, or aid, or the ability to be self-sustaining.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Your country is so materialistic that you count on many things, based on your monetary system. Can you tell us more about the future? When I say this, I don't say it lightly. Refresh and try again. First began reading Sept. How can they be one?

Do not give up on your country; it has a strong foundation. And many of you worry for no reason at all. There are many, many more people living in poor conditions than people who are able to buy food at a store.

Messages from Jesus - A Dialogue of Love by Mary Ann Johnston, published by Tatienne Publishing

Many are not so confident that food will show up. When I say this, I don't say it lightly. And remember, it is also good to store up treasures for heaven by doing good acts and loving everyone. Can you tell us more about the future? There is so much fear and violence and terrorism.

What are we to expect? How can we cope? Fear attracts that which you fear most. When personal, group, or national fears build, it creates even further fearful thoughts and actions. Fear stifles the imagination and suppresses ambition. It is only through love, prayer and positive thinking and actions, that many disasters have been diverted, and change occurred for the better. But it is your initiative as individuals—alone or gathered together, living in love—that will make change happen to bring about world peace and heaven on earth.

Some say God created evil. In order for humanity to fulfill the universal law of oneness and to transform this precious planet into Heaven on Earth, you must own the fact that it is mankind's free will that causes evil.

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  • Messages From Jesus: A Dialogue Of Love by Mary Johnston.

Eliminate the inconceivable belief that God created evil. Is Mother Earth cleansing herself? Is man causing it through evil? All of creation is in cycles, including mankind and Mother Earth. The cycles are constantly cleansing and rebuilding, just like breathing out and breathing in is cleansing for your physical body.

Messages from Jesus - A Dialogue of Love

It is not evil. It is natural and full of God's love. Do you remember, I told you what you perceive as evil is often not what you perceive it to be? If you could remember your divinity, you would see all things with love. There are no distinctions in oneness—only perfection—as all is one. Oppositions and evil vanish. Yogananda will speak to you at length about becoming consciously aware of changeless consciousness oneness , in your next book. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could realize, all the time, that we are one. As individuals become more attuned to all as one, they will attract more and more individuals to this realization.

Remember, like-energy magnetically attracts like-energy.

Everything seems to have an opposite—a duality, a negative. How can they be one? Opposites do not indicate negativity.

Opposites were created for harmonious balance in your perceived world and so that you might experience the sun and the moon, and the good and the evil, and all other dualities until you come to realize that all is one and there is nothing to compare. The lesson is in that realization. On earth there will always be the illusion of opposites by those who are unable to embrace the realization that all things are unified as one.

Messages From Jesus: A Dialogue Of Love

Is there a finite and unchangeable amount of either? Or, for instance, can more love be created and an equal amount less of hate? Or can either be added or deleted independent of the other? Are we to always count on having love and hate, and the balance will always be love in some areas and hate in other areas of our world, constantly changing back and forth between the two, but the united total never increasing or decreasing? Do not put limits on God. God is love and is infinite and omnipresent, even unto the ends of the worlds, and love has no opposites nor comparisons.

The world is already filled with love. Mankind judges one as being better than the other when, in reality, you created the experience of both, making each only possible in the presence of the other.