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Mar 12, Penumbra rated it it was amazing Shelves: Please read my updated comments at the end of the review Blue Heaven is a story about God Children in human form, mercenaries, power, and finding out who you are; enough to control your own destiny. But a gem of a story hides within. The author created a unique and exciting world. Mercenaries are hired to assassinate or kidnap whomever their masters order them to. And finally rulers, taking matters into their own hands for their own desires. I love stories with character growth and developing relationships and this story was perfect.

The author inserted a saying at the beginning of each chapter that gave a hint of what was to come in the chapter. It also reminded me a lot of the I Ching and the sayings that go with each line of the hexagrams. The chapter lines were very simple, but poetic.

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I really enjoyed this addition to the chapters. The author kindly sent me the epub version and I've checked over the story in various spots and haven't noticed the dialogue technical issues I had observed with the PDF files. That said, I promised I'd give this story five stars if the author corrected the issue. Since she's done that I happily give this book five stars, one of the very few books I have given a high rating to: Jan 01, Jade Archer rated it it was amazing. This is a beautiful story and I'll definitely be checking out more work by this author.

The writing was excellent - descriptive and vivid without being too over the top IMO. The characters where fantastic. The growth of Blue's character in particular I thought was very well done. From an innocent, completely clueless fledgling to a kickass diety. Got to love that journey! I loved the world building in this one too, which was a lovely show don't tell experience that had me picturing more and m This is a beautiful story and I'll definitely be checking out more work by this author. I loved the world building in this one too, which was a lovely show don't tell experience that had me picturing more and more of what this place must look and feel like as the characters move through the story.

I loved the ideas behind this tale. The story was very imaginitive, which I always appreciate, and the slow reveal of little twists and secrets thrilled me. Beneath the hot love story of these two characters were some very interesting thoughts. I really enjoyed that aspect of this read.

Reading An Erotic Novel I Wrote In High School

I would definitely recommend this read. It was a wonderful love story I couldn't put down. Well done Ms Paige. Feb 11, Mantastic rated it really liked it. I really liked the imagination and originality that went into creating this story. Both Stryver and Blue are very likable. Stryver is working as a mercenary in order to fund his dream of tending a quiet farm and settling down.

And Blue is such a fun character. He is a "godchild" in the same sense as the Greek or Roman gods. As his confidence grows, so does his colorful personality. I'll get the cons out of the way since I truly loved the story and want to spend more time on the good stuff. The beg I really liked the imagination and originality that went into creating this story. The beginning third of this story was a bit slow for me. I initially thought it seemed repetitive, but after being questioned about it, I re-read it and decided that it wasn't so much repetitive as 1 long, continuous thought.

We get a limited amount about Stryver, who he is and where he comes from, and Blue's history is deliberately kept vague. Because the answers about Blue's identity is such a major plot discovery, I understand the reason we are kept in the dark. Unfortunately, it dominates a lot of the inner dialogue from both sides without really telling us anything.

This train of thought is followed closely by their attraction to each other. Stryver would be in the middle of strategizing and then glance at Blue and get hard and distracted. The fact that Blue had no idea what an erection was is cute and fits what we know about his life at the Abbey, but is then contradicted by the fact he knows the word "cock. Added is the fact he didn't know how to dress himself. Even if he had someone else dress him everyday of his life he should have known that to change clothes you have to take off the ones you are wearing in order to put the new ones on.

If the garments themselves are tricky then ok, making an attempt to pull at the clothing or getting his arms or legs out and then needing Stryver's help to finish up would have made more sense. The fact that he was completely clueless didn't sit right with me. I loved how well the two men got along. I liked that Stryver didn't talk down to Blue for being naive and Blue didn't talk down to him for being human. And when Stryver began to get a sense of who Blue really was, he didn't outwardly freak or desert him.

Giving him a name was a great choice, much more sentimental and individualized than calling him "godchild. Stryver hadn't been sure up until that point about Blue's identity, but that moment cemented it for him. Instead of running away, it was almost like he became more protective of Blue. And Blue uninhibited was beautiful. He got an inkling of his power and was humbled by it. I loved the little village they visited. All the people there were so lively and cheerful and added depth to the story.

It is here that legend and lore is introduced.

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What started out as a bit of storytelling becomes crucial to whats about to happen. Stryver has been promising Blue that he would teach him about "passion" and his erection and the friendly, comfortable, and seemingly safe place is the perfect time. Having waited, I think their connection to each other was stronger for it. Because of who Blue is, his match had to be equally as impressive. Trust, strength, courage, and affection had to be established and tested so that when they gave themselves to each other it was much more than bodies.

I forget the exact phrasing used, but it was very obvious that they became hyper-aware of each other.

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This sensitivity allowed Stryver to know that Blue was in danger. And what happens to Blue in this section is both brilliant and heartbreaking. The detail and creativity in this section makes up for all of the vagueness in the first part of the book. There are many twists and turns, both from inside forces as well as the people chasing them. I hesitate to say too much about it because I don't want to give anything away.

He does a scene of a drunken guy in a bar that was hilarious!

Review: Blue Heaven by C.J Box

He also did some of the accents exceptionally well. Box book on my To Read list that I finally got around to reading actually listening to. A stand alone unlike his other novels. It was a good book, not Box's best, but never the less his character development is always among the best current day mystery authors. The characters in this book were no exception and the story itself was great, lots of suspense and mystery.

One of his earliest novels. The main reason I gave it only 3 stars was the ending. This was a good story, however, I think that the newer Joe Pickett series stories are better. His newer novels have a smoother presentation. I enjoyed the characters and the unexpected ending. It was fun to read this on a buddy read.


Sep 18, Dara S. Really enjoyed this book. This is my third book by C. He does not disappoint. Dec 29, Tamora Pierce rated it really liked it. A little sluggish, but still a good thriller featuring four bad cops, one good one, a tough rancher great part for Clint Eastwood and two courageous kids! May 31, Lukasz Pruski rated it liked it. J Box's Blue Heaven illustrates the best thing about the novel that won the prestigious Edgar Award in The setup is mesmerizing and it is difficult to tear oneself off from the book for about pages.

Then the plot goes downhill to t " If twelve-year-old Annie Taylor had not chosen to take her little brother William fishing on that particular Friday afternoon [ Then the plot goes downhill to the extent that I am actually surprised about the high critical recognition. Yes, it is a good thriller, but not in any way remarkable. Maybe I am just jaded or spoiled. Little Annie and William witness the execution and now they are pursued by the executioners. The retired cops are looking for the kids too, but they don't want FBI to get involved.

Yet another retired detective from California arrives on the scene in pursuit of leads in an unsolved murder that happened during the Santa Anita Racetrack robbery. Potential connections between the executioners and the robbery begin to emerge yet the second half of the novel is not nearly as enthralling as the first one. One thread is indeed outstanding: Jess Rawlins, an owner of a huge ranch is about to lose everything as he cannot afford the payments to the bank any more. Bitterly divorced, he is trying to keep the ranch that his grandfather and father managed but the new economic reality is brutal: The reader will like Jess' character as it is vividly and believably drawn.

I have an emotional connection with the location of the novel. My wife and I were traveling there two years ago and I remember writing a review for Goodreads in a motel room not that far from Kootenai Falls on the Kootenai River that are in fact located in Montana, the neighboring state. These are amazingly beautiful places and there are some neat descriptions of the northern landscapes in the novel.

Alas, other than the enticing setup the thriller is mostly of paint-by-numbers variety and once the reader shakes off the strong initial impression there is nothing equally remarkable in the later parts of the novel. Some characters, like the mail carrier for instance, are implausible caricatures.

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Minotaur Books; 1 Reprint edition December 2, - Language: It was everything-- sweet and hot, romantic and sensual, fun and sarcastic. Please read my updated comments at the end of the review Oh, he could make money if he sold out but he doesn't want to sell off a legacy that has been in his family for three generations. I also liked the fact that Box points out that Idaho is known for racists groups. And she's loud, so when she's spreading gossip she lets everyone around her hear what her imagination has come up with. But as one man against four who will stop at nothing to silence their witnesses, Jess Rawlins needs allies, and he knows that one word to the wrong person could seal the fate of the children or their mother.

The author's dropping of ominous hints is not exactly of Edgar Award caliber. The climactic scenes at the end are boringly predictable: In the end the author carefully doles out death and life to the protagonists according to whether they deserve it or not. I recommend just browsing the second half of the book: Jun 18, Sep rated it it was amazing. The most exciting book this month if not this year!

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Jess Rawlings is an old 63 rancher who lives in norther Idaho. The area has changed a lot because a lot of people from out-of-state are retiring up there. This is never resolve. I was sort of hoping she'd get leprosy or something. When one of them bails on a promise to take William fishing, Annie takes her brother into the forest to fish where they witness a murder.

With 4 killers on their tail the children run. When they don't make it home, Annie and William are reported missing. The local sheriff is out of his depth but, suddenly, 4 ex-cops volunteer to run the search. Unfortunately, it is the same 4 who committed the murder. This book is exciting, terrifying and, especially in the last 3 or 4 chapters totally edge-of-your-seat.

Don't know how I feel about the ending. Maybe, Jess is dreaming. He's already seen a couple of ghosts and is still in the land of the living. Aug 28, Barbara Mitchell rated it it was amazing. I raced through this novel from a few years ago, one of my finds at our book sale. Box is an automatic grab after all, and this one really had my heart pounding.

It begins with two children, Annie and her younger brother William, witnessing a murder. Then one of the killers sees them and the chase is on. The setting is a small town in Idaho that is in transition because a large number of retired cops have moved there from Los Angeles. They've brought money but even as they claim I raced through this novel from a few years ago, one of my finds at our book sale.

They've brought money but even as they claim to want a different, less stressful life, they've brought big city habits with them. Some have built enormous mansions and they drive their SUVs through town like they own the place. The people who loved their little town and surrounding ranches aren't necessarily happy about the changes or the people who brought them about. When word gets out that the kids are missing, they take over the investigation from the rather weak police chief who is out of his depth.

Our hero is a rancher who is in financial trouble and about to lose his beloved ranch. It's been in the family for generations but he has hit hard times. He's in his early 60s and he's a kind man who suffered when he had to let his last ranch hand go. I loved Jess Rawlins. He and the kids make the whole book in my mind. This is a thriller with a subplot of another retired cop trying to trace money from a robbery at Santa Anita racetrack several years earlier in which a young guard was killed, leaving a wife and kids. All of the characters, good and evil and somewhere in-between, are skillfully depicted so you get more and more tense as the story plays out.

At times I was breathless when the action heated up and I worried about the good guys. One character is a staple in every small town I've ever known. In this town she's a rural mail carrier but she could be anything. She's a thoughtless gossip who craves attention and has no compassion for the people she's hurting. She also thinks she's attractive not! And she's loud, so when she's spreading gossip she lets everyone around her hear what her imagination has come up with. I happened to read this at the time the 16 year old California girl and her kidnapper were found in Idaho.

That added even more color to the background as I read, especially when the horse riders who saw and reported them were interviewed. I could imagine how those two couples would resent the intrusion of city people into their lives. This is an action-filled thriller with great characters and I hope you'll read it and other C. Blue Heaven is a book familiar to me. It reminded me of some TV show or movie that I have watched but I couldn't name the titles. I guess because the characters seem somewhat stereotypical.

An attractive something single mom who doesn't have the best taste in men. Her two kids, a girl Annie and boy William , could use a father in the house. The kids are smart and have an inner strength all their own. A recently elected Sheriff whose job before was a real estate agent. Good with people but Blue Heaven is a book familiar to me. Good with people but is a little out of his depth in law enforcement.

And an older rancher who lives alone on his family's ranch that is going under financially.

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Oh, he could make money if he sold out but he doesn't want to sell off a legacy that has been in his family for three generations. His wife left for greener pastures. The story is set in Northern Idaho or North Idaho as the locals would say. North Idaho is a mecca for retired cops looking for a quiet life and an escape from horrors of big city police work.

Four cops in particular are central to the story. Like Badlands, the kids Annie and William are out on a fishing trip their mother doesn't know and see a murder happening. The bad guys see them and the chase is on. And the story unfolds from that point forward In spite of the stereotypical characters, they are well written and the story had me hooked. This story didn't feel quite as tense as some of the other C. Box stories that I have read and that is okay. Just a good all around cop type story and there is still plenty of tension. Blue Heaven is a stand alone book and is not tied to a series.

If you want to get a good introduction to C. Box, I would recommend reading this book. Feb 17, Christa rated it really liked it Shelves: I quickly became engrossed in this book, and I found it to be very compelling. I thought that the story was original, and I enjoyed the characters. After reading this book that I thought was full of suspense, I found the ending to be disappointing.

It fell flat for me, and just wasn't up to par with the rest of the book. I am interested in reading more by this author. Twelve year old Annie and her younger brother, William, inadvertently stumble upon an execution. The killers see the children and I quickly became engrossed in this book, and I found it to be very compelling. The killers see the children and go after them. Annie and William flee and are soon picked up by a man they know. He takes them to his home, but Annie overhears a phone conversation that shatters her trust. She and William escape his clutches and take refuge on a local rancher's property.

As the disappearance of the children becomes known, the inexperienced sheriff accepts the aid of several retired police officers. The endangered children must find someone they can trust to help them. Several people quietly come to the aid of Annie and William, risking their lives for the children while those expected to provide help are trying to make certain that the children never have the opportunity to talk.

I read this intriguing book very quickly, and couldn't wait to find out how it turned out. When I got to the end, I felt let down. Until the last few pages, I expected to give this book 5 stars. The ending just didn't do anything for me, but I thoroughly enjoyed all but the last couple of pages. It was really awful seeing the flyers posted requesting any information. Box uses that true-life scenario as a starting point for Blue Heaven. Other than the disappearance of two children though, this story bears no resemblance to the real-life crime.

Northern Idaho is a Mecca for retired Los Angeles cops. Homogeneity and the tension between long-time Idahoans and the newcomers was very realistic. Wonderful, heartwarming story with unforgettable characters and excellent character development. Good guys, especially one who is a real hero, and there are horrible ex-cop bad guys. A flawed single Mother with two adorable children who got lost in the woods and witness a murder. This story is about how those children find their way back to their Mother, and it is an unforgettable story.

I would have rated it 5 stars if the ending would have been different. Jess deserved a happier ending. Audio CD Verified Purchase. This is an awesome story! It takes place in North Idaho over a couple days. A brother and sister witness a murder committed by a group of retired LA cops. When the cops see that they have an audience, the kids run off into the woods and are reported missing.

The retired cops, lead by one particularly mean ex-cop, possition themselves to head up the search and rescue team for the missing kids. Enter Jess Rawlins, a 3rd generation rancher that stumbles on to the kids when they seek shelter in his barn. He listens to their story and before reporting that he's found them, he does a little investigating to check things out a little on his own. He ends up meeting retired LA Detective Villatoros who is following a lead on some marked bills from a race track robbery in CA. It all ends with and exciting and explosive shootout.

This audio book is fairly fast paced and you won't be able to just "turn it off". Trust me, you will be finding excuses to go for a drive just so you can listen to more of it OR you will bring the discs in the house with you so you can continue listening. You won't be sorry. See all reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published 4 days ago. Published 1 month ago. Published 2 months ago. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

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