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I didn't know what this tale would be, but I would never have guessed, not in a million years. When he begins his investigation, he suspects nothing more than incompetence. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. Fire in the Void Jokka Shorts Book Learn more about Amazon Prime. Second Alysha Forrest Book 1. But could House Laisira be hiding a far greater sin?

When I first read this a couple of years ago, I gave it only four stars. I have no idea why.

While this story wasn't quite as good the other one I've read by this author, a reread shows it is nonethelss worthy of five stars. This story was unlike any I'd ever read before. Maybe that's why I only gave it four stars before.

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It's a very vivid look into a culture and species rather unlike our own. One that is very alien, yet still believable.

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The author didn't resort to infodumping at any point, but I still feel like I came away with a reasonable understanding of the Jokka. As amazing and unique as the world-building is, where this story really shown was in the way it was written, with sentences like "Illuminated only by the fire, her figure shrouded in diaphanous clothes, she drifted in a nimbus of copper light. I thought it was really clever.

If there were any problems with this story, it was that a bit more description of what a Jokka looked like might've been nice, and there were one or two alien words that were undefined that I couldn't figure out from context alone. Still, wonderful read and I continue to look forward to more by the author. I got the general point of this story, but there was too little explanation of the world for a reader who is new to these stories.

The item description doesn't mention a order for reading these, but I'm assuming I'm reading in the wrong order. I would have enjoyed it a lot more if I hadn't had to spend so much time trying to figure out all the new words and concepts.

I'm going to try another of the author's stories to see if I have an easier time with one of those. Unspeakable sets itself a hard goal: Which is what would've gotten a fifth star from me. However, I am drawn in and intrigued by trying to understand the culture that deems certain of Ke Pedina's stories to be not just naughty, but outright forbidden.

There is one itty-bitty jarring note; the use of "okay," which seems far too human as it slides past alien fangs. I am sure that it's a translation of a similar Jokkad word, of course, but the Jokka are so very different from humans that it tweaked me. So, out of all the words in this, about two of them bug me. I'd say it's definitely worth the 99c. Unspeakable is another wonderful Jokka story.

If you're a fan of tightly written, to the point short stories, fascinating explorations of the roll of sex and sexuality in society, or if you're a fan of World Building [like I am!

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The world building in Hogarth's stories is always easy to understand and here draws you effortlessly into an alien world where there are three sexes, and where each of these sexes has a rigidly defined roll in society. As suggested on the writer's website's writing page [ Stardancer Studios; 1 edition May 19, Publication Date: May 19, Sold by: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video.


Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. The only reason this is not five stars is because I have the urge to turn the author upside down and shake her until the rest of the book falls out.

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I won't say snarky. But he's not really happy in his job and he's got a lovely background grump on -- while at the same time caring for people. Who he's not entirely supposed to be caring for. It's a great expression. First-off, it's good; every star is fairly-won! And secondly, if enough of us buy it, we can all get together and hold up little symbolic representations of the author, turn them upside down, and shake them till the rest of the nice, thick novel falls out.

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In this sequel to Reader's Choice Award Unspeakable Tanel, Nashada and Ekkuli return in a new city, having made themselves a comfortable home The last thing Jekun wanted to do was turn neuter. She'd spent her life as a pampered breeder in the caverns of House Sadlan, a female prized for her intelligence and stamina. Changing this late in her life meant Can she - it - find a place among the neuters of her House? Or, is there no peace to be found in a new body? A short story of the Jokka.

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Keshul makes his money cloaking his common sense as fortune-telling for the Jokka of het Narel, and he would be the first to tell you it's all a sham. Or so he thinks, until a patron shows up asking for the wisdom of the Void When he begins his investigation, he suspects nothing more than incompetence. But could House Laisira be hiding a far greater sin?