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Flight of the White Wolf
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watch Her father was convinced what was on the drive would make his career. It looked like Hilson thought so too, only he wanted it for his career. How could she have been so blind? Faith stomps into her hotel mad at her ex, herself, and the need for the trip in the first place. Cameron MacPherson is worried about his business partners.

Said they were going hunting with a tour that uses wolves to scare out the prey. How weird is that? Too weird for an ex-cop and military man, which is why he flew in to investigate. Cameron and Faith meet early on and sparks ignite. The problems start to pile up along with the bodies. As a forensic investigator, Faith discovers silver in the corpses. It is an odd way to kill a person, but not a werewolf. The snow, isolation, even the cold takes on a dangerous edge. The story is populated by the type of winter storms that freeze people in their tracks, mere feet from their home. Add to that, silvery wolves that slip through the woods with scarcely a sound.

The story moves well, and throws real issues at both Faith and Cameron. Legend of the White Wolf would probably be shelved as a paranormal romance, but also contains elements if suspense. Spears handling of the wolves. Jun 08, Suzan rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Paranormal romance and Werewolf fans. I really enjoyed this instalment of the series. Again it was a departure from the others as the main love interests weren't loupe garou to begin with. First one was changed and then the other but I loved all the characters.

I didn't really like Kintail though, he really got on my nerves, Lila did at first too but I grew to like her at the end when we learnt her history but I still wasn't fussed over Kintail. I loved seeing Leidolf in t I really enjoyed this instalment of the series. I loved seeing Leidolf in the book as well, he seems to have softened somewhat from the first time we seen him in Devlyn and Bella's book.

Maybe we're just seeing other sides of him in the previous book and this one! I love how he offered advice and genuinely seemed to want to help the newly bitten loupe garous but his hands were somewhat tied being on another alpha's territory. I have a feeling we may see these characters as a cameo at least in other books as I think they'll be staying in touch with Leidolf to garner his advice as they progress, although they will have some aide seeing as one of Cameron's friends has mated or will mate with a born loupe garou so they will have someone to teach them!

Great book and honestly, I wish I'd started this series sooner as each book I read in it is every bit as good if not better then the last! Mar 26, Bernadette rated it liked it Shelves: The book is well written with virtually no spelling or grammar mistakes which are far too common with ebooks. The romance in this book is between Faith and Cameron. Cameron is a P I which is on a mission to find his missing business partners.

After their unusual first meeting, they meet up again when Faith discovers a dead body in the offices of Back Country Tours….. It quickly becomes apparent that they both have questions to put to the owners of Back Country Tours and that they are travelling to the same destination. Apr 12, Sheila rated it really liked it Shelves: I guess that would be a given, since I love dogs so much. A worthy addition to the series, I thoroughly enjoyed this from start to finish.

Feb 03, Janina rated it liked it Shelves: And even though this book wasn't as good as the others to me, I still enjoyed the story. Cameron was probably my favorite character of them. Like I've said in previous reviews, I always find myself connecting with the male characters. I also really enjoyed the romance between Cameron and Faith. Faith was a strong female, but sometimes I felt as though she was a little too strong minded at times, if that makes any se Ratings: Faith was a strong female, but sometimes I felt as though she was a little too strong minded at times, if that makes any sense.

The book was also filled with tons of action, which I loved. There wasn't a page that didn't have some kind of crazy scene happening. The only thing I didn't really like was that it took me a while to really get into the story in the beginning. But once I got into it, I really enjoyed it and devoured the rest of the book in a day! I stayed up ALL night to finish the book because I couldn't put it down.

I can't wait to continue on with the next installment and I definitely recommend this series to those who love shifters and good paranormal romances. Jan 11, Anna rated it really liked it Shelves: Cameron and Faith separately set out for the wilderness of Maine, both for different reasons. Fate brings them together. But the danger of the wild outdoors and their enemies could tear them apart. Since I haven't read the books previous to this one, I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy this book.

But both the story and the characters pulled me in very early on. For me the brightest point is the character, Cameron MacPherson. I liked the sexy hero right away. Very charming and commanding, and plus Cameron and Faith separately set out for the wilderness of Maine, both for different reasons. Very charming and commanding, and plus he's a lover of urban fantasy. Really what's not to like? Legend of the White Wolf is a fast paced story with both elements of paranormal and mystery.

One not to be missed. This is the 4th book in Ms. Spear's Werewolf series, but can be read as a stand alone. Aug 04, Vicki rated it it was amazing Shelves: Wish I had re-read the first 2 in series but it is a good stand alone. Cameron is looking for his 2 friends that went to Maine to hunt and didn't come back.

Unknown to him they have been bitten by wolves and are now wolf shifters. Faith's father was in Maine with a group looking for Big Foot but he only pretended to look for big foot he was really doing research paper about people that looked for Big Foot. Only he saw something he shouldn't and wrote about the wolves. Faith's boyfriend Loved it. Faith's boyfriend steals her father's research paper, hard drive and flash drive and also is in Maine. Then it really get exciting.

People are getting murdered. Werewolves are getting murdered. Everybody is getting bitten and seeing things they shouldn't. It was funny and romantic and a who done it. Loved it going to re-read other books in series.

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Sep 06, Faith Dominguez added it. Well I finally finished it toke longer than excepted its been really crazy over here. But I love this series like I really do its my third favourite, it was very intimate at times but I love that again it has grat mystery with it.

I mean I love it and what I give yo have a werewolf love lol I love faith she is smart and beautiful. I think what I liked a lot was that we got to see and know what everybody was going through , I love that we just didn't get to see faith and Cameron but the whole cha Well I finally finished it toke longer than excepted its been really crazy over here. I think what I liked a lot was that we got to see and know what everybody was going through , I love that we just didn't get to see faith and Cameron but the whole characters in this book: I also love how terry kept characters. Prior to the other book and that was awesome Shea so gifted in her work and its really great and very blessed she can be a amazing arthor: God Bless With love Violet Feb 10, Gaby rated it liked it.

Legend of the White Wolf is a romance with the added complexity of werewolves.

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While Faith O'Malley is a smart, beautiful heroine on a mission, when she suddenly faces future as a werewolf, things become markedly more complicated. She draws the attention of the local Alpha but she has her eye on another. Meanwhile Cameron has his own mission - and must help find his missing partners. Cameron discovers and gets on the wrong side of the local werewolves.

He must find a way to save his friends and k Legend of the White Wolf is a romance with the added complexity of werewolves. He must find a way to save his friends and keep his newly discovered love. Legend of the White Wolf is part romance, part werewolf adventure and much action. The book is likely to appeal to readers fond of contemporary romance and paranormal adventure. Sourcebooks Casablanca; 1 edition November 3, , pages. Review copy provided by the publisher. Feb 15, Tia rated it really liked it. In the fifth book of this series, it finally mixes it up a wee bit. I hope the next are going to be this good and this is where the flip happened from boringish to amazing!

Faith is a beautiful, funny and smart woman on a mission when she is suddenly attacked by werewolves and change.

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White Wolf is book #1 in an epic new paranormal/supernatural/horror series from I had a perfect visual in my mind of the scenes along the way, the incredible. White Wolf (Sons of Rome Book 1) eBook: Lauren Gilley: Kindle Store. Book 1 of 2 in Sons of Rome (2 Book Series).

Now that she is a werewolf, she has drawn an Alpha to her attention but has her eyes on another! Together Faith and Cameron are great together. I smiled every time I read about them. Feb 05, Bridget rated it it was amazing. Cameron's friends went hunting but they should have been back by now. When Cameron decides to search for them, he encounters something unbelievable. Faith's father told stories of "man-wolves" and Faith is determined to find out the truth. Is her father off his rocker or do they really exist? Cameron and Faith meet and the sparks fly. While searching, they find a group of people who want to slaughter the werewolves.

The problem is, Cameron and Faith are part of the werewolf species. Will the wolve Cameron's friends went hunting but they should have been back by now. Will the wolves be able escape the hunters or will werewolves be added to the endangered species list?

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I really enjoyed reading this book and I'm adding Terry to my favorite authors list. Jun 11, Sian rated it it was amazing Shelves: I loved that both of the main characters of this story were both fully human. I loved how Faith was on a return mission to get her dad's research back from the ex who used her to steal it, and I also liked that Cameron was on a mission to find out what happened to his friends and colleagues. I liked how Faith and Cameron were instantly attracted to each other and I liked how they both ended up in the same place.

I also liked that throughout the story Faith and Cameron were able loved this one!!! I also liked that throughout the story Faith and Cameron were able to stick together and help each other even when they were both accidentally turned. I liked that the enemy for both of them ended up being the same and by the end of the book I liked that every loose end was tired up and there was an all round happy ending.

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A Sourcebook for Vampire: The Masquerade by Robert Hatch. Demon Hunter X by James A. But once you settle into it Lauren's writing strengths soon come to the fore and it is in her characters that she excels. Big hearted, loyal Sasha, taciturn, honourable Nikita, mercurial Val and Trina and Roland her down to earth modern day New Yorkers thrust into a world of mysticism and magic. Ending on a cliffhanger I hope it isn't too long before we get the next instalment of what promises to be an epic series.

On one hand, I love this author particularly because she does a brilliant job of really developing characters so that the reader feels totally immersed in the book's world. She takes a well known vampire tale and puts a completely fresh spin on it, incorporating historical figures in unique ways. The Russian characters are thrown to 3. The Russian characters are thrown together but Gilley does a deft job of creating an instant and believable camaraderie among them. However, it takes about until nearly halfway through the book to get to plot movement.

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The story often gets bogged down with weighty descriptive prose that I felt would be better served towards the plot than the smells of a location. Reader be forewarned that this is an information heavy first book in series. I am positive that Gilley will knock it out of the park eventually, but this might be a bit of a slower read for her regular readers.

Dec 22, Laurie rated it it was amazing Shelves: I was riveted to the pages, hating when I had to put it down, getting more and more immersed as the story unfolded. After the prelude to the book titled The Stalker which is included in the book , White Wolf starts in present time with homicide detective Trina and her partner Lanny. They were assigned a strange case, which kept getting more bizarre by the minute. Gilley captures that feeling well as she introduces us to Captain Nikita Baskin and his men.

My heart bled for him, especially with how everything played out. At first glance, not a group you would ever believe you could come to love, but I did. Not everything was as it seemed with these men and they won me over bit by bit, despite the brutality they were capable of. Their newest assignment was to help a freaky old man pick up Sasha, who was eventually going to be used as a secret weapon capable of winning the war. Taken from his home and family and whisked off to an unknown fate, he had an irrepressible sweetness and naivete to him that he never lost.

He was the light amongst the pitch black darkness of this time. No matter how dire and heartbreaking things got, even when he had to do brutal and violent things, he never lost that. Their story was slow at first, but as it went on, the mystery and suspense completely pulled me under its spell. Gilley picked well when she chose Russia as her setting for much of this story. It was so disorienting, it took me a bit to even remember who these people were and what was going on.

This is not a romance book although there is a romance aspect to it. There is no HEA, and it ends on a cliffhanger which I tend to avoid like the plague. It did suffer a bit from being the first book in a complicated series since there was just so much detail that needed to be imparted, but that was easily forgiven. This heartbreaking story is unforgiving in its darkness and at one point left me feeling completely gutted. Never fear though, as Sasha is the beam of light making it all worthwhile.

Plus, I know Ms. Gilley has some goodness in store for us in the coming books as it all comes together. View all 4 comments. I was blown away by the writing and clear talent of Lauren Gilley. I have read two other books by this author so I knew she could write but WOW. I felt like I was reading three books in one as the story goes from present to past and involves three different sets of characters that ultimately come together.

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I really like those little pups the artic wolves have. Gavin Summerfield and Amelia White have a long history between them, neither of them have all of the facts about what happened before, and Gavin is having difficulty remembering some of the past, including where he's seen her before they met in Alaska. Gavin and Amelia do get past that and work together after her plane is sabotaged. Now that he and his PI team are all turned humans, Gavin has also moved to Minnesota. While I really enjoyed White Wolf it does suffer a little from first book syndrome.

This book was so FULL. It was about so much. There was conflict, friendship, love and loss. It was about belonging and loyalty. I will just end this by saying if you stick with it there is no way you can walk away from this book and not be more than gratified knowing you got way more than you expected and then some. I am so excited for the next book! Can't wait for the next one! Nov 01, K. Spellbounding So far from her other works, but Lauren Gilley does it again. Such a wealth of history, albeit with a twist but utterly captivating.

I love the world she has created and can't wait for the next book. It dragged like no ones business! I just wanted it to get to the point. I know we need character development and back story, but it just became too much. Too many details, too much description, the the parts I wanted answers to blew by without explanation. View all 7 comments. Nov 02, Ramona St. First I think I need to say that normally I have a strong dislike for anything paranormal.

In this case I wanted to try the book because I fell hoplessly in like with the author's writing style while reading her Darmoor series. Not so much the magican part Philippe , because I know they exists and I know what they can do. What makes this an amazing story to me, is not the paranormal aspect which I still felt First I think I need to say that normally I have a strong dislike for anything paranormal. What makes this an amazing story to me, is not the paranormal aspect which I still felt was only lightly woven into the story but the description maybe portrayal is a better word for it of russia and the war.

It kind of reminded me of the movie "Dunkirk". The way the width and wasteness of the country is portrayed. The way I felt cold while reading about winter in russia. Maybe I missed part of the real epicness of the story by choosing to concentrate on the characters and not so much on what they are. I kinda broke the story down to how the characters were, what they felt, how they reacted. What was also very interesting to me, that I had this instant like and dislike for certain characters. Which leaves me wondering whether Lauren Gilley portrayed some of them in a certain way on purpose.

And wether in the next books, I will change my option about them. Because the truth will come to light. Usually, I'm more of an observer and only warm up to characters later in the story. Now regarding the characters: I love love love the childlike part of his character. The part that is all about love and friendship. The way he cared so deeply for his wolves and his humans. I'm sure as the series will go on, we will see a darker side to him.

But, unless Lauren Gilley completely blinded me which is possible , I think on the scale between good light and evil dark , Sasha clearly falls torwards good. Oh, and he needs a "mate" I guess I should call it. Kinda reminds me of one of my friends. The snarky, bitter attitude is so familiar. I felt his pain and his struggle. The connection between him and Sasha is sooooo amazing. Really, it's like THE favourite thing in the whole story. Also, how doesn't look at what he became as a gift and something one craves, but as a responsibility, something to treat with care and awarness.

It makes him more human see what I did here ;-. Reminded me of Tango, because of moving like a dancer.

Of Mercy, because of his knives. But still, he's completely himself and I liked him so much for it. Who doesn't like a strong, smart female? I liked that even though she had to be strong and though and the situation really was mind blowing, she still managed to make herself comfortable. She showed great care for everyone. Like I said, for me it was really weird do have an instant like or dislike for nearly all characters.

With Val at the moment it is like. My gut tells me I probably shouldn't like him, but I do. So I sit here, being pretty sure that comes the later books I will regret liking him. But so be it. I won't say anything about anyone else, all I can say is, I was not surprised about the actions of those characters I disliked. Like I just knew they were going to do what they did. After reading the epiloque I had this picture I saw in my mind, of a rag tag group of immortals fighting the big evil.

Not sure if that's going to happen but it sound like it could be fun. Feb 20, Anna rated it it was amazing. I have had this one on my GR to read list for a while and after enjoying the sample I purchased and am glad I did! The premise is supernatural or paranormal. We meet Nikita and I have had this one on my GR to read list for a while and after enjoying the sample I purchased and am glad I did! We meet Nikita and his secret police squad as they are charged with a secret mission to retrieve an artifact that Communist leaders believe will help them defeat Hitler.

The book was extremely well written and detailed with lots of character development. This one does end on a cliffhanger, so keep all of this in mind before starting it. Fresh, different and compelling! Admit-tingly a bit difficult to read but the first book of Urban Fantasy series often are. I think the "historical" portion of the novel could have been edited a bit short as I found myself questioning in several places if I should put the book down as I felt I was slogging through it hoping to get to easier reading. I'm glad I hung in because I do love the premise of the book and the characters.

I need to find out how this story unfolds, I'm totally enthralled. I hope the wait is short for the next book as it would be easy for this to fall to the back burner as distance glosses over the good parts of the book. What a remarkable story!