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Cruel World Got your bible and your gun You like your women and you like fun I like my candy and your heroin And I'm so happy, so happy now you're gone. Put my little red party dress on Everybody knows that I'm a mess, I'm crazy, yeah Get a little bit of Bourbon in 'ya Go a little bit suburban and go crazy, yeah Because you're young, you're wild, you're free You're dancing circles around me You're fucking crazy Oh, you're crazy for me.

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These meaningful activities believe it or not included cleaning, cooking, working via telephone for an attorney, and doting on her two nephews. She refrained from dwelling on, feeling sorry for, fantasizing about what could have been or worrying about what will be. She started each day afresh without attaching herself to expectations of what she could accomplish. If she could not do something herself after committing herself to the goal, she asked for help.

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I have never met anyone in my life that people were more willing to assist. If she could pick up the phone with her arthritic fingers and articulate her words as sometimes painful spasms left her shaking with fatigue, she did what she loved to do, engage loved ones in conversations about their lives. We never spoke about religion or spirituality during our many kitchen conversations in her apartment.

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She was the most successful person I have ever met in that regard, and the happiest from moment to moment no matter her limitations. Twenty five years after her death she remains an unforgettable figure to anyone who ever opened their heart and mind to her. I found it very hard to put the lengthy and verbose sentences together in this article into a coherent whole.

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You cant make sense of constant unjust behavior!! Set on one person!!

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You watch an assassin!! The convergence of mindfulness and psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Giving children more respect, even as they seem more entitled than ever.

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Parenting Adolescents and the Choice-Consequence Connection. Has Gender Always Been Binary? Submitted by Glenn on October 14, - Welcome to the cruel world Welcome Welcome Hope you find your way Try to enjoy your stay. Skip to main content. Written by Ben Harper.

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Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. Peck originated surprisingly not with his book which I gratefully acknowledge as ground breaking. The convergence of mindfulness and psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Welcome to the cruel world Welcome Welcome Hope you find your way Try to enjoy your stay. Verified by Psychology Today. My indebtedness to Dr.