Arranging Furniture According to Feng Shui

Feng Shui Design Ideas for an Auspicious Living Room
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Dearest Fenf Shui pundit, I am having problems with setting up my apartment can you help? Living room i have a 46 pound amythest sitting on a covered wood wine rack. A couch and a tv on a stand. I have no dining table. My bedroom just has a bed, nightstand and ironing board. How may i arrange for the best chi, wealth and love? I very much appreciate this. I have attached the layout and the directions. Place the couch such that you can see the entrance sitting on the couch itself.

You can place TV and wine rack as per your liking probably towards West or South.

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In your case you can place the bed in the NW corner of the bedroom. Keep the nightstand near the bed. The ironing board can be kept in the laundry if possible.

Bedroom Tips and Tricks with Feng Shui

I am new to feng shui and trying my best to get the most prosperous energy as possible. Some practitioners believe that a mirror can also startle the soul when it steps from the body for its nightly astral travels. As with my present situation moving to a new place is impossible. I had their pictures place opposite each other across the Living Room. Rather, it is a feeling in a space. Attached is the plan. Hi, You can keep the plant there..

Hello Feng Shui Pundit! Thank you for taking your time to read this, I tried my best to make a decent layout of my home from my laptop.

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I used a compass off my phone and it states my front entry door is North. I just dont know what to do with having the window behind the main big sofa. Since you stated to avoid this. Blue lines means windows. Its me and my boyfriend that currently live here and we mainly use the love seat since it faces the tv.

The big sofa is more for when guests come over.

How To Feng Shui Your Bedroom And Furniture Placement

What do you recommend that I put around the area to help counter this. Btw I am currently living in a duplex and can only do so much with any construction changes. Also by looking at the layout of my home, is there any recommendations you would recommend for each room? I am new to feng shui and trying my best to get the most prosperous energy as possible. Thank you so much. Just wanted to make sure the picture was view able before leaving my comment.

Thank you for taking your time to read this, I tried my best to get a decent layout of my home.

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However, if you still want to do some feng shui then place a curtain on that window. Remember the color of the curtain should be as per feng shui; refer the article http: My front door is facing NE. Hopefully you can understand it. The drawing is good though.

To see the entrance while sitting on the sofa, you can cleverly place a mirror. Use appropriate colors for the fire place more on colors http: Ideally, while on bed, you must see the door that you frequently use. You can get help of a local feng shui expert to achieve this. And how about the t. Please send me a layout of your home and mark North on it. For last 3 years I have been renting this apartment. It is a 2 storey flat where we live in a 1st top floor. But for last 2 years i am facing many difficulties in personal and work life. I have already placed few feng shui cures in SE zone in our living water fountain, laughing buddha, 3 legged frogs and a dragon but nothing going smoothly in our lives.

Furniture Choice and Placement

I would be grateful to you if you can check my attached floor plan and advise the best to overcome my life struggle. I have indicated compass at the center of our flat. Thank you so much for your article! I have an older raised ranch home. The main living room wall is where the tv is located and the couch is against the railing to the stairs.

Until I get the lower level finished and move the tv down there, and move the couch to the south wall, I need some suggestions please!

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Thank you for your help!! A fire place in West means the metal element will be destroyed. In fact NE bedroom is also called as place for divorce in Vastu Shastra.. Thank you for your answer.

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What do you mean by move into a better place? And is there any cure possible to avoid the ill-effects? Practitioners believe that by arranging our furnishings and decor in a way that aligns with nature, we draw harmony and good health into our lives. According to this ancient philosophy, the placement of everything from the front door to the toilet plays in our overall well being.

The Chinese actually employ a Feng shui master before building or buying a home.

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Create good feng shui in your living room with easy decorating steps. While the decor elements are important, the arrangement of your living. Using feng shui in the living room becomes a higher priority when the of red, pink, orange, and green hues, according to the feng shui bagua.

There are many stories that can be told about putting Feng Shui to use, but the following is a favorite since it created a favorable change in my own life. Despite the many misconceptions and contradictory advice you may have heard about this particular method, it is important that you have an open mind and use methods that are most comfortable for your particular situation.

It's impossible to get away from technology, so a compromise solution is to place your TV in an armoire or other cabinet that can be closed when you're finished watching TV for the night. Close your laptop when not being used and store inside a night stand or drawer. That way they are at least out of sight and your space while you rest. You can decorate the bedroom walls in color, texture, patterns and artwork. You can use feng shui compass directions to aid you in color selection.

Choose colors that are restful.

Soft colors like cream, peach, and pale pink are good choices. A soft yellow is considered particularly beneficial. Some feng shui consultants work with color a lot, others not so much, saying that there are more powerful ways to affect the energies. Personally, I love color and use it a lot because it can have a tremendous impact on how we feel in a space. When you select wall art, choose subjects that are happy and restful.

Nature images and themes in twos, such as two mandarin ducks, swans, or peach blossoms, promote romance and a relaxing atmosphere. The ideal location of your bedroom is far from any doors that open to the outside world. Avoid bedrooms with sloping roofs. If you have to sleep underneath a sloping roof, you can use a canopy bed to weaken the effect.

A canopy can also provide protection from other negative ceiling elements, like bright light fixtures, a bathroom on the floor directly above you, and a ceiling fan. Everything you place in your bedroom has a profound effect on the flow of chi energy. You want to ensure auspicious energy flows easily between the bedroom door and windows. By keeping this natural pathway free of clutter and large pieces of furniture, such as chairs and armoires, you'll prevent stagnant chi and enhance all activities that take place inside your bedroom.