Tree Lattices (Progress in Mathematics)

Lattice (discrete subgroup)
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Free quasi-symmetric functions and related algebras , Internat. To appear in Combinatorica.

Volume , pp. Basel , Volume 83 no.

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Hopf algebra of the planar binary trees , Adv. Algebra , Volume no.


Weak Bruhat order on the set of faces of the permutohedron and the associahedron , J. A , Volume no. Cambrian fans , J. Copyright Notice Instructions for authors.

Advances in Mathematics

We construct a bihomogeneous bipartite tree X embedded in the Tits building of G , a rank 3 locally finite hyperbolic building, on which the full Kac—Moody group G acts and we determine the degrees of X. We show that there is a nonuniform lattice subgroup of G which acts properly on this tree, that is, with finite vertex stabilizers.

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Author links open overlay panel Lisa Carbone Yusra Naqvi. Under an Elsevier user license.

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