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A particular irreversible action e. The phrase "point of no return" originated as a technical term in air navigation to refer to the point on a flight at which a plane is no longer capable of returning to the airfield from which it took off. Louis in in which there was uncertainty about the plane's ability to take off of a 5, foot mud soaked runway fully loaded with aviation fuel. The first major metaphorical use of the term in popular culture was in the novel Point of No Return by John P.

It inspired a Broadway play of the same name by Paul Osborn.

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The novel and play concern a pivotal period in the life of a New York City banker. In the course of the story, the character faces two "point of no return" realities: First, that his quest for a big promotion will mean either triumph or a dead end to his career, and second, that he can never go back to the small-town life he abandoned as a young man. The Point of Safe Return PSR is the last point on a route at which it is possible to safely return to the departure airfield with the required fuel reserves still available in the tanks.

The trope is averted in the first game because, even after beating the intended last level, you can return to Santa Destroy and choose to play the epilogue battle whenever you feel ready. Shadows of the Damned is Tough. If you miss a red gem anywhere- oops, you can't go back and get it.

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There's one immediately before going to the Lighthouse for the final battle with Catwoman. However, all of your secondary options upgrading your troops in the Armory, conducting research, hiring mercenaries continue to be available while on Char. I finally choose Event Log because of Kath Deboer's vocals; but I honestly think All pieces on this album are masterpieces. The first game creates a point of no return once the self destruct sequence starts which happens when you reach the final basement floor with your player character's partner and encounter Wesker and the Tyrant. Andonuts does at least stress "You might not be able to return. If you miss a red gem anywhere- oops, you can't go back and get it. Featuring special guest Brazilian music icon Marcos Valle.

Red gems are your only source of upgrading your stats and the Points of no return are hard to determine. However, the upgrades are not necessary and the shop usually has some if you need them. Spider-Man PS4 provides a Polite example. Right as you arrive at your destination for the final level, the game warns you this is your last chance to upgrade your abilities and find collectibles; otherwise, once you enter the building, you're locked into the climax where Spidey has to face Doctor Octopus. However, you return to the city after the game is complete, allowing you to complete anything you missed at your leisure.

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Once you accept, you cannot return to the rest of Italy until you complete it. Brotherhood is more insidious; after a certain point in the first Memory of Sequence Eight, the game locks you into accepting Memory You get one easily-overlooked chance to back out before accepting , which puts you on a roller-coaster ride straight to the end of Sequence Nine with no further option of declining missions and resuming free-roam.

Then comes finding the Apple under the Colosseum and the When you finally get back to free-roaming, while other sidequests are still open, you cannot exit the Animus to Monteriggioni any more. Subverted in Assassin's Creed: Revelations though; while the Animus Island dismantles near the end , watching the credits will allow the Animus Island to rebuild itself, so you could play as Desmond in those platforming puzzles for as long as you like after you beat the game.

Finding the key in Assassin's Creed III kicks you back to the real world, where you are forced to activate the planet shield in return for Desmond's death and releasing Juno into the world. However, after credits and Connor's epilogue, you can continue to roam the Frontier and the cities again, but you can't exit the Animus.

In fact, at this point, you can play mini-games that require finding certain "pivot points" in the game world that are, essentially, cheats. Finding those is not easy and requires a lot of ground-pounding, especially since pivot points are placed by other players doing the same thing as you. There's one immediately before going to the Lighthouse for the final battle with Catwoman. The game warns you about this if you try to go to the lighthouse. However, once the fight is over you have two options: If cutting through an air vent that's too high on the other side wasn't enough, a tunnel further down caves in and blocks the way back.

The Blade Runner video game has quite a few of these, generally at the end of each act. Petasi is Polite enough to warn you that you won't be able to leave once you get there, though. Strangely enough, there are accessories that can only be found in the Anc World and the Very Definitely Final Dungeon after it, which might tempt some people to save there. Once you go to Mount Olympus, you cannot return to the main world where you've spent the rest of the game. If you save on Mount Olympus, you're stuck. What pushes this example up the cruelty scale is that you cannot buy potions the game's only power-ups on Mount Olympus, so if the final boss whoops your ass he probably will and you don't have any potions, your only option is to practice until you defeat Ares on your own.

You are given no warnings of any kind about any of this. And because Mount Olympus has several puzzles and a penultimate boss fight, only a masochist wouldn't save and trap themselves before facing Ares, even if you've played the game before and you know there's no going back. Near the end of The Journeyman Project 2: Buried In Time , Agent 3 abducts you and takes away your Jump Biochip, the only thing that allows you to go anywhere in time.

Even if you allow Arthur to mess up her plans, you can't get it back. In King's Quest V you must ride a sled over an ice chasm. The sled is very old, so it shatters on impact. You're stuck on the far ledge, so if you forgot something you're gonna have to revert to an older save file. That's hardly the only one, though. The desert cave is a point of no return too you can only enter once , as is the Forest of Doom at the beginning, and the Ice Castle, and the beach after the giant bird, and the harpy island, and the final island, and the dungeon maze on the final island.

Of course, most of these require you to have obscure items from earlier parts of the game. King's Quest VI has several of these. Once you enter the Labyrinth, the Land of the Dead, or the Castle of the Crown, you have to complete the respective sub-quest or in the case of the Castle, the game. Worse, there are several points of no return within the Land of the Dead itself, so several things are easily lost for good if you don't get them before you move on. The Legend of Zelda: The Ganondorf battle in Ocarina of Time. If you save here, there's no going back, as it immediately restarts at the cutscene when you reload.

Later releases of the game, from version 1. Subverted in The Legend of Zelda: After completing the 13 floors of the dungeon, you cross a bridge which crumbles behind you. Your fairy, Celia, says you can't go back now, and then a portal to the start of the dungeon opens up. As quoted above in the page quote, Link's companion in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will warn the player that there is a zero percent chance that they will return from the final boss arena unless they are able to vanquish said final boss.

Like other examples in the series, this game is also very nice about its usage of Point of No Return. In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild , after entering the Sanctum of Hyrule Castle you can neither leave nor save. In any other game, being unable to leave the Final Boss room wouldn't be notable, but this one has established that you normally can use your Warp Whistle at any time, even during boss fights. Little Big Adventure 2: After landing on Zeelich for the second time, there's no way of going back to Twinsun.

Maniac Mansion has a fairly soft one, which comes when you get past the Purple Tentacle and gain access to Dr. Fred's lab, causing him to activate the self-destruct sequence. Once this happens, either you defeat the Meteor, or the house explodes, leading to a Game Over. Fortunately, most of the game's completion paths do warn you that there'll be no going back when you gain access to the lab. Return of Samus requires you to return straight to your ship after defeating the Queen Metroid.

No backtracking for power-ups. Breaking into the Queen Metroid's chamber is still this in Metroid: Samus Returns , but not for the same reasons. Unlike the original game, you can still backtrack through SR even after you've acquired the baby Metroid. Super Metroid has two cases: Fusion has your ship's AI lock almost the entire space station down when it's time to fight the final boss. Luckily, the game plays it fair by allowing you full access to the station again if you reload once you've defeated the boss. Zero Mission subverts this. At first it appears that Samus cannot get back to Brinstar and its surrounding areas after crash-landing in Chozodia.

Its method of forcing this on you is rather unique though: Once you join the fleet and the wormhole to Phaaze is opened, there is no turning back. Please be sure to prepare yourself. We wish you the best of luck. Each entry in the Monkey Island series barring Tales of Monkey Island , due to its episodic nature has one of these; by the point you actually get to it there's usually nothing of any real importance left to do in the game or that part of it , but you can still usually interact with the world and characters in various ways: After that, the game forces you into a strictly linear path, unless you let LeChuck punch you around Melee Island at the very end of the game.

LeChuck's Revenge actually has two. The main one comes when you ship yourself to LeChuck's fortress, which cuts off access to the three islands that make up most of the game. You do get some limited ability to explore Dinky Island in the final chapter, but once you blast open the hole leading to Big Whoop, you're forced into the final confrontation with LeChuck, with no turning back. In The Curse of Monkey Island , this comes when you put the Goodsoup family ring on Elaine's finger, thus lifting the titular curse.

There are two more chapters in the game, after this, but they're both short and linear. Escape from Monkey Island has the most generous example of this in the series; when you activate the giant monkey robot on Monkey Island, all that's left to do in the game is a fairly easy puzzle and then a short boss fight with LeChuck. Neverwinter Nights has one of these, and frustratingly doesn't let you know until after you've entered the door. Hordes of the Underdark has several. Among other things, in chapter 3, you're given five quests, but the Big Bad attacks after you've completed any four, with barely any forewarning.

What, were you hoping to complete the fifth quest? There's a save point beyond the final and literal point of no return. At the end of the first segment, once Horatio and Crispin enter the train station, the train to Metropol arrives immediately, and the Adventure Duo refuses to go back to the Dunes out of fear that they'll lose their only chance to reach the city.

Fortunately, the only consequence is missing an opportunity to get a couple of achievements. At the very end of the game, after the confrontation with MetroMind at the Central Station, all of the robots in the streets are gone, and so are several character-related achievements. Once you re-enter the Council Chambers, you are not even allowed to go back to the city, so the only thing that is left is to choose one of the Multiple Endings. Potentially, you can miss a chance to restore Crispin if you haven't picked up the matrix back at the Central Station, but, notably, it's impossible to get locked out of the "good" ending, because Clarity — or what's left of her — is right there in the last room.

In Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender Bender , the flooding of the city which you've been exploring is understandably a point of no return. Depending of difficulty level, the game would warn you of this. On the easiest level the game literally would not allow you to proceed if you didn't have all the necessary items. Ironically, this led to a game breaking bug, since it was possible to have lost one of the necessary items by having already used it for its intended purpose. In Shadow of the Colossus , on the way to the last colossus, Wander's horse falls into a ravine , stranding you on one side of a gap.

Your acquisition of the Krazoa Spirit in the Walled City shrine in Star Fox Adventures is a Nasty point of no return, as you only find this out when trying to go back to the planet takes you to Krazoa Palace, and the only thing left to do after that is beat the Final Boss. If you didn't know about that and saved after the point, you're boned.

Point of No Return (Systems in Blue song)

In Super Bomberman 3 , after beating the boss of the fifth planet, you are unable to return to any previous levels and forced to proceed into the final level. Justified since the Big Bad shows up and aims the five cannons of his huge space fortress into the planets. Players were allowed to wander around, play games, talk with people, visit random areas, and try and solve the game's puzzles. When the player reached the monolith, however, they were given the choice to choose to break it or activate it, or not do anything. Choosing to break or activate it meant that you would never be allowed to do any of the listed actions ever again, forfeiting your world of Xi for awards and a cinematic involving Jesse.

Not breaking it however led to the player never getting any awards, and when the virtual reality game was removed, the player was forced to leave anyway. Once the player reaches the prison in Dead Island , they are unable to leave, making any weapons and side quests they may have missed permanently inaccessible.

The same thing happens in Riptide once you reach the boat. Thankfully, the game warns you about this on both occasions. The main game is Merciful. It tells you whenever you are about to leave an area for good and informs you that any side quests will be cancelled. It also stores your last two auto-saves in the load menu.

And save slots which the game orders from most recent to oldest. Amount of said slots varies on your system. There are about three spots that, when you pass, you can't return. It makes sense from a mechanical perspective, but there is very little to indicate that these areas are checkpoints. So, woe upon you if you wait to get some more augmentations before you try one of the achievements.

Far Cry 2 has a particularly evil point of no return. The final mission briefing requires you to enter a prison to get your objectives. After you accept the final mission and carry on with the game, it warns you that you can't turn back if you go any further and to make sure you have everything you need, however if you try to go back, you'll find you can't leave the prison. Far Cry 3 features a Polite one near the end of the story. Just before the mission to assassinate Hoyt while playing poker with him, your NPC buddy Sam informs you that this is the beginning of the end, and that you should do anything else before this.


There is post-story freeroam, though. Left 4 Dead has very few of these, which aren't really anything major unless you miss a health kit or the like. If someone gets incapacitated and everyone else has moved on beyond the point of no return, the helpless player can do nothing but bleed to death.

The sequel adds many more points of no return, making these a strategy for infected players to use in VS mode. In Postal 2 and the Expansion Pack , the Postal Dude cannot explore the town further after completing the last chore of each day, as leaving the current area triggers a cutscene and the start of the next day.

While it's generally not too big of an issue, there are certain hidden weapons and supplies that spawn only on certain days of the week. Quake II allowed you to move freely between levels in one of the several "units" hubs making up the bulk of the game, but once you passed through the exit of a unit you could not return and the first time the game would warn you about this.

Also, the teleporter in the Upper Palace was a more definitive Point Of No Return—once you passed through it you went to the final boss arena on Stroggos' moon and could never come back. Unlike in earlier id Software shooters, this can be a problem because you could stockpile items for use later instead of using them the moment you picked them up. Wolfenstein places an arms dealer almost within sight of the point where you infiltrate the zeppelin, and helpfully informs you that this will be the last time you'll be able to buy upgrades or ammo. Dark Legacy are divided into sublevels.

The game normally warns you, but misses the Polite subcategory thanks to no save points within a level you can always replay the level, though. There's also a save point after this, which if you save there you're completely stuck. In Commander Keen Episode VI , although there is a portal in the last room, it only leads back to the second room; the first room is forever inaccessible once you leave it. Better make sure you grab the blue gem key before you do that. The reason is because, once all of them die, Conker and Berri will take an elevator to go to an upper floor, and from there they will only be able to proceed forward.

Also, you only get to climb Mickeyjunk Mountain once, the next time you go there, it'll be a different part of it. Impossamole the TurboGrafx version is particularly egregious; in addition to physical barriers preventing you from backtracking to get a Scroll that you missed, there are also Checkpoints of No Return, so the level becomes Unwinnable until you lose all your lives and restart. Wastelander , you reach the Point of No Return when you meet up with Damas in the ruins, shortly before he dies.

Though once you reach the final boss, you will be allowed to re-enter Spargus City, as well as take the nearby vessel back to Haven City. The game does not warn you when you cross it. The early Mega Man Classic games would either not allow you to return to levels you've cleared, or lock you out of returning to past levels once all the robot masters have been beaten.

Mega Man 1 used the latter which could make the game Unwinnable if you didn't get the Magnet Beam before beating the last Robot Master, 2 and 3 used the former, and 4 would let you return to levels even if you beat all the Robot Masters, but once you select Dr. Cossack on the level select screen there's no turning back.

The dungeon areas also have Tough points of no return once you begin their escape sequences , and you can't go back to get any items you missed afterwards. Both of these were removed in the Definitive Edition , and you are free to backtrack anywhere at any time, except during escape sequences. Prince of Persia games are built around this design in order to be linear.

Doors will close behind you and lock, walls will crumble and block a pathway behind you, or you descend slopes or walls that are too sleep to climb back up again. Make sure you don't miss anything! Warrior Within is a frustrating example, bordering on Cruel.

The Point Of No Return

The point of no return (PNR or PONR) is the point beyond which one must continue on one's "Beyond a certain point there is no return. This point has to be reached." This statement appears in Betrachtungen über Sünde, Leid, Hoffnung und den wahren. Gabriel Byrne in Point of No Return () Bridget Fonda and Anne Bancroft in Point of No . Not to be lost in translation here, however, joy can be found in the And there's also the sure-handed talents of Fonda and Gabriel Byrne (as.

It is impossible to access the Golden Ending to the game without getting all nine life upgrades for the Water Sword. These upgrades are hidden in obscure corners of the temple, all in the Past, so it is very difficult to find and obtain them. In addition, the player is never given any indication that these upgrades exist, and therefore doesn't know exactly how many there are.

The player gets at least two opportunities to collect each one, but once you miss a single piece, there is no going back, and you must face the bad ending. Psychonauts has an Autosave of No Return that's what an in-game prompt actually calls it near the end of the game immediately after you free Lili. Luckily, it's saved as a separate file, just in case you weren't totally ready to sneeze your own brain out and enter a creepy mishmash of yours and the bad guy's childhood fears.

Although real-world locations are no longer available for you to explore, and anything left behind there is lost, you can still go to other mental worlds via the Collective Unconscious. The final level of Ratchet: Once you leave you won't be able to use DreadZone as your base of operations anymore, not to mention that pesky detail that the entire place explodes because Gleeman laced it with 'six gigatons of nitroglycerin'.

The only other way is to reset the console. In the platforming games, getting close to the end of a level limits the camera scrolling to that area, making the player unable to backtrack. Sonic the Hedgehog CD used a sign before the goal posts to mark the point in which this happens.

Point of No Return

In Sonic Unleashed , Chip warns you that once you go into Eggmanland , the only level of the game that doesn't have a hub your first time going there, you aren't coming out for a while. Thankfully, Kainen warns you of this before you enter the door. However, the game is Polite about it, as it explicitly warns you that you won't be able to travel wherever you want anymore after that point. It's eventually subverted when you beat the game, after which you can exit the last room of the Azran Sanctuary and explore the world at your own leisure again, complete with Emmy, Sycamore and Aurora in your party.

In The 7th Guest , once you enter the Attic, there's no going back down. One of the secondary objectives involves gathering four pieces of a totem, each of which has a a negative effect on nearby minions. However, if you get them all and put them near each other, they will combine into one totem with a strong positive effect.

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The problem or a bug is that the pieces will combine only on your first island. While the game doesn't force you to move to the second island until you're ready although you still have to do it to continue the main storyline , it doesn't warn you about the totem thing either, which means you get stuck with four negative loots that can only be negated by putting them into a freezer or if you get them stolen by burglars. Wings of Liberty is a Polite version, with both in-character and out-of-character warnings from the game that once you begin the invasion, you will not be able to return to other missions.

However, all of your secondary options upgrading your troops in the Armory, conducting research, hiring mercenaries continue to be available while on Char. In the expansion, Heart of the Swarm , the campaign is Merciful; the same rules apply, except that you can't start the invasion of Korhal without completing each of the previous mission worlds.

If you want the achievements, you'll have to set the game to 'ironman-mode,' which disables manual saves. In the initial settings it's polite enough to tell you this, but then you have to go and play the game with no ability to save before making game changing decisions , correct any mistakes or use the console controls.

Or in essence, the point of no return is hitting the 'start game' button. Rise of the Mage , don't go through the shimmery interdimensional portal if you ever want to go back A few are displayed in the first game. The first occurs once you tell Gorion you are ready to leave in the prologue. After that, the doors to Candlekeep are locked until Chapter 6. Even then, another occurs in that Chapter 6 when you go to the top floor of the inner keep, where a guard comes in to arrest you for a murder you didn't or did, depending on whether or not you did a certain encounter commit.

After that, Tethtoril comes in to whisk you away to the catacombs so you can make a clean getaway. Following this, you're hounded by Flaming Fist guards as a fugitive whom you cannot kill without ruining your Reputation and alienating a Good-aligned party until the endgame. In Baldur's Gate II , you could back out of the final locations right up until you engaged Irenicus in battle.

After that, you were limited to defeating him, getting dragged to Hell together with him, completing several minor quests, fighting Irenicus and a few major demons again , and You get a warning before you prepare to enter the Tazal Terminals. Anytime you take the Skybridge out of a level, or taking the MacGuffin , once you land at the Bastion, you can't go back. Proving Grounds are only locked off when you fully complete their challenges. The game prompts you to change discs when entering Alfard.

So far so good; then the plot happens soon after and you board the Goldoba. The Goldoba is a relatively short dungeon, all things considered, but is home to one of the nastiest battles in the game against Giacomo , Folon and Ayme. There's a save point before the room, but it's a red flower.

You can get there from the world map which is inaccessible right now or through a blue flower, which serve as a portal there on top of being save points; red flowers are save only. The last blue flower was in the port earlier, before boarding the Goldoba.

If you can't defeat the evil trio no matter how you build your deck, and you don't have another file before boarding the Goldoba, then you have no choice but to start over. Baten Kaitos Origins has another nasty one. Right as you're heading to a new continent you've done this a few times already , the game prompts you to save, and suddenly the game prompts you to put in the second disc of the game.

Other than the save prompt, this is completely unexpected, as there wasn't a Disc-One Final Dungeon and your approaching the continent seemed normal. After a few cutscenes, you have to fight the Holoholobird , who also doubles as a Flunky Boss. You can't go back and grind or get new items, because the fight is immediately after the disk switch. Many a player has been forced to restart their game to get around this.

Child of Light has its point of no return when Aurora enters the Palace of the Sun, where you navigate several deathtraps and fight Nox before being whisked straight to the Final Boss battle following a long cutscene. Between these battles, you won't have a chance to swap out your party's Oculi , so make sure you're properly equipped beforehand.

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The inside of Lavos in Chrono Trigger may or may not be one of these, depending on your method of ingress. Going through the bucket at the End of Time forces you into a Boss Rush , but once that's over, you have an option to go back just before the Final Boss. Crash into Lavos with the Epoch, and you'll skip the boss rush , but you won't be able to go back. Either way, the game warns you multiple times of what you're in for. Origins also has a soft point of no return after starting the Landsmeet, upon which some quests and locations became unavailable. However, the real point of no return is travelling to Redcliffe after finishing the Landsmeet, which puts you, again, on a one-way fast track to the end.

Additionally, securing the help of one of the factions for the coming fight seals off the town of Lothering, which, storywise, has been overrun by the Blight. Also, if you go to the Circle of Magi and agree to enter the tower, the doors shut behind you, forcing you to complete the quest line. For everyone here who is a Christian there is an unheard-of possibility next year, for God has said,.

Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man the things that God has prepared for them who love Him. Possibilities, yes, but they remain to be possessed, and it is quite possible to pass through all of next year -- as perhaps we passed through all of this year -- without realizing any of them. I will suggest quickly three things about how to possess these possibilities. I only summarize that which we have mentioned many other times: Possession must begin first with a desire to possess.

If you are content with what you are today, then you will never be any better than you are now; you may become worse. Contentment with what you are has a way of deteriorating ultimately into being very distressed with what you are. If you have no urgent desire to lay hold of more, my counsel to you, as we are standing at the verge of a new year, is, pray that God will awaken in you a hunger and a thirst. That is the first thing. Then, you must understand the principles involved in possessing the great heritage of promise.

Possessing what God has to give never comes by uncrucified self-effort, religious activity, or pious deeds. Possession comes by learning to act on the basis of a fact already true! Have you learned that yet? The possession of God's blessing is not something God does when we ask for it, but, rather, faith lays hold of what already is in Jesus Christ. If you do not know what that means, then my counsel to you is, study this great principle, study these things until you understand them. There will be no truth you will ever learn that will be more vital, more transforming, more important than to learn that simple truth in experience.

Then the third thing about possessing is that you must apply these principles in the present moment. Unfortunately, there are some here who well understand the principles of victory but who do not enjoy them in experience because they do not apply them in the moment in which they live, the present moment.

Do not wait to begin tomorrow. Do not wait until New Year's Day. We always think that it is possible to obey God in some other situation, but not in the one in which we are right now. If we were in some other circumstance then we could do what God wants, but not now. We want to wait until after lunch, or next evening, or next week, or next month. Or else we feel that it is too late -- that the hour has passed us by, that we have gone too far down the road, that we have already entrenched ourselves in habits of thought -- that "you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

We must learn to live in the present tense, for, instead, we live either in the past tense, or in the future tense. As Major Ian Thomas says, "We say 'Ebenezer, hitherto hath the Lord helped me,' or 'Maranatha, the Lord cometh,' but what we need to discover is the glory of the forgotten tense, the present tense, that God is the eternal 'I am,' the eternal present tense, and that he is adequate for every human need right now.

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When we apply that, then we will discover that we are possessing what God has for us to possess. Someone has said, "Life by the yard is hard; by the inch it's a cinch. The second thing you will notice about this land is that it is a land of varied experience. The hills are those high places of courage and understanding and fellowship, places of far vision, places of invigorating atmosphere. Life has its hills thank God for them , but it also has its valleys, the low places, sometimes very dark and forbidding.

Or, even if they are pleasant, life tends to be monotonous in a valley. Our vision is limited, our outlook is circumscribed, and it is the "same old thing" day after day. Now the promise for this land of the coming year is for both hills and valleys, but with each there is the promise of an abundant supply of water -- springs of water fed by rain from heaven.

Notice that Moses contrasts this to the way Israel lived in Egypt. He says, "In Egypt you sowed your seed and watered it with your feet. Farmers build dams of little piles of earth in the small ditches running out through the fields, and kick them into place. If they want to open up another ditch they simply kick the dam out of the way. So the Egyptians watered their fields from the Nile river and its overflow, by the little dams they built and kicked aside with their feet.

This is an excellent picture of life without Christ, for Egypt is always a picture of that. It was a strange land, half desert, dependent upon the flow of a single river through it and the overflow of that river each spring. Life without Christ is like that. All the resources of a non-Christian life are artificially arranged.

So many creature-comforts are provided -- even when life becomes utterly unbearable, there are tranquilizers! But in the land of promise, the land under the blessing of God, you will find, if you look for them, springs of water in both the hills and the valleys.