The Imitation of Christ: The Beatitudes Edition

The Imitation Of Christ
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Turn off this feature for production websites. Blessed are the merciful. He was merciful to: Those who were disabled and unable to help themselves due to physical maladies. Children, as in his Palm Sunday entrance to Jerusalem.

Those who were social outsiders, even Samaritans. Those who were down and out.

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Those who had little or no power. Those who only wanted to feed on the crumbs from the table as dogs do.

Blessed are the pure in heart. And he was persecuted. Note the many ways that Christ was mocked, scorned. To begin at his birth and at the end of his life, there was no suitable enthronement for the King of the universe. There was no large budget for his last supper banquet.


He could hardly rest; he has no place to lay his head. Every moment is a test. His closest friends betrayed and deserted him. He was arrested on false charges. He was tried by a religious false court in the middle hours of the night. He was accused of being worse than Barabbas. Jesus was persecuted for righteousness.

He was mocked in a parade on Good Friday morning, having to carry his cross.

THE IMITATION OF CHRIST by Thomas A. Kempis - FULL AudioBook -

He was hung, humiliatingly, exposed to the world. Jesus actually promised that his followers would be hated. Listen to verses from John In fact, a time is coming when anyone who kills you will think he is offering a service to God. They will do such things because they have not known the Father or me. The world derides the meek? The world avoids mourning? That would ruin the party.

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Purifying our intentions helps us to pursue a relationship with Jesus Christ for all the right reasons. Godliness is much more difficult to come by. The best example of these first truths in the first gospel is Christ himself. Think of the example in the opener about the employees working in a store. Chipping to spine and crown and base.

The world only honors superficial eace-making? Warriors are admired and glamorized.

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Place for Truth placefortruth. If you find it hard to understand the archaic language of vintage Imitation, this edition is for you. It moves out of the monastery into a busy, cluttered world with answers to questions of the heart people everywhere are asking. Perhaps the most significant difference is the textual arrangement. The traditional sequence has little logical connection between chapters and often not between sentences. Here the words of Thomas a Kempis merge with the New Testament Beatitudes to show the reader in a systematic way who Jesus Christ is and how to live in a way that pleases him.

A Sampler--The Christ speaks: I am the Way. You will never again need to stumble through darkness. As you walk with me, you will begin to understand life's mysteries.

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Whalin 's review Jan 02, Kempis which was originally published in Like reading the King James Version of the Bible, the original version is a challenge to understand. Now Edythe Draper has arranged and updated a new version of this classic in fresh modern day language. She has reordered the readings and merged the text with the New Testament Beatitudes. These readings are ideal for early in the morning or late at night or just taking a break in your day to focus on your life in Christ. Rather, approach it a little at a time, the way you usually read your Bible.


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