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At the same time, the gospel says, we are loved and the love we know of Christ is just tip of the iceberg. Not only did God create us, but He paid the price to redeem us when we decided to live for ourselves instead of Him, for whom we were created for. We are loved and His love is what makes us beautiful again. This gives us hope and confidence in Christ.

When that collision happens is when we can grow in practicing the image of God again and brought back into the center of truth. A new beginning happens!

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How do you accurately reflect something? Think of a mirror.

Conformed to His Image: Reflections

How can I get a mirror to reflect the sun? This sounds obvious, but you face the mirror toward the sun. Actually did you know that if you have a concave mirror and face the mirror towards the sun and focus the reflection on some flammable material like wood or paper tinder , the condensed light will catch it and you can start a fire?

I hope I did not just encourage the pyromaniac in some of you! So how do you reflect God? You turn to Him like a mirror facing the sun.

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The Bible says God will make His face shine upon us Ps. So we can reflect Him! Look at 2 Cor. We cannot elaborate on this amazing passage fully here, but Paul says before we know Christ, it is like there is veil over our hearts. When the veil is lifted, it is like a blind person receiving sight! We receive freedom as we finally see that Christianity is not about rules, but a relationship. When Moses went up on the mountain to commune with God, he would come back and his face would shine Ex.

This is because being with God makes you look like God! It was an outside-in transformation. Anyway, later, like a flashlight running out of battery, the shininess would fade and what leader wants to lose their glow in front of his people? So Moses decides to put a veil so no one would see the glory leaving and partly because the people were afraid to look at him when he did glow. And as we look at Him, He progressively changes us, i. And the reverse of what happened to Moses will happen to us.

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Man was originally created in the image of God Genesis 1: It was as if the bird hated what it saw there, and discovered too late that all it was seeing was itself. They begin to believe in anything. If you believe that the material world is all there is to life, you give yourself over to it. When we, along with Adam, deformed the image of God, Christ came as the exact reflection and representation of God. The Spirit is there in Gen.

It is an inside-out transformation! God transforms us more and more into His image, the image of Christ and one day we will physically be like Him! That is our hope. So the question is, are you facing God today or is your back toward God? Or are you facing Him? Has sin veiled you from looking at Him again? How is your self-image? Are you accurately seeing yourself in Christ? If you want to reflect His image in Christ, it means turning to Him again. We are fillers of the world with the glory of God vv.

The moon has no light of its own, but when we see it light up the night sky, the sun gets the glory, the source of its light. We are reflecting His image to put His glory on display. Remember His glory means that God is ultimately what is real, important and what matters. God blesses us to be a blessing. We are channels not reservoirs. As we turn to Him, get to know Him and He changes us into the image of Christ, it is so that we will make Him known and fill the earth with other image-bearers.

God wants us to partner with Him in spreading His glory! What is it that drives people to work to utter and complete exhaustion in order to win a professional sports game, for instance?

The Image of God: A Reflection of His Glory

The reason why people like games is because it fits in with the purpose for which we were created. Adam was created and given a dominion mission to subdue the earth and rule over it. We were created to enjoy this. It is a very natural thing for us to enjoy it. We also take pictures of creation and put it on the wall.

Some catch an animal and mount it. We love stories and challenges people had to face. We want to fix something that's broken. We want to build something from scratch. We want to improve on what has already been built. Some can make a farm out of a forest. We were created to subdue and have dominion over anything that presents a challenge to us. But what is it for? So we can enjoy it? But there is another reason. We are to steward creation, whether it is our bodies, our children, money, possessions, or creation in general.

The image of God and responsibility of it also is the basis for why there are civil rights and why we speak up for those who do not have a voice, and why we care for orphans and widows. It is a very crucial doctrine! It is not to make much of us. It is not just to have something to do. It is not so we can have kids to love. It is not because everybody else has kids.

It is not so our parents have grandchildren. The Great Commission Matt. Jesus is just restating what God originally said in Genesis 1: How do we do that? Put His love on display. Put His power on display. It touches our hearts to know how many people are praying around the world! Nan appreciates your love and prayers so very much! May the Lord bless you even more because of your heartbeat of love for many through your kindness and time spent in prayer.

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Skip to secondary content. The Bible Know Your Bible? He was handsome, gregarious and everyone loved him. He was a fabulous preacher, knew the Scriptures backwards and forwards and kept everyone glued to his teachings. From the outside, everything looked great. Inside, however, it was another story. Because of his perfectionist tendencies and his insatiable desire to control everything, Pastor Bruce became almost intolerable to work with.

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His assistant pastor and his whole office staff were barely hanging on. As a result, that woman eventually be-came his lover. When Janice, his wife, became aware of the affair, she and the children left Bruce and the whole church began to disintegrate. The community that once had been so enamored with Pastor Bruce, suffered a horrible blow; and, of course, the enemy and the opponents of Christ rejoiced. This story is true, not only in our community, but in thousands of others across the United States.

Lifeline for Pastors recently noted that about pastors a month are now leaving the pulpit. Many of their stories are similar to the above. But slowly he began to follow his own feelings and desires over the leading of the Holy Spirit and what he knew God wanted him to do. In this condition, what image is he portraying? He gave a false, erroneous, untrue, misleading and incorrect impression of Christ.

Two of them were teenagers when this story happened.