Peaks and Valleys: A Solo Hike Across the Alps

Europe’s 10 Most Epic Hiking Trails
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7 spectacular day walks in Austria's Alps Wild Animal Park Preserve kitzbuhel. Note that the park is closed between January and March. For their exertion, hikers are justly rewarded with breath-taking views across the hilltops and down into plunging valleys. The elevation of this trek reaches around 1,m, and it takes about four and a half hours to complete. Gratlspitz Most of the route is made up of relatively well-kept footpaths, but there is some uneven terrain that calls for good hiking boots. This enormous 2,m beast is one of the highest in the region the highest in the Westendorf municipality and thus a popular peak to summit for hikers in the area.

Pirin and Rila mountains, Bulgaria

Beginning in the alpine town of Maribor, the long-distance trail traces mountain ridges, peaks, and valleys, leading hikers through the. Surrounded by the verdant valleys, impressive glaciers to 7 and to 14 days if you continue to wonder around the region.

The trail is a bit of a scramble and by the time you complete the full The trek starts at St. Johann and finishes at St.

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Anton am Arlberg , and is split up into 24 stages. Unless you plan on doing the entire thing hats off to you , these defined stages allow for hikers to easily break up the trek and tackle selected parts. Anton is a difficult Taking around four hours, this segment of the Eagle Walk skims across plush alpine meadows and clambers up mounts such as Schindlekopf and Bergleskopf.

2. Walker's Haute Route

From Calenzana near Calvi to Conca the route is a chain of seemingly never-ending climbs up and down very steep and spiky footpaths. Yellow signs are labelled at the intersection of every trail on the TMB. Backpackers on top of a mountain Shutterstock. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. If you're ever lost, there's almost always an experienced hiker on your trail. While the mountain itself, often cited as one of the deadliest in Europe, is not for the faint of heart, the routes that surround the massif, beg adventurers from all walks of life to explore its mighty slopes. You might even see the same people everyday if they're following an itinerary similar to yours.

From parts of the trek you can catch views of the Swiss border. A number of huts along the way provide places to rest and pick up refreshments. This hike summits three peaks and stretches out over The trail typically begins and ends in Chamonix, France, and passes through several picturesque alpine villages including Courmayeur, Italy.

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The standard route has many variations, depending on your fitness level and sightseeing interests. The long-distance route naturally divides into four one-week segments, making it accessible for even those with limited time. Camping is permitted along the entire length of the trail. Plus, the Swedish Tourist Association constructed and maintains 21 rustic huts on the route with basic amenities for sleeping and cooking, as well as campsites.

Some huts also have small general stores. Six huts en route make camping easy, and backpacking highly efficient.

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This trail is also referred to as Laugavegur, named after the main artery in the capital city of Reykjavik—a local joke regarding the popularity of the trail. Rest assured that the Icelandic perception of heavy traffic does not necessarily reflect reality. Expect to see waterfalls, glacier-carved mountains, wildflower meadows, and what very well may be the happiest and handsomest cows on earth.

1. Tour du Mont Blanc

The DIY options for hiking in the Bernese Oberland are endless, and considering that hiking is a national pastime in Switzerland, any local makes an excellent resource. Beginning in the alpine town of Maribor, the long-distance trail traces mountain ridges, peaks, and valleys, leading hikers through the Pannonian plains, across plateaus and hills, and eventually through rolling Mediterranean vineyards before ending in the coastal village of Ankaran.

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More than 50 huts and nearly 80 checkpoints line the well-maintained trail, not to mention two museums. The Slovenian Alpine Association created a passport-type booklet for hikers to collect stamps at the checkpoints and huts en route.

There are several starting points, but the end is always Santiago de Compostela , a cathedral in northern Spain believed to hold the remains of St. The most scenic route, dubbed The French Way, begins in France, at the river town of Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port located five miles from the Spanish border, and crosses through the mighty Pyrenees into the hilly Galician countryside.

For an abbreviated version, follow The English Way, named for pilgrims arriving to Spain by ship from England.