Meeting at Infinity

Book Review: Meeting at Infinity, John Brunner (1961)
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Do Parallel Lines Meet At Infinity?

This horrific disease came was introduced through the indiscriminate use of the Tacket Principle. This Principle allows passage between an infinity of parallel worlds at various stages of development. Because of the contamination brought from another parallel world, The Directors, a group of merchant princes, franchise out the use of the Tacket Principle to trusted individuals.

The city itself is dominated by various factions who survive by collecting information for various merchant princes who are constantly fighting other merchant princes. The plot follows a jumble of characters who slowly uncover information about the world of Akkilmar. The famous physician, Jome Kenard, purchased a piece of equipment from Ahmed Lynken from Akkilmar to treat a serious burn patient Alyn Vage who develops peculiar skills despite being completely bandaged.

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In geometry and topology, the line at infinity is a projective line that is added to the real (affine) In the projective plane, the two opposite directions of a line meet each other at a point on the line at infinity. Therefore, lines in the projective plane. Meeting at Infinity has 32 ratings and 5 reviews. Derek said: The story's crystallizing moment tries to be a phildickian game changer, making the reader.

I best not reveal the rest! John Brunner adeptly weaves the various narrative threads together although initially they seem impossibly disparate. By far the most interesting concept developed is the purely capitalistic state which utilizes colonialism in its most basic form in order to survive which is, subjected in turn to similar impulses under a drastically different guise.

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An ellipse is simply a circle seen from a distance. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I also could not help but wonder how much of an influence this novel might have had on later writers, namely William Gibson, Iain M. I will really stuck on this idealized line at infinity, a circle becoming a parabola when tangent at infinity, etc. But yes, I might have been somewhat harsh… Thanks for stopping by!

There are also some harrowing images. Tacket, the creator of the Tacket Principle, is completely vilified by the populace since his discovery resulted in the White Death. Despite the fact that the limited use of his principle is the ONLY way which society is maintained, various cults have emerged in opposition to the merchant princes. These cultists pound nails into the mouthes of wooden carvings of Tacket!

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For the reader of this review, the following quote is too out-of-context to be overly revealing but may be intriguing as it stands: Contrariwise, it appears to me, physical reality is a kind of sum total or common denominator of that which is perceived by consciousness. It is possible to act mentally on this physical reality so as to change not it itself, but the mode in which it is perceived. Do you follow me? Beauty is in the mind of the beholder.

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My Twitter name is "Psychic Weed" wch is NOT meant to imply that I consider myself a "psychic" even tho I might be to a teeny extent or to express an advocacy for pot by all means make it legal - otherwise, I find pot of little value. Hole's yonder boys, or with Director Lanchery's animals and wild men. Feb 19, Larou added it Shelves: This is an early novel by John Brunner first published in and it has been all but eclipsed by his later work — rather regrettably so, as this is well worth reading, not just as juvenilia that paved the way for greater things, but as an excellent novel in its own right.

It lends the novel a very hectic, modernist feel right from the start, and things slow down only slightly when the plot proper sets in, and a plethora of viewpoint characters flick past in quick succession while the action rushes along at a fast pace, leaving the reader trying to catch up breathlessly. And once everything seems to fall into place and things finally start to make turns, it turns out that nothing is really as it seems…[return][return]While the novel never really loses steam and keeps the reader gripped until the nicely delivered twist at the end, it seems to run out of new ideas to throw around about two thirds in and ends somewhat blandly as an alien invasion story.

While this a bit disappointing it is relatively minor quibble for a novel that packs an insane amount of ideas in such a small space showing once again that a novel can be great and entertaining even under pages. It reads a bit like a Philip K.

Dick novel, and while it is not quite as mind-boggling as the best by Dick, it is much better written. I also could not help but wonder how much of an influence this novel might have had on later writers, namely William Gibson, Iain M. Banks and Hannu Rajaniemi came to my mind quite often while reading this. Ali rated it liked it Jan 16, Steven rated it liked it Jun 24, Justin rated it liked it Aug 14, Terry rated it really liked it Jan 30, Marc rated it it was ok Sep 11, David rated it it was ok Jan 27, Dale rated it it was ok Jun 13, Art rated it really liked it May 27, MB Taylor rated it liked it Jun 30, Tim Hayes rated it liked it Jun 19, Bryan rated it liked it Nov 20, Zuggaschnegsche rated it liked it Dec 18, Pat Frank rated it liked it Jan 17, Louise rated it liked it Jan 07, Bernie rated it really liked it Aug 26, Del rated it really liked it Jun 09, Jack Knox rated it liked it Oct 09, Stuart Dean rated it it was amazing Dec 11, Nathan rated it liked it May 31, Blue Hole rated it it was ok Jan 20, Sebastian Rogers rated it it was ok Dec 06, Lewis Major rated it liked it Feb 13, Tom rated it really liked it Jul 02, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

In the projective plane, the two opposite directions of a line meet each other at a point on the line at infinity. Therefore, lines in the projective plane are closed curves , i.

Line at infinity

This is true of the line at infinity itself; it meets itself at its two endpoints which are therefore not actually endpoints at all and so it is actually cyclical. The line at infinity can be visualized as a circle which surrounds the affine plane.

However, diametrically opposite points of the circle are equivalent—they are the same point. A hyperbola can be seen as a closed curve which intersects the line at infinity in two different points. These two points are specified by the slopes of the two asymptotes of the hyperbola. Likewise, a parabola can be seen as a closed curve which intersects the line at infinity in a single point. This point is specified by the slope of the axis of the parabola.

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If the parabola is cut by its vertex into a symmetrical pair of "horns", then these two horns become more parallel to each other further away from the vertex, and are actually parallel to the axis and to each other at infinity, so that they intersect at the line at infinity. The analogue for the complex projective plane is a 'line' at infinity that is naturally a complex projective line. Topologically this is quite different, in that it is a Riemann sphere , which is therefore a 2- sphere , being added to a complex affine space of two dimensions over C so four real dimensions , resulting in a four-dimensional compact manifold.