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What’s Next for Bitcoin Miners in 2019 Amid Lower Price?
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The year-long bear market finally forced many Bitcoin miners to capitulate by either scaling down or shuttering their operations. However, with the decrease in difficulty, some of these smaller establishments might want to get back into the business seeing as it is now easier to mine the top-ranked cryptocurrency.

Back in , the cryptocurrency market was on a high. Almost everything from ICOs to miners was riding high on the back of steadily increasing virtual currency prices. Things even when several notches higher in Q4 as prices increased massively leading to all-time highs for many coins. However, winter came for the market, and a prolonged winter at that.

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While many aspects of the industry faced the brunt of the bear market, miners appeared to be holding for most of it. Granted, there were instances of capitulation especially from providers of cloud mining contracts like HashFlare. The price crash that accelerated in mid-November took the BTC price 0 0 to its lowest point in more than a year. Many miners were forced out of business.

Reports suggest that as many , have shut down their operations. The prolonged downturn in crypto pricing is putting many crypto miners out of business, which is why we tend to be a little cautious and protective when it comes to talking about our business. The miners will still face the same problems that were present before, mainly their inability to achieve internal economies of scale.

Only miners capable of withstanding the cryptocurrency winter will be able to remain in business. With the current market conditions, necessity is indeed the mother of invention as far as BTC miners are concerned. To survive, mining firms will have to look at process optimization cheaper electricity and operational costs. For the bigger players like HyperBlock Inc. We built HyperBlock to weather the volatility and pressures of the crypto market because we believe in the long-term promise of the technology. Solutions Products Downloads Prices Support. What's new What's next. What's next What's new.

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