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Lady Lilith is an oil painting by Dante Gabriel Rossetti first painted in —68 using his mistress Fanny Cornforth as the model, then altered in —73 to show the face of Alexa Wilding. She is shown as a "powerful and evil temptress" and as "an iconic, Amazon -like female with long, flowing hair.

Rossetti overpainted Cornforth's face, perhaps at the suggestion of his client, shipping magnate Frederick Richards Leyland , who displayed the painting in his drawing room with five other Rossetti "stunners. The painting forms a pair with Sibylla Palmifera , painted —70, also with Wilding as the model. Lady Lilith represents the body's beauty, according to Rossetti's sonnet inscribed on the frame.

Sibylla Palmifera represents the soul's beauty, according to the Rossetti sonnet on its frame.

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It has a verse from Goethe 's Faust as translated by Shelley on a label attached by Rossetti to its frame:. As you continue to express a wish to have a good picture of mine, I write you word of another I have now begun, which will be one of my best.

The picture represents a lady combing her hair. It is the same size as Palmifera — 36 x 31 inches, and will be full of material, — a landscape seen in the background. Its color chiefly white and silver, with a great mass of golden hair.

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One day he may turn against you and call you whore. Your divorce and writ and letter of separation Collier not only freely changes the legend of Lilith, but is free with the unities of her own story. I live in trees. In the ear of the Snake said Lilith: Thus in her hour of wrath, o'er Adam's head Lilith, then first reveal'd, a name of dread, thus in her hour of sorrow:

Two studies, dated to , exist for the work, but two notebook sketches may be from an earlier date. The painting focuses on Lilith, but is meant to be a "Modern Lilith" rather than the mythological figure. She contemplates her own beauty in her hand-mirror. The painting is one of a series of Rossetti paintings of such "mirror pictures. Rossetti's assistant, Henry Treffry Dunn , states that the final part painted was the flowery background. Boyce gathered large baskets of white roses from John Ruskin 's garden in Denmark Hill , and returned with them to Rossetti's house in Chelsea.

Dunn is thought to have later recreated Rossetti's picture of Lady Lilith in coloured chalk. Sources disagree on whether Leyland or Rossetti initiated the repainting, [8] [1] but the major change was the substitution of Alexa Wilding's face for Cornforth's. The painting was returned to Rossetti in February , and he completed the repainting on 2 December at Kelmscott Manor before returning it to Leyland. Wilding's face had earlier replaced the face in another painting Venus Verticordia.

Characteristics of the painting that are commonly noted include the overt flower symbolism, and the unreal, crowded, depthless space, perhaps best shown by the bizarre mirror that reflects both the candles in the "room" and an exterior garden scene. If you're into poetry and people who're into poetry, join the community to remove ads and share your poetry.

David John Mowers Jun I torment the salt of the earth, "Who am I? She was considered a daytime goddess and her thundering storms gave her the epithet, "Rider on the clouds. She was a completely evil character. Stephen Leacock Jul Things that brings you a surpise. The woman with fangs in the tomb that brings you doom.

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The witch with a broom that seeks for a groom. Say He is desperate to settle down. It's crystal a trick to lure me drown. Dice on a betting table Or rich, ripe fruit atop worn grass? At first, I feel your story from within— Nose rubs against belly, elbow prods groin.

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Your silent cough becomes a confusing dip and bulge. You speak and I struggle to translate.

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I lie on my side, talk to myself, rub my fingers across my skin, from left to right. I read out loud, and I hope you can hear me. A smile comes over your face. Lips flutter, flutter, quiver, turn up to touch cheek.

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Lilith poetry: The wolf in sheep clothing without consent. Lilith in a differnet form that drains men that makes her uniform. The things that makes you brain storm. Information, pictures and links regarding Lilith, the mythological first wife of Adam, and the feminine dark side of the divine.

I know, am told, have heard — that in the dark, under your cradle, there in the empty space of dust between lies Lilith. I catch the reflection of my face in her eyes.

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I am a snake, a spider, the flame of a burning sword, a feather that tickles at the nape of your neck, broken glass and nakedness. I touch your nose and her spell is broken, something lost and nothing gained. For a moment your head swishes between ears, to say no, to resist and then to sink into nothing more than a pillow. Streams turn to pitch.

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Night or day, a pure dry thirst. And still, the hawk and the hog possess the dying tree. The owl and the raven drop down to lower branches. In the distance, nailed to a post, the words: