Air D Major BWV 1068 - Score

Orchestral Suite no. 3 in D major, BWV 1068
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By tervsrus , 27 Jul at Since I have not seen the music, I cannot make a comment. Hopefully this will suffice so that I can access the music.

By magataganm , 19 Apr at I have corrected the score thanks to the feedback from Karsten Ostermann. By Karsten visitor , 16 Apr at The sheet writer missed a lot of sharps and naturals.

Orchestral Suite No.3 in D major, BWV 1068 (Bach, Johann Sebastian)

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Orchestral Suite No.3 in D major, BWV (Bach, Johann Sebastian) .. Air ( No.2). For Accordion Orchestra (De Bra). Complete Recording · *# The four Orchestral Suites or Overtures BWV ? are a set of compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach. The Air is one of the most.

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  2. Air in D major violin solo.
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As a violin can't play very loudly in its lowest register, all the other parts of Bach's music were firmly reduced in Wilhelmj's version: In the strings accompaniment version the violins and violas play muted con sordino , and the bass part for cellos and double basses is to be played pizzicato and sempre pianissimo , with the same change in effect compared to Bach's original. Later, a spurious story was put about that the melody was always intended to be played on the G string alone. As a result of the popularity of the piece, on the G string remained in the name of various arrangements whether or not a string instrument playing on its G string was involved.

Most of these versions have in common that the original melody of the first violins is played in the low register of a solo instrument, accompanied by a reduction of the material of the other parts of Bach's piece, although occasionally versions that stay more in line with Bach's original can go by the same name. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Air on the G String

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Air - Johann Sebastian Bach

This version was transcribed by Roman Kim, so that all main voices three of them! Also, notice that the third left hand pizzicato note in bar 32 A4 is fingered with a thumb position. This can be seen in the videoclips where the piece is performed by Roman Kim himself, at the timestamp 3: This is the only occurrence of this phenomenon within all of violnin music I personally know of, althought for cello and bass players it is quite a normal technique, because of the long fingerboard, and the hand not being able to reach all those notes with the thumb still behind the soundboard.

What is interesting about this version, is that it calls for the E string to be tuned to a C5, for the piece to be possible to play, regarding the chords needed to be played as double stops and the hand being occupied by the left hand pizzicato. The original score by Bach is written with all notes having half the note value of this version, and thus half the tempo to compensate.

I feel my version is more clear to read, and does not take up so much space regarding the big abscence of a lot of note flags that would otherwise be present.